Midweek change for Celtic


Busy article today, watch out for notes at the bottom on:

Magners ticket competition for 27 December
Mary’s Meals Malawi school kitchen appeal
CQN Annual, final few posting days before…..
CQN Christmas Raffle – winners have been drawn

One of the resources Ronny Deila has been short of since taking over is training days.  Players have stamina, fitness and speed training work to do every week, while there’s rest time before and after games, so time to work on technical aspects are a premium.

Believe it or not, this is the first midweek Celtic haven’t had a game, or players away on international duty, since the second week of July.  The manager has spoken of how difficult it has been to carry out the extensive tactical changes he has introduced spending only stolen minutes working on them.  The January break will give him another opportunity to spend hours with the players on tactical work.

Apparently newco are keeping McCoist as some kind of blubber human shield for Monday’s AGM!  Nice one.  There’s nothing degrading about that, very classy in fact.  Really disappointed for Ally, I’m sure he could almost taste the £400k he’s counting on – to go quietly.  Let’s hope he puts on a show on Monday and they sort him out thereafter.

It’s almost worth buying a newco share to get along on Monday.  Almost.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to the man who’s apparently lined-up to replace McCoist next week, Billy Davies.  After his interesting second stint at Nottingham Forest ended earlier this year, The Guardian wrote:

“[Davies] has paid the price for failing to control a personality which latterly seemed to have crossed the border into downright paranoia.

“[He] could never quite escape his self-destructive insecurities.”

It’s not often you read a national newspaper liberally speculating on the mental health, or lack thereof, of an individual.

Failing to control his personality, downright paranoia, self-destructive insecurities!  He’s perfect.  Is there a job in the land this guy is more suited for than newco’s manager?

Our pals at Magners have kindly offered a pair of premium seat tickets to the Jock Stein Stand at the home game on 27 December in support of our Mary’s Meals appeal.  You can win the tickets by email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com the answer to the question:

Who do Celtic play on 27 December?

Competition closes at 22:00 tonight (Thursday) so get your entry in.

If you’re entering the competition please consider donating £1 to Mary’s Meals here, where we are hoping to build a kitchen at a school in Chibwata, Dowa, Malawi, for their 909 children.

I’d a look at John Guidetti’s interview with Magners this week, he looks like he’s enjoying himself……..

We’ve drawn the CQN Christmas Raffle, winner of the Special Whisky and CQN Package is ticket number 976, from a lucky reader based in Lythm, we’ll be in touch.

The four runners up all win CQN Packages with ticket numbers 1072, 974, 1190 and 1051, check your tickets, we’ll be in touch soon.

Still time to order your 2015 CQN Annual for Christmas.

You can also order the CQN Annual and DVD bundle here. It’s a great offer, check it out – oh, and there’s tons of photos, fresh stories and comment on the first time Inter faced the green and white hoops.

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  1. As my name did not appear on The Roll Of Honour (Who are these people?) I am now formally handing in my notice that I will quit CQN in twelve months time. During this period I intend to read and comment twice as much as I previously did and expect all the members to continue with their high level of contributions.



    However I may change my mind in twelve months and Paul might do the dirty and just ban me!



    Hail Hail and compliments of the season to all followers of the Grand Ole Team

  2. Horrid Henry




    14:03 on 18 December, 2014




    Do we really want the Ibrox entity, regardless of what name it uses, permanently wiped from the face of Scottish football?






    It has been a joy travelling to & fro to the fitba with youngsters in safety for the past few seasons.

  3. All – What do you think the fee will be that the board accept for VvD in January? (not what you think he is worth based on the over-inflated fees that are regularly spent by EPL clubs).



    I think 8 million.

  4. I pad help please-can’t see full text of email,only info box at top of the page,how do you set it to show full text of messages,thanks in advance

  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I think VvD will still be with Celtic after January.


    How much do I think he would go for if I am wrong? £10-12. Worth? £ 18-20.




  6. Tamraban



    Brilliant. The clown gets me every time ahahah.



    Who remembers the fighting fund pledges? Most of the pledges from us Tim’s, I know a certain Goldilocks pledged a few grand




  7. I like Griffiths.If anyone is in any doubt about the boys talent,have a look at his goals while at Hibs.I like RD also.I think he is the real deal.Time may prove me wrong.In saying that,I dont agree with all he does blindly.His continually playing Mc Gregor,who is woefully out of form,or being played in a position that does not suit,his refusal to give Henderson the same chance,his refusal to give LG more playing time.These three annoy me most.To those who want two strikers up front,I am afraid,thats the way of the modern game.Pity.All the top teams play with one striker.To loan out LG would be a waste of time,he would do as he did with Hibs,score for fun,what would it prove?.The strange thing is,RD has made the statement that LG is his best finisher.Very strange.His attitude seems first class,so what is the problem?.Like Scepovic,strikers need a run of games,goals,to bring out their best.Rustiness,the killer finish,gets lost.


    At the moment,I cant understand why Brown Biton,Johansen,Forrest,cant play in the middle,and two from,JG,LG,AS,play up front,especially in the SPL.


    Just havering on,but I am sure many think the same.

  8. horrid Henry.14:03.


    It’s ok saying bt will put in 30 or 40 mil, for champs league.


    Can you imagine the amount of cheating that the mib’s will get up to.


