Millions on line for Celtic as CL qualifiers pivot


Sustained football success is all about the money.  Any team can do a St Johnstone, win three trophies in a decade to become Scotland’s second most decorated club in that era, but if you don’t have the income, you will revert to a lowly mean soon enough.

This season’s Champions League qualification ties, therefore, are vitally important in determining the structural advantage Celtic have over would-be rivals.

Newco opened strongly against Union Saint-Gilloise.  The Belgians, playing in front of their home fans, clearly set out a stall to inhibit the visitors and play on the counter.  This paid dividends 27 minutes in when calamitous defensive gaps allowed Union to score their first ever European goal (they lost both legs to Juventus 1-0 in their previous tie 58 years ago).

Union’s penalty clearly shocked Newco, not to mention their former players in the Premier Sports studio.  That’s not the kind of decision that goes against this team in domestic football and they were not happy seeing “rules” catch them out, which an infuriated Kenny Miller bemoaned after the game.

Long before the second goal arrived, Newco were a diminished force.  They have played only four games since last season, Union played twice as many.  The contrasting fitness was clear as the game concluded with Union creating openings that could have put the tie to bed.  This short Newco preseason looked like a potential mistake beforehand, four games is not enough to get a squad fully fit.

As it stands, Newco retain a fighting chance of qualifying for the play-off round.  If they get there, they earn a €5m bonus, plus gate money.  Failure against Union, and they go straight to the Europa League, no bonus payment and not even a play-off round to generate gate money.  If Celtic are the only Scottish team to reach the CL Group Stage, they retain the entire Scottish TV pot, which would be worth an extra €3m to Celtic.

Make no mistake, we have a real and active interest in the Champions League qualifiers.  These figures are huge factors in determining competitive outcomes in Scotland.  There is a spreadsheet somewhere in Govan that no one will open today.

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  1. BRRB



    I hope you won’t be stealing any of the farms from the Quin family when you are there!

  2. AN TEARMANN on 5TH AUGUST 2022 9:36 AM


    Big Jimmy 7.30







    Blue man group-devo sample and I feel love.superb jimmy





    I mentioned this Group/ Song / and Video to BELMONTBRIAN at our last Bevvy session. A few years ago using a different computer, I was ABLE to Post Music LINKS etc on here, but in recent years and using other computers, I have been UNABLE to do so, for some reason ?



    I Posted the other day, asking BELMONTBRIAN IF he remembered the wee Hint/Tip that I had given him during our Day out, about Blue Man Group etc, and it was HIM who Posted the LINK.


    Im so glad that YOU also enjoyed it mate.


    I hope to see you soon for many Beers.


    HH Mate.

  3. WOW just read back a wee bit.


    I’m afraid Kev is now totally unhinged.


    A 100%, multi monikered, detached bungalow, deluded, ranting, pain in the arse.



    Good morning all from Cookstown, County Tyrone.




    I wish I was there with you mate.


    Are you still AFF the DRINK for August ?


    If I was there, would I need to drink alone ?




    HH Mate.

  5. “Every man in tangerine was a hero, but Watt deserves recognition for his persistent excellence down the left. His clever footwork, physicality and touches of class earned two Alkmaar men bookings and his side valuable position and opportunities.”



    Well done the Arabs



  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy, aye I’m still Johnny Sobersides. Can’t take any chances in Ireland, they’re very strict on drink driving.


    Prestonpans and Camusbhoy. I’ve stolen all the Quin sausages. 😂😂

  7. Anybody got any idea the ticket price for the upcoming Old Firm match?


    Not for me, for aw the ithers…..

  8. CONEYBHOY on 5TH AUGUST 2022 1:04 AM


    I don’t believe it is fortunate if you get an away ticket




    Apparently we are all in a ‘ballot’ but i have not been offered one since 2011 which i took




    The CSCs, buses and ultras who have unwritten privileges get all the away tickets




    Hopefully the new chairman will sort that out






    It’s not the case that buses and ultras have privileges over others. The current system is fair in that if you’ve built up a record over many years for attendance at away games then you have a better chance of a ticket. The problem at the moment is that some clubs are reducing our allocation, some are selling directly to Celtic supporters who live locally and more tickets are being given to corporate and hospitality.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on 5th August 2022 11:29 am



    Celtic Mac







    I’m sure Kevj will be on the case👍



    I’m sure he stopped posting a while ……

  10. Paul/moderators



    Can you please delete


    JUNGLE CHEERS N TEARS on 5TH AUGUST 2022 2:30 AM as it contains personal information about me.

  11. Another great wee song ( IMHO ), from a Canadian Group of Bhoys called ” BARENAKED LADIES”.


    The song is called…” IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS”.


    Maybe if one of the GOOD Bhoys on here could provide the LINK ?







    Sorry mate I didnt realise that you were driving.


    See you soon for a Bevvy when you get back.


    HH Mate…take care.



  13. Hamiltontim on 5th August 2022 11:32 am



    It’s been a while since I went to away games regularly but back in the day, mainly O’Niells time, system seemed to work ok. In the Seville season I got a ticket for every game, including Europe, that I wanted.



    When I traveled on the Craigneuk Tommy Gemmell (80’s) only difficult game for tickets for regulars was Pittodrie.

  14. TIMMY7_NOTED on 5TH AUGUST 2022 11:45 AM



    The current system rewards, to some extent, those who’ve attended most away games in recent seasons which seems fair to me.



    I don’t get offered European away tickets because I rarely manage them and that also seems fair to me mate.

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