Missing structure, control and patience returns


Watching how easy it was for Celtic against Livingston you could be forgiven if  it slipped your mind that our league challenge effectively ended in back-to-back draws against the same opponents three months ago.  The regrets of this campaign are many and will last long in the memory.

One of the pleasing aspects of the win was that it was achieved with Celtic never having to hit top gear.  Livi defended well in the first half but a deflected cross and an own goal either side of the break was enough to see Celtic stroll through the second period.  We also got to see what may be Celtic Park’s last ‘Efe moment’, when the former Celtic defender made the kind of error that has littered his career, setting up Ryan Christie for the sixth goal.  Kids, Shane is only the most recent in a long line……

The structure, control and patience the team had on Saturday has been missing for most of the season.  Some credit to John Kennedy for stabilising the ship.  Let’s see what he can do next weekend.

Scottish Cup week, said Philip… watch the Celts don’t step in!

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  1. Most important for Celtic next season is to have the ability to attract talent and quality to the club. This will the goal of the director of football / recruitment.



    Therefore, John Kennedy could coach the team and has shown his ability already with what he has done so far – btw those players could easily have downed tools – great man management / motivating from JK.



    So, I think someone like Roy Keane would be a great option for Dir of football operations. He is a perfectionist, has experienced seeing it done properly (Fergie) as we well as seeing the effect of poor set up (McArthy world cup) . He is high profile and could attract quality to the club.



    Either way – we need that high profile character at Celtic.

  2. Stepboy



    Sorry mate but your being far to complimentary to JK..1 good performance and the rest similar to what we suffered with Lenny

  3. I think/hope JK beats rangers next week with a good performance – this would be interesting !

  4. John Kennedy was part of the Lennon Strachan coaches who couldn’t motivate the players to try and get to 10 in a row,mind you after Lennon threw a few players under the bus ,Lennon should have been sacked in October with Kennedy taking charge of the first team,I’m sure with his coaching we might have had a chance of another title ,but that’s history

  5. Rangers v Celtic, originally scheduled for 4pm on Saturday live on Premier Sports, has been rescheduled for 3pm on Sunday.



    Premier Sports’ other live match, Aberdeen versus Livingston, has been brought forward from 2pm on Sunday to Saturday at 5.30pm. That match will kick-off at the same time as St Johnstone versus Clyde.



    The full updated fixture schedule is below.



    Scottish Cup Fourth Round Fixtures



    Friday, 16 April



    St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle; kick-off 6pm


    Motherwell v Greenock Morton; kick-off 7pm


    Forfar Athletic v Dundee United; kick-off 7.45pm (live on BBC Scotland)



    Saturday, 17 April



    Kilmarnock v Montrose; kick-off 11.45am


    St. Johnstone v Clyde; kick-off 5.30pm


    Aberdeen v Livingston; kick-off 5.30pm (live on Premier Sports)



    Sunday, 18 April



    Stranraer v Hibernian; kick-off 12.15pm (live on BBC One)


    Rangers v Celtic; kick-off 3pm (live on Premier Sports)

  6. BIGBHOY on 12TH APRIL 2021 3:58 PM,



    I wouldn’t touch Ferguson with a bargepole, you could replace him with Doig though



    I still think we can convince Ajer to stay I think he likes it at Celtic, been at the club for five years now?






  7. I’d keep Ajer and make him captain. What he lacks in areal power he makes up for it with desire and drive! He’s still young and will get better with better around him. He’s not played with quality for a while and this season how many back 4 personnel changes have we had. Never been settled due to covid, injuries and signing that have been poor standard .

  8. If Ajer stays. He needs to be moved from centre half to either right back or midfield


    We can’t have a centre half who can’t header the ball

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    ST TAMS on 12TH APRIL 2021 5:57



    As I’ve said before, move him to attacking midfield and buy a proper centre half👍

  10. I don`t know how I`ll feel come Sunday but right now I am confident we will put Sevco out of the Cup.

  11. STEBHOY on 12TH APRIL 2021 5:45 PM



    ST TAMS on 12TH APRIL 2021 5:57 PM



    Both very good points, two thumbs up.



    The only thing I have heard about Ajer wanting away is all pure speculation drummed up by the media and followed up by pundits who think they are in the know but are only regurgitating what the rags have said. I think Ajer is a more than capable right back and then we have Welsh and a fit Julian in the middle, although we would need back up for him until he is fit






  12. Well, the day has come, I don’t know what to do about it and I’m not sure what it says about me but I have finally agreed with something Frank Macavennie has said.



    We shouldn’t wait for Eddie Howe to see if there’s a job going in England. He either takes the job he appears to have been offered and take it now or bye bye and thanks for the application Eddie.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Pablo.



    This para caught my eye.



    “The structure, control and patience the team had on Saturday has been missing for most of the season. Some credit to John Kennedy for stabilising the ship. Let’s see what he can do next weekend”.



    1st sentence – agree


    2nd sentence – completely agree


    3rd sentence – wholeheartedly agree



    Playing without pressure is clearly easier.



    And memories abide of e.g. Liam Brady’s team playing with flair and zest when the league was out of reach …



    … only to bomb again when it mattered.

