Mind the Kayal Gap


Neil Lennon, his goalkeeper and defenders will not be too concerned at the loss of their first goal in domestic football yesterday since Noah was a boy.  John Rankin’s pot-shot from 20-odd yards clipped the post on its way in but the Dundee United player scored from an area of the field that is usually vigorously monitored by Beram Kayal.

We’re going to miss that guy……

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    CULTSBHOY 1339 from previous



    Winter virus?



    Is that where you start behaving like a hun for no apparent reason?

  2. I hope we’re not heading for another period of inconsistency, judging by the difference of the first and second half yesterday, we could be.

  3. Paul67:



    It was a good goal, nothing Fraser could do to stop it. However, I agree had Kayal been playing perhaps he would have been there to intercept. We will miss him but we should have enough cover within the squad to see us over the line.



    We should though strengthen our forward line, once Stokes was taken off yesterday we had only one recognised striker.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  4. Paul67,Browns passing was poor yesterday,and Ki dosn’t cover the ground or area you refer to anywere near as good Kayal does..Do you thinl now rather than a centre forward,that this area is no1 concern..we simply dont have another player like him..

  5. From the last thread



    Leon Best, Grant Holt or Gary O’Connor would do for me in the run in…..any thoughts?

  6. I watched the Nakamura TV programme live from my motherinlaws house here in Japan on New Years Day the programme called ULTRAMAN featured many amazing TV stunts. Nakamura was so confident of putting the ball through the bus window because he had even written a message for the young boy on the bus who retrieved the ball. For the benefit of DBBIA I can confirm that the it was the same bus. Furthermore the delivery van which turned up out of the blue and parked right infront of the same street to make the target even more difficult almost ruined everything but Naka as usual put the ball through the bus window whilst said bus was moving at normal speed. I was so impressed I almost changed my moniker to Nakamura’s bus driver


    Looking trough the squad,we don’t have anyone who will sacrifice the urge to go forward in order to cover the break through the middle,at least not as a natural part of their game.



    That means someone will need to be TOLD to do that,and that someone will have to be capable of doing it in the first place.



    Vic possibly,but for the rest of the midfield players,it’s too much to ask,the role is alien to them.



    In that case,we may well see a defender stepping forward,but most of them lack the mobility.



    Difficult one….

  8. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    You could do worse than Richie Towell. Is he back at the club?

  9. Afternoon from a chilly Turra.



    Had to slum it in 114 yesterday, was helping aul DBBIA up thae stairs since he isna as fit as he used to be. His usual carer was off doing better things you see. At least they laid on some entertainment for me – was like the old days wi Dickie Davies on World of Sport. The only thing missing was the under-water basket-weaving!



    Another 3 points will do for me.



    Mon the Hoops!







  10. Eyes Wide Open on

    kikinthenakas says:


    15 January, 2012 at 13:53



    I dont think id like to upset the stokes hooper partnership for one of those.



    I would be looking for someone to come in who would be better than hooper and / or stokes (probably the latter) and I dont think they are.



    The squad is big enough that we dont need to be adding players for the numbers sake.



    My own opinion anyway

  11. Eyes Wide Open on

    TheprivatememoirsandconfessionsofAMomoSylla says:


    15 January, 2012 at 13:55



    Had the sniffles

  12. TheprivatememoirsandconfessionsofAMomoSylla on

    kickintheNakas ta.


    we missed James Forrest and the bold Kayal yesterday. Adam Matthews only showed in flashes yesterday so our Captain had the entire right wing to cover. I was a bit disappointed that he never took on their left back on the outside and put a cross in from the goal line. I thought Cha would come on and Scott be moved one inside for the second half. Shows how little I know! We won!


    Hail Hail

  13. Last 9 domestic matches:



    St Mirren H 5-0


    D United A 1-0


    Hearts H 1-0


    St Johnstone H 2-0


    Kilmarnock H 2-1


    rangers H 1-0


    Dunfermline A 3-0


    Peterhead A 3-0


    D United H 2-1



    Fraser Forster has been the main reason for this great run of clean sheets (with the 2 exceptions) with a penalty save v Hearts and numerous point blank saves. Glad he is finally getting recognition he is overdue from the Celtic support.


    Although had to laugh at a suggestion on our supporters bus he was at fault for the goal yesterday.



    Also should be noted Kayal was playing when Kilmarnock scored from a similar position.

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