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  1. So now our problem is lack of a target man, just where do you start with that?



    We currently need at least 6 quality additions we’ll probably have two by next season.

  2. Rolling_Stone on

    @ 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 28TH JULY 2021 9:52 PM



    Do you really think Eddie Howe bottled it?



    What is more likely: Eddie How bottled it or that he was given an insight into how the executives run things and thought he wouldn’t risk his reputation on this?



    After all, once the Eddie Howe negotiations broke down, the two lines in circulation (like leaked by his camp) were that (i) the club had no strategy/direction – looks a pretty decent shout now; and (ii) that he would not get his own backroom staff – Ange has not brought in his own guys.



    If anything, Eddie Howe proved that he is a smart operator by swerving this sh*t show.

  3. Re French Eddie, I don’t think it is as simple as downed tools. I really think he is struggling and hates it as much as we do.



    Anyway, off to bed, drunk and unhappy (paid Premier Sports for both legs – why can Celtic TV not offer a reduced Pay Per View?).



    Please, God tomorrow we see some big signings, or I am joining the anti Lawwell, DD, Board, Green Brigade, Celtic TV, Irish Tri-co;our etc



    Feck it = what a shite way to live as a 60 something year old – I blame my father (RIP) for indoctrinating me as a child.



    GlasgowHibs CSC

  4. Hahaha…Ernies opinion…based on zero evidence…gains traction…so answer me this…to what purpose do we need a patsy…is it to bolster the zero evidenced opinion that we need a successful Sevco




  5. We now have a three-season project in front of us.



    This Season: Separate the wheat (if we have any) from the chaff. Discard the chaff. Identify new players and bring some in. Develop our young players. Confirm our playing style.



    Season 2: Develop our style of play and continue to identify players who will fit in. Develop young players. More chaff will be discarded.



    Season 3: Start with a settled squad and playing style. Continue to refine the squad and sign a couple top-class players. Mount a convincing challenge.



    That’s the minimum timescale in my opinion, ‘with a fair wind’- it is probably just as well if we miss out on European competition this season.



    Within twelve months we have contrived to bottom-out early in every competition: CL, EL, SPFL, LC, SC & CL again – that is some fall from grace, a pattern of failure that will not be reversed quickly.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    If we have been knocked out of Europe by a worse side I’m struggling to find it , shocking

  7. LAFAN ! totally agree bud !! ! tiresome, happens every year ! but remember we can’t complain, or we are. ungratefull hunzz !!! allegedly !! we are not half of anything 😂😂😂

  8. Timmy7…JFC…again twisting my words…I think us having a target man would be a part of the solution…but you know that

  9. We lost badly to a very weak team tonight.



    There are no excuses for it, and that includes the late appointment of Ange and all the Howe dithering.



    I believe we would have lost to PSV if we had not lost toniight but that does not make me feel it is any more acceptable.



    I excuse Ange who has been working with guys who never even had a reserve development year last year.



    We will be better when he has recruited his own but now the Jablonec tie is vital so we maintain a Europa presence.



    The league is the be all and end all for me. Sevco are deserved odds on favourites for it but I beleive they are a low enough bar, even though they are currently better than us, and I do not believe that is beyond us at all.



    Terrible night, nevertheless.

  10. ernie lynch,



    Thats interesting as I don’t think that Eddie Howe would have lasted very long in Scotland just like BTM.



    I hope the Celtic Support give him Time to implement his way of playing. Howe he wisnae here sooner – is a f’n mystery.



    I remember you talking about us losing for 2 years giving the new hun oxygen (specifically the Guaranteed £40Mill) – I wouldnae put it past em. We hud £40Mill in the bank none of that going on the pitch – we saw the players brought in for 10 in a row. It should not have been left to that Season. As it happens every big Signing has been a dud.



    Support the Team.

  11. ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH JULY 2021 10:00 PM





    Big Ange has the look of a PATSY,shame seems a decent sort.









    Puts me in mind of BTM.






    I think your wide of the mark with BTM … lovely fella but we were completely clueless under the big fella … we lost the ball and just stood about both full backs up the pitch at the same time … completely terrible



    Give big Ange a break …. Enough problems at the moment without inventing new ones

  12. Any word fron Ange? hearing he has been interviewed and said amongst other things



    “I obviously haven’t done a good enough job of convincing people we need players in”



    Quite brave if he has said that

  13. Why did:



    Lou Macari


    Kenny Dalglish


    Charlie Nic


    Brian McClair





    Leave us? Can we blame PL or DD?



    Just asking.

  14. GEEBEE1978 @ 9:32 PM,



    That’s exactly the point isn’t it? There are fholk who come on here, trying to make out it is they who are the true Celtic supporters and they didn’t even know the significance of winning this tie.



