Missing structure, control and patience returns


Watching how easy it was for Celtic against Livingston you could be forgiven if  it slipped your mind that our league challenge effectively ended in back-to-back draws against the same opponents three months ago.  The regrets of this campaign are many and will last long in the memory.

One of the pleasing aspects of the win was that it was achieved with Celtic never having to hit top gear.  Livi defended well in the first half but a deflected cross and an own goal either side of the break was enough to see Celtic stroll through the second period.  We also got to see what may be Celtic Park’s last ‘Efe moment’, when the former Celtic defender made the kind of error that has littered his career, setting up Ryan Christie for the sixth goal.  Kids, Shane is only the most recent in a long line……

The structure, control and patience the team had on Saturday has been missing for most of the season.  Some credit to John Kennedy for stabilising the ship.  Let’s see what he can do next weekend.

Scottish Cup week, said Philip… watch the Celts don’t step in!

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  1. GEEBEE @ 2:35



    Yes, of course Keane is a ‘Marmite’ character and will always split opinion.



    I believe he will go back into management again – we have seen Lampard, Rooney, Terry (asst), Southgate, Solskjaer, Arteta, all contemporaries, having a go at ‘it’ with varying success. Perhaps RK rushed in to management too quick originally.



    He was a great player and usually ran the game on the field – can he do the same from the dug-out? I think he can and maybe it’s his destiny to manage Celtic……sometime!

  2. At this moment in time John Kennedy is definitely not what we need.



    Don’t care if we win every game from now until the end of the season. He’s still not what we require.

  3. CORNELIUS sad news about your very good Celtic friend. May he rest in peace. Your tribute to him helped us all to realise what a decent man he was. Prayer will be said for him at Mass tomorrow.

  4. SPFL Premiership


    Penalties Conceded


    20/21 Season


    As at 12/04 (68)



    Ross County 13


    Motherwell 10


    Aberdeen 7


    Hamilton 6


    Livingston 6


    Celtic 5


    Hibs 5


    Kilmarnock 5


    Dundee Utd 4


    St.Mirren 4


    St.Johnstone 3


    Rangers 0

  5. Cornelius



    That was a very touching tribute to a good man


    RIP Eddie



    HH jg

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    RIP NCTim 🍀🍀🍀



    Lovely tribute too



    Thoughts and prayers to all

  7. JHB on 12TH APRIL 2021 2:56 PM



    The marmite character doesn’t worry me – it’s his appalling record as a manager. He might manage again but it’s ten years and counting since his last debacle and nobody’s gone near him since. Why should we?



    I agree, he was a warrior as a player but so was Stuart Pearce, Patrick Viera…..these are different jobs to coaching. What are Keane’s methods, his tactics, what setup does he like to play?



    I don’t necessarily believe in “destiny” and I don’t think it should be on a list of criteria when appointing a coach.

  8. Saint Stivs,



    Incredible statistics.



    At what point will our club challenge the cheating.

  9. Cornelius



    may your friend Eddie be at peace now in the hands of our lord.


    prayers offered in support for those touched by Eddies loss




  10. I really don’t think any of us doubt JK’s Celtic credentials and his time will come.


    But we reluctantly called time on a Celtic legend because we needed change. Appointing JK is not change, it is more of the same under a slightly different heading.



    I understand that JK gets rave reviews from everyone who has worked with him, but we need a well respected name throughout the football World to commence our massive rebuild.



    We need a name who players will want to sign for, we need a name that club owners will feel confident to loan us their best young talent and we need a name to sell season tickets and attract sponsorship.



    We need a figurehead who is not only conversant in the modern football game but has excellent communication skills.



    Eddie Howe ticks all these boxes for me.



    HH to all.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Sandbach is close to the town of Nantwich, famous for being the home of the first recorded case of Parkinsons.

  12. Cornelius,



    What a beautiful tribute to a life long friend.


    RIP Eddie. True friendship is forever.

  13. GREENPINATA on 12TH APRIL 2021 3:18 PM



    Nail on the head.



    A Celtic man who “knows the club” getting the job after a few good results as caretaker? Haven’t we learned anything?

  14. MALONE BHOY on 12TH APRIL 2021 2:23 PM


    JK may be one of the best young managers on the planet for all we know. And maybe had the board and PL done their jobs for the past couple of years he’d have the leeway and patience to be given a shot.


    But at this moment in time he’s done nothing in the game and the fans and the club need change and need success.


    Next year really is do or die. If Rangers win again next year then we’ve let them back in and the tide could very easily change in their favour long term.


