Midfield protection


While Neil Lennon’s mind will be more engaged with preparations for next season than SPL results between now and then he will be a bit alarmed at how porous his midfield has been recently. Celtic have been leaking goals at the back in an alarming manner but the cover from midfield has contributed most to the problem.

Injuries have been disruptive but it’s surprising that the team shape has not been maintained, irrespective of who is playing.
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  1. one other thing on SSN thats bugging me.



    White has not stopped talking up Juve in the previews.


    Massive club, massive history, blah blah blah.



    his glee they put the bhoys out is obvious.

  2. The Moon Bhoys


    17:13 on


    2 April, 2013


    Is man flu not just what wimps call the cold




    No. The cold is what wimps call man flu.

  3. Some regard this season as a failure because we did not win the treble that they thought was a highly realistic target. I never felt this was likely since we have managed it only 3 times previously in our history.



    This year was all about blooding new players, trying new formations, stretching players in new positions and letting the manager experiment. This was the right time to do it as a league win was almost inevitable, though adding Cup success to that is much less inevitable. Couple that with the absence of an Ibrox team, allowing every other SPL team only one big team to focus on, and a lot more dropped points are inevitable.



    Having started off with the view that this was how the season was going to pan out, I have been less surprised than most by the volume of dropped points. Had I started with the unlikely expectation that a treble was inevitable, I would have been disappointed.



    But why cry for the manager to use one system, play the same 11 players ( by which they mean their favoured 11 players) and not to consider the vagaries of form, suspension, injury, or need to rest overtrained athletes?



    Every manager gets terracing advice which conflicts.




    Crowd-“Play a settled 11”


    Manager- “Awright! Will do!”


    C- “Gonnae change this lot and punt that haddy”


    M- “Right you are!”


    C- “Whit are ye putting him on for & what happened to Haddy”


    M-“You telt me tae dae it an ye told me to get rid of haddy”


    C- ” Aye but ah wiz just rantin on the CQN. I didnae really mean it. Splash the cash and buy him back now that he’s good again coz I haven’t seen him recently letting me down”


    M- “Er, aye, Ok but just this once”


    C- ” Awe Naw! No him again! Thought we had got rid of that haddie”


    M- (to himself) “Maybe I shouldnae be listening to these folk


    C- “I want a manager who thinks like me”


    SFTB- “Aye?? The wisdom of crowds is not all it is cracked up to be”

  4. Marrakesh Express on

    I dont expect STV or BBC (Scotland) to be impartial, this being the type of country this is. You’d think SKY were too big to fall for it too but as long as the cretin White is allowed to write his own script and use SSN as another branch of the Sevco propoganda machine, they are just as bad. I’m seriously thinking of binning them because of White (and Tanner).

  5. full story




    St Mirren attacker Esmael Goncalves has received a notice of compliant from Scottish FA compliance officer Vincent Lunny.



    The player has been offered a two-match suspension or the opportunity to take the matter to a tribunal.



    Goncalves has been charged with breaking Rule 202, which allows the Scottish FA to retrospectively punish a player for simulation if it is deemed he has caused a match official to make an incorrect decision.



    Referee Bobby Madden pointed to the penalty spot after the forward went down under a challenge, which was outside the penalty area, by Emilio Izaguirre.



    Paul McGowan converted the spot kick as Saints claimed a 1-1 draw against the SPL champions.



    A statement on the Scottish FA webstie read: “Due to the Bank Holiday Monday, the third working day for the response is Thursday, 4th April and, accordingly, if the fixed penalty offer is refused, the hearing will take place on Thursday 11th April.”




  6. STV



    Celtic will appeal the red card handed to Victor Wanyama in the 1-1 draw with St Mirren.



    The Kenyan star was ordered off for a challenge on Paul McGowan in the second half in Paisley on Sunday.



    STV understands the SPL leaders met Tuesday’s 3pm deadline to intimate to the Scottish FA they will appeal the decision.



    The club have until 3pm on Wednesday to submit their evidence to the compliance officer and the tribunal.



    Manager Neil Lennon hinted in the aftermath of the match that he would be pushing for an appeal of the decision made by referee Bobby Madden.



    After the match Lennon described the refereeing as “the most appalling” he had seen.



    The appeal will be heard on Thursday, April 11.

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Modren Rule 202, which allows the Scottish FA to retrospectively punish a player for simulation if it is deemed he has caused a match official to make an incorrect decision, is rubbish.



    Miki- take care.

  8. Goncalves will appeal and win.


    Big Vic will appeal and get a longer ban.





    Scotland by the way was the first country you can assault someone on TV, admit it and get away with it.

  9. Since 1992, over half of England’s professional football clubs have been formally insolvent



    The football authorities have been allowed far to much freedom



    Good to see you posting MIKI67

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good news for St Mirren fans. Looks like they are equal to Aberdeen in their success. Aberdeen have won four titles: Division One 1954/55, Premier Division 1979/80, 1983/84 and 1984/85.


    St Mirren also have four titles: First Division 1976/77, 1999/00 and 2005/06, Division Two 1967/68.

  11. TMB


    Don`t be too harsh on yourself. If you put the emphasis in a different place, both yours and mine say the same thing and that`s all I was doing…..showing the contrary nature of the English language on occasion.



  12. The 2012/13 Glasgow Celtic Player of the Year awards and Dinner.



    Sunday the 28th of April at The Thistle Hotel Glasgow.



    I have two tickets available for this event.



    They are priced at £150 each.




    This is your chance to mix with Lenny ,his staff and our current first team squad of players.



    If you have any interest in the tickets please email me on andrew.watt16@btinternet.com




  13. Leftclicktic


    Is that £53 + solely for food or is it for gas and electricity?




  14. southside



    16:34 on 2 April, 2013


    Last night in the garden we had deer ,pheasants, horny rabbits, and hens all at the same time.






    Sounds like quite a barbie…

  15. C ‏@FACKilltheBill 9m


    Still a fantastic response coming in for Saturday’s demo (12 at George Square). Thanks to everyone and see you there. #FAC

  16. the Moon Bhoys



    Just a quick check



    Commons and Forrest played in our opening Euro win against Helsinki.


    Forrest joined Commons on field in the away win against Helsingborg, but did not start. They did both start in the home win against Helsingborg. They both started in the away loss to St. Johnstone, in the home draw with Benfica, in the home win v Dundee, in a great away win to Motherwell, Commons started and James came on against Spartak in our 3:2 CLAW, but both started in a home win vs Hearts.



    James did not reappear in the team again until he was subbed on in our 3:0 win against Raith, joining Kris who started. Their only other defeat together (apart from St. Johnstone) was our 3:0 home loss to Juve and our 2:1 loss to Well. Commons started and James came on to join in our 6:2 win over United.



    So, the picture is quite positive with both in the team. Our worst defeats (Juve apart), e.g. St. Mirren are not caused by a Commons & Forrest pairing.

  17. Lionroars


    I am hoping for thousands as opposed to hundreds. Have you ant idea how many intend going?




  18. Leftclicktic



    Rich folk , widnae dream of trying tae Live oan such a Pittance.



    That’s the reason, why they ur No Poor.



    The Thought of Being Poor, is the Reason why..



    A loata Folk..



    Hiv Become . Rich!



    Ah know.. that’s whit Drove me.






    Ah hiv bin Poor and Ah hiv Bin .. Rich






    Rich is ..Bettah!



    Maks sense tae me.






  19. Sandman,


    Excellent. One of those where I think: Why didn`t I think of that ? 0:-)

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