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  1. Good Morning



    Thoroughly depressing but not surprising result last night. Equally the read back wasn’t too enjoyable but I really can’t understand why posters decry other posters for being critical of the board, Lenny and DD/PL – who else is responsible for this utter shambles and why wouldn’t you point that out and let off steam about it on here, is that not what the blog is for?



    Love Celtic hate the PLC




  2. Good Morning… Mild breezy morning in the Chilterns.



    Remember being a Tim isn’t so bad when you consider what’s the alternative:)



    Could we go back a couple of months?



    Peter Lawwell was about to step down as CEO of Celtic PLC, his replacement Dom McKay was getting up to speed.



    We were in a huge mess but nil desperandum…



    …. We were looking to appoint Eddie Howe and his backroom staff into the football management and coaching positions.



    We were looking at appointing Fergal Harkin as Director of Football.



    These appointments were dragging on, all the roles these folk were going to fill were incredibly vital for the season ahead and time was of the essence, in fact these people needed to be in position weeks before if we were to be ready for the start of the season.



    A totally unsatisfactory state of affairs but there was a plan and frustrating as it then was a way forward seemed clear.



    So where are we now?



    We have no Eddie Howe, he was replaced by Ange, we have no coaching or backroom appointments and have made do with the threadbare set-up we had after Brendan Rodgers and staff left two and a half years ago.



    We have not got Fergal Harkin as Director of Football and there is absolutely no sign that anyone is doing this role even in a temporary basis.



    The Celtic Board consist of…

































    So absolutely no expertise in football there.



    Ange has worked in Asian football and has little on the ground and day to day knowledge of European football.



    It is, all agreed that Celtic are in transition and that a root and branch rebuild is needed.



    If we take the fact rugger ghuy hasn’t got the football specific knowledge to carry this out and Ange doesn’t have the local knowledge to carry this out, is it any real surprise no progress has been made?



    Of course not, we simply don’t have the personnel to do it.



    So we have to ask the question, did we ever really intend to do it? Is this another PLC con in action?



    No wonder some think the damage that has been done and continues to be done at Celtic Park is wilful.



    As an explanation it takes some beating.



    Hail Hail

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Quick check-in to see what loyalist pish is being spouted on the Jonestown blog.



    Ma wee mate down under didn’t let me down.



    Have a 4X on me cobber!

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Turkeybhoy on 28th July 2021 11:35 pm








    What would this new manager,whoever he might have been,done differently.No transfer window,same unhappy players,wanting to go.ECL qualifiers coming like an express train amid,Euros,holidays,Olympics,Covid restrictions.Not being obtuse,would seriously like to know.



    The earlier he’s in would have given a new manager time to



    Assess the squad


    Work out who to keep


    Who wants to leave


    Impose his style of play


    Identify positions to strengthen


    Look at opposition teams in SPFL


    Check out scouting network


    Check out transfer process


    Check out sport science dept


    See who he can trust on the Board


    Assess existing staff


    Assess existing coaching of young players


    Settle his family in a new country






    And plenty more reasons, why did we tread water for 105 days?

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    Who hasn’t brought in his own coaching staff?



    Who gave Griffiths a new contract?



    Who would love to give Christie a new Contract?



    The manager is not completely blameless here.



    He has not been ruthless enough given the shit-show he’s inherited.

  6. Chairbhoy..



    Remember being a Tim isn’t so bad..


    Thinking of the alternative ( shudders)..



    And I mean that most sincerely I really do…



    HughieGreen CSC…

  7. SEAN THORNTON @ 9:17 AM,



    The original adage goes



    Remember old age isn’t so bad when you consider what’s the alternative…



    Sincereity is the key, if you can fake that you’ve got it made;)



    Hail Hail



    Hail Hail




    Well, it seems pretty obvious that Eddie Howe asked for certain assurances and guarantees before he took the role as Celtic manager.



    It seems pretty obvious these weren’t forth coming.



    If they weren’t going to give these assurances to Mr Howe, they certainly weren’t giving them to Ange.



    He’s had to come in and make do, obviously the Board were talking to him as, an alternative but the speed at which Ange was brought in means he took the role on a wing and a prayer.



