Millions on line for Celtic as CL qualifiers pivot


Sustained football success is all about the money.  Any team can do a St Johnstone, win three trophies in a decade to become Scotland’s second most decorated club in that era, but if you don’t have the income, you will revert to a lowly mean soon enough.

This season’s Champions League qualification ties, therefore, are vitally important in determining the structural advantage Celtic have over would-be rivals.

Newco opened strongly against Union Saint-Gilloise.  The Belgians, playing in front of their home fans, clearly set out a stall to inhibit the visitors and play on the counter.  This paid dividends 27 minutes in when calamitous defensive gaps allowed Union to score their first ever European goal (they lost both legs to Juventus 1-0 in their previous tie 58 years ago).

Union’s penalty clearly shocked Newco, not to mention their former players in the Premier Sports studio.  That’s not the kind of decision that goes against this team in domestic football and they were not happy seeing “rules” catch them out, which an infuriated Kenny Miller bemoaned after the game.

Long before the second goal arrived, Newco were a diminished force.  They have played only four games since last season, Union played twice as many.  The contrasting fitness was clear as the game concluded with Union creating openings that could have put the tie to bed.  This short Newco preseason looked like a potential mistake beforehand, four games is not enough to get a squad fully fit.

As it stands, Newco retain a fighting chance of qualifying for the play-off round.  If they get there, they earn a €5m bonus, plus gate money.  Failure against Union, and they go straight to the Europa League, no bonus payment and not even a play-off round to generate gate money.  If Celtic are the only Scottish team to reach the CL Group Stage, they retain the entire Scottish TV pot, which would be worth an extra €3m to Celtic.

Make no mistake, we have a real and active interest in the Champions League qualifiers.  These figures are huge factors in determining competitive outcomes in Scotland.  There is a spreadsheet somewhere in Govan that no one will open today.

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  1. We’ve talked about maybe changing our approach to Europe but in all honesty, had we lost like that last night after playing a back 5 and two holding midfielders, I’d be sick !

  2. I think most folk expect the huns to qualify………………..



    thems have the luck of the devil.



    The fact that they are still extant is largely down to scoddland’s willingness to overlook skullduggery, shenanigans and economic reality.

  3. TINYTIM on 3RD AUGUST 2022 3:55 PM



    I still expect the Huns to qualify for the CL .



    There I said it .





    Good on you TT.a wee ‘rangers’£1 bet for fun TT?


    Respect to your hunch,I differ,nowt to loose.


    You’d prob win as I don’t norm gamble.






    Just heard the original YNWA at the end of Carousel. Brilliant.






    Yes – wonderful!


    I heard Lesley Garrett sing it a few years ago in a live production of Carousel in Edinburgh – tears were streaming down my face!



    Have a safe and enjoyable trip and I hope you meet loads of CQNers. BA cancelled my flight so I’m up in Boston this week. Lunch in the new Dubliner pub.





    Was that the Plantation at Yorkhill? I played there for years growing up.



    Boston Strong CSC

  6. DENIABHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2022 2:03 PM


    No one pulled me up on my forecast of sevco winning 3-1?


    So I assume that would mean 3-3 on agg and ET, penalties, no?


    Whatever, I just assume that somehow they’ll sneak through. They then get PSV who will somehow fail to beat them as well due to a COVID outbreak.






    I did notice it, honest! But got distracted. Almost certainly either the USG or PSV managers (or both!) will be sacked, it seems to happen to their European opponents every year!

  7. SAINT STIVS on 3RD AUGUST 2022 4:22 PM









    Wise words, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. Completely off topic.


    Much brouhaha over Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the tiny island of Taiwan. This tiny island just happens to account for 20% of the world’s semiconductor industry. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s global influence is enormous, and it’s on China’s doorstep.


    Ireland has Intel. We in Scotland could really do with a high value, high skilled, high paid, manufacturing industry.

  9. Kev J



    Liz Truss’s cheese speech touches more bases with your concerns than do the ambiguous banalities of Sting’s speech.



    Do you really imagine that this exponent of tantric sex is siding with you and Tommy Robinson on an anti-immigration stance, in favour of the anti-vax movement and climate change denial?



    Your views wouldn’t last in any humane and educated company but the Union Bears would love you

  10. woke, adjective: Originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice; frequently in stay woke.



    I am proudly woke, for me being woke and proud of it is and always has been part of being a Celt, so Park the bus and blooter it 442 or whatever please Foxtrot Oscar



    Why don’t you go and find a forum full of Steven Yaxley Lennon’s Neo Facists and Neo Nazi’s that lot would enjoy your “dim tims” and share your mentally twisted definition of Woke.



