Midtjylland look as ill prepared as Celtic


After two preseason games we have Bristol City tomorrow, Preston North End on Saturday before Midtjylland in Champions League qualification one week today.  Midtjylland have played one more game then us since their return to training last month and start their league campaign on Friday evening.

Our only consolation is the Danes look as ill prepared for a fixture of this magnitude as we are.  There are only two group stage places available in the non-champions route of the tournament; you would be forgiven for thinking this possibility was not worth hoping for, but we are in strange times.

By ranking, those two places are earmarked for Benfica and Shakhtar Donetsk.  Shakhtar have not played a competitive game since March and Benfica’s only competitive game in that period was a cup final in May (they lost).  The Euros is another complication for preseason regimes.

There is a clear opportunity for a well-prepared team to punch above their weight in these qualifiers.  Ange has a lot of work to do if he’s to take advantage.  We will learn more against Midtjylland.

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  1. Happy Birthday Old Tim 67. Have a great day maybe just sit in your garden drinking G &T



  2. In a race to the bottom, do we want to win – or come last?


    Too many double negatives for me

  3. I remember when the tagline on this site – No Lazy Journalism – used to mean something.



    It reads, more and more, like the PR arm of certain Celtic directors.



    What a ghastly and ridiculous headline and article that is … “dont worry, season ticket holders, about the total absence of life on Planet Celtic … the opposition is even less prepared.”



    And you know what? I bet you they aren’t. I bet you they didn’t lose their captain and about five other first team starters. I bet they weren’t looking for a manager for four months to pluck an obscure figure from the other side of the world, before landing him with John Kennedy as assistant.



    We are an utter shambles, a complete mess, and Brennan wants to write about the state the Danes are in. Talk about fiddling whilst Rome burns, absolutely shocking that this “Celtic site” spends more time ranting about the Scottish Government than it does analysing what goes on inside our own club.



    I used to think that what happened at Ibrox couldn’t have happened here with our fan media. There are days reading this site when I’m not so sure.

  4. just re-ordered the new home top and used my voucher


    couple of things to pass on.



    1. it asks for the voucher number and pin at basket stage but this doesn’t do anything. I asks again just before you pay. I put it in both times to make sure



    2. If you live in Ireland, like me, the site knows due to your login details. It has got the calcs wrong this time and has reduced the price to go to Euros instead of increasing it. As such, i got the top for £54.17 minus £50. Still in sterling though.



    i checked the price without logging in (assumes UK) and it came up as £65



    So, if you live in Ireland – fill yer boots (may work in other countries too)

  5. Form is largely unknown and we have to play Midtjylland with last years team. The new manager has had little time to evaluate the development squad and academy players and we will likely go with kennedys advice.



    Kennedy was in charge for our last competitive game against a weakened Hibs side. If possible it was the worst performance of kennedys time in charge.. It does not look good.



    We can only hope that the new manager bounce will be in play as there have been no ins or outs and whilst we dont have Scott Brown or the 4 loanees that is not significant as they were not good enough and replacing these 5 players is no risk. Soro in place of Brown, Ralston in for Kenny, Welsh for Duffy, Taylor for Laxalt and Forrest for Elynoussi are adequate replacements.



    A New Manager can produce a new attitude




  6. JF


    You’ve hit a new low in addressing our host the way you did. You may not agree with his article and have the right to comment – but good manners cost nothing.

  7. quadrophenian on

    In lieu of any signings since June 10, I have to wonder what the story is on MiddytlandQuickNews today ?


    ‘Celtic look as ill-prepared as us.’



    Aside, I thought Tony Ralston had a couple of decent showings so far, as did Monty and Welshy.


    Still think there’s a centreback bargain in ex-Well man Cedric Kipre – big unit whose aerial threat and passing isn;’t bad for someone in the million quid range.



    Weird when even that would seem like a major piece of business.



    There’s due diligence and there’s paralysis by analysis. HH

  8. glendalystonsils on

    It’s a sad state of affairs when we cling to the hope that Midtyjlland will be as unprepared as we are .



    Especially when we have fallen to so many ‘lesser’ teams in European qualifiers in recent seasons .



    I would take any route past this tie , but am equally prepared for an unpleasant shock .

  9. GENE on 13TH JULY 2021 12:27 PM



    May I say a hearty Here Here! & a Hail Hail!…..and probably three Hail Mary’s & a Glory Be before next week’s match.

  10. Always amazes me that a blogger uses another blog to consistently criticise the content of that blog using the platform given to him by the host of said blog.

  11. Many Happy Returns to OLDTIM. Hope you’re enjoying your G&T in your greenhouse. I’ll raise a (good) G&T in your honour later – wouldn’t want any old rubbish to toast your health and well-being.


    All The Very Best

  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    No harm James, but some of your comments on here directed at Paul give the impression that he once nipped your burd.



    Jist sayin

  13. James Forrest us bang on.agree with everything there.i bet the Danes are well more prepared than us.we are a total riot.from the top down to 3 stoogies who have been stuck on big ange.

  14. I never usually comment on this site as I gave up on it around the time Paul 67 was briefing against Rodgers.



    But I really think CQN has become everything that it set out against

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Liel Abada will fly in to seal his deal with Celtic in the next 24 hours according to a report in his native Israel.



    The 19-year-old Maccabi Petah Tikva forward has been linked with a move, and is represented by Dudu Dahan,



    Has anything really changed?

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I look forward to Paul’s new articles whether I agree with them or not.



    Pablo ….



    Second paragraph, 1st sentence ….



    “Our only consolation is the Danes look as ill prepared for a fixture of this magnitude as we are”.



    What’s the basis for this?



    Is it just the number of games they’ve not played in the lead up (as per first paragraph) …..



    …. or is there some specific trouble at mill?


    (If so, give us a nibble?)




    Was taken by the “where’s the signings” discussion at the tail end of last thread.



    The “Where’s the signings” camp make a point which might be in danger of being overlooked.



    Viz, there is no guarantee we’ll beat the Danes but, equally there is no guarantee we’ll lose either.



    If we win, it is reasonable to assume the next round will be harder?



    Signings made now will likely be too late for this round but could be embedded in the squad to improve our chances for the next?

  17. What is the Stars on




    The 19-year-old Maccabi Petah Tikva forward has been linked with a move, and is represented by Dudu Dahan




    Has anything really changed?



    Did you expect anything to change ??

  18. An update on our opposition, that fine.



    Msm will tell us they’re are flying to make us nervous. They akways do.



    JF blogger only wants to make money. Now just like msm but uses too many words.



    Kids on he’s supporter.




    ……………but he’s “the countries hottest property”!



    No laughing at the back.

  20. We don’t care what the Midtjylland say,



    They haven’t and never will just sell the guts of 50,000


    season tickets.



    But when you shop at Asda you tend to stick with Asda.



    Buckle up we’re going toe to toe, with Soft Loan FC, we need players says Ange, but not any old players.



    It’ll be fine coz we’re going to pass faster this season.

  21. It seems obvious to me that James Forrest is daring Paul to banish him from the site – it would suit him down to the ground….he wants to be a martyr, he would write screeds about it. Paul won’t do it – I am glad about that.



    My adage when posting on here is that, when I reply to someone, I would never write that which I would not be prepared to say to that person face to face.



    James Forrest would never use those words, nor, that tone, face to face with Paul Brennan. That sentiment also includes those who find it necessary to pour out their vitriol against me, just for the sake of it. Disagree point for point, line by line, or, even letter by letter – that’s OK, abuse never is.

  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    No longer operating as a serious football club, just a glorified marketing arm for Adidas.

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