Midweek change for Celtic


Busy article today, watch out for notes at the bottom on:

Magners ticket competition for 27 December
Mary’s Meals Malawi school kitchen appeal
CQN Annual, final few posting days before…..
CQN Christmas Raffle – winners have been drawn

One of the resources Ronny Deila has been short of since taking over is training days.  Players have stamina, fitness and speed training work to do every week, while there’s rest time before and after games, so time to work on technical aspects are a premium.

Believe it or not, this is the first midweek Celtic haven’t had a game, or players away on international duty, since the second week of July.  The manager has spoken of how difficult it has been to carry out the extensive tactical changes he has introduced spending only stolen minutes working on them.  The January break will give him another opportunity to spend hours with the players on tactical work.

Apparently newco are keeping McCoist as some kind of blubber human shield for Monday’s AGM!  Nice one.  There’s nothing degrading about that, very classy in fact.  Really disappointed for Ally, I’m sure he could almost taste the £400k he’s counting on – to go quietly.  Let’s hope he puts on a show on Monday and they sort him out thereafter.

It’s almost worth buying a newco share to get along on Monday.  Almost.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to the man who’s apparently lined-up to replace McCoist next week, Billy Davies.  After his interesting second stint at Nottingham Forest ended earlier this year, The Guardian wrote:

“[Davies] has paid the price for failing to control a personality which latterly seemed to have crossed the border into downright paranoia.

“[He] could never quite escape his self-destructive insecurities.”

It’s not often you read a national newspaper liberally speculating on the mental health, or lack thereof, of an individual.

Failing to control his personality, downright paranoia, self-destructive insecurities!  He’s perfect.  Is there a job in the land this guy is more suited for than newco’s manager?

Our pals at Magners have kindly offered a pair of premium seat tickets to the Jock Stein Stand at the home game on 27 December in support of our Mary’s Meals appeal.  You can win the tickets by email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com the answer to the question:

Who do Celtic play on 27 December?

Competition closes at 22:00 tonight (Thursday) so get your entry in.

If you’re entering the competition please consider donating £1 to Mary’s Meals here, where we are hoping to build a kitchen at a school in Chibwata, Dowa, Malawi, for their 909 children.

I’d a look at John Guidetti’s interview with Magners this week, he looks like he’s enjoying himself……..

We’ve drawn the CQN Christmas Raffle, winner of the Special Whisky and CQN Package is ticket number 976, from a lucky reader based in Lythm, we’ll be in touch.

The four runners up all win CQN Packages with ticket numbers 1072, 974, 1190 and 1051, check your tickets, we’ll be in touch soon.

Still time to order your 2015 CQN Annual for Christmas.

You can also order the CQN Annual and DVD bundle here. It’s a great offer, check it out – oh, and there’s tons of photos, fresh stories and comment on the first time Inter faced the green and white hoops.

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  1. richie teamoscar



    heh 1st secretary of bv supporters club.


    top role,totally covert lol



    all roads lead there before a game or after,cant be loosing roads lol


    I think a search should be started





  2. Sandman



    Glad you are enjoying the CQN Annual – it is getting more popular every year and there’s always someone who spots a wee mistake!



    We are posting loads of Annuals today and we there’s still time to get in today’s post – order at http://www.cqnbookstore.com and when you do email me at david@cqnmagazine.com letting me know which of the ten DVDs you’d like.



    Everyone who buys the CQN Annual this year will be entered into another raffle – as we use Celticrollercoaster’s new toy – the CQN Enigma Machine! One lucky CQN Annual reader will win a 3 course carvery lunch for 4 in the exclusive Number 7 restaurant at Celtic Park on a Sunday afternoon.



    Order your CQN Annual – http://www.cqnbookstore.com

  3. An Tearmann.



    Are you about tomorrow,I’m coming into Glasgow for a drink, Do you fancy a wee dram.

  4. BSr,



    1:1….maybe your on to a festive winner….;-))







  5. Bountybhoy,



    You have a point, but I sometimes think we are losing the plot with the whole ” Ism,s” concept.