    Dont be advocating violence, “shooting George Galloway”. Whilst being both proudly woke and antifa i am a pacifist

  11. BillyBhoy1967 on



    Ah the old “seat for life” debenture 😔



    My colleague Jim and his dad had it all:


    Season Ticket, shares and the £1700 interest free loan to the club to guarantee them a seat for life.



    Then he got the letter telling him the Liquidators would be in touch! He reacted badly to that and sulked for months.



    He never came to the Boys Christmas night out that year. But by the next one it was “ ah but it’s the SAME club” pish.



    This came only after Doncaster came out with the “of course it’s the same club” quote as he was attempting to tie up a new TV deal with SKY 🙄

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    I bought a pair of slip-on shoes online. Upon delivery I opened the parcel only to discover one shoe was slip-on and the other had a lace. I got on the phone to complain and the man said, “What does it say on the side of the box?”



    So I had a look and there it was in big bold letters…




  13. BillyBhoy1967 on

    …….and if you want to know what that was all about you’ll need to switch over to the other channel !!



  14. I might be in a minority of one with this view.



    But see if I had a debenture seat for life at Celtic Park, and the company/club went bust and told me its gone, nae luck.



    Then popped up with the but we are the same club,



    I would have went after them, and never went back,



    There is gullible and there is down right feckin stoopid ……………..




    HM Revenue & Customs £14,372,042




    Ticketus, London, £26,700,000



    Debenture Holders (various) £7,736,000

  15. I have recently moved house and have a bundle of programmes. Approx 40 some from the 1980s and 90s. MostlyCeltic but a few Scotland. Free to a good home. Would need to collect.

  16. Celtic on alert to shock Champions League change as artificial intelligence gets the green light


    Ange Postecoglou’s men will dine at European football’s top table for the first time in five years and changes are afoot.






    NYON, SWITZERLAND – DECEMBER 16: UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin during the press conference after the UEFA Executive Committee at the UEFA headquarters, The House of European Football, on December 16, 2021, in Nyon, Switzerland. (Photo by Richard Juilliart – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)


    Changes are afoot in the Champions League


    Scottish Premiership champions Celtic will be among the 32 teams who will trial Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT) during this season’s Champions League group stage.



    Ange Postecoglou’s men will dine at European football’s top table for the first time in five years and a key rule change will be implemented, alongside existing VAR and goal line technology. UEFA caught people on the hop on Wednesday, with many expecting the debut of the innovative tool to come at the World Cu




    Im NOT sure exactly what this means…AI Technology and OFFSIDE ?

  17. THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 3RD AUGUST 2022 4:54 PM


    Gambling……I had a large bet …Toulouse to win but drew.










    Tom – Taiwan



  18. Karl Popper The Paradox of Tolerance




    “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance will no longer exist

  19. garygillespieshamstring on




    Still gets me laughing almost 60 years after I heard it the first time.

  20. 442 park the bus on



    442 PARK THE BUS on 3RD AUGUST 2022 3:18 PM


    Aye…but whats your plan to take Scotland forward?




    Working class, socialism, no_deal Brexit, align with the new formation of anti imperialist countries which represent the 85% of the worlds population, BRICS, they’recalled, check them out, they are never mentioned on the fake news channels in the west which represents 15% of worlds population!?


    An alliance of left leaning, working class, politial groups are emerging.


    Peace & Justice _ Jeremy Corbyn


    Workers Party of Britain _ George Galloway


    The Peoples Assembly _ Laura Pidcock


    Resist Movement _ Chris Williamson


    Aspire Party _ Lutfur Rahman


    There’s probably others that I’ve not mentioned, but, what you have to realise is, the neoliberal politics that have decimated standards of living in the west, since Thatcher, lets be more specific and look at Scotland.


    Not a single elected member of the Scottish Parliament will be allowed to entertain, ANY, working class, or, socialist policies.


    Not one msp, or any Scottish political party, will allow favourable, trade union backed policies that will beneft Joe Public.


    All politicians in parliments on this island with the power to administer policies are owned, bought, and, manipulated, by lobby groups, and think tanks, all, apart from, Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Chris Williamson, Lutfur Rahman, and, Laura Pidcock.


    How to fix Scotland ?


    Dissolve the Scottish Parliament.


    Glorified councillors, masquerading as Prime Ministers, who only serve themselves, and decimate the pulic purse with their abracadabra act of making all of Westministers money disappear, then telling daft Timmy, etc, that their lack of public services is down to Tory austerity, and daft Timmy, etc, believes all the guff that their told from a local givt, and their inhouse Scottish MSM, not one of whom will ask….


