Milne’s prompt for Aberdeen fans


A few points about Stewart Milne’s comments this week. Immediately after the Court of Session overturned the earlier rulings on Rangers EBTs, putting the issue of sporting advantage in the spotlight, I noted that it would be the clubs who would decide if this matter would be looked at again, and that if Celtic were unable to gain support from a number of clubs, the issue was dead in the water.

The conversation has been parked until after BDO hear about their application to appeal to the Supreme Court but the issue remains active. Celtic are not alone on this matter, but as you hear from Milne, everyone is not on the same page.

I was a bit surprised Milne spoke openly on the issue but this needed to come out. Just as the SPFL’s decision to act or not is in the hands of the clubs, Aberdeen’s stance on the matter is ultimately in the hands of their supporters. If they care enough about the issue, they must express this view to Milne as clearly as they did in 2012, when they changed his plans on an earlier matter.

Milne’s comments about Scottish football’s position relative to the game in England were among the most futile ever uttered. He is one of the few people in a position to work for change. Aberdeen have more going for them than Swansea – a smaller club based outside England who earn over £100m from Premier League TV rights each season.

No wonder we’re outside the party when one of the men in charge has only just recognised a party exists.

Many thanks to all who donated to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday. The generosity of one or two of you blew me away. If you entered the Magners’ ticket competition, check your email this afternoon, as the winner will be notified shortly.

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  1. NegAnon2 on 17th December 2015 3:27 pm




    Philbhoy. The proof is all around you. Celtics silence, their participation the the 5 way agreement, their refusal to take ownership of res 12.




    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/milnes-prompt-for-aberdeen-fans/comment-page-3/#comment-2738628






    As usual you state your opinion as fact. Its wrong.



    There was no refusal by Celtic to run with Res12, in fact the way forward was a positive joint decision taken that was based on the situation at the time in August 2014. I wished personally Celtic had run with it but had to accept, as we all did that they could not. The reason is in the update from NTV – provenance.



    The same reason Channel 4 had to drop the exclusive we all expected Alex Thomson to deliver back in 2013 when Charlotte FakeOvers started publishing material (and I got that straight from AT, who btw, is watching out for the court cases to clear the provenance path.)

  2. Quonno



    There are plenty of posters who know me. And, I am not making accusations of dishonesty against senior officials of Celtic; neither am I seeking to damage the club by advocating a boycott.


    If Neganon could support his assertions with facts, I would join him on the barricades. I’ve done it before.



  3. The wife of a CQNer in Canada recently purchased Celtic The Early Years from CQNBookstore for her husband as a Christmas gift.



    Today she sent me a cheque made out to Mary’s Meals to help the school kitchen projects CQN are involved in in Malawi.



    That’s a cheque from North America to Scotland to help feed kids in Africa. How appropriate that she choose Celtic The Early Years.



    It is who we are.

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Isn’t life a bitch




    Fulham sack their manager and just as they are about to pull off the coup of the century and entice Mark Warburton, his magic hat , and young David weir as their new management team –



    Swansea sack their manager and just as they are about to pull off the coup of the century and entice Mark Warburton, his magic hat , and young David weir as their new management team –



    Chelsea sack the special one and. ……

  5. Perhaps a problem is that with a couple of exceptions, there is nothing in Celtic’s history to suggest that the Board will do anything other than go with the flow.

  6. I’m mostly a lurker these days but like Corkcelt and a few others,the relentless negativity on her is really getting me down. I travel home and away every week to watch the team and I used to look forward to getting my daily fix on the blog on all things Celtic,not any more I’m afraid. I’m away for a wee break from it all, so I would like to wish all my fellow CQN’rs a very happy and holy Christmas and a guid new year. Hail Hail !!!

