Milne’s prompt for Aberdeen fans


A few points about Stewart Milne’s comments this week. Immediately after the Court of Session overturned the earlier rulings on Rangers EBTs, putting the issue of sporting advantage in the spotlight, I noted that it would be the clubs who would decide if this matter would be looked at again, and that if Celtic were unable to gain support from a number of clubs, the issue was dead in the water.

The conversation has been parked until after BDO hear about their application to appeal to the Supreme Court but the issue remains active. Celtic are not alone on this matter, but as you hear from Milne, everyone is not on the same page.

I was a bit surprised Milne spoke openly on the issue but this needed to come out. Just as the SPFL’s decision to act or not is in the hands of the clubs, Aberdeen’s stance on the matter is ultimately in the hands of their supporters. If they care enough about the issue, they must express this view to Milne as clearly as they did in 2012, when they changed his plans on an earlier matter.

Milne’s comments about Scottish football’s position relative to the game in England were among the most futile ever uttered. He is one of the few people in a position to work for change. Aberdeen have more going for them than Swansea – a smaller club based outside England who earn over £100m from Premier League TV rights each season.

No wonder we’re outside the party when one of the men in charge has only just recognised a party exists.

Many thanks to all who donated to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday. The generosity of one or two of you blew me away. If you entered the Magners’ ticket competition, check your email this afternoon, as the winner will be notified shortly.

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  1. Kitalba @ 4.06 16/12/15



    Well my head hit the pillow last night, but I still swear.



    The Rangers scandal is still to unfold it could be years but – veritas vincit



    I’ve posted here consistently since 2012 (it’s cathartic for me if boring to bloggers) that how, and to what extent I support Celtic might alter depending on the conclusion to the Scottish soccer fraud, that’s my right as a season ticket and shareholder. When Sevco are billed as visitors, along with the same excrescence, that followed Rangers, I won’t be inside Celtic Park, that’s one gesture, I’ll be happy to make in relation to the corruption, along with other Celtic fans my mother, father and brother, all endured whilst being deeply suspicious.



    At some time in the future the PLC and board detractors may have their vindication, once and for all, on a personal level the old Rangers never mind the new Rangers wouldn’t have gotten into Celtic Park (not on my watch) especially from when they upped the ante on sectarian behaviour, in their dying throes, a few years before they finally croaked.



    What I do know is that it’s not possible for Celtic to magically solve the Rangers scandal, and they won’t do it with statements. We don’t generally ask the victims to solve the crime, and impose the sentence, sadly whether we like it or not, there is little that Celtic can do, given that we’re merely a football club, and not the legislative or administrating group. I concluded in 2012 that this wrongdoing went way beyond the corridors of power at Hampden, and this is still where we’ll be when the new club commences in 2016, one year later than scheduled in our league.



    The best we can do is seek crystal clarity from Celtic, and resign ourselves to the consolation that liquidation saw an end to Rangers, an end, that no matter how well they procrastinate they’ll never quite be able to become the new club, never mind the old club, and they’ll certainly never be on a level financial, or moral footing.



    A lot of Celtic fans will settle for that, and continue to support Celtic, we are after all a very mild race, young fans are happy on in the middles stages of ten in row, even although some fans feel cheated and don’t see the total extinction jelly n ice cream seemed to promise.



    The degree to which we as Celtic fans are prepared to thole Sevco, will come down to individual fans. If we have a dilemma, about ‘buying’ into Celtic in 2016 with money up front season tickets, then it’s the same dilemma faced by us and our forefathers,- the Scottish game is bent.




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    roy croppie on 17th December 2015 1:24 pm The new advice from Level 5 appears to be to add Hibs to your wishes for the return of Sevco…that’ll confuse us!




    I mentioned that yesterday.


    Seems to be that by adding Hibs to the conversation it won’t feel like it’s all about getting “Rangers” “back”. More of a “best to have the biggest teams in the top league”.


    Of course when Dundee were down this was never mentioned.


    If Sevco go up this season and Hibs don’t, you will hear nothing about them next season.

  3. BSR



    Good heartfelt and fair analysis.


    I will always support Celtic, I cannot do anything else, it is part of me .


    However, like you say…we can reserve the right to watch those cretin bigots at CP.


    We will always love Celtic….no matter what.





  4. The Green Man:



    And btw…when I storm the SFA bastille, I hope you will be by my side:)



    Mate I am fit, for an old geezer, don’t take offence mate please but if that day ever comes you’ll be chasing my shadow… :-)



    “Let them eat cake”???



    Let them (no more us, no more us, please) become intimate with a boot in the dangalies….



    It really is time that right, the silent majority right, rose and corralled the users who despot their repugnant and supremacist claim to right.



    But before that can ever happen, before we can ever hope for it to happen… we have to break our silence.

  5. Greetings Fellow Bhoys and Ghirls,



    I’m heading over from Ireland with a couple of mates on December 30th for the Dundee game in Dens park. Can anyone recommend a good Celtic boozer to spend the 3/4 hours before kick off in?






