Miku, Lassad and Ambrose need to stretch legs


If you are going to Celtic Park tomorrow you will see a lot of photos like the one above.  Outside the ground 200 bucketeers will be collecting to raise money to send Oscar Knox for treatment for neauroblastoma.

Be prepared.  Bring spare cash with you, have it ready and do your bit for Oscar.

For the second week in a row we take on the team at the bottom of the table; see how that worked out last week.  After an awful August which saw Dundee’s return to the SPL marked with one point and no goals scored from four games, they picked up three points at Tynecastle before losing a lead late in the game against Motherwell last weekend.  Manager Barry Smith will have watched how St Johnstone went about their business six days ago and will believe his team can nick something at Celtic Park.

Neil Lennon (and some of us) will welcome the drop in intensity from Wednesday’s Champions League tie as Celtic are likely to give game time to those who joined the club three weeks ago.  Miku, Lassad and Ambrose all need to stretch their legs.

Big shout again for the guys raising money for Celtic Youth Development through TicPick.  It’s £1 to enter and you win £1000 for predicting 10 results.  I’ve gone for Celtic to beat Dundee, West Ham to beat Sunderland, Aberdeen and Motherwell to draw, Man City to beat Arsenal, St Mirren to beat Killie, Dundee United to beat Hearts, Man Utd to beat Liverpool, Hibs to beat Inverness, Chelsea to beat Stoke and Spurs to beat QPR.

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  1. Good luck to the bhoy/ghirls rattling those buckets tomorrow..



    lets hope we can’t hear the rattling for the notes in the buckets….

  2. Thindimebhoy



    11:14 on 21 September, 2012



    ernie lynch








    Yes noticed that myself there is no Shamrock on that picture and only a RFC logo/badge on the tombstone.



    Of course we can only asume that the pic is the original until someone can clarify its authenTIC and has not been photoshoppped






    There’s a contemporaneous photo montage of the Norwich game here, which includes the banner. There is no shamrock.






    If Lunny and the SFA have issued charges based on a photo shopped picture(which going by the Press Association report they may well have done) they are going to look like idiots.

  3. Paul 67



    Lets hope the new players(if selected) settle in well.



    I don’t go to the games anymore for personal reasons but, I’ll be down that way in the morn and would like to donate in one of the buckets. What time will the volunteers take up their positions ?


    Don’t worry – I won’t introduce myself (for security reasons) :o)


    God Bless


    Hail Hail

  4. From previous….



    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    12:14 on 21 September, 2012



    I see Chris Roberts mentioned the bucket collection in today’s D R. So thanks Chris I know you observe CQN’s. Fair do’s to him after someone “pulled it” yesterday and he promised he’d get it sorted for Wee Oscar.




    You don’t read the DR do you ?


    Worse still…..you phone the Hotline ?


    Jings Crivvens help mi Boab :o)

  5. top 10?



    anyone see this http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19667219 just now? wonder if his brother told him of some similar shenanigans at a certain dead football club?



    Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup says he sees no problem with teams paying rival sides to win games.


    The Dane stressed he was completely against “match fixing”, but believes the term needs to be “better defined”.


    He said: “If Swansea play the last game against a team and a third team pays Swansea to win the game, I really don’t see anything bad about that.”


    The Football Association has said that accepting money to influence the outcome of a match is unlawful.


    A spokesman, who declined to comment specifically on Laudrup’s revelations, pointed to the FA’s Rule E5 (a) that says:


    A Participant shall not, directly or indirectly, offer, agree to give, give, solicit, agree to accept or accept any bribe, gift or reward or consideration of any nature which is, or could appear to be related in any way to seeking to influence the outcome or conduct of a Match or Competition.


    Bonuses agreed between a club and its players or club officials are deemed to be approved.


    Laudrup was asked about the issue of match fixing by a journalist working for European media organisations at a news conference.


    The scenario Laudrup describes could involve a club in the relegation zone paying a team a bonus if they beat one of their closest rivals, enabling the threatened club to stay up.


    Laudrup, who has 104 caps and 37 goals for Denmark, was asked the question because he played for Lazio and Juventus in the 1980s, and Italian football continues to be dogged by match-fixing claims.


    As many as 13 Italian clubs – mainly from the second division – are under investigation. Juventus coach Antonio Conte was given a 10-month suspension in August for not reporting alleged match-fixing in two games involving ex-club Siena in the 2010-11 season. He denies the claims and is appealing.


    Laudrup, 48, said players guilty of being paid to lose should be banned from the game for life instead of being given fixed-term bans.


    He said: “To say I’m against that [match-fixing] is like saying today it’s Thursday – it’s obvious.


    “The worst match fixing I’ve heard was what happened in Italy before I came there in the beginning of the 80s, where somebody bought three or four of the players in a team to lose a game.


    “That means that seven or eight players in a team were playing to win, like normal, and three or four of them just to lose.”


    However Laudrup has no issue with what is known in Spanish football as the “suitcases” culture.


    “It’s just a bonus. For me, match-fixing is somebody pays someone to lose a game,” he said.


    “In Spain where there’s one or two matches left in a season we always talked about the suitcases.


    “But the suitcases is to win – I don’t see anything bad about that.


    “I think we have to define very well what is match-fixing because there’s different levels, I think.”



    Crazy, crazy statement.

  6. KevJungle



    Those taking part in the bucket collection will be at Parkhead from 12pm…..



    Bring yer piggy bank :-)

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Lip service




    Published: 12 hrs ago





    STOP TALKING. Start playing.


    That’s the simple advice I’ve got for Rangers’ players this morning.