    There seems to be an ism for every scienario, whether it’s hight, weight, baldness, looks, appearance etc, etc.


    I suppose the PC brigade and their lawyers will be indignant, but they are actually diluting the real purpose and concept of equality.


    HH, sticksandstonescsc.

  6. bournesouprecipe on




    Ha – carry out trials/tests, conduct research test, trial,assess, appraise, evaluate, investigate, examine, explore.

  7. Livibhoy



    A repost of my response to your post re attitudes towards the Celtic Board that got caught in the blog changeover.






    09:28 on



    18 December, 2014



    Excellent post. Some of it reflects my experience from 2010 of moving from bashing the keyboard to making things happen by engaging with the club, primarily on the Membership Scheme..



    In the course of doing that I learned lots about the constraints Celtic work under organisationally and within Scottish football and why some things do not happen or take ages to happen, or are dealt with below the radar.



    I’ll sit down over the holiday period and put together something based on that experience to share with the blog. It is in sharing our experience that we become a bit more informed, leading to more informed suggestions or criticism.



    You mentioned improved Communications with the support. Since introducing the SLO there has been a marked improvement, not just in giving individuals the chance to be heard on individual matters but also by the introduction of the Supporters Forum.



    There was a Resolution at the last AGM to look at the SLO Role put by the CST that was adjourned instead of voted out because Celtic spoke to the movers and suggested another way through a Review of the SF initiative to meet the underlying objective and spirit of the Resolution. What emerges from that Review will I’m sure lead to further improvements.



    I mention this not only because the subject matter is important but to back up your point that if you want change to happen you need to engage. The channels for doing so are now in place, some formal, some less so, but change is happening.



    What has helped progress is the change in the demography of the support and the greater professional input through blogs like CQN.



    What does not help are attacks on the personal integrity of those running the club, implicit or explicit. It is a lot easier to get a dialogue going if you think the other person trusts you are telling your own truth even if its not theirs.



    I’ll finish with this extract from a book by John Powell SJ that covers the last point.



    Article Four


    Most of us are tempted to generalise our personal experience. We forget


    that others are really “other”, different from us. We often make the false


    presumption that everyone reacts exactly as we do. This temptation to


    generalise is an indication that I have discovered “otherness” only


    imperfectly. I have not yet fully realised how unique and individual each


    of us is.



    Because of this I am persistently tempted to project my reactions into


    others. If something hurts or bothers me, I presume that it will hurt or


    bother everyone. If a given situation stimulates a worried reaction in me,


    I presume that anyone would worry in such a situation. Such a habit of


    thinking and speaking makes me the norm of all human reality and reaction.


    The discovery of “otherness” is essential to a good communicator.



    No human being on the face of the earth possesses the whole truth. Each of


    us has only a small part: but if we are willing to share our small parts,


    our pieces of the truth, we will all possess a much fuller reality, a much


    larger share of the total truth.



    The picture comes to mind of two people on opposite sides of a solid fence. One side of the fence is painted brown the other side is green. If the person on the green side keeps insisting


    “This fence is definitely green”, he will invite contradiction from the person


    standing on the other side of the fence.


    “No its not. Its clearly brown.”


    Obviously each has a part of the truth, just as we all do in most of our


    disagreements. It’s hard to imagine that a person could be totally wrong


    about any complex issue. Everyone has some part of the truth to share.



    From Will The Real Me Pleases Stand Up: John Powel SJ.

  8. Auldheid,



    Have you been readin The Perception of Truth….funnily enough….I see ;-))




  9. weebobbycollins on

    BontyBhoy…agreed with every word of yours @ 15.00…..until I saw BSR’s photo @ 14.59



    Fat Sally it has to be…

  10. Auldheid



    I was hoping you would comment on that. I know you are a lot closer to the club than I am at present.


    My experience is a few years back in relation to speaking to the club but they were always prepared to listen and help.