    They’ll have gambled and won.




    Malone Bhoy – Great post.



    D :)

  15. HOT SMOKED on 12TH APRIL 2021 12:32 PM


    Anyone know when the SFA will make their announcement re Scottish Cup games this coming wekend?




    We will have to wait till the scouser


    Tells them when suits them .

  16. CORNELIUS on 12TH APRIL 2021 1:57 PM




    Cornelius – What a beautiful post for your friend Eddie.



    May Eddie rest in peace and let perpetual light shine upon him.



    God Bless



    D :(

  17. Celtic Midfield Goalscorers – All time



    1. Adam McLean 138 / 408 app


    2. Jimmy Johnstone 130 / 498 app


    3. Bobby Collins 116 / 320 app


    4. Bobby Murdoch 105 / 484 app


    5. James Forrest 92 / 409 app

  18. It was a pleasant surprise to see a decent performance from this squad of players. It was also surprising to see them being managed by John Kennedy. I had thought that it would be impossible to get a performance out of this squad with any manager.



    I also thought that we got got the break of the ball for a change, Deflections, own goal, mishit shot going in . It was also refereed with a light touch by Nick Walsh. We also had no Christie and his greedy play costing goal opportunities



    We also had at least 2 passengers in Edouard and McGregor who have been generally poor and I think are 2 of the want aways,. James Forrest does make us a better team.



    However, one swallow does not make a summer and I think we still need to get rid of the want aways and the coaching team. They have been involved in the worst cases I have ever seen of Non triers playing for Celtic, The fact that this was the 10 in a row season makes it even more painful.



    Even if we go on and beat the Huns and play well for the remaining games then I cannot forgive.



    The modern game is much changed from the point of view of players and agents. Every club in the world has to trade players and we should create a niche for us in picking up promising players, improve them and sell them on at the right time. We should have already made replacements in place. We cannot compete with EPL in transfer fees nor the other top 5 leagues or salaries but can outbid most of the others.



    With new UEFA rules we need 12 home developed players from Scotland, therefore we need to cherry pick the SPFL to back up our own academy. I would buy Nesbit, Porteus, Campbell and Ferguson.

  19. GeeBee @ 12:33



    “Next season is massive – in terms of us/Sevco’s long-term trajectory, the biggest for years.”



    Not as big as this one was surely, where if we had won it see huns would quite possibly have imploded?

  20. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 12TH APRIL 2021 4:01 PM



    That’s a valid point. I’m thinking along the lines of guaranteed group stage CL football. If Sevco navigate the qualifiers in the summer and guarantee the groups after winning the league next season, that could be a £40m – £60m swing in their favour.



    In our financial environment post-Covid, I’m not sure how we turn that around any time soon.

  21. squire danaher on




    A touching tribute to your buddy Eddie who sounds a fine man.



    The good they leave behind lives on in our hearts and memories.

  22. Re. The Joe Baillie story. I went to school with one of his sons. Was a fantastic centre half until he got a bad knee injury..



    I knew Joe had been killed in a car crash, but didn’t no the tragic details.


    So sad.

  23. When the Annual figures come out, usually September they will not make good reading because of the Covid effect. There will be a substantial loss, probably around £20m. This will be more, or, less, offset by what we had in the bank c£18m. Next year’s figures will also be badly affected.



    This might mean that the new manager will only have monies received in outgoing transfers to spend, or, we take on significant debt & have a mixture of both.



    Imagine where we’d be without the KT £25m.



    Let’s not compare with Ibrox – they do not play by the same financial rules as Celtic.



    Our money situation is every bit as important as who will be the new manager…imo.

  24. St Tams



    We will have to differ on McGregor, but, agree on young Josh Doig we need a development player at Left Back to challenge Taylor as I dont think Laxalt will be staying. He is still only 19 and has 35 senior games under his belt, 18 at Hibs and 7 at Queens Park. Could follow the David Robertson route as he started at Queens park after we released him




    Agree with your comments.



    This season (10iar) was so important for our history.



    Next season with a CL Group place guaranteed for title-winners will be so important for our future.

  26. RIP Eddie Reilly. Lovely tribute.



    I used to go to those Friday night reserve games. I remember invading the park one night when we beat the original Rangers. Niven was their goalie. He was bemused by all us kids, running past him.

  27. Calum McGregor has played well within himself this season, good player, but, as we seen in the BR seasons could be an exceptional player. That’s the comparison, then and now, por cierto

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