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  1. Weebobbycollins on

    From the other night…


    “Probably a ‘chunk’ of CQN posters will call him & I, a “hun” ”


    Of course it should be, “……him & me….”

  2. The disappointment today is because we were 30 mins away from the Europa group stage and we couldn’t see it through.



    Media spin of a CL catastrophe is just nonsense. No Celtic fan I know was expecting us to quality this year, PSV would have comfortably seen us off.



    From 30 mins away to 4 games away, the Europa Cup groups now look a big ask.



    Secondly, our fitness levels are still nowhere near good enough. Our performance fell off a cliff last night from 70 mins onwards and we were lucky not to concede more in ET. We offered absolutely nothing in ET.



    The other concern is that we had a bench last night loaded with players who have done nothing for Celtic. Our squad depth isn’t there, it’s appalling. Not only do we have to buy for the starting 11, we need to buy adequate back ups.



    Griff, Bain, Rogic, Bolingoli, Bitton & Ntcham need moved out. There’s an absolute mountain of work to do and John Hartson could be spot on in saying it’ll take two years to sort out.



    This is Lawwell’s legacy. The only way this could get worse is if the great moustached one who knows Jack about football tries to intervene in our transfers, please God no, stay the eff away from all things Celtic, Dermot Desmond, you’re a clown.

  3. Onenightinlisbon



    A winner? Really? He’s managed in Australia and Japan. That is not proper football, that is mickey mouse level, a level where Matt McGlinchey now at Queens Park was a star for 10 years. The Celtic job at this time is on a different stratosphere to his experience level.



    The penny hasn’t really dropped with a lot of supporters yet but we are on a downward spiral of momentous proportions, that’s how badly this squad and football club has been managed. In order to move in the right direction you first have to stop the downward spiral. We are still plummeting, our squad isn’t equipped for the SPFL, we start a league campaign at the weekend we have no chance of winning.



    Now if you think the arrival off a few signings from the same recruitment policy that hasn’t signed a successful player in years is going to reverse the slide and turn this around then my opinion is you’re not grasping the scale of this rebuild, our squad is decimated.



    We didn’t need just a new coach our mismanagement dictated we needed a full clearout and massive investment. Our problems are now much bigger than just a new coach.

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    SID on 29TH JULY 2021 11:35 AM



    He is a winner, there is no argument with that. We casually dismiss success in Australia and Japan.



    There’s no doubt though that if he fails to get the backing from the board he will fail.



    If he becomes another puppet for the board then we are totally dead in the water and the huns will dominate for years to come.



    The board do not or do not want to see this….

  5. Defeat to Midtjyland takes Celtic the first cold country club to win the European cup to a whole new level.



    Who would have thunk it ‘the weans’ ©EC67 couldn’t keep the back door closed, in a Euro decider? Not the semi supporter or the cynical predictor for sure, who threw in his season ticket when M.O.N walked away from the slow lane. Some balls to know that extending Tony Ralston’s contract was the right thing to do? , he made his debut in 2016 and has started 14 matches, including zero last season © TBB. That’s knowing your staff, and knowing that you won’t solve much of the perennial defensive problems in time for CL entry and exit.



    Porous for sure, but if truth be told we were outplayed by a no more than workmanlike team, against our collection of individuals. Non striking strikers in the revolving door and the end result was predictable but still hard to take, our problems don’t begin and end with the back line of five, the midfield is lightweight and vacuous as it was, whoever played last season.



    James Forrest waited in the wings only to fluff his lines, with a familiar script copied from Eddy who has surely missed his last Celtic chance? So, with three defeats for AP’ the latest a very meaningful one, his summer promise to attack carries over to Tynecastle, another Celtic winter of discontent and Sunday league games.




    M.O.M Calum McGregor

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’m def in the mineshafter camp, but some guff is beyond belief.



    Wonder how the decorating of Peter’s new office is coming along, I’m assuming that’s were the happy clappers are…..



    The amount of regurgitated SMSM pish on the latest news part of the site is appalling, I hope this is down to some guy on work experience it surely isn’t an adult.



    We looked like a timid team, though the young defence certainly didn’t shirk, when we played quick fwd passes we looked dangerous, rewatched the first half so far, certainly OE put in effort, def think he could’ve made a better effort from Abada’s cross but certainly didn’t look lazy, languid, perhaps. We need players all over the park including midfield, Soro and Turnbull are effective at times but not consistently, Soro was easily turned ant both don’t last 90 minutes.



    So far it seems Dom’s doing feck all, I don’t see a change (I know change takes time) in anything we do, certainly not in communication and of course not in our already piss poor recruitment practice.



    I’m all in with the manager and expect movement on the football club side of things over the next month (not players).

  7. We all see the game differently. I do not think Callum McGregor was MOTM. Some silky touches now and again.


    He scored a lovely goal, but failed to influence the middle of the park. He did not play a captains role and I failed to see any leadership qualities.



    He is new to the captains role, will he grow into it. I have my doubts.




  8. Onenightinlisbon



    He may have been a winner at the level he’s operated at but he’s now at a level he’s never experienced. We plucked him from a mid table team in Japan.



    If you consider how far we’ve fallen in the last few years to think this can be fixed by a coach now managing at the highest point of career, with the same failed coaches, the same failed recruitment team and policy that hasn’t had a success in years. It’s insanity, stopping the downward spiral is a momentous task, improving and progressing will only be achieved by a total clearout.



    I hope I’m wrong but I’ve been calling this clusterfeck correctly at every juncture.

  9. Burnley 78



    You were telling the blog just a week ago last Saturday how confident you were for the new season. I pulled you up for it. You called me negative, I wasn’t negative, I was correct, again.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    SID on 29TH JULY 2021 12:01 PM



    He has a mountain to climb and possibly with one hand tied behind his back.



    At least he is calling out the board already on signings.



    I would only judge him when he has his own team and has had a decent run at the league.




    Really sorry to read of Davie’s passing!



    May he rest in peace.



    Thanks for posting.

  12. DAVID66 @ 10:58 AM,



    Thanks, I can see from your posts and with your relationship with Big Jimmy you embue a Glasgow characteristic that is heart warming, you probably see it as acting “normally”, to you that’s what it is.



    But from an observation point further away, where such sentiments are in very short shrift, the qualities of the Glasgow people are really encouraging.



    Hail Hail

  13. when Ange say’s maybe he’s not been clear enough with the board – is he being sarcastic or did he genuinely express that the urgency was not that great?



    Too many big decisions have been taken quickly and lightly – Keeping Kennedy and Strachan for example, based on a couple of weeks working with them?



    Where is the DoF? Who is scouting players?



    I fully expected DD or DM to make a statement of intent today – don’t they know the fans are hurt and anxious?



    We really are a mess of a football club and yet there is ZERO accountability!