  11. Breaking news… Mark Hateley has described Ally McCoist staying on as manager is “like a new signing”!!

  12. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    !!bada bing!!



    15:31 on 18 December, 2014



    You’re welcome. Glad it worked.

  13. bournesouprecipe on




    Will get you stocious *see urban dictionary under steamin* if imbibed too heavily…….* as with all alcoholic beverages *

  14. Was gonna call maself DeLurkinTim….but couldn’t stomach being referred to as DLT….;-))




  15. The bold Billy Davies is sitting right across from me as I sip my Latte in Silverburn. Never realised he’s got a fatter erse than Sally. Think I’ll offer him the rest of my cheesecake.

  16. BT


    Great news for Christmas. Hope all goes well on your return to work. I am still off until after the New Year.



  17. AFTER unsuccessfully resigning, Ally McCoist has admitted that he has no idea how he can stop being Rangers manager.



    An emotional McCoist handed in his notice only to be informed by grinning colleagues that he’d received a pay rise and a better parking space.



    He said: “It was always going to be a very tough decision to quit the club I love, but I presumed it would be tough emotionally not logistically.



    “I’ve tried being Rangers manager and I’ve tried not being Rangers manager and the two things are essentially the same.



    “Even death will be no escape, they will find a way to trap my spirit in a jar.”

  18. Latest news on Alexandar Tonev (National TV)



    Bulgarian FA questioning why Aston Villa have not backed their own player in this Kangaroo court decision (their words not mine) Very happy with Celtic FC’s stand on the issue and are now waiting to hear from the player on how he wants to move with this decision.



    (6 o-clock news)

  19. Ayrshirtim,



    lookin & comparin guys arses is never a good thing….jist my opinion ;-))




  20. Almost signed off on a work email with ‘HH’ again



    One of these days I know i will




  21. bontybhoy



    15:00 on 18 December, 2014


    I was a little surprised to see McCoists weight issues mentioned in the leader article today. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a CQN article that goes down that route.



    I don’t want to get too precious about this, but, there’s a lot of ‘fat sally’ comments on here. You’d assume that’s a reference to his weight, and the Sally bit is derogatory too(albeit McCoist would take far less offence than a gay man would at this).



    So, whatever right? It’s an internet blog and people don’t play by the normal rules. Except that so much of the identity of the contributors is wrapped up in outrage at intolerance towards members of the Celtic community. So many of the agendas that drive this blog are linked to intolerance.


    There’s much fury and righteous indignation about this and that, but when we’re passing comment on Rangers, or Hearts or the Tonev case (for example), all our understanding of the pain of victimhood melts and we just turn into them. It’s totally baffling.



    The fat sally thing seems deeply ungracious, no more than pub talk, and it undermines any idea that we can speak from the higher ground.



    Of course we’re a more handsome bunch, but we make ourselves seem ugly when we laugh at those less fortunate. And try to spare a thought for readers on CQN, it really can’t be nice or very life affirming to find so many fat jokes on their favourite football site.



    I always wonder how plausible it is for a racist not to be sexist, or narrow minded in general. The idea that rascim or sexism are two different kinds of views held by two different kinds of people seems absurd to me. Rangers fans are often the best example of this, in my experience the bigoted Rangers fans are as racist and sexist as they are sectarian. So, we should ask ourselves what we look like, or sound like, when we indulge one form of intolerance whilst railing against another. It all seems a little implausible to me.









    You still on for Weightwatchers tonight?


    Get you at 7, ok?


    Just going to the garage to collet the car. They salvaged the front left axle after you breaking it last week.



    Aff oot. Chippy n irn bru aweight me.






    HH jamesgang



    PS jokin!!!

  22. ayrshirtim,



    Whit you doing commenting on Davies fat erchie?



    Bonttybhoy will not be happy :)))



    See…I never dropped the n :))

  23. glendalystonsils



    16:25 on 18 December, 2014


    Sally is NOT fat ,just thick skinned.


    About a foot thick.




    That’s footism, is that allowed?

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