    It should not be forgotten Ange is a Peter Lawwell appointment and that guys success rate is patchy at best.



    Having said that, AP seems to have a great attitude and has put his shoulder to the wheel. At some point we will be able to give our verdicts on Ange as a football manager, with the tools he’s working with, at the moment he should get some serious leeway in my opinion.



    Hail Hail

  9. Bitterness, wrapped in gleeful, gloatin’…………


    embdy would think gettin’ beat was a laff……….and cause for merriment.



    Never mind the sleekitry……………




  10. My take on Ange is he is a good coach,also I see a lonely figure of a man ,came here thousands of miles from his home in Australia doesn’t really know people here,to me that’s not right ,This pathetic board that run Celtic are clueless they should have asked Ange to bring his coaches with him but no they stuck him with Kennedy,Strachan,and to a lesser extent Big Mick Manus,who last season were a complete failure,and I think he needs to look at his goalkeeping coach Woods he could be part of the problem to,anyway Ange good luck you are certainly going to need it under this Incompetent Celtic Board.

  11. squire danaher on

    CHAIRBHOY on 29TH JULY 2021 9:38 AM



    Having said that, AP seems to have a great attitude and has put his shoulder to the wheel. At some point we will be able to give our verdicts on Ange as a football manager, with the tools he’s working with, at the moment he should get some serious leeway in my opinion.






    Agree with this. However, based on the continuation of our evident transfer policy and leaving aside other structural fundamentals.



    Can it now ever really be fair to judge a Celtic manager on “his” transfer dealings?



    Many posters have questioned who is actually sanctioning recruitment at the moment, eg the two Sheffield Wed lads. How can AP be judged on the future of those two in a Celtic jersey?



    This has also happened to other recent managers who have identified their preferred targets and been given cheaper alternatives (Ajeti v the Slovak boy who ended up at Spirting Lisbon), or been given surprise wingers like Shved.



    At what point can it be said AP can fairly be judged with regard to the group of players he has to work with???



    We seem in general agreement he needs time. Any attempt to critically evaluate him – eg use of subs last night, continuing selection of wantaways – inevitably and rightly IMO comes back to reference of the bombsite he has been recruited into.



    Personally I doubt the technical capacity of the likes of Ralston and Taylor to play Angeball given his directions of how FBs should play.



    But that’s not their fault. Nor is it AP’s if he has explained in recruitment that this is how he intends to have his team playing.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I agree Chairbhoy, I am and will continue to cut him slack.



    I’ll say this however, he can’t complain if he took the job knowing he would not be able to appoint his own coaching staff, sign his own players etc.



    Giving Griffiths a new contract was a gross error of judgment. The same mistake may happen with Christie. I don’t believe he has no say whatsoever in these decisions. You are not helping yourself if you rely on the individuals who put you in a hole to get you out.

  13. Pessimistic outlook- ange will be lennied, the team will have glaring faults and morale will drop (?) and frustration will continue



    Optimistic outlook: after a fabulous run, the club is naturally going through a drastic rebuild in every department and given 3 transfer windows ange’s quality will come through

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Anyone else wake up to Sonny and Cher on the radio?



    Wonder where Paul will point the finger?


    1/10 Brendan Rodgers


    1/5 Lee Congerton


    Evens Nicola Sturgeon


    2/1 Odsonne Edouard


    10/1 James Forrest


    20/1 The ref


    1000/1 Neil Lennon


    100,000/1 Dermot Desmond


    100,000,000/1 Peter Lawwell

  15. squire danaher on

    No fan of BBC Scotland sports department but I can’t argue with this summary of the current situation in their match report.






    What did we learn?



    Celtic are as far away from being a Champions League group-stage club as they have been in a long time. Despite their decade of dominance in Scotland, they have drifted further from Europe’s elite with every passing season.



    It is fair to analyse the performance on the pitch, but only in the inescapable context of the squad Postecoglou has to work with.



    To begin a Champions League qualifying campaign with a centre-back pairing aged 18 and 21, no clear first-choice full-backs or goalkeeper, and a striker in Edouard who clearly sees his future elsewhere is scarcely believable in the eyes of most Celtic fans. And that isn’t even the full extent of their problems.



