Missing structure, control and patience returns


Watching how easy it was for Celtic against Livingston you could be forgiven if  it slipped your mind that our league challenge effectively ended in back-to-back draws against the same opponents three months ago.  The regrets of this campaign are many and will last long in the memory.

One of the pleasing aspects of the win was that it was achieved with Celtic never having to hit top gear.  Livi defended well in the first half but a deflected cross and an own goal either side of the break was enough to see Celtic stroll through the second period.  We also got to see what may be Celtic Park’s last ‘Efe moment’, when the former Celtic defender made the kind of error that has littered his career, setting up Ryan Christie for the sixth goal.  Kids, Shane is only the most recent in a long line……

The structure, control and patience the team had on Saturday has been missing for most of the season.  Some credit to John Kennedy for stabilising the ship.  Let’s see what he can do next weekend.

Scottish Cup week, said Philip… watch the Celts don’t step in!

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  1. Lovely tribute Cornelius


    Eddie RIP


    Hope his wife is bearing the loss as best she can

  2. 79CAPS on 12TH APRIL 2021 7:46 PM





    You’re right. Sneering at Efe seems to be common in the MSM too.





    i agree.efe came in for pelters of some of our own as well sneered at in the britherly press.



    he did wear rhe hoops.tends to quieten some of our own.




  3. The inspiration for Uncle Albert in Only fools ?






    Two of Donegal’s crew, Archie Jewell[6] and Arthur John Priest,[7] had served on RMS Titanic and survived her sinking in April 1912. Jewell had been one of Titanic’s lookouts (although not on watch when she struck the iceberg)[6] and Priest had been one of her stokers.[7] Priest had also been on the liner RMS Asturias when she foundered on her maiden voyage in 1907, and on RMS Olympic when she was damaged in a collision with HMS Hawke in 1911.[7]



    Priest then served on the armed merchant cruiser Alcantara when she and the German armed merchant cruiser SMS Greif sank each other in February 1916.[7] Both Jewell[6] and Priest[7] then served on Titanic’s White Star Line sister ship HMHS Britannic, and survived when she was sunk in November 1916. When Donegal sank, Priest survived yet again[7] but Jewell was killed.[6] In 1917 Priest was awarded the Mercantile Marine Ribbon for his service in the war.[7]

  4. Greenside up



    Lewis Ferguson



    Derek Ferguson on Radio Scotland suggested he would be interested in Celtic. he was originally at Rangers Academy for 4 years was released and went back to Hamilton. He only played at Hamilton 1st team and Aberdeen snapped him up. He has now played 92 games 15 goals for Aberdeen and 8 for scotland U21’s.



    Its rumoured that he would never go back to Rangers as he is bitter about being released, but, If his dad wasn’t a Hun we would be after him, as he is, at 21 a great prospect. But is he a Hun.?



    Scott Brown was rumoured to be a wee hun but that worked out well. He also fills the UEFA criteria of home grown in Scotland






    Sevco financial arrangements are a big mystery as they are a loss making operation and have been since 2012. Have they taken advantage of Government Covid Loans? Are they getting money from NI groups? Does this Far Eastern “Investments” need laundered? it defies all Financial logic with their huge issue of shares, I hear financial fair play has been relaxed by UEFA but it still defies financial logic

  5. BIGBHOY @ 8:50



    Agree on the Ibrox financial conundrum.



    On the Northern Ireland angle – David Graham the club’s new PR Chief is never heard of, in sharp contrast to the previous incumbent who bellowed continuously in a bellicose manner. So could this former DUP politician be in situ for a different reason – perhaps closely overseeing transactions between Belfast/Derry & Glasgow?



    Just an addendum to my last post. As I outlined, next season we will need to sell to buy new players. How different from last season when the board/CEO made a decision to keep the title-winning squad intact & gave the manager £20m to strengthen…..and the players & management blew it BIG TIME!



    At the start of this season we had money(£20m) to strengthen from a position of strength.



    Next season we will have to weaken(sell) in order to hopefully strengthen…..and some still blame Peter Lawwell.

  6. Its up to us to start questioning how a club can continue in the spending vein of the zombies wkthout question. I thought when they liquidated all this financial risk taking was to be monitored ?.



    Or would civil disobedience take over.

  7. Magnificentseven on

    Any thoughts on the fact that Eddie Howe was still manager of Bournemouth at the beginning of August last year and may have to sit tight until a given date (end of EPL for instance) to get a full pay out of money due

  8. rfc personify the union.deid.


    an establishment knight done it.


    shatoot fc.


    their own inaction nailed them



    new club trfc


    the new way to make money.


    remotely controlled washing machine.


    meantime no ffp in scotland


    and history tells us when there are no rules no law can be broken.



    it was tax evader Sir hunner of pences ethos in taking his ‘offshore payment into discount options the onto ebts.



    will our panama papered 44% shareholder comment?




  9. BIGBHOY @ 8:50


    ADI_DASSLER @ 10:13



    In the last accounts of the Ibrox club it was stated that £8.8m would be needed “to see this season out”.



    Perhaps Covid has been an amazing blessing in disguise.



    SFA/SNPcult derailed Celtic’s season on two occasions – Bolingoli & Dubai.



    The Ibrox club have transgressed on a number of occasions with no interference to their league season and have had positive help from the SFA on suspensions & appeals in their Scottish Cup bid.



    Finally, perhaps Ibrox have availed themselves of a Covid loan from the government….and perhaps that loan covers their £8.5m shortfall.