  6. bournesouprecipe:



    I think it is that time of year again where you save me the bother of searching through hundreds of e-mails to find your phone number but instead just e-mail it to me again and I’ll give you a call over the weekend. Please.



    I wonder how Ramie is doing, it is a long time since I spoke to him.



    I miss Kano.

  7. Kitalba



    I’m with you all the way.


    We cant depend on the PLC to do anything, so it will be left to Celtic fans to fight the masonic power.


    As yer man Shelley said: ‘Ye are many- They are few!





    You will be doing well to keep up with the Green Man when the insurrection gets going.


    Ive still got that iron milbro sling from when I was a kid…..always knew it would come in handy:)




  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    It’s very transparent and I’m sure the Cabbage fans can see right through Traynor’s play too.





    nails it for me…HH

  9. An Teach Solais on

    Interesting comments on the blog today but disturbingly I keep thinking of Emperor Nero. If it is a case of Fabius Cunctator then my mind will be at rest but as it was said “Hope for peace, prepare for war.” Any signs of preparation?


    Laptop recriminations are a useful escape valve but carry no real weight in a hostile world. HH

  10. Celtic gucks,



    67 club or the snooker club are our usuals.



    Theres a decent csc up in lochee but it’s a wee bit further from ground








    Loads of bhoys have been saying that we should have some organisational structure to oppose collectively.


    That would be the way ahead imo.


    Although, I beg to differ that the internet has no value.


    This is the age of information, and the evidence is out there.


    However, no doubt that the mainstream hun media will try to bury the evidence….but in the end, they will be held to account.





  12. Kitalba



    I hope you have got a proper mask lined up.


    Ive got a spider man one….still working on the wrist webs:)





  13. No matter where you go in the world, no matter how near or how far, no matter the native language of the country you find yourself in, no matter the climate or the culture, you will meet another Celtic Supporter, trust me. Besides the Celtic connection there is almost guaranteed one other thing that you will have in common with that Celtic Supporter you will meet on your travels… he/she will love the club and in their hearts they will love humanity. They will love it until it bursts.



    I have been told that there is one uncaring Celtic fan out there, I hope and pray to my God that you are not the unlucky one that has to endure that fan. I have not met him to date. I have met nothing less than God’s good guys; really good guys, guys you would happily bleed for and if you didn’t your parents would want to know the reason why you didn’t.



    We are Celtic Supporters….



    We have our hearts and our ways….



    We will always have each other.

  14. An Teach Solais on

    The Green Man @ 2.16pm.


    Of course you are right without the internet much of the information which we now have of the shameful goings-on would have been suppressed or distorted by SMSM.



    However. I express my point badly. What I meant was Celtic supporters on this and other blogs merely moaning about the disgraceful gymnastics to airbrush out of history the lies, cheating and illegality (as determined by the Court of Session) rather than pmaking poposals to oppose them and so end them.


    As has been stated any desire to boycott the victim CFC should only be considered when all other avenues of redress fail. We need to come together, brain-storm possible courses of action and structure our campaign. This, of course, May have a financial cost and the setting up of a campaign (Anti-defamation Fund) HH

  15. We are family.



    They envy us that more than anything else.



    They envy us ‘We are family’.



    No matter where you go, what road you chose, what time of day or night, what season of the year, on your road, your very own road, as you travel down it, or up it, somewhere along it you are going to meet Family.



    Get ready.

  16. And now we begin to see the end game.



    So Celtic are going to blame their inaction and silence on other clubs. They are going to say that there was no support to take action against the hun.



    Our betrayal is nearly at hand.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    NEGANON2 on 17TH DECEMBER 2015 2:59 PM



    The betrayal already happened and years ago. It was always about damage limitation. As Paul67 pointed out it is up to the Aberdeen fans and as I now point out It is up to the Celtic fans. Clearly no appetite for it. Ergo Old Firm fans




  18. We can only “move on” when the SFA and RIL suffer the consequences of their actions. When that happens “moving on” becomes a natural step. If they don’t then the game will be left in “limbo” for years and years to come. They (Clubs) may think that they need the new “Blue Pound”, but that might be at the expense of the Green Pound, so they are back to where they started. No, it has to be a clean sweep, and not under the carpet either. Fans will determine the outcome of this, only fans, because they have all different colours of pounds and if they don’t let those colours see the light of day then ALL clubs are financially doomed, even with the “Blue Pound” in attendance por cierto.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    A wee headline on newsnow, apparently Warby has banned beards from inside Murray Park.



    Sevco WAGS are now having to drop their partners/husbands/boyfriends off at the gate.

  20. Neganon



    You said –



    So Celtic are going to blame their inaction and silence on other clubs. They are going to say that there was no support to take action against the hun.






    Proof please.



    Who do you know at the club that has told you this for a fact?



    Or is it just more of your negative pish?



    I’ve been reading the blog today and I can’t believe every post came from a Celtic supporter.



    As Tony Donnelly would say, posting huns, GIRFUYOOSE!!!!!!



    Definitely aff oot.






  21. Surely it can’t be true that there is an injunction featuring the names John Terry and Eva Carneiro (the ex-Chelsea doctor).


    Surely not…

  22. Oh and I should have added my usual ps



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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