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  1. D66, as long as the support are happy to accept the mushroom treatment nothing ever will.

  2. Game ended as I expected tonight, none of this is on Ange in my opinion. Celtic’s slow motion approach to things is at the core of the problem. A back line with less than 100 games for celtic tells it’s own story.



    The current slogan the focus is our future should be changed to the focus is now. Sorry but the level of incompetence from the top wigs is awful. If they dont want to do the job in hand then just fuck off and let someone who will do the job in.




  3. “European football is important, it’s one of the main priorities for the club and this year is no different.” Quote from Ange Postecoglou yesterday.



    Evidence Ange? Or did someone tell you that and you believed It?

  4. So Ange saying ” feels like people at the club haven’t understood just how light the squad is” on Radio shortbread earlier.



    Ange welcome to the self preservation society that is the Celtic board. Cheats and liars to a man.



    D :)

  5. D66…minimum we need to effect a high press is 2 up front to harass the opponents back line…

  6. I thought one of the few positives tonight was our energy to win the ball back in the opposition half, in the first half anyway but our lack of quality let’s us down no matter the style.


    Trying to implement a particular style without the right players will only result in failure.


    As long as we lose very soft goals no amount of pressing will be a successful strategy.


    We will continue to lose soft goals until we resolve the defensive issues, it ain’t rocket science though some would have you believe it is.

  7. Many ppl exonerating anger. But, but how has he not played hazard in goal, surely he’s better than the other 2. Bain caused a goal cos he didn’t clear a ball, trying to play it short. They scored from it. Also, why allow Edouard to play? What a despicable display from the player who did the same last season. Finally, why did anger insist, insist, insist, on playing the ball out from the back. We were still doing it in 118 minutes, often disastrously. It’s like lenny sacrificing his team on the altar of his ego, ie do what I say cos I said it. They stopped the short ball after 70 minutes and never did it again. Truly damaging tactics from ange, which augur very badly for the future.


    Ps I said months ago that if fans bought sts they would actually be damaging the team, and we have seen the literal results tonight. The board are tory capitalusts who obviously don’t support celtic.

  8. Timmy7 – I think the board managed to manoeuvre (to keep their half of their old firm afloat) or let the title slip last year with no fans in stadium there was no need for them to panic. There attitude of – If the plebs rebel put up fences.



    This year with bums on seats there will be no hiding place.



    D :)

  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    Saw this on Twitter and thought it was apt



    Scrimp and haggle over players fees while trying to qualify with players that weren’t good enough the season before.



    Are the support still solely to blame?

  10. The champions of Moldova have progressed further than Celtic in the Champions League.


    I mentioned earlier that Ange had said Europe was a priority and this year was no different.


    He was certainly correct in it being no different.


    Same old, same old.

  11. Iniquitousiv…”we want to beat every time we play” not a real quote but needs as much evidence as yer nonsense post

  12. TLT – Aye and that’s 2 willing runners.



    Eddie could not give a feck and we only play with 1 up top and a wide man, same as it ever was. Talking heads style.



    D :)

  13. Think big Ange should forget the mic on the training ground and wear it when dealing with the board regarding transfer targets and non trying players. Now that would be worth the watch. See these bastards for what they really are.

  14. Wonder how TGD is feeling tonight.



    I assume he knew there was a game on. Him being such a lifelong fan and everything.

  15. I don’t see us qualifying for the Europa. We won’t be seeded for the play offs this season and that’s if we get past the Czechs – In itself a big ask for these players.



    I think I’d rather a season without European football as play in the conference.



    Everything so far is pointing towards a continuation of last season. Eddie not trying a leg, fitness just not there and our defending is shocking.



    We need a huge rebuild.



    Hartson spoke about a two year rebuild tonight and I think he’s right.



    Squad players like Rogic, Griff, Bain, Ralston, Ajeti & Bolingoli are simply not good enough and need to be moved on over the next three transfer windows. Our starting 11 is weak but the options from the bench simply aren’t there.



    Lawwell has a lot to answer for in allowing Celtic to regress to this level.



    We need 10-15 plus players to turn this around and I don’t see us doing that in one season.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s a double edged sword, you have a limited, very limited squad, but you have a way you wanna play, so do you play to the limited strength of the weakest parts of the team that your replacing at some point in the future (at this rate January) and sacrifice those that will be in your starting 11 or do you stick to your philosophy. In the end if you wanna stay around you’ll have to learn how we play. Anyone blaming Ange for this is up way past their bedtime



    The BBC should be banned we know they have an agenda (perhaps someone should call them out) and Tom English probably still runs his stories by the huns

  17. This is all on us tonight. The media will lap it up (watched it at my mate’s and suffered the commentary which is always muted at home) and pray for more slippage at Swinecastle.

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Like Scullybhoy, Burnley, Stivs I thought the young team were fantastic tonight. Let’s get right behind them because they are the future. They were just unlucky to come up against a frankly wonderful Midgetland team tonight, but can take confidence from their heroic performance into next week’s Europa tie vs Jobbynets.



    They too are a frankly fantastic side and it would be a lot to ask of our plucky young heroes to emerge victorious, but we’ll stand behind the buoys all the way. It may even be the case that we can fully populate our bench next week and without the addition if our 4th choice keeper (although it’s always good to prepare for 2 goalie injuries wot?).



