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Magners ticket competition for 27 December
Mary’s Meals Malawi school kitchen appeal
CQN Annual, final few posting days before…..
CQN Christmas Raffle – winners have been drawn

One of the resources Ronny Deila has been short of since taking over is training days.  Players have stamina, fitness and speed training work to do every week, while there’s rest time before and after games, so time to work on technical aspects are a premium.

Believe it or not, this is the first midweek Celtic haven’t had a game, or players away on international duty, since the second week of July.  The manager has spoken of how difficult it has been to carry out the extensive tactical changes he has introduced spending only stolen minutes working on them.  The January break will give him another opportunity to spend hours with the players on tactical work.

Apparently newco are keeping McCoist as some kind of blubber human shield for Monday’s AGM!  Nice one.  There’s nothing degrading about that, very classy in fact.  Really disappointed for Ally, I’m sure he could almost taste the £400k he’s counting on – to go quietly.  Let’s hope he puts on a show on Monday and they sort him out thereafter.

It’s almost worth buying a newco share to get along on Monday.  Almost.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to the man who’s apparently lined-up to replace McCoist next week, Billy Davies.  After his interesting second stint at Nottingham Forest ended earlier this year, The Guardian wrote:

“[Davies] has paid the price for failing to control a personality which latterly seemed to have crossed the border into downright paranoia.

“[He] could never quite escape his self-destructive insecurities.”

It’s not often you read a national newspaper liberally speculating on the mental health, or lack thereof, of an individual.

Failing to control his personality, downright paranoia, self-destructive insecurities!  He’s perfect.  Is there a job in the land this guy is more suited for than newco’s manager?

Our pals at Magners have kindly offered a pair of premium seat tickets to the Jock Stein Stand at the home game on 27 December in support of our Mary’s Meals appeal.  You can win the tickets by email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com the answer to the question:

Who do Celtic play on 27 December?

Competition closes at 22:00 tonight (Thursday) so get your entry in.

If you’re entering the competition please consider donating £1 to Mary’s Meals here, where we are hoping to build a kitchen at a school in Chibwata, Dowa, Malawi, for their 909 children.

I’d a look at John Guidetti’s interview with Magners this week, he looks like he’s enjoying himself……..

We’ve drawn the CQN Christmas Raffle, winner of the Special Whisky and CQN Package is ticket number 976, from a lucky reader based in Lythm, we’ll be in touch.

The four runners up all win CQN Packages with ticket numbers 1072, 974, 1190 and 1051, check your tickets, we’ll be in touch soon.

Still time to order your 2015 CQN Annual for Christmas.

You can also order the CQN Annual and DVD bundle here. It’s a great offer, check it out – oh, and there’s tons of photos, fresh stories and comment on the first time Inter faced the green and white hoops.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin



    The fans are pumping money in via Direct Debits and turning out in force for league matches. She is listening and giving them what they want. They are also erecting a bronze statue to McCrae’s Battalion outside the ground.


    The dialogue between Hearts fans and the owner is good. They are almost in agreement with most things. She is still in her honeymoon period though. When she drops the news about the stadium and the fact it will be more cost effective to move elsewhere she will be as welcome as Romanov.


    The rumours sweeping Edinburgh from the jambos is Leigh Griffiths is going to Dundee on loan this window. I work with a lot of these clowns so I keep up to date on their news listening to their drivel daily.







    Both finalists initially chose Aberdeen from this weekend’s games. But as that was then a win/win or lose/lose situation they were asked to make an alternative choice.



    So the final (unless it goes to a replay) is –



    Partick Thistle (Penfold) v St Johnstone (Jammabhoy)



    Unfortunately Mr Penfold, Partick are my pick for this weekend’s CQN Coupon so I know where my money’s on here ;-)



    Seriously, good luck to both of you and for purely selfish reasons I do hope we get a winner this week!



    Jobo and CRC




  3. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Not often I disagree with you, Livibhoy but I haven`t seen the `obvious talent he has` and I have never really seen him ` excel on the pitch.` Well taken goal against Barca on a memorable night and occasional bits here and there but I have never thought he was anything special.




  4. Just read it again, you missed the question, I just wasn’t there to help out, so it’s my fault Richie didn’t get an answer!




  5. Tom – I cannot have a personal agenda against any of the board because I dont know any of them. However I believe that they are needleslly damaging celtic. They have no football ambition and have become complacent and arrogrant. They are also colluding with Sevco/SFA etc etc and I believe lying to us.



    With regards to their response to the Hearts game I found it half hearted. They realise that their constant attacks on their own supporters is hitting them financially. So they are trying a different tack – but its all so half hearted.



    Until Celtic show ambition and respect for its support, until they stand up against the corruption and cheating, until the stop lying to us about finance, police involvement etc its all of our duty to scrutinise and criticise.’



    Look what happenned across the city when its supporters simply doffed the cap.

