Migration is beneficial. Even in football


If Gary Mackay-Steven moves from Celtic to Aberdeen he will be the third creative midfield player to transfer between the clubs this window. Ryan Christie’s loan to Aberdeen was extended for this season. Jonny Hayes move to Celtic created a vacancy on Aberdeen’s right, and in doing so moved Mackay-Steven down the Celtic pecking order. On paper the move north would be great for the Celtic winger.

This is not quite the top two clubs collaborating on squad management, but it’s as close as you are likely to get. Aberdeen would have preferred to keep Hayes, but with money on the table for a player running down his contract he was sold to the highest bidder: Celtic.

Christie was brought to Celtic by Ronny Deila as a development project. Openings for the creative mid slots at Celtic are incredibly competitive. The risk to Christie is that his development, which was purring along nicely at Inverness, stalls in the Celtic stands. It is in Celtic’s and his best interests that the he plays regularly in an attacking team.

Mackay-Steven has a glorious first few weeks at Celtic but has been hampered by the perennial burden of wingers: consistency. His confidence appears shot. If he moved to Pittodrie, Derek McInnes may be able to get the best out of him.

There’s an empirically established economic fact: migration is economically beneficial for both the gaining and losing nations. This summer’s proposed migration between Celtic and Aberdeen is likely to fall into this category.

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  1. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Goalkeeper Logan Bailly has signed for Belgian club Royal Excel Mouscron after Celtic agreed to the terms of his departure, it has been confirmed.



    The Hoops have remained silent on the 31-year-old goalkeeper’s departure, but the official Twitter account of Mouscron announced his signing on Sunday after also revealing they had reached a verbal agreement with him.



    “The Royal Excel Mouscron has a verbal agreement with Logan Bailly contract that covers a period of two years will be signed this weekend,” reported the club on Twitter on Friday.

  2. Student gets caught cheating. He gets to keep his degree and the rest should move on to allow academia to heal.

  3. Just finished listening to the recent podcast which I started last night and I commented on paul 67’s input then, I also enjoyed MMcG’s insights however Matt could you try to avoid using the JC words, please.Many of us are angry about this time will tell how it pans out with fan support.

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    The Tim Reaper



    That is outrageous, Strip the Degree:)


    If you have money, you can get away with anything.


    Ask the Tories, they have quite a few housing scams going at the moment….Brandon Lewis, what a snake. And Phil Hammond stands to make a few quid.


    Jolly Hockey Sticks, What!


    Democracy, dont you just love it:)




  5. weebobbycollins on

    David Murray…Campbell Ogilvie…Andrew Dickson…Martin Bain…Sandy Bryson…


    Cheats…each and every one of them…

  6. The idea that there is ‘no appetite’ for a review is absolutely preposterous and actually disgraceful. Guys like Chris McLaughlin of the national broadcaster who peddle this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves. It is their job to hold people and organisations to account, not simply to be a ‘reporter’. There have been and will be incidents all over the world that merit a review, many people and organisations don’t want the review but they happen anyway because there is a need to understand what went wrong and why.



    There has been talk on here, and I see John James is picking it up that a grubby compromise could be an option. The idea is put it on record that they are a new Club and that settles the issue. That is just not acceptable. Think about the involvement of those at the SFA and at Oldco Rangers. The potential consequences and implications are significant. Title stripping is only one consequence, if there is any justice several will be banned for life from association football. The involvement of David Murray, Stewart Regan and Campbell Ogilvie in this saga must be investigated.



    A full, open, transparent and independent enquiry is the only option.

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Happy Birthday, Bobby.



    May your Winklepickers never lose their curl.


    Does Quintessential Farage know about this migration?Is he aware of the swarms of Dandy ne’erdowells who are diluting our proud,ancient culture?Get him on the case and secure our Celtic borders from these different types.




  9. I see the annual bigot walk is on in Benidorm. Why the Spanish allow this in produmanly Catholic country bewilders me. A few years ago I had the misfortune to be there at this time. I got into a lift with one of the Peepil all rigged out in the new Rangers gear(this was before they died). I only had my shorts and and flipflops on and my crucifix was visible. We Billy says ” I see your a taig” I replied ” I see you are a Hun”. Nothing else was said and we went our separate ways.

  10. HH from estadio nacional Lisbon



    What a feeling to see the stadium and stand on spot where Caesar lifted the big cup



    67 in the heat of Lisbon……

  11. Cant see this idea that they admit they’re a new club flying. To them its strip the titles, lose what?5? Admit they’re a new club, lose them all. Which to me is the reality, since liquidation ive never thought of them as anything else but a new club.

