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  1. TURKEYBHOY – You might well trust Ange but the board have left him with a shit show.



    This is a forum for discussion not nirvana were the Rose’s are red and the world is great blah, blah, blah.



    It’s all about discussions and debate.



    D :)

  2. Seriously does anyone see improvement from the shambles under, Lenny, Kennedy and Strachan.






    Is that a surprise though ? We’ve kept two of that three in position. We look every bit as unfit as we did last season.



    Early days and all but we were blowing out our asses after 70 mins tonight. Exactly like last season.

  3. The lack of fight, particularly in extra time, does not augur well for the season ahead.

  4. David 66,


    So its a fault of Ange,trying to shape some semblance of a defence out of what he had.



    Altogether now,


    Who would have played Ajeti in front of Edouard’s?.


    Easy after the game innit.?

  5. A really hurting Celtic Fanatic tonight


    How on earth did we get here – we knew the situation last year Sept, we would be facing Now.



    Now we are out of CL – I honestly think we need Dominic to come out and tells us, we are reviewing in-depth our current structure, and will sort inside next 6 months



    Firstly get the correct coaches in place to support Ange, and develop our youths, and style of play he wants.


    Secondly get our Scouting sorted



    With regards the team – take a slight breather and see what can be developed over next few months


    Make significant moves in January and summer 2022 transfer window.



    Goalkeeper- urgently needed, move on Barkas or Bain


    Right back – hold off, can we develop a Stephen Welsh, Lee O’Connor or Osaze Urhoghide to be our answer


    Left Back – hold off, can we develop Adam Montgomery or Leo Hjelde ( if he’s staying) to be the answer ? Greg Taylor as back up


    Centre Halfs – hold off, we have Carl Starfelt in tomorrow, we have Juliene coming back in a few months, can we develop Dane Murray, Stephen Welsh, Leo Hjelde or Osaze Urhoghide ??



    Midfield – can we get Ryan Christie signed back up ?, can we develop Scott Robertson and Liam Shaw to support, Calum McGregor, David Turnbull, Ismael Soro



    We need a left sided midfielder, and a new No10 in my view



    Forward line – we have our Japanese signing arriving this week, sign another 1st team starter Centre Forward.



    As above, get correct coaching set up to drive the above to succeed



    Move on


    Barkas or Bain












    Spend next 6 months identifying a replacement for Leigh Griffiths



    We can and should Get decent loan deals at end of this window, to get us through to next season.


    So should be identifying, a goalkeeper, a left sided midfielder, a No10 and a new Striker in next few months, use the loan system to cover these until we have identified the correct calibre



    Ange assess your needs – start rebuild once you have assessed and not what the previous scouting regime has identified



    Dom, tell us the strategy, and the fans will support



    In the meantime I and still absolutely fuming,


    We had enough to beat this team


    Our coaching to win this type of game is sadly lacking

  6. Squire D – There was many a pish player tonight.



    But Rzlston takes the biscuit he does nothing the same as Taylor on the other side, busy players doing nothing but losing possession.



    No one wants Ralston for goodness sake.



    D :)

  7. ernie lynch on 28th July 2021 11:06 pm



    The lack of fight, particularly in extra time, does not augur well for the season ahead.



    Spot on Ernie, we have no winners and no obvious team spirit. Sadly the Huns have that in abundance

  8. squire danaher on

    CHAIRBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 11:03 PM



    The downsizing has been so thorough that it is simply not possible for such a complete destruction to have been purely down to neglect.



    I don’t buy that this is “falling asleep at the wheel” or “taking the eye off the ball”.

  9. Norrie.


    6months !!! Really? They have had 18 and we’ve gone backwards but another 6 will help? Seriously.

  10. my view



    Bain – poor and took risks


    Ralston – burst a gut and played well in there half in 1st half


    Welsh – struggled a bit but fought all night


    Murray – did brilliant for a guy who would nit have expected game time this year


    Taylor – poor, out of position, stops no crosses. a 5 a side player


    McGregor – class


    Soro – average. dives in too much


    Turnbull – selfish tonight; shame , looked sharp Saturday


    Abada – marked out of it


    Christie – MOTM


    Edouard – did nothing, tried nothing – sell him


    Forrest – came on like a bomb, shame he missed that chance. tired


    Rogic – nothing. can leave now


    Ajeti – not a player


    Montgomery – no time to do much

  11. David 66,


    We have players coming in.I don’t see much debate.90% whingeing.


    Probably passes for debate on here now.

  12. TURKEYBHOY- No play either 2 up top or 2 wingers.



    Mityland are pish.



    Christie and Turnbull get in each others road so sacrifice 1 of them and go with another winger or Aneti through the middle, Eddie out wide left and Abadil (sorry spelling) wide right.



    Eddie is a shadow of himself and JK should be lrtti g Ange know that



    D :)

  13. Celtic Mac on 28th July 2021 11:04 pm



    Second best team in Scotland knocked out of CL by the second best team in Denmark. Despite being in front in both games. Denmark, a nation that reached the semi-finals of the Euros, and whose team are well clear in Scotland’s World Cup group. Thought we would need two goals over ninety minutes to go through, and so it proved. We put in a fair effort for a fair part of the game, but as time wore on, were increasingly on the back foot, whilst the Danes bolstered by their substitutions, got stronger and stronger, especially in extra time. Some good players too. The CL is not for us, the EL will be a bit of a stretch, but possible. We’ll find out soon enough if the SPL is going to be a bit of a stretch an all. Starting at Tynecastle.






