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  1. Lambert 14,



    “Was I a supporter of the Grant Kellys,and Whites”,


    Just so happens I was promoting Jim Mc Cann,in Glasgow.I had sold out the City Halls,Airdrie Town Hall,and Croy Club.Room for one more.He wanted to play the Jock Stein Lounge,I got a meeting with Grant.Lounge comfortably seated around 150-175.I offered him Mc Cann for 250 quid,only so Jim could sing there,saying he could get 10 quid a ticket,and the Bar.


    Said he had to take it to the Board.


    Got an answer back 2 days later saying sorry no,but could manage squeeze him a 5 of his family into Croy.


    Yes,my favourite people.

  2. Big George,



    Did you miss anyone there?


    Give them Pelter’s next week😈

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TURKEYBHOY on 29TH JULY 2021 1:03 AM



    I know – sorry for the language :-) – Maderators please delete



    Just scunnered at the level of rebuild that has been left for Ange – and Dominic McKay to be honest.



    Both men are picking up a complete pile of crap.



    They’ll get abuse for early performances – you can see it happening already – but none of this is of their doing. Splitting hairs about – “he could have put on youth player A before youth player B, or he could have put on untried reserve C earlier to replace new player D” completely misses the point!!!!



    We have been left by Lawwell (primarily) and Neil Lennon (latterly) in an utter shambles of a position in terms of the first team squad – I think not one single Celtic supporter could refute that (although doubtless I’ll be proven wrong).



    Both of the current men holding the positions need understanding and support to put their plans in place.



    Previous incumbents – in both roles – deserve every bit of (reasoned / non-abusive) criticism that comes their way.






  4. BGFC —good summary.



    Capitulation by club —- season gone with no leadership on or off park.



    The support will drift away as they have found other things to do at weekend. The club don’t care and apathy will set in — covid limit of 30 k will suffice.



    At Ibrox they will bank 40 mil for CL qualification and 40 next season for winning the league.



    They will show us no mercy —- unlike Lawwell and his helping 5WA agreement hand.



    That’s the beancounters legacy’s ; restoring the old club to the top of the Scottish football.

  5. IniquitousIV on



    I’d appreciate someone telling me (cos I can’t find mention of it)…was there any evidence of the team playing in that new AP shape and style we saw in some of the pre-season hit outs ??



    Hello Quad, the team kept the ball moving quickly, particularly in the first half and first 10 minutes of the second. We had 63% possession over 120 minutes, yet managed only 5 shots to their 12. All players, with the exception of Odsonne, put in a real shift. Turnbull, Abada and Taylor ran out of gas, as did Forrest after an initial flurry. Ajeti and Montgomery weren’t on long enough to judge.


    So to answer your question, yes, there was evidence of the new style, but unfortunately the team has too many young, naive, inexperienced, physically weak, and frankly poor players to overcome a team with any savvy, ir to withstand fast counterattacks. They waited until we were almost wiped out, then took over. I think we will see versions of this in the SPL this season. Running full pelt at 2 sitting banks of 5 is not going to pay dividends, so it will be interesting to see how Ange tackles this. As you can see from the blog, the Board has dealt him a ridiculously poor hand.

  6. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 28TH JULY 2021 10:08 PM



    If we have been knocked out of Europe by a worse side I’m struggling to find it , shocking



    *Neuchatel Xamax 5 Celtic 1



    P Bonner; M McNally, D Wdowczyk, P Grant, D Whyte, S Fulton, B O’Neil, P McStay, A Cascarino (G Creaney 80), T Coyne (J MIller 63), C Nicholas.



    Next game St Mirren 0 Celtic 5




    Artmedia Bratislava 5 Celtic 0



    Marshall, Telfer, Varga, Balde Camara, Zurawski (Maloney 60), Lennon, Petrov Thompson (Aliadierre 66), Hartson Sutton (McGeady 17).



    Next Game Motherwell 4 Celtic 4

  7. SQUIRE DANAHER on 28TH JULY 2021 11:02 PM


    DAVID66 on 28TH JULY 2021 10:58 PM



    I think you’re very harsh on Ralston. I do not think he is a long-term answer at RB, but if the boy has had a better game in a Celtic jersey I haven’t seen it.



    *absolutely, he dumped one of them on his erse early doors ala Ian Young just tae let him know he was there. Sometimes you need journeymen in your side tae complement the sand dancers,

  8. quadrophenian on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 29TH JULY 2021 1:42 AM



    Thanks for the summary – obv, I agree the custodians have left the cupboard a bit too bare for him.



    Glad to hear they were trying to implement his ways but worried that it doesnt work against the rows of four and five. HH

  9. quadrophenian on

    PETEC – glad to hear Tony R did well.


    Have said before; maligned character and easily as good a defender as any Dutch or Scouser we’ve had at RB.



    Hope his confidence grows and he continues to improve.