  12. Barney 67


    I agree they are a new club with a 5 yr history.


    The historical record being changed to reflect the cheating of RFC 1872-2012 is easily done if there is a demand from the fans.


    What the club do about the costs to them caused by their cheating is another thing,both financial and the exposure of playing in games in Europe.


    The people who caused and covered this up MUST be cleared out of football for their entire life.

  13. Timjim, just shows you them mentality of that lot. What if you had been English or even German or other nationality. Maybe it was the look of utter contempt that gave you away ;-).

  14. Hooooooopy birthday young fhella.



    Liquidation is just a fact, it happened, that the SPFL have denied it is shameful.


    The consequences of playing imperfectly, never mind improperly. Registered players is a 0-3 reverse in each game.


    There isn’t a choice about this, these things simply happen because an administrator should simply adjust the results. Again, shame on the SPL(SPFL, let’s not let them fudge this with different organisation nonsense).



    And in both of those there is still no punishment for Rangers 1872.






    I’ve read some people want to find a compromise, sure, let’s only expel Rangers 1872 from the game, ban sine die those directors and SPL/SFA administrators who covered this up.


    Then we can move on.



    No punishment for Sevco, they are a new club, deal with their financial shenanigans separately.


    So that has to be made plain and clear.



    Tear down the SFA and start again.


    Doncaster and Regan have to go.




  15. And good luck to GMS, decent player, indeed if he can get his confidence back a fine one.

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Doc on 11th July 2017 1:15 pm



    And good luck to GMS, decent player, indeed if he can get his confidence back a fine one.





    Technically not good enough for Celtic , and never was. Should do a job for Aberdeen.






    I read a post on here the other night saying a European team (cant rem who) were up in arms after the SC ruling because they lost out on a place in Europe because of old Rangers. This could make UEFA sit up and take notice and force the SFA to do something otherwise I fear they will do nothing and just ignore us in the hope it just goes away.

  18. Anyone who thinks the rabid scum will accept anything other than the whole episode being brushed under the carpet ,and move on are in some kind of 5th dimension.This will never happen.The unarguable truth has been right in front of them since 2012.They cannot accept it.3 Law Lords,and 5 Supreme Court Judges have said they are guilty.”No we are not”they scream.It is not in their psyche.They are the peepil,and always will be in their addled brains.Nothing any official body says,nothing any review says,will make one blind bit of difference to them.They will scream,lash out,probably resort to violence,but they will not accept they were liquidated,and died.They will never accept “Title stripping”.Fair play,logic,common sense are anathema to these cretins.


    Interesting and dangerous times ahead.I have no doubts about that.

  19. Barney


    Think it was about Porto though dont know if its a rumour, just yesterday i was briefly believing that Patrick Roberts was coming back, the power of the internet eh.

  20. HughKeevinsTalksSense on

    Good luck to wee GMS if he does indeed go. Very talented player it’s just unfortunately not worked out for him at Celtic.

  21. G M S,stay with Celtic,some on here had you as a dud,they forget that you were out with a serious injury, for most of last season, so to shut up the usual suspect’s, stay and fight for your place,forget about Aberdeen.

  22. HughKeevinsTalksSense on




    The wee man needs to be playing to build his confidence again. Unfortunately he’s not going to get that at Celtic as he’s down the pecking order. He’s a talented player but needs game time. He might even come back after his loan spell as a completely rejuvenated player ready to challenge for his place in our starting eleven

  23. traditionalist88 on

    Timbhoy1 on 11th July 2017 1:27 pm



    BR is allowing GMS to go.



    Bottom line…the player is not good enough.



    We wanted a manager to come in and raise standards across the board. Now we have one.



    Its quite remarkable that some people seem to take issue with what that means in practice.




  24. TRADITIONALIST88 on 11TH JULY 2017 1:16 PM


    Still nothing on the new bhoy?








    He cant be officially unveiled until Peter Lawell signs the papers.At the moment they are looking everywhere for industrial strength smelling salts,to try and revive Peter,after he read a report that the transfer could cost up to 7 million.

  25. I see the lame duck PM is now looking for help from other parties for ideas, now, why did she not ask for this before she entered into a backward alliance with the DUP and save us £1billion. Politicians , no wonder there is so many difficulties nationally and internationally.

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