Milan, the incredible Paul Murray, Tyneside No 1


I never like to hear Celtic fans talk about weaknesses in opponents like Milan. They may be weaker than they were a decade ago but Milan have never been weak. The one thing Celtic have in their favour is the element of surprise, despite last season’s epic achievements. Milan will have read the screaming headlines, ‘spine of the team sold’. They will know little about how effective Celtic can use the vast open spaces of the San Siro.

After defending resolutely against Barca, Celtic looked like a far better team against a less effective Juventus but we found the limit to our abilities. Juve exploited the gaps in defence left as we took the game to them. I would rather defend in numbers and take our chances on the break than try to go toe-to-toe in midfield.

The San Siro seems to bring the best out of Celtic. Jock Stein went there three times, drawing after 90 minutes on each occasion; losing once after extra time. Gordon Strachan’s team were also level after regulation time, losing only after extra time, and lost narrowly in a Champions League group stage game. Martin O’Neill’s Celtic came within three minutes of securing a draw before conceding twice late on.

There can be fewer European grounds on which Celtic have performed as well. Wednesday will require another almighty and intense effort but that is something Celtic are never lacking. Milan may not fear us, but they have reason to be worried.

I listened to former Rangers director Paul Murray on BBC Radio Scotland over the weekend. I know books have been written on the downfall of that club but I could write one on his own contribution. As a non-executive director, Murray’s job was to be the eyes and ears of other shareholders, to ensure the business of the club was in order and carried out properly. He was in a position to ask awkward questions, in fact, it was his job to ask awkward questions and to ensure threats to the club were uncovered and addressed.

In this instance he failed absolutely. Despite this, he trumpeted the 50% decline in the club’s debt during his tenure as a badge of honour, he told us his namesake, Sir David, was exclusively responsible for the sale to Craig Whyte and for the consequences of the EBT debacle. We were informed that Rangers won their EBT case, despite the fact that during the First Tier Tribunal the club accepted they operated an illegal tax scheme for five players, and the remaining issues are a matter of appeal.

Most bizarrely of all he rejected Lord Nimmo Smith’s findings on the conduct of his board before telling us he is absolutely certain he would be judged fit and proper to be a director of a football club. No remorse, not even a hint of self awareness.

Well done to the Tyneside No. 1 Celtic Supporters’ Club who walked from Newcastle to Celtic Park in aid of 1254125 and the Sam Bradley Care Fund. You can support their magnificent effort here.

The new issue of CQN Magazine is out! Click here for a proper read (don’t try to read the graphic below). It’s another great issue, thanks to all who helped.
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  1. canamalar prays oscar can do it again



    18:23 on 16 September, 2013




    So did I



    the battered bunnet



    18:24 on 16 September, 2013


    Greg Ioannidis represents Celtic in assorted matters at UEFA. Perhaps he felt he couldn’t get involved on a professional conflict basis, although I would expect a note to that end.



    Certainly whenever I’ve contacted him he’s provided considered and courteous replies so I am a little surprised at Canamalar’s experience.



    Hey ho.




    If you asked him on twitter mate I don’t think he would’ve answered it would have been better if you asked him through email then it remains private without the klan harassing him.

  2. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on



    I never asked him, think you might have missed my response to TBB.

  3. Jobo



    DeeL on Snyde has (for the 3rd time I’ve heard him) absolutely ripped into Black and sevco management. In his opinion he should have been out the door.



    Even Ned Flanders is saying Black’s apology on Govan TV has been staged managed and his feet would not have touched the floor – pre-liquidation!

  4. ….left Doha 1979, so know roughly where you are, that is unless they moved the airport.



    Used to stay just off the c ring…think it was called al nasr villas/compound.

  5. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on




    Prayers said for the lad’s full recovery.



    Please keep us posted.

  6. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on

    Honestly, charlottes fakes has revealed a major scandal and the topic of conversation on CQN is meeja led drivel about a nonentity from an insignificant wee club.

  7. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on



    Was going to post a photo I saved off that W Vass site the day Barry Hughes escorted new sevco director Andrew Ellis into the “Laundrette” in govan.



    But file looks as though it will break the blog :))



    I have enough going on without breaking this place :)))



    Ever since the night I saw it I thought Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Canalamar



    But who’ll run with the latest from CF?



    There’s no-one in the mainstream will have the stones to mention it.



    That’s why we have keech on the radio.



    Black is a safe travesty about the Newco which the press can get their teeth into – because the guy and by dint the team got away with it.

  9. Canamalar…yes, know the road well…. Probably a hundred times more built up than it was in my day. Think the only two hotels in Doha were in that area.. The Gulf and the Oasis.

  10. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    hen1rik & thomthethim & all



    Interesting discussion about complains to UEFA.



    Few weeks back I read article written by the lawyer who represented Legia Warsaw interests.



    This hopefully clears few questions.



    1. UEFA is private organization, association that acts according to the law and rules of Switzerland. They are organization who arrange football games. If you both, and any other CQNers want to settle similar organization and find clubs who would be playing games under your law, there is free way for you there, you can do this. The problem might be that you both plus few other CQNers might have not enough money to convince Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and other clubs to resign from UEFA and play for you. UEFA case says the best place to register that organization would be Switzerland.



    2. Without doubts, UEFA constantly break the rules of European Union legislation and legislation of the countries of the clubs who play for them. They are monopoly society who dictates what is right, what is wrong. European Union who controls curvature of banana have nothing to do with organization from Switzeland.



    3. The best example of the monopoly is the rule that says, that country associations and clubs are forbidden to go to the external courts with their claims. The only body to who they can send complaints is Court of Arbitration for Sport with their office… of course in Lozano/Switzerland. Every claim, case given to the court that is not Court of Arbitration for Sport means that organization might be banned/expelled by UEFA.