    Patience is needed. Robbie Nielson seems to do well at the Clubs he manages. He will have his charges going for Celtic as we are weak at the moment.



    Strong as an Ox young Dane in Extra Time. Big Future, IMO.



    I wonder what Bampot of a Referee is doing our game on Saturday?

  14. Sevco took 7 off this team in Gerrard’s first season. Maybe miyditlland have improved significantly since then but I don’t know. What I do know is that the sevco team we will face this season will be a lot stronger than the sevco team that thrashed them a couple of years ago.


    Sevco are clearly improving year on year. We are getting worse.



    Not one Midtjylland player made the Danish Euro 2020 squad. They will be pumped silly by PSV. They actually had a much stronger team when Sevco took 7 off them two years ago.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If we had brought in a new manager in January/February, we could have been in a far better place than we are now,not hindsight, plenty on here were saying the same.

  17. squire danaher on

    WESTCRAIGS on 28TH JULY 2021 11:16 PM



    You will be accused of being a Hun with that kind of talk.

  18. Absolutely giving Ange the benefit of the doubt. However, we were not cut open we had just ran out of legs.



    I know we didn’t have great quality on the bench but we should’ve made subs earlier.



    Árd Macha

  19. Dear oh dear.Grow a pair.


    Don’t come on here,reiterating the same point.It does nothing.


    Let them know next week.


    Read enough nonsense.

  20. BadaBing,


    Bringing in a manager when you don’t have one? That’s a radical idea, why didn’t I think of that? Luckily we have a talented board in charge who would never do anything so silly, waiting 105 days was the clever way forward.

  21. Timmy7


    Yes, gave Ange and Dom, both who only started inside last 7 weeks time to assess



    As stated it’s my view only


    It is still the same hapless Scouting players identified by a failed scouting system) and coaching structure that failed in last 12 months


    It appears the same names still acting in the background ?


    Dominic needs to put his stamp of n the club and structure


    Likewise Ange



    For me as stated, we had enough to win this game


    I see no difference in how we have been coached to play it


    Let Ange get his team and develop


    We also have some encouraging youths who should be developed over next 12 meeting months



    As stated, many clubs will be offering good quality players on loan come end of game this window


    Use it effectively 🤔


    And get structure ( including Scouting, and correctly identified players to play Ange system) sorted



    Ps – try to identify players bigger than the current 5’8″ limit we have set

  22. petec



    Patience is one of the virtues


    She cannot be defeated…..by anger




  23. Norrie thanks for the response I’m sorry I misread you’re original post. I agree we need to give Ange time but I don’t trust the board to give him what he wants, we need significant changes at board level. Otherwise you are trusting people who took 105 days to appoint a manager.


    All the best.

  24. been a Celtic fan for more than 50 years. thought tonight there were some good performances.


    but if anyone can defend our boards performance over the last 18 months they are not of the true faith. the faith of stein, McNeill and dalglish.


    Paul has to show where he stands now. are you a board sycophant or a Celtic fan.


    we are in a pathetic state and should have hammered that team.


    Paul where are you? I await your response.

  25. Bada,


    What would this new manager,whoever he might have been,done differently.No transfer window,same unhappy players,wanting to go.ECL qualifiers coming like an express train amid,Euros,holidays,Olympics,Covid restrictions.Not being obtuse,would seriously like to know.


    Seems a hopeless task to me..

  26. Lose to Jablonec and the mighty Celtic may be in the same hat for the Conference draw with the likes of Liepaja, Tobol, Krshla, Vorskla, Levadia, Milsami, Vllaznia, Rakow, Laci, Dunajska, Pogon, Sivasspor, Petrocub, Zhodino, Sutjeska, Borac, Prishtina, Drita, Panevezys, Gzira, or Aris. Yeah? Me neither.



    That will be guaranteed to bring the fantastic European nights under the disco lights back to Celtic Park. How much further can we fall? A bit to go yet, I’m afraid.

  27. inquisitouv



    Lossl their goalkeeper was in the Danish National squad


    Other than that keep up the good work!

  28. Árd Macha on 28th July 2021 11:23 pm



    Absolutely giving Ange the benefit of the doubt. However, we were not cut open we had just ran out of legs.




    I know we didn’t have great quality on the bench but we should’ve made subs earlier.




    Árd Macha






    We had Nothing on the bench, and the Quality we did have wisnae fully fit.



    When Ajeti gets on for 15 minutes from 120 minutes Ange has made a decision – One I agree with. I really dislike Celtic Players Diving. Ajeti is a diver, IMO.



    He is just not suited to Celtic and Quite Frankly not Good enough.

  29. Turkeybhoy.


    Is that a serious question? You really don’t know why bringing in the manager earlier would have helped?

  30. Even the most blind board apologists can’t defend taking 105 days to appoint a manager?

  31. TURKEYBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 11:35 PM



    ‘Not being obtuse’






    Perhaps not intentionally.

  32. Lambert 14,



    Stop being a total Tart.PL might start to get jealous.You are beginning to mention me more than him.


    You veree naughty boy you.