Mind the Kayal Gap


Neil Lennon, his goalkeeper and defenders will not be too concerned at the loss of their first goal in domestic football yesterday since Noah was a boy.  John Rankin’s pot-shot from 20-odd yards clipped the post on its way in but the Dundee United player scored from an area of the field that is usually vigorously monitored by Beram Kayal.

We’re going to miss that guy……

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  1. Every one


    Watchin’ the Swansea Arsenal game,,


    We can do this


    If it takes 4 years then so be it..


    It actually builds on the legend that is Glasgow Celltic Football Ckub..


    For it is a grand old team…..

  2. The Battered Bunnet on




    Remember that LBG are ponying up the fees for Counsel on this one as the controller of MIH, who’s remuneration trust is the bone of contention in this case. Whyte has an obligation to let MIH run the defence, and the smart money seems to be on Rangers getting crucified for their use of the scheme, while MIH gets off lightly. Indeed, I’ve read views lately that Rangers are the sacrificial lamb in this scenario.



    If it goes badly for Rangers, I think it unlikely they will appeal on the grounds that they don’t have the wherewhithal to afford Councels’ fees, or the time and operating cash to see it through to conclusion – a further 12 months minimum. Whyte is on record lately that it is the lack of decision that is holding back the club. Certainty of outcome is important to any regeneration. Uncetainty simply burns more cash waiting.



    Of course, MIH could appeal, but that would in effect be one agency of state (LBG) appealing that another agency of state (FTT) has erred in law in awarding another agency of state (HMRC) a chunck of their money. Doesn’t seem to fit the best value prerequisite.



    We’ll see of course. Appeals are launched for reasons beyond simply winning, and Craig Whyte is nothing if not unpredictable.

  3. Evening Bhoys



    When I was on the stadium tour a few years ago the wee man taking the tour said that the plans have always been there for bringing the south stand and 2 corners to the same level as the other 3. He said I might happen should Glasgow get the commonwealth games as Celtic Park was always going to host the opening ceremony. Didn’t elaborate any further though.



    He did say that fergus booted all the press out of the green box on the south stand onto the gantry said they were getting no free ride from him lol

  4. They are the Establishment club. I am very surprised that people are amazed by this. Up until about 7pm last night SSNews was reporting yesterdays results as ‘Rangers fleetingly went back to the top of the SPL…’ Now that is from Sky Sports – a global newsfeed for sports…



    We should be arming ourselves for a ‘worst case scenario’ but not for that Ibrox mob – but for us.



    I await the news that a compliant SPL, bolstered by a dying media in full ‘Newco can only be good for ‘Scottish’ football’ mode, have doffed their caps and allowed a rank rotten bunch of cheats back into Scottish football allowing their flagrant disregard for any doping restraints to be pissed upon.



    And that’s when it will finally dawn on some on here exactly what we have and are and will be up against.



    If the shoe was on the other foot our club would be castigated and treated like moral lepers.



    All that ‘Love Celtic don’t hate Rangers’ guff might finally stick in a few throats.



    A parcel of rogues being officiated upon by a confederacy of dunces and every other team in Scotland will pay the price…




  5. Yes HMRC can demand payment in full until after any appeal is heard.



    Is that news to be celebrated then?



    Champers and fireworks at the READY!!!

  6. “Yes HMRC can demand payment in full until afetr any appeal is heard”



    I’m not actaully sure what that means, is there a word missing or something?




  7. voguepunter says:



    15 January, 2012 at 17:46


    Repost,BRT&H posted late on last thread,cheers.


    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 says:



    15 January, 2012 at 14:43


    The finality of their logic is that Rangers should never be relegated.




  8. Rashers Tierney…coco,s outback is an australian boozer in the Thorbeckeplein, beside rembrandt plein…easy enough to find on your travels..shows almost all cetic games in a friendly atmosphere,, extra cold heinekin and good pub grub..ye can usually find if the game is on, if you check their website before you get there….or ask mathjis (manager) tae stick it on..he try and acommadate most customesr if he can. there,s usually a few lads with the hoops on too… o,reillys irish bar is also decent but don,t always show every game , just behind dam square …lebara sims are cheap especailly if ye need tae call back home and are easy available…hail..hail..

  9. fergus slayed the blues on

    The Battered Bunnet says:


    15 January, 2012 at 17:46


    Did he not say to the RSA that he would be looking for the ST to be paid early/up front this year ,would that suggest trying to get the ragers supporters to foot the bill till the FTT is concluded .


    Also if any plan that may have been in place was to bust the oldco and start a newco ,how crucial will it be that the newco is not made to start in the spl and not div3 .If the sums only add up to an spl newco .How would CW have been able to take a gamble like that .