  6. Richie #TeamOscarForever



    All you need to do is find a lapsed CQNr and transfer their role of honour to you .



    It worked for the huns .

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked



    I think the Bhoy has talent. I never said he was special but I think he has talent.


    I want to see the lad do well.


    All about opinions.




  8. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked



    Have you seen his comment on Facebook?


    It went along the lines of ‘Obviously as a Hearts fan I hate Celtic, Hibs and Leigh Griffith’s until now’.



    That sums up everything wrong with people in this country. He hates why? I was never brought up to hate anyone.



    I blame the schools.



    Anyway looks like the lads family will have their Christmas sorted and LG has done himself no harm whatsoever. The Bhoy might be daft at times but I think he is a very decent fella.




  9. I have yet to see Leigh Griffith give anything less than 100% for the team. When RD is looking for closing down/effort/ability surely Griffith’s has these in abundance? He is not being treated right in my opinion. Up front on his own he has frightening pace, which centre backs hate. He can go left or right, hold a ball up, give a pass. Yet we are going to loan him to Dundee? I don’t get it at all. On top of that, I wasn’t in the Roll of Honour.

  10. ‘Apparently newco are keeping McCoist as some kind of blubber human shield for Monday’s AGM! Nice one.’



    Lunchtime LOL.



    I certainly hope the Zombies don’t get Billy Davies. Greetin’ rat-faced twisted wee bassa he may be, but he’ll organize them, galvanize them, and give them hope. My faith is in Ally to hang in ’til Doomsday 2 and screw them for all the Queen’s pounds he can.

  11. Raymac,



    You have no interest in Griffiths eh? Your omission from the roll of honour was the driving force behind your post:))

  12. Sand man,



    Imo you could replace the name Billy Davies in your post with anybody else.



    Sleekit gets plenty of pelters but I still think people still seriously underestimate how bad he actually is.



    Anyone will improve them unfortunately.

  13. Is there a new exclusive clique comprising those not included on the roll of honour?






  14. There’s been a lot of quality comment and articles posted on CQN over the years and the CQN annual last year seemed the apex of all contributions.



    But I’ve just been perusing the new CQN 2015 annual this past hour over lunch and I’ve got to say it has excelled and reached a point zenith of quality (apart from every second page lower right stating that it’s the 2014 annual! Proofreaders, against the wall!).



    In particular on one page which embodies all the greatest work put into this site and its spin-offs over the years – I give you page 145 of the CQN annual 2015, gentlemen, CQN’s Lisbon Moment.

  15. Geordie Munro



    13:50 on 18 December, 2014



    Sand man,



    Imo you could replace the name Billy Davies in your post with anybody else.



    Sleekit gets plenty of pelters but I still think people still seriously underestimate how bad he actually is.



    Anyone will improve them unfortunately.






    I know, Geordie, I thought that on re-reading, but Davies has an edge and experience over any of the other chumps they will have lined up desperate enough to take the job. If there was anyone Ashley would back, it would be him for his notable achievements down south.

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Shame about the Jambo`s Facebook comment as he came over as a decent sort. Possibly the `hate` bit was said in jest but the fact that he did not include Sevco diminishes that somewhat. Been out cycling and my chicken thingy is ready now.





  17. wee buuuullly



    ……..one of the original prototypes for that most recognisable of scoddish creatures


    ….the Horrible Hurtin’ Hun.

  18. “Been out cycling and my chicken thingy is ready now.”






    Sounds like you need a comfier seat neebs :))

  19. Do we really want the Ibrox entity, regardless of what name it uses, permanently wiped from the face of Scottish football?



    If so, and it happened, what do we see the future of the game in Scotland and importantly, our place in it.



    There can be no doubt that the finances of the game are diminished whilst the Ibrox club is firmly rooted in this ongoing and seemingly neverending farce.



    Would we be accepting of a cleansed and properly run Rangers brand returning to the top tier, if so, what would it take?



    Do we want the full mea culpa, with a promise from new owners that it will never happen again? This, I fear, is something we will never get.



    There will be a “Rangers” in Scottish football, it is ‘ostrich-like’ to believe different – we must therefore ‘set out our stall’ to deal with it, whenever it happens.



    One thing that the Lawwell/Board haters among us must swallow, is that the custodians of Celtic FC will NEVER spend money we don’t have and will always ‘cut our cloth’ to suit circumstances. The circumstances are Scottish football and not the EPL, much as we would like them to be.



    If we can qualify for the CL groups in two out of every three years we will be ‘punching way above our weight’. Next year sees the BT deal kick-in – qualification, with increased prize money likely to be in the region of £30/£40 million, could be transformational to us and possibly ensure further success.



    I know the view is that if we take our eye and scrutiny off the Ibrox situation, they will not get their ‘just deserts’ – however it is 365 days a year stuff and I wish we could ignore them sometimes.

  20. Subterranean,




    Shame your name isn’t an anagram of an tearmann….he’s on twice ;)



    Insulttoinjury csc

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