Mind the Kayal Gap


Neil Lennon, his goalkeeper and defenders will not be too concerned at the loss of their first goal in domestic football yesterday since Noah was a boy.  John Rankin’s pot-shot from 20-odd yards clipped the post on its way in but the Dundee United player scored from an area of the field that is usually vigorously monitored by Beram Kayal.

We’re going to miss that guy……

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  1. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:


    15 January, 2012 at 18:31



    I’m not sure we should let Izzy head out on loan for six months.

  2. MWD – I am putting you into pot 2. Which is CQNers worried about tone lowering and cyber bullying of parties unknown who are in fact very well known but secret. Ok?

  3. if I’m right in thinking that in the last quarter of the game we fought and ran and covered etc. this would not have happened three months ago, we’d have capitulated fully.

  4. fergus slayed the blues on

    I have just watched the highlights of yesterdays game and in the 2nd half Mathews falls over and the Dutd player crosses that ball into the box .Their striker out jumps Izy and get a good header on goal which FF saves well .


    The striker though out jumps Izy because he has two hands on his shoulders ,a clear foul in any one’s book seemingly ,unless it is for our opponents in a tight 2-1 game


    That;s one we are owed when these things even themselves out


    hail hail

  5. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on




    £9,999,999.99 exactly. In used pennies. Just to annoy Wenger.




    Noticed Barca are EIGHT points behind Madrid.



    If we were eight points behind the Hun right now, can you imagine the reaction of the doomsday-hysterics?



    If they were Barca fans, right now BQN would be chock-full of posts calling for Pepe’s head and


    labeling Messi a ‘sand-dancer’.

  6. The Battered Bunnet



    Thanks for that.



    One last question if you can help…


    Has the Irish Republic-based IFG Group set up an offshore trust for MIH, (ie all of them) or only those shares of MIH still owned by Murray?

  7. Mwd – lucky escape for you. I forgot I didn’t have the authority to divide and categorise the support. That authority lies with only one man….

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Can you imagine if we were 15 points behind?



    The blog would be a nightmare.



    Oh, wait a minute……..!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The Battered Bunnet on




    You’ll need to do your own digging around that one.



    My understanding though is that IFG manage the trusts established by Murray for Murray.

  10. Professor Green on

    Was interested to hear on Clyde and shortbread that the wagons are really being circled with regards to the tax case yesterday.



    Darryl King I believe, was stating that ” Some people are trying to say Rangers have been cheating over EBTs, thats total nonsense, they have done nothing wrong, just badly advised”



    Keevins meanwhile was also fighting the blue corner “Those titles are in the record books, and nobody is going to strip rangers of those titles”



    Before long they will be criticising Celtic for not indulging in tax evasion, and playing by the rules. Anyway who can argue if the Spl vote to let a “new” Rangers into the Spl, with minimum fuss, and zero debt.



    Yes the propaganda war has been kicked up a notch and it will get worse. Get ready.



    Ernie, I agree with you Celtic can prevent this by threatening to walk out.



    I hope the powers that be at Kerrydale street are seriously looking at alternative options. Anything is better than a league with no sporting integrity.

  11. I’ll be back when the page is much thinner. Off for another episode of Breaking Bad before the MIlan Derby and then Sherlock.



    Good to be organised.



    PS – Novo’s rubbish.




  12. —————————————————————————————————————————————————



    The appeal for Vanessa Riddle has passed the £70k mark which is great but there is a long way to go.



    Can I ask folk to print the picture from the big screen yesterday ( link below ) with the words Text VANY99 £x to 70070 on it and use it like a wee poster. Put one on your car, take another into work and just spread the news by e-mail, twitter, word of mouth etc.



    I know I am being a pain in the arse about this but the wee lassie’s Grandad works with my brother in law and some other CQNers at Prestwick and they need our support.



    This disease is cureable in the states and the hospital in Philadeplphia where she will hopefully go has a whole department dedicated to treatment. Tom Hanks has set up a foundation or a movement to publicise this very disease and how it can be beaten.



    I am sure that when you get the news that your daugher has a less than 10% chance of living unless you come up with £500k the the natural reaction is to think well that sum is impossible!!



    It is a disgrace that it has to be raised at all– ( all because our Government will not fund research and departments )– but the fact is that the funds can be raised– AND WILL BE RAISED!



    Vanessa first met the team whilst at Yorkhill in 2009. The Celtic players made a big impression and she is a Celtic fan– not because of what happens on the pitch, but because of the Celtic message off the pitch!



    So please do what you can for her– but also do what you can because this is what we are all about as a club. To be fair to him, Tom English was one of the first to retweet my messages to him and stated that this was a dreadful fight for this wee girl.



    No matter what view otthers may have of Scottish Football and what should happen within it, Celtic stand for something away from football– and raising money for Vanessa is just an example of the Celtic way.



    This and other sites have advanced the cause and many are in contact via Twitter, e-mail etc.



    I have a daugher who is the same age as Vanessa just about and there but for the grace of God……………..



    So please print the details and give it some publicity. Give what money you can– there have been 4000 or so donations to date- but if everyone who went to Seville stuck in a fiver then this wee girl would be on her way.



    By the way some said my e-mail was bouncing yesterday– that is because it was full!



    it is now cleared so anyone can get in touch

  13. The Battered Bunnet



    Thanks for your help…



    I have this image of numerous russian dolls with the final ones being, in descending order, Media House, Whyte, Scottish Journalists, and lastly The Game.

  14. Parkheadcumsalford says:


    15 January, 2012 at 17:34



    & Others, i heard that we may get an extension to the stand because of the Commonwealth games. Anyone know anything about this?

  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Fantastic result yesterday.


    Great to see commons back playing after injury to silence the fish wives.


    We need to take our chances.


    We shall not be moved.

  16. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Today’s CQN Magazine Facebook question:



    Yesterday we asked you all who Celtic’s first ever league game was against, and some of you got the correct answer; it wasn’t Hearts, as some history books say. It was against Renton, who actually beat us 4-1, but were then disqualified from the competition for playing a club which had already been suspended. In a parallel of what will happen if Rangers cannot complete this league season, the scor…es from all Renton’s games were discounted, and the matches themselves declared null and void. Our first “official” game in the league, therefore, was against Hearts, a 5-0 win at Tynecastle on 23 August 1890. Well done to those who answered it, here, and on Celtic Quick News itself.



    Celtic first won the Championship in 1892-93. This was a marvellous accomplishment for a side only five years old. By the time the eleventh title was won in 1913-14, we had already had a spell where we won six titles in a row and were amongst the biggest clubs in Britain, if not all Europe.



    But the 1913-14 season was special, because of a couple of records we set. Does anyone know what they were?

  17. Good Evening Bhoys/Ghirls, whilst enjoing my usual pre match drinks in the Investor Lounge, our new chairman Mr Bankier appeared in and was talking to various people, he then came to our table and i asked him if the board would vote for R****** Newco to be given an SPL position if they lose the Tax case to which he replied DEFINETLY NOT, so there you have it straight from the Chairmans mouth

  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    If any of them had even the most remote interest in the game, we would not be facing the calamity in front of us.



    Shame on them all.