  7. WC-I asked P67 in yesterday’s article if he was calling Neil Lennon a liar,i could possibly have read it wrong,i didn’t get a reply.Why don’t you try and get Neil on CQN and he can speak for himself? After what that guy went through,to represent us,it’s the least you can do.Well done on all the work you and others do for CQN.HH

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    If we get nfl on cqn … I want to know what the wee sneaky Bassa whispered in his ear that night at celtic park

  9. Good evening fellow CQNers.



    Firstly, I apologise that this is not a Celtic related post but I do not know where else to turn with this little legal query I have. I know there are a few Legal Eagles that frequent the blog so I’m hopeful someone can shed some light.



    I was flying back from Prague in the summer but there was a problem with the plane so they had to send a replacement aircraft out from Manchester so I was late back to the UK by about 6 hours.



    Fast forward 3 or 4 months and I notice an advert on Facebook for a company called Flight Delays (or something like that) saying that compensation could be sought for delays of more than 3 hours. So I filled in a claim form to see where it would go.



    In correspondence with them, or the solicitors that act on their behalf, they repeatedly advise not to accept any settlement from the airline should it be offered. Today I got some reminder emails to say how the claim was progressing and again telling me not to accept any settlements should the airline offer.



    I have just returned from work and found a letter from the airline with a cheque enclosed. Now, the amount offered is exactly the amount the claims company say I could get should they be successful on my behalf but of course they would get a percentage of that.



    So my question, after all that, is am I legally bound to proceed with the solicitors or can I just cash the cheque?



    Could the solicitors chase me for payment?



    Seems a lot easier just to cash this cheque rather than wait for the solicitors to get the same amount less their costs.



    Really hope someone can help/advise.



    HH EnnisBhoy

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on 17th December 2015 5:15 pm



    As well as being mutualled NL has probably been confidentialleted .

  11. QUONNO on 17TH DECEMBER 2015 5:12 PM


    Perhaps a problem is that with a couple of exceptions, there is nothing in Celtic’s history to suggest that the Board will do anything other than go with the flow.





    Talking about Flow: that’s what the Plumber said when he announced he was divorcing his wife.


    It’s all overflow .



    Ah cheer up its Christmas. Ho, ho ho.




  12. QUONNO-As i said,i could have misread the article,but it could be perceived that Neil was lying when he left,i think the guy deserves better,if true.HH

  13. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Having been out of the loop wifi wise , I don’t know if this has been blogged already,but, I was talking to a friend of mine in the building game and he told me Aiden McGeady is having a house built in Bothwell. Don’t suppose RD has changed his strategy do you:)

  14. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Cosy corner



    Are you insinuating that Ronnie has moved into the buildings game ;)

  15. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Evening Timland.



    Corkcelt……hope you a loved one’s have a


    wonderful time over the festive period,hope


    you let us know your thought’s on match day’s.

  16. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Celtic Football Club statement


    By: Newsroom Staff on 17 Dec, 2015 17:15



    AS part of our ongoing investigation into the recent match against Fenerbahce in Istanbul and the use of flares within the stadium, Celtic today confirmed that it has indefinitely suspended two individuals from attending all Celtic matches, home and away.



    There have been calls from many for Celtic to raise a civil action in relation to recovering any fines imposed and this is something which the Club will consider.



    Celtic has repeatedly stated its strong opposition to the use of flares but regrettably again, a very small number of individuals have damaged the club they claim to support, resulting in a further UEFA charge.


    Celtic supporters travel in their thousands to European matches and the Club is always grateful and proud to have such a magnificent following from fans who have earned such a wonderful reputation.


    However, we cannot allow the Club and our supporters to be damaged reputationally or financially any more, by a handful of individuals.



    While we await UEFA’s determination, we have been inundated with support from Celtic fans who want an end to this activity and, like the Club, do not want those responsible associated with Celtic in any way.

  17. Quonno on 17th December 2015 5:28 pm



    Aye, pretty sure I signed something online and I did read through the small print which told me that, should I instruct the solicitors to stop proceedings, I would be liable for £200 costs.



    But, what if I don’t instruct them and they find out that I cashed my cheque from the airline?



