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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    PSV must have had a good laugh looking at that, like a bye to the CL group stage

  2. Every true Celtic Supporter should go up the Celtic Way tomorrow and demand the resignation of all of the Celtic Board ,who have put us in this position.

  3. c’mon Bhoys to much negativity on here , cheer up things can only get better, always look on the bright side, you will all end up on the naughty list for telling it as it is other than happy clapping.




    Normally, you look to the manger to change it BUT he has absolutely nothing on the bench.






    Pish. We were out on our feet and he left it too late.



    Shaw, Urohgide, why are they in the squad?



    Gie me a hint!



    Oh and wait til we sign our new tiny right back for £3m, we’ll be fine.



    Had enough.

  5. Scullybhoy – I’d agree with that apart from Eddie. If he had any medical issues they would be showing up in the fitness stats and data that is routinely used.


    It’s the long goodbye, not the long covid.

  6. fanadpatriot on

    No use getting upset about tonight we all know we are not a Champion League side.


    Our new manager needs time and support to get his team on board .


    This present board know they are on borrowed time ,if they don’t support the manager big time there will be no hiding place for them.Hh

  7. The only positive i can take out of tonight is, we won’t get a humiliation from PSV now.


    What a mess.

  8. LAFAN on 28TH JULY 2021 9:22 PM


    Board won’t be bothered,sb money banked.








  9. On the plus side, I thought Ralston was excellent and our young centre-backs look like they have a future in the game.

  10. Everyone relax, the great moustache is now taking a hands on approach in our transfer policy…

  11. People saying PSV would’ve gubbed us are missing the point. We’d have been guaranteed at least EL group stage football with a win tonight.



    Does anyone on here fancy putting their mortgage on us beating Jablonec?

  12. The young bhoy Dane had an Excellent game considering the Magnitude of it and being his first competitive start. I agree Miydjitlland were no great shakes but our lads were wilting because we didnae have any quality and fit players to come aff the bench and its still Pre-Season.



    It will be interesting if Ange puts the young CH out on loan or will want to work with him.




    Its criminal that the Board could have had Ange in a lot sooner. It made no sense to me when Dominic said that Ange was his Man. Or maybe it did. Why waste time on Eddie Howe as he would have lasted 6 months in Glasgow.

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    the strategy for buidling a squad for the best part of a decade now has been to do the minimum to keep us 10 points ahead of Aberdeen



    and this is the result of that

  14. btw – I’M ALL IN WITH BIG ANGE. We almost scored a phenomenal goal from the keeper , sucking in their players , then a few quick zipped passes led to a shot.



    H needs help – RIGH NOW he needs Dermot or Dom to talk to the media – the are accountable and responsible for this and should OWN their part with the media!



    total disrespect from them at the moment – no clue on the depth of anxiety we have watching this situation!

  15. It’s not about entitlement,it’s about doing The very best for the good of the club,not lining your pockets

  16. TheLurkinTim on

    Timmy7…I could castigate the board on here all night for their seeming lack of effective long-term strategy….hell even mid-term…but to what use (apart from useless venting)…do not mistake my support for the team as a support for the board.

  17. Gutted for Big Ange………..



    meeja, lovin’ it.



    Sleekits gettin’ thur wee digs in.

  18. SB @ 9.24



    Your appreciation of the game tonight ranks with your appreciation of the Atlantic slave trade.


    Hollow / partial / deluded / hackneyed / fanciful rubbish.

  19. Its asking too much of Murray at the moment but his most glaring issue is his passing, it is very poor, Turnbull needs to stop turning back the way, he loses his marker then turns back, he also runs across the park, no threat from him or Rogic tonight. The time wasting was ridiculous tonight and nobody was telling the ref to watch them.

  20. Rolling_Stone on

    The Board have known for 2 seasons that they can get away with taking liberties.



    Last year there were no fans to voice their displeasure, so Neil kept his position for an inordinate amount of time.



    This season, despite the complete car crash we watched last year (and which seems to be continuing), we have sold a significant percentage of our season tickets. This is in spite of the board. They know people are desperate to get back to CP and for a return to a sense of normality.



    So we sell 45k+ season tickets and the much needed rebuild of the club is parked.




  21. timmy7_noted on



    I’d love to agree but have you read some of the head in the sand pish being posted here tonight? Apparently our failure to qualify is down to James Forrest.



    No blame attached to years of downsizing.


    The board must love cqn.

  22. Right Mr McKay, you said World Class in everything, hollow words or sincere?



    Start now on the football department

  23. we need;-





    An entire back line


    A leader in the middle with physicality


    A striker with physicality


    A creative midfielder



    We will get half that



    Keeping Strachan, Kennedy around lets negative energy fester – complete overhaul needed and we go at it again!

  24. IniquitousIV on

    Sevco took seven off this lot two years ago and could have scored 14. If we keep on this trajectory, eliminated by AEK, Cluj, Ferencvaros, and Midtjylland, we will soon be getting papped out by a team from Andorra, Kosovo, or Liechtenstein. What a brass neck the incompetent, duplicitous, mendacious Board must have to not be remotely embarrassed by this shameful, utter travesty.

  25. expected to lose the tie but gutted that despite our handicaps of youth and no no1 keeper, we could have won



    doesn’t anger me like last 2 years as we had mature pros then



    onwards and upwards



    next on RTe is Massacre at Ballymurphy , that’ll cheer me up.



    off to walk the dogs instead

  26. The frightening thing is,how far do the board go with downsizing,will they stop at a half empty stadium?

  27. celtic1member1vote on

    The complete insanity of Dermot and Peter’s decision making particularly over the last couple of years would have been a challenge for even Einstein to comprehend ..



    By making the same insane football decisions then football insanity was the only outcome ..



    Last season’s 25 point gap and also tonight’s result are a consequence of football insanity decision making.

  28. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Good footballers make good football teams


    We just don’t have enough of them



    Barkas and Ajeti £10m – who the f–k did those deals ???



    Here is my worry


    the 3 we have just bought – who did those deals


    If it was the same guy that did the Barkas and Ajeti deal we are even more f–ked



    in the space of a couple of years we have gone from quadruple treble winners to a very poor footbal team


    Its going to be a long season





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