  10. Quadrophenian,



    Anthony was Balloning a few crosses in Pre-Season games and I was groaning at him doing so. He put in a couple of belters last night. He wullnae be a KT but he impressed me last night. Crucially he wants to be Playing for Glasgow Celtic.

  11. TheLurkinTim on




    We have been left by Lawwell (primarily) and Neil Lennon (latterly) in an utter shambles of a position in terms of the first team squad – I think not one single Celtic supporter could refute that (although doubtless I’ll be proven wrong).





    I doubt you’ll be proven wrong….;-))



    But those that use this to denigrate the team, on a constant basis, bore the living shit out of me…;-))




  12. TheLurkinTim on

    Ange: Right lads, we’ve got an important game coming up…probably the most important of the season…so far….



    Team: Aye boss



    Ange: You all understand what is expected of you re tactics/formations?



    Team: Aye boss



    Ange: That’s great…but some of you understand that you’re not in my long term plans



    Team: eh?





    Part of a dressing-room transcript I jist made up lol ;-))




  13. Sláinte Ange on

    WISHAW TIM on 28TH JULY 2021 10:42 PM


    emday confident fur saturday!! draw at best !!!




    Aye me. We will beat the tarts nae buther!


    In Ange we trust

  14. Before a ball was kicked, I mentioned the new boss will get my full support for the season. He cannot be blamed for the threadbare side he has inherited.


    JHB made an excellent post last night re the 3 year rebuild we now need. I don’t disagree with the timeline. However, I do wonder if it is a job for one man?


    I believed we would have gone for 1 of 2 management structures.


    Either DoF with a head coach under or a new broom. A Bournemouth style, fully tooled up, management team. 4 or 5 of an established team, working together like a well oiled machine.


    Instead, we brought in one man. On his own. We gave him the biggest rebuild job in 20 years. This man. On his own.


    Good luck, Ange. You’ll need it my friend.

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Disappointed at last nights result, it wasn’t entirely unexpected but we go on,


    hopefully with the backing of the board for the players Ange needs.


    Hilarious reading the mega neggars talking to their alter ego’s on reading back


    on here.


    PETERLATCHFORDSBELLYBUTTON and LAMBERT should really get a room.


    What!!!..they are in the same room.


    Well they should take a wee holiday and have ONENIGHTINLISBON and if they’re


    RC they could head round to ST TAMS and get a wee blessing.




    H.H. Mick

  16. Good morning CQN



    A disappointing result last night to say the least, on chances and opportunities created we should have progressed through the tie, the first issue for Ange no matter what system he employs is a secure defense, we will not close the gap on Sevco without defensive frailties being addressed.



    There is no doubt as the main problem is structural, no DOF, Director of recruitment, Tech Director, the club lacks the drive from professional football management with the know-how for a football dept to progress and win in 2021, a CEO from Rugby and a PLC which contains no knowledgable experienced football people within it is not the way forward for the football dept, power and control has to be transferred not easy when you have held that power for 17 years.



    Ange has inherited a dysfunctional dept he has personal issues which will come to an end when the transfer window closes we hope at that point he has a squad he can mold to his football philosophy, in the meantime Ange keep firefighting and be practical, introducing your philosophy is a luxury you can’t afford at this time, winning is everything now

  17. timmy7_noted on

    lionroars67 on 29th July 2021 7:04 am



    Good post, but if anyone believes that Ange will get the players he is asking for you have not been paying attention.

  18. LIONROARS67 on 29TH JULY 2021 7:04 AM



    That’s exactly it and that’s what worries me more than yesterday’s defeat.



    It might’ve been easier to take if the club was bedding in a new recruitment team, sports scientists, a DoF and Ange was getting used to his squad and new backroom staff – but it’s the same infrastructure but with Ange instead of Lennon – even his coaches are the same!



    I’m not convinced that even Ange bringing in a few players will help massively. Of course, we might see a few better results in the short-term but the issues that have plagued us recently are still there and it’s time for Dermont and Dom to use the broom from the top down.



    As was said last night, we knew the CL would come early for us but we as a club have made absolutely no effort to qualify.

  19. My friends in Celtic,



    It seems the common theme is that Ange takes very little blame for our capitulation last night.


    He has got a huge job on his hands and I like what I have seen of him so far , however if we are truthful we must admit it is a gamble. Can he adapt to a completely different environment at 55 years old.



    He needs a leader on the park to drive the team on, implement his instructions and show leadership qualities. Calum McGregor is not the man for this.



    He may be a fine footballer in patches, but he is no leader.



    My God, how did it come to this ?



    HH to all.



    PS : Don’t quite understand the criticism of Anthony Ralston last night. Anyone who watched the game knows he game everything and was by no means the only weak link.

  20. TONTINE TIM on 29TH JULY 2021 1:58 AM


    SQUIRE DANAHER on 28TH JULY 2021 11:02 PM





    DAVID66 on 28TH JULY 2021 10:58 PM



    I think you’re very harsh on Ralston. I do not think he is a long-term answer at RB, but if the boy has had a better game in a Celtic jersey I haven’t seen it.



