Mind the Kayal Gap


Neil Lennon, his goalkeeper and defenders will not be too concerned at the loss of their first goal in domestic football yesterday since Noah was a boy.  John Rankin’s pot-shot from 20-odd yards clipped the post on its way in but the Dundee United player scored from an area of the field that is usually vigorously monitored by Beram Kayal.

We’re going to miss that guy……

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  1. Big Joe says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:27



    Big Joe must be good,ye cannae even spell it:O)

  2. SOAL,



    It’s a rural parish mate. When the PP is up in town anyone deemed a ‘good listener’ gets wheeled in…



    Some of the made-up schtufff you have to listen to is unbeleivable tho’!






    NowSay3HailHailMary’s CSC

  3. 1. voguepunter says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:37


    Big Joe says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:27


    Big Joe must be good,ye cannae even spell it:O)




    Cidra…………………………..is Spanish for Cider……….M8



    Its OK………………………………………… I forgive U




  4. TopCorner (14:17), that has to be a joke. Surely? Talking figures like £35M for Gary Hooper is utterly ridiculous in this day and age.



    Really we should be guaging his value by comparing his performances over the current and previous season against other top players. So, let us compare and contrast…



    £35M buys the kind of calibre striker that is currently terrorising goalkeepers in the EPL, such as this guy, with 4 in 25 this season and 14 in 31 last season.



    With Hooperman’s 16 in 29 this season and 22 in 36 last, I reckon we should be asking for something north of £60M, especially bearing in mind that it is far more difficult scoring for Celtic on agricultural quality pitches against the massed defences of the SPL than it is on the immaculate surfaces and less defensively minded EPL opposition.

  5. Big Joe says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:40



    Knew that,don’t know a lot of things,but funnily


    enough know a few things aboot bevvy.



    Salut Big Joe fae vp

  6. theweegreenman



    i’d love to see us go FIRST all out for SPL



    SECOND – improve balance sheet



    THIRD – scout and sign



    then repeat same process over again



    correct people in place, no reason why it should not prove to be succesful over time



    and i’d like a new south stand too, eventually !



    what d’you think of that ?

  7. Was not that Kayal was missing that allowed them their goal yesterday.


    Had more to do with our defenders going to deep and leaving gap between midfielders for opponent to exploit.


    We need a general who will control our lines and decide when we push up.


    Still think we sat to deep allowing them to much space to exploit in second.


    The coaches have not quite perfected the system yet so we still have weaknesses due to this.


    We still defend in numbers but spacing is poor leaving a lot of gaps and we never get our central midfielders forward enough to support strikers.


    Our off the ball movement is improving but we still need better implementation of the playing system.

  8. BigChipsUK


    am with you buddy


    we signed him for 2.4


    if we get from 6-8,


    that’s a good deal



    but !



    talk at 30-35 is best tactic



    by doing so, 15m looks like a reasonbale price



    not to use this tactic is folly, in my book



    and if we get 10 or more…



    haha, we’re quids in



    then on to the next, over to you John Park et al





    AWE NAW,



    The best birthdays are the ones you CAN’T remember.

  10. Boothroyd two chances in two minutes, def should have scored the first, think we may have dodged a bullet there.



    Sign up Johnny Russell now




  11. Watching the Newcastle game and have taken a break to clear my head from


    ‘Ray Wittering’, good grief, wish someone would tell him that the game is’visual’!


    Decided to come here for a ‘lurk’, and what do i find, more ‘wittering’!


    Did i miss something yesterday?


    Did we lose?


    Good grief!!!!


    Going back to good ole Ray!!!


    TOPCORNER 1343



    A new South Stand,to the same height as the rest of the stadium,would harm the playing surface.

  13. 1. voguepunter says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:43


    Big Joe says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:40


    Knew that,don’t know a lot of things,but funnily


    enough know a few things aboot bevvy.


    Salut Big Joe fae vp


    I salute you back mate………………………………………….



    Just aboot to make some “ shambles “……………………….







  14. CultsBhoy loves being 1st says:


    15 January, 2012 at 13:38



    Are you sure it’s only Winter virus you’ve got and not that near-fatal neurological condition known as Man Flu that has been known to drive men ‘near mad’ and advocate the signing of Ian Black for ra Cellic?

  15. Paul 67



    Your post above reflects my thoughts exactly. In fact it’s the second time this week you have made this point. Are you thinking of recommending to Lenny the signing of Ian Black as a stop gap? :-)

  16. Margaret McGill on

    So Salmond finds friends in Ireland but not in Nothern Ireland.


    Maybe the SNP lack of involvement of Irish opinion within Scotland


    is zero because he thinks they are all from Norn Irn like Neil.

  17. The movies save on conversation And the TV saves on sight We met in a head-on collision So I would say our chances would be slight You can lead and I will follow See us dancing cheek to cheek You’ll remember me tomorrow But you won’t give a damn by Wednesday Week Say you love me until you do so Joso singing just like Caruso Three little words roll off your tongue Somehow your face just doesn’t look so young You say you want to strike a bargain Now there is no need to speak You say you want to learn the jargon But you won’t give a damn by Wednesday Week You start acting like a zombie Someone wants your piece of cake You think you want to jump up on me But you won’t give a damn by Wednesday Week



    Oh what a letdown when the battle was finally won One little breakdown and then it was over and done I wish I had your confidence It’s love and not coincidence Do you say these words to everyone ?You’re fantastic, you’re terrific Your excellence is almost scientific You took the words out of my mouth You put the tongue into my cheek But I’d better lose my memory by Wednesday Week

  18. Here she comes to say good night I’ll get no sleep tonight With a constant vision she still can see She was the girl for me



    Wednesday week – she loved me Wednesday week – never happened at all



    There she goes I want to see her again She’s gone to school with her best friend She only does the things she likes to do Now she wants something new



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  19. Ah wandered intae Ceasar’s, after the Game,yesterday.