    Finally, can I just add my own tribute to the men responsible for tonight. The not quite departed CEO is a Celtic man to his core. He’s just the greatest, And the chairman, what can you say? Just one if us really. And Mr Desmond? We worship at your gold-tipped feet massa.



    Onwards and upwards to Shitecastle, where those dastardly huns refs are bound to have in for our callow boys in the hoops. It might be another plucky defeat, but united we stand. Hip, hip!



    Mine was a real quote from today’s CQN Latest News. So not nonsense. Ange said European football was a priority for Celtic. And a fine job Dominic and the Board are doing to prove it is so.

  20. Reading back,lots of comments it’s not Anges fault,fair enough regarding what he inherited.


    What is on Ange is playing Edoard after viewing him for at least 4 games,taking off Soro,fair enough,but replacing him with Rogic in a combatitive role when he had Shaw available.


    Continuing with Taylor who despite effort caused no.impact on left.



    Not refreshing team at 1 1


    Bringing on Forrest,which might have worked had he lived up to his rep as a Senior professional and put us 2 up,his contribution waned after that.


    Not recognising sooner that Turnbull.is a 65 min player and loses forward running power around that time and turns back as opposed to forward.



    So rightly he can’t be blamed but if he has missed a few points which to me are evident then it is partially on him.



    By the way Eric so slow,yet Edouard never bothered him once.



    Ralston will never be Danny McGrain but he put his heart and soul into his job and should be applauded for doing so.



    Sour grapes but they were not a good team and yet we are out.

  21. Seriously does anyone see improvement from the shambles under, Lenny, Kennedy and Strachan.



    I did see improvement from our younger players in 2 friendly but when we stepped up against Preston and West Ham. We regressed.



    Why is Ralston even near that team. We have needed a right back since before Lustig left us.



    D :)

  22. Well,they are all on tonight.


    Shocking to go out at first qualifier.Reading back,I have notread one word of sense.We all know the problem,but why come on here and whinge.


    You have a home game next week,plenty of time to get a protest together,or do you only whinge on here,useless,and leave that to the GB,then slaughter them when it does not suit you.


    Grow a pair.All the anger you bring on here,channel it towards the guilty next week.


    In Ange I trust.

  23. I remember being on this site the night St Mirren pumped us and BTM was eventually sacked, there were still a hard core abusing anyone calling for his sacking.


    It feels very much like that again tonight with none of the board supporters actually arguing facts from a pro board position other than suggesting that any negative comments make you a lesser supporter.

  24. Exc44 – We were saying same thing regards Taylor he took him off and put on young Monty. A like for like sub. Now if he would have went 3 at the back and pushed young Monty up fair enough but why a left back for a left back.






    D :)

  25. squire danaher on

    DAVID66 on 28TH JULY 2021 10:58 PM



    I think you’re very harsh on Ralston.



    I do not think he is a long-term answer at RB, but if the boy has had a better game in a Celtic jersey I haven’t seen it.



    There are others more worthy of being singled out for their displays tonight.

  26. Wishaw tim on 28th July 2021 10:42 pm



    emday confident fur saturday!! draw at best !!!






    I think we will be way too sharp for them.



    A lot of energy methinks.



    Edouard should be checking out the morra. An Incredible player, One of the best I’ve seen live but he isnae wanting to be here, IMO he is so Good he can miss by a millimetre.



    It’s not that his head has been turned. He just used Celtic as a stepping stone. If Ryan commits to a new Contract I’d be happy but I think he has played these games to show how Decent he is. And he has been cracking at times in these 2 legs.



    Domestically, I think we are gonnae do very well. Thats never been my issue – The Greatest Nights…… who knows they may even become days :(( have been exiting to Partizan & Progressing against Sporting by 5 as well.




    You Will notice no Big 5 Countries.



    Ye Live in Hope.

  27. squire danaher on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 28TH JULY 2021 11:01 PM



    Did you not type










    from your sick bed…..

  28. TIMMY7_NOTED @ 10:21 PM,



    Yes, it really is time to ask what these “head in the sand” ghuys are seeing – it is a totally indefensible position, do they really not see the stark reality in front of them or are they just too head strong to admit they’ve been so wide of the mark all along.



    SQUIRE DANAHER @ 10:21 PM,



    Yes – if it isn’t wilful then what is it? It’s either that or they don’t have the first clue about how to run a football club.






    Yes, what did they really expect from Lenny, that his time failing at Bolton and Hibs had somehow transformed him into an elite, progressive football coach? What nonsense, when he came in as caretaker they told him “hands off” don’t change a thing. So why give him the job full time three months later!?



    A disaster waiting to happen, OK, they may have had their reasons for that but why prolong it into this season.



    Something is very, very wrong.



    Hail Hail

  29. Second best team in Scotland knocked out of CL by the second best team in Denmark. Despite being in front in both games. Denmark, a nation that reached the semi-finals of the Euros, and whose team are well clear in Scotland’s World Cup group. Thought we would need two goals over ninety minutes to go through, and so it proved. We put in a fair effort for a fair part of the game, but as time wore on, were increasingly on the back foot, whilst the Danes bolstered by their substitutions, got stronger and stronger, especially in extra time. Some good players too. The CL is not for us, the EL will be a bit of a stretch, but possible. We’ll find out soon enough if the SPL is going to be a bit of a stretch an all. Starting at Tynecastle.