    If the currants get promoted.


    That’s just the kind of money they need.


    The cheating would go into overdrive.


    Sort out the mib’s and you sort out the problems.

  9. bournesouprecipe




    14:36 on 18 December, 2014




    Somewhere in England.


    Brilliant Sir


    Thank you for making me smile AGAIN :)))




    Stole for FB

  10. bournesouprecipe on




    This is the classic IT answer for your problem *seriously*



    switch it off



    switch it on

  11. Turkeybhoy



    Interesting points. I wonder if Guidetti is fit for Saturday. If not will Griffiths or Scepovic get the nod up front. I agree a front 3 of Guidetti, Stokes, Griffiths or Scepovic should work domestically with 2 drifting wide. Griffiths would put in the graft to get back as would Stokes.




  12. VVD,his value.Considering his age,his potential?.I would say £15 million.I would not take a penny less.RD stated that Denayer was already quoted at £10 million when we got him on loan.Shows you the value.The boy will be a mega star in the future.


    I have said umpteen times,Midfielders,defenders,we seem to uncover diamonds.A lot of praise for the scouting dept.due in this instance.Forwards,H,mmm,if Scepovic eventually does the business,that will be two out of around 20.Not including JG.

  13. LiviBhoy,



    Agree,or two with a winger.Forrest,or as rumour has it Anya.In the meantime it is a bit frustrating.

  14. jungle jim hot smoked



    13:56 on 18 December, 2014




    Shame about the Jambo`s Facebook comment as he came over as a decent sort. Possibly the `hate` bit was said in jest but the fact that he did not include Sevco diminishes that somewhat. Been out cycling and my chicken thingy is ready now.








    Probably never mentioned Sevco as Leigh never played for them.

  15. Bully Davies….a perfect fit for them.



    I’d heard Tim Sherwood…please oh please may this be true.



    Green,Whyte and Tim.



    What a Tryptych that would be.

  16. I was a little surprised to see McCoists weight issues mentioned in the leader article today. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a CQN article that goes down that route.



    I don’t want to get too precious about this, but, there’s a lot of ‘fat sally’ comments on here. You’d assume that’s a reference to his weight, and the Sally bit is derogatory too(albeit McCoist would take far less offence than a gay man would at this).



    So, whatever right? It’s an internet blog and people don’t play by the normal rules. Except that so much of the identity of the contributors is wrapped up in outrage at intolerance towards members of the Celtic community. So many of the agendas that drive this blog are linked to intolerance.


    There’s much fury and righteous indignation about this and that, but when we’re passing comment on Rangers, or Hearts or the Tonev case (for example), all our understanding of the pain of victimhood melts and we just turn into them. It’s totally baffling.



    The fat sally thing seems deeply ungracious, no more than pub talk, and it undermines any idea that we can speak from the higher ground.



    Of course we’re a more handsome bunch, but we make ourselves seem ugly when we laugh at those less fortunate. And try to spare a thought for readers on CQN, it really can’t be nice or very life affirming to find so many fat jokes on their favourite football site.



    I always wonder how plausible it is for a racist not to be sexist, or narrow minded in general. The idea that rascim or sexism are two different kinds of views held by two different kinds of people seems absurd to me. Rangers fans are often the best example of this, in my experience the bigoted Rangers fans are as racist and sexist as they are sectarian. So, we should ask ourselves what we look like, or sound like, when we indulge one form of intolerance whilst railing against another. It all seems a little implausible to me.

  17. BontyBhoy



    Fair comment well made.



    Not sure if there is more to the blubber shield than meets the eye.




  18. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    !!bada bing!!



    14:32 on 18 December, 2014




    Have you tried turning off the ipad holding the power and home buttons?



    If not turn off the ipad holding these two buttons. The screen will go black as normal. Keep holding them until you see the apple logo appear. The ipad will then boot up as normal and hopefully the settings will be restored so you can view your email.




  19. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    15:00 on 18 December, 2014



    Fair point. Is Fat Salary still ok though?

  20. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked



    13:30 on 18 December, 2014



    That’s his MO,does it all the time,had many a run in with him during the referendum where I shared your opinion of him,he does not accept it though.

  21. Bontybhoy,



    Fair shout but Fat Sally is one of the least offensive names I have ever read on a fitty blog.

  22. Anyways,



    McCoist isnt fat. He just has a skin problem…….




    …..too flecking much of it.

  23. Livibhoy,


    Don’t get me wrong I’m not above this kind of thing, in private. Just surprised to see it in Paul’s blog, I don’t think I’ve seen that before.





    No, but that did make me laugh.



    Excuse my hypocrisy, and I’m not meaning to sound like a moral arbiter, just something that’s been on my mind lately. The Tonev thing is a very complicated issue, and might have been a better example to dwell on in my post.

  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Christmas Treats



    Toffee Vodka …… buy 1 litre of Vodka and a 250ml bottle of Monin Caramel coffee syrup…. pour off 250 mls of Vodka and drink at your leisure, pour the syrup into the remaining 750 mls of Vodka and shake vigorously to mix well…. pour & drink….. be warned this is a VERY nice drink…. it can be consumed neat as a shot, or with a mixer such as lemonade, or cream soda, or just plain soda.



    Should you feel the need, further experimentation with various syrup flavours and spirits are positively encouraged

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