    4. UEFA quite often make a reminder :” If you don’t want respect our rules and play for us, you can play for anybody you want”.



    Yes, the question is : for who you can play if not for UEFA?



    5. Do UEFA read, consider complains sent by other organizations? No, they don’t. They don’t have to do it because they have own code and people like FARE who are responsible for denunciations. Next time think twice and send your complains to Berdyczów, not to UEFA.



    6. More nonsense from there. When these girls and boys from FARE open cases against club A, or B they are full anonymous. The club who does not agree with report can’t argue with the girl and guy from FARE because it does not know the name of the author of such report. I could say more, when UEFA receive complain/report from FARE, they do not know from who personally they get it. When the club sends appeal regarding ban, UEFA ask FARE a question if they agree with appeal? The answer from FARE and similar you can predict.


    The question is: do you know any other organization, court who makes decision on the basis anonymous report?


    Is this not interesting? Similar example could be report from Boeing giving the explanation of their plane crash. Their opinion/report is final and you can’t have another one, can’t go elsewhere to see if Boeing was guilty. Boeing say they are not guilty ! Why? For simple reasons, because Boeing think they are not guilty.



    7. In case there was not enough nonsense above. UEFA ban every body who discloses names (if there are any in written), or discloses contents of verdicts, or any other details from it.



    FIFA are no better. No surprise they are registered in Switzerland.


    Example from past week. Few days back they urged Russia regarding new regulations discriminating gays and lesbians. Wonderful, we are close to WC 2018 in Russia. That was in the beginning of the previous week. At the end of the previous week they signed contract with Gazprom who are joint stock company (Russia have shares there). Now, this Gazprom is sponsor of FIFA. Guess who was Gazprom prominent worker in the past? No one else but Dmitri Medvedyev.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    philbhoy – bring it on!!!!



    19:13 on 16 September, 2013





    Prayers said for the lad’s full recovery.



    Please keep us posted.






    Thanks, will do.



    The boy is in a coma.

  12. Right how’s this for a weekend….



    CQN day oot on the 28th September….(who’s got the details)


    Rod Stewart 30th September (thanks to ACGR)


    Hoops v Barca 1st Oct another Grey Brigade day oot and the game (johann/Oldtim to sort oot)



    Sno bad bein a Tim…..




  13. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    I’m in Denia on Wednesday and am looking for a bar where I can watch the game.



    Can anyone advise?

  14. sixtaeseven



    Absolutely spot on.



    Where are the fourth estate in Scotland?



    Not interested or scared to get involved.

  15. Canalamar



    I agree that the big scandal is the “undertaking letter” from Charlotte…



    but the nonentity and his adventures are part of the same culture of supremacy, corruption, cronyism and lack of transparency.



    Small part of the big scandal.




  16. I’m looking for tickets for Rod Stewarts concert in Glasgow (acgrs’s ,sold).



    Any spares out there?




  17. praecepta-FWIW ,I think Black getting done was an inside job to get shot of him.If the huns bagged him, he could probably pointed out that he was unaware of any betting rules as his employers have no record of giving him and the other inmates any instruction.Black sues them and would probably win hands down.HH

  18. RWE


    I would say avoiding civil unrest, scared to get involved, would be a couple of reasons.


    Advised not to, would be another.



    In any case, BBC Scotland running scared – sad, so sad.

  19. MHARK67 prayin for OSCAR KNOX on

    Tomight mattew i will be mostly watching at the MEN Manchester .. Roger waters…. THE WALL LIVE…….. Oh yes …….,.,,

  20. Papa John supports Wee Oscar on

    Hi Folks, not been up to mark past week, trying to catch up,can anyone tell me if the CL packages are a sell-out.


    Awerabest PJ

  21. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    I got a phone call at 12:25 Saturday. .. just as I got to the pub in cambuslang to watch celtic.



    Mate from down south asking if I wanted to go to Wembley that night to see the wall :(

  22. Different note…



    My girl has a Mitsubishi Colt convertible, six months out of warranty. The boot won’t lift, its a dead weight. She took it into the local Mitsubishi garage £1,300 to repair.


    Not amused at that, she contacts Mitsubishi via e mail, who give her a couple of scenarios and tell her to print of their reply and take it into the garage.


    This she did, manager called today, £125 yes £125…. she’s a blonde, but ain’t so dumb… but my question is, why can the same repair be done for that.



    Is that what it’s all about, attempting to rip folks off…



    Anyway… Wednesday I feel will be a difficult game, as they all will be. But on that, we can get a result, Milan have a few injuries, but will still be formidable opposition…. our away form in Europe in recent times has been exceptional, this team without the obvious backbone can keep that going, we still have NFL and he’s done us a few turns in recent times…




  23. More gun deaths in America. What to do?



    The answer apparently from North Carolina legislature is a new law to allow gun owners with permits to possess guns in stores, parks & pubs and to have no background checks for ownership. Oh and hunters are allowed to have a silencer on their guns.



    The NRA claims that increased gun ownership not gun control is the answer to gun deaths. Gun makers love that.



    Try to imagine legislation in Scotland based on the premise that the answer to increased knife crime is to increase knife ownership so that there are more of them in public places and you’ll get an idea of how corrupt that thinking is.

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się oscar



    19:22 on 16 September, 2013



    Thanks for the comprehensive reply.



    UEFA have the biggest nappy ( diaper) in Europe, covering their assets.



    Even so, RFC took a case against the SFA to the Scottish courts, without sanction.



    I don’t think we would be treated similarly.



    That is why I think non connected, to the club, shareholders could take their case direct to the European Court, citing unfair competition and breaches of Rules.

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