    The club has no head of recruitment, no sporting director and are attempting their largest rebuild in two decades. Postecoglou says he walked into this job with his eyes wide open, and he will largely receive a pass in the circumstances, but with each passing game the scale of the challenge grows.



    Across both legs there were signs of his high pressing, vertical style, but the Australian needs both time and signings to have any hope of success in the short to medium term. It’s sure to be a bumpy ride.

  16. JACKIEMAC on 29TH JULY 2021 9:55 AM



    why do we put our players through this every year





    Ok I’ll do it for 10 grand a week.



    Thank you very much!

  17. Enjoyed the read back mainly due to posts by CHAIRBHOY and BGFC!



    Fantastic and thanks!

  18. squire danaher on

    Celtic starting back 4 last night and their number of previous SPL starting appearances for Celtic



    Ralston 8 (in 6 seasons)


    Murray 0


    Welsh 16


    Taylor 34



    Total 58.

  19. quadrophenian on

    TIMMY7 – the drop in fitness standards is sure working hard doing the rounds.



    Re the young guys; Ralston by all reports put in a great shift; Dane Murray too – so they held up well.



    Funny nuff, Neil used to say it regularly about this squad, too: ‘they’re tired, a bit leggy etc…’



    Mibby Ange’ll bring in an ALF trainer; that’d put a rocket up their fitness regimes!




    I’ll wager she is far more efficient at what she does than some of our footballers.



    Anyway, shopping day for me for a couple of OAP’s who live near me.



    Will check in later to see if we’ve signed anyone over 5’8″ tall.



    I can but hope!



    Off out!

  21. Ange bring in an Aussie Rules fitness coach ,if these players can only last 70mins there is something seriously wrong ,


    Go into Celtic Park the day and tell them if they don’t sign the players you want NOW,your offski


    Then the supporters can decide their next step HH

  22. A fish rots from the head down.



    The Club needs new ownership.



    But I can’t see it happening.



    My only hope for this season if it all goes wrong for the manager the fans direct their anger at the individual ultimately responsible. He’s financially unassailable. His weak spot is his narcissism.

  23. If this situation with slow and poor recruitment continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ange walks.



    All we have done is bring in a new manager. No head of recruitment, dof, or any other new coaching staff. The guy is not a miracle worker. I can see this getting a lot worse before it gets better.



    I’m sure Paul 67 will tell us this at lunchtime like he did in December last year.

  24. SQUIRE DANAHER @ 9:56 AM,



    Well as far as transfers go, he seems to be relying on his personal black book and Big Pedro’s rolodex.



    Considering he’s in a different market place and as the crunched up meeting minutes found in a Lennoxtown wastepaper basket showed – Big Pedro’s recruitment methods were a shambles.



    So your question – who is sanctioning recruitment? Is critical…



    Obviously to a certain extent Ange has been happy to use the existing pipeline, which is a worry.



    But his signing of Kyogo Furuhashi is a huge indication of the player he really wants, it also means he didn’t get the “no quality player will ever come to Scotland” memo, so that’s a plus.



    Hail Hail

  25. I’m not sure Ange will walk.


    Let’s be brutally honest, he’s only in the job because of the mess we’re in.


    Their was absolutely nothing in Ange CV to say he was ready or prepared for a Job as big as the Celtic manager’s job.


    The appointment was a car crash and was always going to fail.



    What does he say to the board? This is a mess? Yes Ange that’s why you got the job , try and get some results and keep the pressure off us and buy us some time.



    Its not Ange fault but this appointment was destined to fail from the beginning, only a matter of how quickly it unravels.

  26. Thanks PHILBHOY @ 10:11 AM.



    A while back we “chatted” about a Glasgow boxer and his daughter who you knew. It turned out her cousins lived in Wycombe and were huge Celtic supporters. My pals dad being one of them.



    Well bad news I’m afraid, Davie passed away recently and we’ll be having his service in just over a weeks time.



    I loved watching the Celtic with him and just greatly enjoyed his company.



    Back in the day when they first came to Wycombe, if there was any doubts in the locals’ minds how hard Glasga’ bhoys really were, they were dispelled in short measure. But there was so much more to Davie than that a real family man and a real Celtic man.