  10. 79caps @ 7:41 pm



    “Setting Free the Bears @ 6.46



    Your reference to Salmond is unworthy of you. You have sunk to a very low level.”





    Well, it’s no me that was touching the women. Can you say the same for Alex? (and Tommy Sheridan had some related issues).



    Did you hear what Alex Salmond’s own defence lawyer said about him after the trial?




    I too have a soft spot for Efe and if it wasn’t for another mistake by our then manager against Juventus what a career he might have had.



    *after an approx 13 hour flight fae Johannesburg as well as competing in the African Cup of Nations “are you all right tae play the night big mhan”, “sure boss he replied and that was Efe’s teas oot.

  12. SFA’s Darryl Broadfoot live on Radio Scotland tonight, celebrated “Rangers FC, 1872-2012” winning title 55. The man is a liar and a coward to boot. Sevco a la Rangers have but won one title. The SFA will do everything in their power to cement the Five Way Agreement and help Sevco a la Rangers in anyway they can.

  13. If Celtic destroy Sevco again in the same manner as before, this time with a score line to boot, would JK’s doubters wake up and smell Howie et al?

  14. Scott Brown said that there should be a statue to Peter Lawwell at Celtic Park. Why would he say that?



    Here’s maybe a clue.



    Lawwell trophy ratio per year is 100% better than that in Celtic’s entire history – that’s DOUBLE.



    LAWWELL YEARS. 1.70 per year


    CELTIC ENTIRE HISTORY. 0.85 per year




    1.24 per year



    Now, to me, that’s pretty impressive – whether it deserves a statue is for others to judge.



    He also made Celtic the most successful sporting entity in the history of Scottish sport and increased our commercial and sponsorship deals year on year.



    On balance I say he deserves a statue, but there will never be one because Peter Lawwell wouldn’t want one.

  15. SIONNAIGH on 12TH APRIL 2021 10:50 PM



    SFA’s Darryl Broadfoot live on Radio Scotland tonight, celebrated “Rangers FC, 1872-2012” winning title 55. The man is a liar and a coward to boot. Sevco a la Rangers have but won one title. The SFA will do everything in their power to cement the Five Way Agreement and help Sevco a la Rangers in anyway they can.



    Did you suggest this to our majority shareholder?




  16. Our majority shareholder has a fiducial responsibility, legally binding, to minority shareholders of Celtic PLC.

  17. Only dip into the blog now and again to test the waters, sample the menu and check the reviews.



    It’s become a humour-less site.



    Grumpy Paul67 articles followed by equally grumpy contributors. Not a good read.



    Is it Covid related? I don’t know. Less social interaction has denied us full and proper contact, social mixing and more importantly…attendance at the game.



    Social skills have been blunted by isolation. But we always had humour to keep us going in the past. It barely raises its head here nowadays. Too many wanting to cause offense, too many taking offense.



    Of course, losing ‘the 10’ was as shocking as it was unexpected this time a year ago. But I still wake up a Celtic supporter, hard as it’s been this season, it’s always worthwhile. I would expect some black humour on here, but not entitlement.



    Some of the comments show entitlement, but that’s not my ideal of supporting the club. Win, lose or draw… remember that?



    We will always have politicos and interlopers on here. Kill them with kindness.



    Remember we are supposed to have collective values at our club. Open to ALL! We chime, try living it.



    To sum up, more humour, less angst please.



    Tomorrow is another day.

  18. TONTINE TIM on 12TH APRIL 2021 10:48 PM




    How long was the flight from Livingston to the east end of Glasgow at the weekend?

  19. SFA/SNPcult derailed Celtic’s season on two occasions – Bolingoli & Dubai.



    you are trying to hard.haha


    i hope jim got his degree.


    or is it a dr paisley type foundation


    might even have been a right wing think tank


    i cant remember..



    So you are in the cult of george jhb.? i see his recent political marraiges mean he will be goin for the gun as Tory isnae the word for it!!.



    all those years fighting tories.eh.

  20. ART OF WAR on 13TH APRIL 2021 12:29 AM



    I try to keep the nlog interested in social history.



    ta for the critiueqe

  21. SIONNAIGH on 13TH APRIL 2021 12:25 AM


    Our majority shareholder has a fiducial responsibility, legally binding, to minority shareholders of Celtic PLC.



    as garunteed by comoany law.


    and it would not stop you asking if


    said plc’s opportunity loss in that time is material to minority shareholders




  22. ART OF WAR on 13TH APRIL 2021 12:29 AM



    Poster complains of grumpy contributions by making a grumpy complaining contribution

  23. Best comment on the cup tie being moved



    Brian Flag of Scotland@WeeB1888


    Didn’t see the Royals reschedule anything when Rangers died

  24. Good morning cqn from a dry but cold Garngad



    It would have been good to have the game on Saturday at 4pm as it gives a lot of people a days rest before going back to work on Monday, anyway it is what it is.



    So Police Scotland have decided to cover up the policing of the covid 1st title party and carnage a few weeks ago buy the zombies as it’s in our best interest not to know. Ah they are so thoughtful, bless them.


    Another organisation not fit for purpose, i have never met a good police officer.



    Still no manager well at least we are doing our due diligence…right?



    Still sir Peter’s trophy hall has been magnificent, but how did he do in one of our most important seasons last year of the history of our club?


    I will tell you he FAILED, so he should have been sacked the moment the league was over. After all we have a plan.. right?



    Erect a statue, ffs where does that stop.



    D :)

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