    I think he once said .no matter what happens there will be a team ,playing in blue ,at Ibrokes


    hail hail

  10. Paul – – You are correct regarding Beram but what I saw was championship winning stuff against DU. We played badly, and WON. That is what it’s all about, to do that. I’m certain Barca have their off days too, so nout to worry us. Soon be One in a Row, ya beauty!!



    Hail Hail the fabulous CELTIC




  11. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on


  12. I don’t see why HMRC would ‘demand payment in full straight away’. Rangers are likely to have very little in the bank, couldn’t meet that, and would choose admin. They would then form a newco and get the SPL/SFA to re-admit them with a wink and a sigh.



    Far better surely for HMRC/taxpayers to demand £5-10m a year till the debt is paid with interest.

  13. I am led to believe that the problems with growing grass in modern stadiums is not light or rain but the fact that there is toxic air(to grass) that lies above the grass (approx 18 in)



    This is something that l have imagined but l am pretty sure it is accurate.




  14. The Spirit of Arthur Lee says:


    15 January, 2012 at 18:11



    You fallen asleep on your laptop?

  15. Here’s a wee bet for all you of that disposition out there in Celtic land.


    I bet, that with all the sneaky, underhand and possibly illegal ways, hun will be in the SPL with the minimum of disruption to them. There you go then. I mean, hun , who ARE the force in this sceptic country we call Scotland, cannot have any harm done to them and every person who can input to prevent harm, will be up there being counted, guaranteed!! One million pounds is my wager- – – any takers?? No, thought so




  16. Kenny Dalglish has spent £100,000,000 plus, and Liverpool lie 7th in the EPL, compare this with Swansea who’ve just beaten Arsenal and you’ll


    see it’s not always about money.

  17. Bhoys ‘n’ Ghirls



    All this talk of Rangers and Tax Case.



    Do you not realise you’ll be driving away well kent posters with your lowering of standards.



    C’mon Bhoys ‘n’ Ghirls. You keep this up CQN might never recover.



    Mystery well kent posters will tell other infamous posters awe aboot how bad it’s awe gettin.



    MWD Yeez should be ashamed o yur sells.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I thought we had a very good game yesterday, wee bit shakey at times but overall deserved the win

  19. ulysses mcghee says:


    15 January, 2012 at 17:57



    ‘…fergus booted all the press out of the green box on the south stand onto the gantry…’




    Haha, I recall a LL article about that. To say they were none too pleased would be an understatement of ‘r*ngers may have to face a small piece of financial difficulty’ proportions.

  20. Malarky – HMRC don’t do deals like that. They don’t do multi year arrangements, they very often send companies under even though a multi year deal would get the money. They say “we aren’t a bank”. Huns can forget about any pay it up deal if they lose as if they lose hmrc will have what they really really want from them. A legal precedent not the cash

  21. Can anyone with an understanding of currant events clarify something for me….



    Who presently controls MIH?


    Murray, Irish Republic-based IFG Group or Lloyds Banking Group’s private equity arm, Uberior Equity Ltd.



    Who sold rangers to Whyte?


    Murray, Irish Republic-based IFG Group or Lloyds Banking Group’s private equity arm, Uberior Equity Ltd.



    What interest, if any, do Lloyds Banking Group’s private equity arm, Uberior Equity Ltd, have in the outcome of the tax case?

  22. Watching young Hooper’s goal there again, it’s easy to see why Neil values him at £35m and how he managed to persuade the SSM not to sell him last summer to that unknown club for £29m.

  23. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Last thing we needed was Arsenal losing and shipping 3 today. Expect Wenger sniffing around Izzy this week.

  24. Not sure I agree with your assessment of Kayal’s absence Paul.



    really good player and certainly makes a difference when he plays. But so do others.



    Big Vic is a taylor made replacement. Ledley is an effective replacement with slightly less ‘aggression’ in his play – he’s a ‘bits and pieces’ player who keeps the play ticking over.



    Would Kayal have stopped Rankin’s shot? Or would he have been making his way back from the sideline from where the ball was coming from having chased it down in his own inimitable style?



    Not overly concerned about his absence with the cover we have in there.



    I’ll be even less concerned if we get in an experienced head or two for the business end of the season. A striker and a central defender would do. A loan deal for a combative midfield player would be great as well.

  25. The Battered Bunnet on




    1) LBG



    2) Murray, under direction (cough) from LBG



    3) Depends on the outcome. Uberior are a wholly owned subsidiary of LBG. A reverse for MIH means LBG will need to put the cash up. MIH are utterly beholden to LBG.

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