    I keep reading ex players in the press saying what’s needed, what should and shouldn’t be happening at the club and in games.


    I’m fed up with it. I want a little less conversation and a little more action, like the song says.


    There’s been lots of things written and said this week in the aftermath of the draw at Annan and the defeat to Queen of the South on Tuesday.


    But to me, it’s not ability that’s going to let us down in Division Three. It’s attitude.


    That’s why I want fewer newspaper articles from ex players talking about what they’re going to do and provide more support to them to go out and do it.


    It’s not easy to go to some of the away grounds in the Third Division, on tight plastic pitches against fired-up opponents and weak officials


    But they’ve got to adjust. They’re professionals and they’ve played at the highest level, so ability isn’t the issue.


    I also know that a few of the internet messageboards have been speculating on Ally McCoist’s future as manager, with some suggesting there should be change.


    Rubbish! Ally is our manager and probably will be for the next ten years.


    For people to start talking about possible successors is ridiculous after what he’s brought us through during all the s***e — taking no wages and basically running the club all on his own.


    Obviously there are rumblings from the fans, because the start hasn’t been what we wanted.


    But just let’s say the ones making the noise got what they wanted. If the manager changes, the new guy still has the same squad and no way to change it in the next 16 months until the embargo ends.


    Bear in mind, Ally gave Charles Green a list of 13-14 players he wanted before the deadline. He got one — David Templeton. So I don’t see how you can blame him and I dont know who to blame.


    We’ve got to get on with it though. This squad’s got to get us through the Third — and hopefully Second — Division before the restructuring takes us back to the SPL.


    As long as they stay clear of injuries to key players like McCulloch, Alexander and Black, for the next three years they’re well capable of doing that.


    The people questioning the management will be the same ones who used to have a go at Walter Smith for playing one up front in the UEFA Cup run — the one Rangers got to the final of!


    There’s always going to be a section of fans who are unhappy. Coisty’s been in the game long enough to know that.


    But he’ll still feel aggrieved that he’s getting abuse after everything that’s gone on in the last year.


    And he’ll remember that in the space of one week in August 1994, Rangers lost three games at home — to AEK Athens in the Champions League, Celtic in the SPL and Falkirk in the League Cup. That was with a right good side and that WAS a crisis — but no one was shouting for Walter Smith’s head then. So why Allys in the third division ?


    It hasn’t all been gloom. The young lads have been brilliant and Lee McCulloch has been exceptional — he’s the stand-out.


    We now have a crucial game against Motherwell next week.


    It’s a chance for us to play the SPL leaders and show we’re not a Third Division team after all — we’re Rangers. I am certain Rangers will beat Motherwell comfortably.


    There’s no doubt in my mind we’re an SPL club but now we’ve got to start showing it.


    So yes, the league’s started disappointingly. Yes, going out of the Ramsdens Cup is a major disappointment.


    If May comes and we haven’t been promoted or won a trophy then that’s a disaster and it’s fair enough to say we need changes and players


    But you don’t win leagues in September. And you certainly don’t sack managers then.

  8. Rieperman 11:45



    Absolutely fantastic, thanks for that.



    So up for this game on Sunday, 9 of us within the family flying over for it this weekend.


    Donegal jerseys and polo shirts arrived in the post yesterday from Azzurri so we’re rarin to go….



    Only 2 tickets so far, but what the hell…..the craic will be mighty!



    Dun na nGall Abu!



    God bless Wee Oscar and all the best for tomorrow’s collection.

  9. I won’t be near Parkhead or a bucket tomorrow , so how do I get a tenner to the wee man’s cause otherwise?



    A link for donations anyone?

  10. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby



    12:30 on 21 September, 2012



    ‘Atheists are either dumb or ignorant.’




    Though as Frank Skinner would say, they are still evolving.

  11. I see we are still getting more nonsense from the Ibrox Klan and the DR. They tried this kind of stuff in the past but there is no global Rangers or The Rangers appeal, they simply do not have the worldwide fan base that they like to think they have.



    Only last year did the try to get into the Indian market by wasting two young Indian players time by inviting them over for a ‘trial’. They then had a Happy Thanksgiving day, to then give an American guy who was interested in buying the club abuse. The quotes about them being Adidas’ biggest catch since the loss of Liverpool and Real Madrid are beyond ridiculous.



    Anyway, here are a few reasons why we should simply ignore the stuff that comes from Chuckles:



    No problems with HMRC


    No problems with CVA


    No chance of liquidation


    No problems with SPL


    No problems – its SFL 1


    Players will TUPE over


    Players will be sued


    BBC will be sued


    3 billionaires


    20 existing investors lined up


    9 Newcastle players on loan


    Signing players from the Euros


    10% sold to guy with training company


    10% sold to Newcastle guy


    Ally not been given 4.5% in lieu of SPL level salary



    Anymore to add then please feel free.

  12. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on


















  13. Sandman



    google Oscar


    The Neuroblastoma Alliance – Oscar Knox Appeal



    can’t do links…

  14. blantyretim



    12:40 on 21 September, 2012






    google Oscar


    The Neuroblastoma Alliance – Oscar Knox Appeal



    can’t do links…






    Okay, bt, nice one. Thanks. Cheers, ears.

  15. Sandman



    You could come to the WEE OSCAR QUIZ NIGHT on Saturday 29th September 7-12am in the Phoenix Bar on the Gallowgate and hand it in personally :-)



    Alternatively you can go to the wee man’s just giving page mate.

  16. fanadpatriot



    ‘Believers’ are just lazy people, who cannot be bothered to go out for a run or a bike ride on a Sunday morning.

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