Milne’s prompt for Aberdeen fans


A few points about Stewart Milne’s comments this week. Immediately after the Court of Session overturned the earlier rulings on Rangers EBTs, putting the issue of sporting advantage in the spotlight, I noted that it would be the clubs who would decide if this matter would be looked at again, and that if Celtic were unable to gain support from a number of clubs, the issue was dead in the water.

The conversation has been parked until after BDO hear about their application to appeal to the Supreme Court but the issue remains active. Celtic are not alone on this matter, but as you hear from Milne, everyone is not on the same page.

I was a bit surprised Milne spoke openly on the issue but this needed to come out. Just as the SPFL’s decision to act or not is in the hands of the clubs, Aberdeen’s stance on the matter is ultimately in the hands of their supporters. If they care enough about the issue, they must express this view to Milne as clearly as they did in 2012, when they changed his plans on an earlier matter.

Milne’s comments about Scottish football’s position relative to the game in England were among the most futile ever uttered. He is one of the few people in a position to work for change. Aberdeen have more going for them than Swansea – a smaller club based outside England who earn over £100m from Premier League TV rights each season.

No wonder we’re outside the party when one of the men in charge has only just recognised a party exists.

Many thanks to all who donated to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday. The generosity of one or two of you blew me away. If you entered the Magners’ ticket competition, check your email this afternoon, as the winner will be notified shortly.

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  1. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Carlo Rocks 12:40 Ascot.



    Good luck everyone.



    Fleagle……seasons greetings to you and your


    nearest and dearest.

  2. May Hay .


    Newcastle 1.55.


    Hopefully this wins along with the hoops whom I will miss today while keeping the country on its feet. Be lucky fholks.HH

  3. Salubrious 3.00 Ascot Nap



    Best of luck friends. Off to Paradise to see Cesar’s statue once the club return our Gazebo following the unveiling.




  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Devilment in the 3:35 at Ascot.



    Merry Christmas to Fleagle and the rest of the Nappers!








    Going for



    MAN OF HARLECH 240 Lingfield






    And a merry Christmas to everyone bar the bookie(!)

  6. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 19 results (Dec 5th)






    Nye Beavans RS (Simply a Legend) @6/1


    Angel Gabrial (Caroles Destrier) @5/1


    bonbhoy (Sire de Grugy) @10/3


    Fastbhoy (Red Verdon) @9/4


    Dim Sam (Jers Girl) @2/1





    16 roads (Special Wells)


    21-5-79 (Thunder & Roses)


    BMCUWP (Fort Worth)


    Bull67 (Rocky Creek)


    Burgas Hoops (Moorlands Mist)


    Cathal (Awaywiththegreys)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Soll)


    El Madrigal (Menorah)


    Eurochamps67 (no selection)


    fleagle1888 (Witness in Court)


    gerryfaethebrig (Goonyella)


    Graffitionthewall (As de Mee)


    green T (Vincenzo Mio)


    Gweedore Celt (Al Fattan)


    hashadenough (Sebastian Beach)


    leftclicktic (Double Ross)


    Onemalloy (Rigadin de Beauchene)


    PFayr (Willows Saviour)


    Rockon (Rathlin)


    Som mes que un club (no selection)


    The Bhoy from the Village (Goonyella)


    TheBarcaMole (Al Fattan)


    Thunder Road (no selection)


    tommytwiststommyturns (Unioniste)


    twists n turns (Count Guido Deiro)


    voguepunter (Leo Luna)


    What is the Stars (US Navy Seal)


    Zihuatanejo (Leo Luna)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (- –Beirut CSC– -)

  7. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 20 results (Dec 12th)






    16 roads (Village Vic) @8/1


    tommytwiststommyturns (Village Vic) @8/1


    Graffitionthewall (Lily Waugh) @6/1


    Eurochamps67 (Javert) @9/2


    Nye Beavans RS (Javert) @9/2


    Fastbhoy (Festive Fare) @9/4


    green T (Unowhatimeanharry) @11/10






    21-5-79 (Going Concern)