    *absolutely, he dumped one of them on his erse early doors ala Ian Young just tae let him know he was there. Sometimes you need journeymen in your side tae complement the sand dancers,






    Guys of course he will have an odd game where he does ok, never Celtic class.



    Another who should be no where near our club.



    Big George is spot on in his assessment.



    Turkeybhoy I am curious – why wait to next week to discuss the board, what happens next week are we going to be playing badly or something?



    D :)

  21. GREENPINATA on 29TH JULY 2021 7:37 AM



    Agree on Ralston. I thought he had a decent game. Clearly, he’s not the long-term answer but he and our young center-back pairing acquitted themselves well.



    They weren’t the problem per se rather than why are we in a situation where they are starting CL games.



    I said a couple of months ago we’ll probably be starting the CL campaign with Bitton and Welsh at CB with Kennedy and Strachan in the dug-out.



    It was gallows humour and I was half-joking….I should’ve put money on it.

  22. Oh and good morning all from an overcast but dry at the moment Springburn (work)



    I think most agree that Ange has been dealt a shit hand.



    Hopefully we will move more quickly in transfers to give the guy a chance.



    D :)

  23. timmy7_noted on

    geebee1978 on 29th July 2021 7:36 am



    I really can’t get my head around the boards actions, in any other business there are strategic long and short term plans with agreed targets and goals and these drive the action plan at the working level. This board does not have a plan and has not for years, everything is managed by one or two individuals who seem to have carte blanche to do whatever they wish and then there is no accountability when the whole thing blows up.



    As many have asked over the last 200 days, who is identifying and signing the players?


    No one knows.


    Zero accountability, therefore same mistakes happen again and again.



    I always considered myself to be in the happy clapper camp but the last 2/3 season have firmly ensconced me in the cynic camp. I want TGD gone.

  24. Lionsroar @ 07.04


    You have put more eloquently what I was trying to say last night.



    Nothing appears to have changed on our journey, strategy etc


    It needs to change


    No point continueing with the old strategy, as we are seeing, which includes potential signings


    Take next 4-6 months to get it fixed.


    Short term loans will cover gaps in Squad


    Do still need at least 4 signed first team players though


    Maybe that should include a leader on the Park ?

  25. If you watched last nights match with no skin in the game , then the team in the green hoops were more skilful than the opposition , used the ball well but it didn’t stick up front ; guilty of over-playing , put a lot into the game but faded after 70 minutes.



    Some talented players but needs to be moulded into a more effective unit



    Recruit a new spine to the team is the starting point for me and we need to stop running about mental for an hour and then fading …. Exact copy of Copenhagen game who just waited and let us do it ….



    More brawn and steel required and a different playing style in the modern game …. Afraid to say the game is moving on and tanner ba Celtic way is just a recipe for what we are seeing now …



    It will take a while to settle down

  26. quadrophenian on

    As youz might recall, I vouched Ange for the job months back so, clearly, I’m a fan of how his teams play.



    I also love the way he has the press sensationalists scuttling back into their shells – his temperament for handling them is nicely dismissive (tho it won’t be a surprise if he blows his stack, before long).



    One thing I’d love to ask him for clarity, is re his post-game assertion that the players were tired.



    After a layoff, a good month of pre-season and some varied level friendlies, how can a bunch of young dudes in their prime be so out of puff after 70/75, esp when the Danish team seemed to compete all the way thru?



    Are they simply too out-of-condition to play the Poste-Press? Is he picking the guys w the right stamina (Boli and Ozace for two always seem to be uber-energetic).



    As most had a good couple of weeks of inactivity (many not even first teamers) surely the start of a season is when these young bucks should be most fresh and up for it.



    This isn’t a neg; just keen to understand why our physical conditioning isnt at the level it needs to be. HH

  27. timmy7_noted on

    quadrophenian on 29th July 2021 8:36 am



    I think the general consensus is that we’ve lacked conditioning since Brendan left and maybe its just taking time to get it right. Also the younger guys have been thrown in with next to no preparation.



    It says a lot to me that the manager doesn’t trust anyone on the bench except Forrest.

  28. onenightinlisbon on

    Excellent to see Ange call out the board again re our failure to secure players.



    He has a backbone, wonder how long he will last?

  29. vinniethedog on

    Is it mystifying that when the danes attacked us they were overloaded in attack,.and whe they defended they had loads back ….and we were the very opposite!!…our midfield…the strongest part of the team apparently……doesn’t work properly


    The team doesn’t function as a unit……Eddie gets huge criticism….but he gets very little help……same as defence ….huge criticism but little help……I was surprised when Montgomery replaced Taylor and not bolingoli……I was surprised when rogic replaced soro…..thought Shaw would be a certainty……I wasn’t surprised Ajeti replaced turnbull……