    That performance was woeful for two reason the first, our European progression is still up in the air – if we had won we could be planning for EUL minimum, that’s exactly the certainty we need, especially finalising signings at this stage of the transfer window.



    Secondly and this is worse, our fitness levels, we run out of steam at eighty minutes of that tie – the players on the pitch today who played under Brendan Rodgers are a shadow of themselves, especially in conditioning.



    This is not really surprising though. It is a well known fact that Ronny Delia could scarcely believe the condition of the Celtic players when he took over.



    Poor fitness levels, poor training regime, poor diet, poor sports science, badly run football department…



    Ronny got rid of the bad practise and started to revolutionise the approach throughout the Club, bringing the approach in line with a modern top professional football club.



    Brendan Rodgers and staff continued and enhanced the good work in that regard. The technique, fitness, training regime, sports science, analytics all in all a state of the art professional approach.



    Now look, it took the guy who passed RD an out of condition squad, out of sorts squad one season to bring that treble wining side down to the level we seen this evening.



    Giving Neil Lennon the Celtic job the second time was a complete dereliction of duty, not sacking him as the squad condition and performance nose dived was idiotic, taking a further six months to start the huge repair work was simply moronic.




    What on earth was going through these guys heads!? We cannot allow this level of stupidity to carry on.



    This is no longer complacency or incompetence, what we are witnessing is gross negligence.



    Hail Hail

  15. Well, well, well.



    I cannot even be bothered reading back.



    As surely everyone will agree that the board have miraculously fecked our club inside out.



    A bunch of charlatans that knew about the 5 way agreement but kept shtum to tonight’s debacle where we play young bhoys, wantaways, no- one – wants players and diddies.


    If anyone who has played football cannot see that our goalkeepers are a shambles, our defence is a shambles 2 x centre backs excluded but should be used as subs coming on. Christie is a player who runs about like Taylor with no end product and wants away. Edouard wants away and could not give a feck.


    Ralston an utter joke, none of the loan teams wanted him. Utter diddie the same as Taylor.


    Rogic a luxury player.



    We are in trouble here, forget Europe there is a golden ticket at stake this year for winning the league. We play the horrible Hearts on Saturday and the Huns in 4 weeks and we could be behind the eight ball after 1 month of the league.


    We all knew last year that Lenny was not the man for the job and to wait months for Eddie cow is ridiculous…honestly.



    D :)

  16. Celtic Dawn…why would you quote our manager…but pre-qualify it with “hearing”…if he said It, source please?

  17. Rolling_Stone on

    @ SCULLYBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 10:15 PM



    Players leaving is not the issue…is anyone arguing it is?

  18. Chairboy.


    The head in the sand lot want to ignore all of that and give those who implemented that disastrous strategy our full and unwavering support. Personally I agree with everything you posted, as long as we support the charlatans financially nothing ever changes.

  19. squire danaher on

    CHAIRBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 10:15 PM



    A case could be made for your final sentence also containing the word ‘wilful’.

  20. TLT



    The BBC are carrying the following quotes



    “I think I’ve been pretty consistent in saying we need new players and the club is working hard to get those players in,” he explains.


    “Our supporters just want to see us bring in the reinforcements we need and I need to keep reinforcing my views on it as strongly as I possibly can.


    “The targets we had yesterday will be the same tomorrow.


    “I’ve made my position on exits clear. Anyone who doesn’t want to be here is welcome to go. I’m not going to waste too much time thinking about that.”

  21. 1 shot on goal in the second half of normal time.



    No shots on goal or at goal in 30 minutes of extra time.



    That’s 75 minutes with 1 shit on goal.



    Absoloutley shocking.



    D :)

  22. FFM’s cracking video of what Tony Mowbray had to deal with was unbelievable. Can’t quite remember its title – Penultimate…………



    I think Ange is a tougher dude and the Whole World is watching.




    Just move the French dudes on ASAP.

  23. Thanks UJ…so nothing new…Ange wants players in (no surprise) and he wants players out…am shocked lol

  24. glendalystonsils on

    CHAIRBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 10:15 PM



    Nail firmly hit on the head there . A lack of professionalism brought , lenny back to the club , kept him there way past his sell by date and allowed the team to slide back into the bad old days when footballers didn’t realise that they were supposed to be professional athletes as well .

  25. THELURKINTIM on 28TH JULY 2021 10:17 PM



    I picked it up from Kerrydale Street, where it was taken from the radio.



    I didn’t hear it so apologies if I’ve inadvertently misled anyone

  26. There has to be more wrong with Eddie than just not trying. There is nothing in the tank. The burst of pace, the touch, the close control. All gone.



    Never been right since COVID.



    But if that’s the case, the manager would see that in training and not play him. Right?