    Ah hid a wee chat wi.. Ma wee Pal, Zarathustra..or..Zarry ,


    as he is Known aroon the campfire.




    Ye Know who Zarry is?



    Na.. well..



    Zarry,is whit is knoiwn in the Trade..as a Fitba’ Maven..


    or.. Cognocente, as he is Known tae the…well.. Congnoscenti,Natch.




    Ah Asked him whit he thought aboot… Broonie.



    and he said..



    “Not Much!”



    “Tell me Mair..” Ah said..



    and He said..



    “O.K…Well.. Broonie,is the Fortunate receiver o’ Guid, Fortune.





    If Kayal, hadn’t had that ..well.. UNfortunate.. Run-In , with


    Elbows.. Broonie ,widnae be able tae get a Game!



    For, In-Form Forrest Fits oor requirements tae a “T” oan the Right


    and.. Big Vito.. Fits oor Further Requirements..in the Middle..and


    and Joe Ledley, is oor String Puller in the Middy..and..



    well.. Kayal..is a Peach o’ and Enforcer,in the Mid..



    So you can see.. why I said when you asked me


    what I thought of Broonie..



    I ,answered..



    “NO MUCH!”



    Maks sense tae Me.. Ah mumbled as I made fur


    the Crap Tables.







    surely not, boss, surely not



    i get your logic but



    1 – have you studied the exact path of the sun and exactly how much light gets to exactly which parts of the pitch ? what are the results ?



    2 – most importantly – the grass we get generally is grown using lamps etc, is that not true ?



    3 – we should bank enough cash to ever ensure that we have grass ready to swap in at any given time



    4 – new technologies are comin along all the time



    also, part of any stand improvement should include a 2-level sub-pitch warm-up area, team bus or coach parkin facility, and of course pitch heating system



    prob all pie in the sky



    but we can dream




  21. There’s nothing less cool than feeling exhausted From hours of not doing a damn thing at all Not thrilling to chill, steal bandwidth and cable Give shouts to employers and wait for the call



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    And just stop talking trash or whatever they say Make the bed, sweep the floor, shake the carpet and spray Put my shit in a pile, on the top slap a post-it Don’t worry, someday your skill set will be wanted



    But today everybody is a little tired It’s Wednesday So at 10: 00, I’m walking down a chilly Boerum To Broadway



    And it’s you and me and a tall boy of Colt 45 or Bud Light What’s the cheapest one?Get through one more night, I drink fast, I don’t savor Each way takes an hour and at 12: 00 I’ll be gone

  22. Ten Men Won The League on

    If my calculations are correct Edu’s booking yesterday carries him over the threshold, thereby he will be suspended for the tax dodgers game with Hibs on the 28th Jan.



    Goain + Lafferty also a yellow away from bans as well

  23. Yell help, too many cooks and a bird in the bush, yell help Yell help, if your mirror busts and your cat gets cussed, yell help `Cause down the road you find someone else who’s looking Down the road you find another sweet lady cooking So I gotta yell help



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    I wish tonight wasn’t Wednesday night I wish it was the twelth of July, yell help And you’re looking at the guy whose eyes can’t deny That he wishes he were somewhere else tonight



    Well I met this woman down in New Orleans Lord she built just like a dream Even wore stockings that had seams And she was ugly



    Now hell I don’t mind women of her kind I’ll even pay sometimes for a woman that’s ugly



    She built like a steamroller Just the kind to mow you over anytime Hey the moment might arrive



    On Bourbon Street Well the ugliest woman you’ll ever meet But she’s mine all mine and she’s ugly So I better yell help

  24. should be..










    Going oot.. tae the Chapel.



  25. Margaret McGill on

    Kojo says:


    15 January, 2012 at 15:02



    Thus spoke Zarathustra



    Zarry is a bit of as nihilist is he no?

  26. Great comment from our manager. I know Hooper isn’t worth 35m. You know it. Neil knows it too. It’s a signal of intent that we value our players, and any club wanting them better open their purse strings a little wider. It’ll do Hooper’s confidence no harm, it’ll boosts the league profile, and it’ll no doubt makes a few Rangers fans nervous.

  27. Meet a part of me that feels like every other day. It has been seen in pictures and in alleyways. Can see it through your walls. Can see it through your fall. Can see it on yourfloor, wrongway. Lift your head up, Wednesday. It’s almost 2:30. When the walls start falling down you’ll be last to be found. That’s alright, malt liquor. So you can promise me a day. Not gonna promise nothing anyway. Say you will,say you will and then you don’t.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    More dross from the best league in the world,and the so called experts still cannot work out how Engerland are garbage in big tournaments.

  29. EPLTransferITK EPLTransferITK


    Wigan are looking into the signing of Samaras from Celtic, understand a deal could be on the cards. #WAFC #Celtic #EPL


    15 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply






    dunno what this “EPLTransferITK” thingy is



    prob just a load of talk

  30. theweegreenman on

    TopCorner says:


    15 January, 2012 at 14:43



    Sounds like a plan. I would also add contending in europe as


    Point 3.

  31. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    TC- Sami turned down deals in the summer from better clubs than Wigan.The rags will be selling the whole team in the next fortnight.HH.

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