    Angel Gabrial (Fouburg)


    BMCUWP (Saint Raph)


    bonbhoy (Peace and Co)


    Bull67 (Next Sensation)


    Burgas Hoops (Blue Buttons)


    Cathal (Champagne West)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Texas Jack)


    Dim Sam (Peace and Co)


    El Madrigal (Just Another Muddle)


    fleagle1888 (Kent Ragstone)


    gerryfaethebrig (Little Jon)


    Gweedore Celt (Sound Investment)


    hashadenough (Sgt Reckless)


    leftclicktic (The Govaness)


    Onemalloy (Tenor Nivernais)


    PFayr (Tarraco)


    Rockon (Keel Haul)


    Som mes que un club (Champagne West)


    The Bhoy from the Village (Buywise)


    TheBarcaMole (Dungannon)


    Thunder Road (Little Jon)


    twists n turns (Texas Jack)


    voguepunter (Broxbourne)


    What is the Stars (no selection)


    Zihuatanejo (Tenor Nivernais)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (—Beirut CSC—)

  8. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 21 results (Dec 19th)






    Angel Gabrial (May Hay) @2/1






    16 roads (Our Channel)


    21-5-79 (O Maonlai)


    BMCUWP (Man of Harlech)


    bonbhoy (Sort it Out)


    Bull67 (Vercingetorix)


    Burgas Hoops (Malibu Sun)


    Cathal (no selection)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Bidourey)


    Dim Sam (Fingal Bay)


    El Madrigal (Some Plan)


    Eurochamps67 (Salubrious)


    Fastbhoy (Winner Massagot)


    fleagle1888 (Saphir Du Rheu)


    gerryfaethebrig (Zarib)


    Graffitionthewall (Sun Cloud)


    green T (Fingal Bay)


    Gweedore Celt (Some Plan)


    hashadenough (Mala Beach)


    leftclicktic (no selection)


    Nye Beavans RS (Carlo Rocks)


    Onemalloy (Final Assault)


    PFayr (Mala Beach)


    Rockon (Whispering Harry)


    Som mes que un club (Marcilhac)


    The Bhoy from the Village (Winner Massagot)


    TheBarcaMole (Waxies Dargle)


    Thunder Road (no selection)


    tommytwiststommyturns (Devilment)


    twists n turns (Spirit of Shankly)


    voguepunter (no selection)


    What is the Stars (no selection)


    Zihuatanejo (Vercingetorix)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (—Beirut CSC—)

  9. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 21 Standings



    Christmas time, mistletoe and wine – it’s all closing up at the top!



    +18.50 > Zihuatanejo (4)


    +18.25 > 16 roads (6)


    +17.00 > Nye Beavans RS (6)


    +15.33 > bonbhoy (5)


    +6.33 > hashadenough (6)


    +5.50 > BMCUWP (4)


    +5.25 > leftclicktic (4)


    +2.00 > Angel Gabrial (4)


    +0.50 > Graffitionthewall (5)



    -2.50 > Rockon (3)


    -3.13 > gerryfaethebrig (4)


    -5.00 > Burgas Hoops (3)


    -5.50 > twists n turns (2)


    -6.00 > Gweedore Celt (1)


    -6.10 > Eurochamps67 (4)


    -6.38 > Bull67 (3)


    -6.50 > TheBarcaMole (2)


    -6.92 > El Madrigal (3)


    -7.13 > Fastbhoy (4)


    -7.75 > PFayr (3)


    -7.83 > green T (5)


    -8.00 > voguepunter (2)


    -9.50 > Cosy Corner Bhoy (2)


    -9.50 > The Bhoy from the Village (2)


    -9.95 > Thunder Road (3)


    -11.13 > What is the Stars (3)


    -11.75 > Onemalloy (2)


    -11.90 > fleagle1888 (2)


    -12.00 > tommytwiststommyturns (1)


    -13.75 > Som mes que un club (2)


    -15.63 > Dim Sam (2)


    -21.00 > 21-5-79 (0)


    -21.00 > Cathal (0)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (—Beirut CSC—)

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