    “Where has all of the money you’ve been given from Westminster, actually gone to?


    Why are the streets full of rats?


    When will the ferries be built?


    How much are the delays costing the public purse?


    Why did Scotland`s extended lockdown period, and mandated mask wearing, actually make Scots the sickest people in the westwern world?


    Why is Krankie not in jail yet?


    How much of the missing Westminster £BILLION’S has found its way into Ibrox?


    Are you, KRANKIE, the luckiest devil ever to have so many daft TIMMY’S that can’ twork you out yet, LOLA, sorry, KRANKIE? ”


    Bernard Ponsonby has never asked about the missing money?


    Kevin McKenna ditto.




    Are they bought as well?


    No Tim who wants working class, socialist, trade union backed policies, should ever again, vote for so called political parties, LABOUR, LIBDEMS, TORY, GREENS, SNP, who are ordered to curry favour with imperialist foreign policies, and if they don’t comply, ala, Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Chris Williamson , and, Laura Pidcock, then they’ll either be deselected as CW was, or, elections will be rigged against you to keep you out!


    Extra “Votes” will be found, and postal “VOTES” will be rigged ala…


    Jeremy Corbyn UK GE 2019


    George Galloway and Alex Salmond SCOTTISH Elections May 2021


    George Galloway again at Batley & Spen Bye Election July 2021


    Even, Donald Trump in USA 2020, Trump is a lying blow hard, but, look at the swamp that’s been thoroughly deepened since the Biden crime family got their feet under the table!


    Folks across the pond say to watch “2000 Mules” and you might get an idea of whats going on elsewhere, and who’s behind all of the carnage.


    Scottish indy whilst ScotGov is helping the corrupt globalists to wreck the economy?


    The above, left leaning, socialist, working class, trade union backed, political parties will rise as one when the trade unions officially pull the plug on the corrupt, misnamed, Labour party which is having its strings pulled by dodgy folks from the desert, if you get my drift.


    Good luck. 👍

  21. DALRIADABHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2022 5:35 PM



    In a weird coincidence I was just talking about that quote to a friend in relation to the GOP in the states and its current similarity with the way the Nazis used democracy to corrupt it…

  22. 7.6 Fighting for the Faith


    If a focus was a needed for the violence that periodically flared up between the


    opposing religious forces of the Port, then the annual Orange parade was a perfect


    provider. Those who were able to disrupt an Orange march went down in the annals of


    the Irish Catholic community with heroic status. Among the Catholic families of the


    Port, an ancestor who managed to gain fame for this type of rearguard action is revered


    like a patriot, striking a blow for the cause. One’s street credibility is enhanced through


    an ancestor who acted bravely to protect the family.


    She couldn’t read nor write, but she wis intelligent. But, by God wis she bitter,


    oh God gracious … I have never ever come across any wuman as bitter as whit ma


    grannie wis, an’ she could fight like a man, battered them left right an’ centre …


    When the Orangemen would come, it seems she started … Ah don’t know, now


    Ah’m only telling’ ye whit John Hughes [uncle] tellt me … The Orangemen came


    tae walk and the Dockhead, that’s where the dock wis, that wis the Dockhead, well


    it wis all a Catholic crowd that stayed there. An’ the Orangemen came doon John


    Wood Street comin’ from Glasga and all these places. An’ she wis standin’ an’ she


    had her basket an’ she went intae the middle o’ them an’ battered hell oot them all


    an’ they all landed in the dock, some o’ them got threw intae the dock.


    (Cassie Kane SA1997:22)

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Even supposing they do get by the Belgium team next week, and I dont think they will, (a score draw seems a fair bet) but supposing Union collapse and Sevco storm thru, they are not gonna get past either PSV or Monaco. Just cant see it, last season Europa form was a fluke, a one off. PSV and Monaco will however have taken note and wont treat them lightly, so it will be Sunday football for them whilst we get to play on the Saturday, Happy Days :-)

  24. Do what fake working class do -vote Conservative.



    If worked for wee racist George

  25. bournesouprecipe on

    Selling two of your best players and celebrating like you’ve just won the Champions League turns out to be not a good combination., at least for starters. Winning the summer pre season Cup has less equivalence than eventually wining the Petrofac Cup.



    Whatever that was CSC

  26. St Stivs.


    My mate,a retired lawyer used to tell stories from the County of Lanarkshire of ‘splitting the skin’ which in various towns was as you describe,they would stand at a corner as a band were turning,driving in first towards the Lambeg and splitting the skin rendering it useless.many behind would then rescue whoever was usually in the middle of the melee.big fracas ensued hence my mate in his younger day gettin called in







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