    He’ll be sadly missed.



    Hail Hail

  27. What ever happened to the Lennoxtown list of available players we could go for.



    D :)

  28. CHAIRBHOY on 29TH JULY 2021 10:55 AM





    Chairbhoy- Nice touch and god bless Davie bhoy- He will never walk alone.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  29. onenightinlisbon on

    SID on 29TH JULY 2021 10:53 AM




    The appointment was a car crash and was always going to fail.




    Agree with some of what you say but I think it’s way too early to say the appointment will fail. The guy is a winner and give the right backing will succeed, I have no doubts of that.



    The “failure” may come due to the board treating him like another Lennon…

  30. There are some on here who, in an attempt to secure the moral high ground, will label those who express, in a proper manner, the dire situation facing our club in the short to medium term. There is also accompanying threats to quit the blog….well big deal!!!



    We are called ‘doom & gloom merchants’ with, on occasion, the usual personal & snide “hun” jibe thrown in. It is not “doom & gloom” to recognise our current position, and to discuss & wonder what we, as supporters, and the club, can do to address the situation



    So what I am doing about it? Well quite frankly nothing different. I, together with other family members, have renewed our season-tickets, as usual. We will continue to enjoy hospitality at Celtic Park, as usual. We will continue to spend money on merchandise and all things Celtic, as usual. We will continue to support the Celtic Foundation, as usual.



    What I won’t do, and have never done, is to boo our players, campaign for boycotts, or, come on here and ‘whistle in the dark’ wearing a green & white blindfold with my fingers in my ears.



    I said last night that it will take three seasons to put things right – I see big John Hartson & Chris Sutton saying much the same thing today in the aftermath of what was, let’s face it, not an unexpected defeat last night.



    This blog allows Celtic people to post and exchange views – it was never envisaged that it would be a forum for snide remarks & personal abuse. Vigorous debate is stimulating, disagreement is healthy and imagining one is face to face with the poster one is replying to, will pay due respect to CQN.

  31. Regarding last night’s performance — too many negative moons aligning meant that we came close but ultimately failed.



    We have a glass jaw — if we lose a goal it all too often was a poor one to lose.



    We are sloppy / wasteful / lack a finish — in the SPL if we miss a chance we have been conditioned to expect another to turn up soon enough.



    Consequently we have poor standards in front of goal and we don’t make the most of the opportunities that corners and attacking free kicks should offer. Corners for us is a chore for the person drawing the short straw to take it and our efforts border on the pathetic all too often.



    Compare and contrast the throw ins last night — we put ourselves under pressure and lost the ball / they used the long throw to attack our box. Very basic stuff that we cannot seem to handle or use to our advantage.



    Fitness and conditioning — 2 years of total NL inspired failure through a lack of focus and lazy attitudes. All across the team we are 70 / 75 / 80 minute players. We lost last night because our fitness was not up to it.



    RD highlighted the problem — lifestyle being a huge part of it.


    BR worked on it — shot across the bows of SB seemed to work.


    NL arranged extra sessions — on the booze not in the gym.


    AP needs to get on this right away — NRL is where it is at.



    We don’t play with enough intensity — we get caught on the ball right across the park.


    Slow motion running and decision making — not sure if training is intensive enough.


    We can play the odd quick pass but we are slow on the turn and in thought.



    We need to hide our weaknesses better and work on them to improve our performance.


    Everybody seems to have a weakness that I can spot from the highlights.


    The opposition are doing this and much more.



    We need more leadership and intelligence on the park.


    Too many want their decisions made by someone else.


    Not sure if is a lack of confidence or too much SB influence in the past.



    GT — our most experienced defender last night could not make two decisions in a row.


    Incredible what he has added to his game — but it is all in isolation.


    He needs to start thinking two steps ahead.



    Finally a lack of ownership — poor pass last night and the two players nearest the ball run away from it — this happened time after time which added to our woes as some of the passing was overhit and difficult to control.



    All in all we looked like a cat on a hot tin roof.


    AP needs a pal and he needs time and lots of new players / plus some luck.