    HH EnnisBhoy

  18. Quonno


    Celtic is one of 42 senior clubs. It has one vote, as have all the other clubs. PL has been on the SPFL board for only 4 years and the SFA board for 2. How can we expect him to overcome decades of “bowling club” management/administration so quickly?


    If it transpires that any Celtic official was complicit in the cheating, then we will all have to reassess our ongoing relationship with the club. That will be a matter for each of our consciences.


    In the meantime, Res 12 and the court cases will grind on and the back door dealing of the SFA and SPFL will be exposed. I am prepared to be patient. Not too long to go now.


    I’m far more inclined to believe Auldheid, who has painstakingly researched the whole affair and has checked his sources, than Neganon,, who only comes on here when Celtic have a poor result and who makes unsubtstantiated allegations.




    JIMBO67 on 17TH DECEMBER 2015 1:38 PM



    I see one time Thompson Twin Alfie Pastry is back this time operating under the nom de plume Fred Quimby.






    Superb stuff,Jimbo. A full house in one sentence!

  20. !bada bing!



    Not sure that Paul saw your post.



    As far as I recall Neil left for a few reasons:



    1. He wanted out of goldfish bowl.



    2. He fancied his chances of getting a decent job down south. He was a contender for a West Ham vacancy that never happened.



    3. He knew that his stock was high after beating Barcelona.



    4. He later said that the lack of a challenge in the league ( after RFC died) was a factor.



    Not sure if Neil would want to dig all this up again. Maybe ask him in New Year?

  21. Is the magic hat destined for Chelsea . Or is he still happy at govan .



    Has anyone thought what the reaction of the other clubs fans would have been , had it been celtic who had cheated , not paid its taxes Etc . We would have been severely dealt with by now . I don’t hold out much hope of support from the others . IMHO sadly we stand Alone .

  22. STV-Paul Murray tells the Hun hordes they will have to pay for any January signings,through loans,hope someone has the balls to challenge this as they are trading insolvent.

  23. John Mcginn has red card overturned leaving him free to face qots and The Rangers.



    Pesky meddling sfa will do anything to help out the huns




  24. Think back 18 months to when he left Glasgow. Celtic Park was awash with amicable statements from club and manager but the news coverage could not have been more skewed – Neil left because he was unhappy at working within his given budget. We had former Celtic players broadcasting this message that very day. And like every negative Celtic story, it got traction among those more than happy to believe that narrative.



    It was nonsense. Celtic’s football budget hadn’t changed. Neil had not adopted a view of himself which only allowed him to deal with more expensive players. What happened was a PR campaign took flight within moments of the news breaking. Dig into Celtic, turn the fans against them. It worked too. A simple lie, a couple (literally) of compliant ‘Celtic’ voices and it was job done.”






    Paul is clearly saying the media narrative around lennys departure was nonsense.





    GEAROID1998 on 17TH DECEMBER 2015 4:23 PM







    On a more positive note. Just received a wee parcel from the Melbourne Tims for the “best” Celtic 14. Couple of great shirts, badges and a lovely missive from Paddy mc.





    That’s what Celtic supporters are all about. Love their Celtic as Kitalba said earlier doesn’t matter where you go in the world, we will always find a kindred spirit.





    Get yer erse back on or I’ll batter ye like a fish supper@ 1916.





    The good ghuys have to win.











    Terrific stuff,GEAROID. A thanks and a threat in the one post! I’ll bet the Aussie gear looks a treat on you,mate.



    And you’re absolutely correct about CORKCELT. Good guys walk,eejits win. There’s too much of that already.

  26. Murray says saying the 5mil had been paid was ‘a simple mistake…’ and went on to blame King’s QC…..

  27. Bada – provided they can service the loans borrowing to invest in assets isn’t trading while insolvent.

  28. mike in toronto on

    so, assuming that roman does not have enough money to tempt the Magic Hat, then I think it will be an interim manager until the end of the season, then either Simeone or Slutsky to Chelsea …. dont think Guardiola will go there … think he will end up at Manure. just a hunch mind.

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