  14. Sincerest condolences to Cornelius on the death of his pal.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh anam Eddie.

  15. Roberttressell,



    He might have signed already but is waiting until season end for whatever reason.







    I agree the direct entry into the Champions league is vital but if we had won the league I think they would have had to have sold a good few players and I reckon Gerrard would have gone.



    We’d have been in a right good place to take advantage IMHO.



    I can feel my blood beginning to boil again…

  16. Sevco run with what £20 million debt every season? if sevco get into the champions league group they would likely break even without buying any player. That is unless they just spend again, we all know how that ends up but stupid dont not seem to care, not yet at any rate.



    The europa league group stages and Last 32, 16 etc is worth anything between 15 and 25 million. Champions league is double that but progess beyond the group stages is very unlikely, max intake is 30 million if achieving group stage.



    Calculate champions league group stage funds with europa league finds drop off, added player. Management bonuses etc. and the swing is not even close to 40 or 60 million, but dont let facts get in the way of catastrophic bullshite thinking.



    It pisses me off that we lost the league and they have an easier route into the champions league but there is no guarantees. Gambling is great when it works but not so much when your going to the prova.



    Dont think it will happen but I would love celtic to go all in next season, spend every penny brought in on transfer fees, use the overdraft and have a share issue all towards loading our hand and signing quality players to smash them and take automatic champions league place, the uproar and moaning from the smsm and co about overspending and making league uncompetitive would be non stop. We would have summits and all 🤣

  17. Cornelius……………..





    Lovely story, respect.



    Celtic Quick News at its best.




  18. I’ve just seen the Alba ad for the general election.



    The Alex Salmond Sex Pest Party has been endorsed by none other than Robert The Bruce himself on behalf of the “Sma’Folk” of Scotland.



    Nicola will have to retaliate with an endorsement from a hung, drawn and quartered William Wallace on behalf of othe feudal folk.



    Onwards into an imagined past!




  19. I can’t believe people still banging the drum for Roy Keane.



    If he’s so inspirational, such a leader and can attract quality, why was he so god-awful at Ipswich and why has nobody touched him with a bargepole since?



    Ignore the name, look at the CV then tell me is this the best Celtic can hope to get – someone with a worse CV than Paul Lambert and Alex Neill…




    That was both incredible and worrying. Designed to bring out the worse aspects of patriotic fervour

  21. Setting Free the Bears @ 6.46



    Your reference to Salmond is unworthy of you. You have sunk to a very low level.

  22. Bit sad about Efe’s fall from grace and there was no need for Paul to sneer at him.



    He was doing fine at Celtic until that fateful Juve game and he seems a really good bloke as well.

  23. The Ibrox club’s Europa League earnings this season as they reached last 16 were c£8 million – normally that figure with full houses from seven homes games would amount to around £15m.



    Celtic’s earnings from CL qualifiers & EL group this season probably around £5m – again with full houses at six matches at Celtic Park, that figure could have been c£10m.



    So no big difference in UEFA money between us & them this season.



    Both clubs will post c£20m losses. Celtic’s opening bank balance will just about cover it – how can Ibrox cover it? Money is being drip-fed in from somewhere.



    However Celtic do face a big decision this close season.



    The figures are reasonably easy to guestimate:



    Bank Balance – zero


    Share of Frimpong fee – £5m


    Overdraft Facility – £13m.





    Transfer Fees received- x


    Transfer Fees Paid – y



    So what can we spend?



    y= x + £18m



    Will this entice the right manager?



    In my opinion DD will not agree to a share issue that devalues his holding.


    Even if we wanted to borrow substantially, who is lending to football clubs under current conditions, especially Scottish clubs.



    Choosing a new manager is not the only BIG decision we need to make in the next three months.

  24. SAINT STIVS on 12TH APRIL 2021 7:44 PM



    Aren`t we often told that players didn`t hug in those days? Just a stiff upper lipped handshake?


    That clip proves otherwise :-)

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrr1fV5V-dk



    scottish cup semi finals 1951,



    46,000 at tynecastle for Motherwell v Hibs.



    85,000 at hampden for our semi versus raith.



    Look a the skills of tully, and the barging of the keeper, and suprisingly good fitba.



    great wee discovery, never seen it before/




    bloviators like freak Salmond are only excelled by the all for “george”mob who i believe is looking for a gun as both hands gripped on tory meat,a betrayal he himself asked to be shot if it happened



    it is interesting the union gives these tiring blowhards time,galloway got 489 votes at his latest go at loosing his deposit.the genocidal union needs its friends


    Salmond,is a freaky guy,he’s a politician!! what i find interesting how he gets publicity and is taken seriously in the last 2 weeks since he formed his party.


    the union would not want the independence vote split? would they! jeez who’d a thunk it.


    those weeks previous to formin his party.


    it is amusing watching his rise fall, aw ffs rise


    again by a meeja owned and controlled by offshore elements.


    the rise of salmond and torysocialism with George only goes to show how far the ‘left’ has pulled ideologically to the right,sadly i dont see sir keev altering that T.


    hope your good :-)




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