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  1. ralston playing well – EDUARD REALLY ANNOYING !!! Again, Abada ready to cross the ball – EDUARD stands waiting – who is coaching him? doesn’t he know to attack the space!

  2. Soro will be very good for us after he learns to stand a man up and stay on his feet.

  3. Stebhoy i agree about eddy ,always appears to be in the wrong place or a yard to slow

  4. Our future in European football depends on a forward who has been shite for months and months.



    Where’s the tea lady????

  5. Not much action at either end. Bar a Turnbull long range effort which was comfortably saved, there’s been very little.



    We lack the drive of last week. We seem content to remain in the game and keep hold of the ball. The urgency to get forward isn’t there and it’s allowing them to defend with little difficulty.



    Anyone’s game but we need to up the gears here. The game is there for us.

  6. sorry – that is blatant cheating from the referee – straight out of the Scottish ref guide of how to defuse a threatening situation – blow when the ball is crossed into the box – penalized for jumping! shameful cheating shoit! BUT why aren’t the players and coaches not in the face of the officials. I hate how subservient we are – hate it!

  7. PHILBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 7:29 PM



    Add to the fact that as there are bids reportedly coming in, he’ll not do anything that’ll risk injury.

  8. HT played some nice stuff . Eddy not doing it so far.


    Still confident we can win this in second half .

  9. Everyone is waiting for a wee bit of Eddy magic, no seen that for about 2 year, he’s a big Jessie, nae offence tae Jessie’s oot there.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hmmmmm………neither team particularly impressive. It could go either way.



    Needs some inspiration from somewhere. Edouard or McGregor need to step up.

  11. Doubt we will keep 11 on the park with this ref, he is buying everything from them , Sviatchenko headers a Celtic player he gets the free kick, Welsh cannot keep diving in another that needs coaching, the rolling the ball about the back line is dangerous and we havent created much at all, I wish Turnbull would occasionally make a run from deep to get in behind them inside of turning back all the time, tightrope stuff .

  12. GEEBEE1978



    The only reason I am disappointed in Ange.



    I don’t believe he would play him unless ordered to . He’s been poor for far to long to trust.



    Shop window.

  13. TheLurkinTim on

    Thought that was pretty pedestrian from us…no evidence of the high press high tempo game we’re looking to develop. We never caused their goalie any problems.

  14. STEBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 7:32 PM


    sorry – that is blatant cheating from the referee – straight out of the Scottish ref guide




    might i suggest a Dallas influence.




    High press and we are caught out at the back.



    Patience my friend.



    You going to the HOOT on 28/8?



    Be good to catch up.

  16. PHILBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 7:36 PM



    You might have a point but let’s not forget, he has literally no other options. Ajeti not quite fit (becoming a theme) and Griff yet again unavailable.

  17. AR — Star of the show.


    CMcG — Phoning it in / poor.


    OE — Not trying a leg.


    GT — Thick as mince.


    DT — Class but a bit static / slow.


    LA — Not done enough / not enough support.


    RC — Fits and starts.


    SW — Raw as sushi.


    DM — Putting in a shift.


    IS — Effective

  18. missing a mobile forward – I’d get christie alongside Eduard – forrest wide.



    20m for Eduard is a steal – since he caught covid he has been slow in the head and legs. Svietchenko is dominating him! how will be survive in the premiership!



    Sick fed up with players who lack fight and desire – we are so so soft! Exception tonight is ralston , welsh , Murray , Soro

  19. carpetcrawler on

    We’ll obviously lose this, obligatory red card, second yellow Welsh, bain error etc but we are the better team with better footballers. Even Ralston looks like a professional footballer. A half motivated Eddy and 2 up. Ah well. Football IS played in the boardroom I’m afraid

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Need a better final ball middle to front, and Abada to start taking the FB on


    Welsh card is a worry…

  21. Two mediocre sides intent on cancelling each other out – decisive moment may be down to a refereeing decision, e.g. penalty, or, red card. Eddy being Eddy, no show and no room for Calmac. Bain and back four under no pressure, so hard to judge their quality. Soro busy but wasteful at times. Christie & Turnbull most likely, Abada isolated and quiet.


    Maybe look for Forrest as he can also work back. How long will Ange preserve with Eddy?

  22. TheLurkinTim on

    Philbhoy…there’s a Hoot? Count me in ;-))



    Appreciate we need patience here, but we showed zero urgency first 45. Given our showing in the 1st game we are well capable of winning this

  23. timmy7_noted on

    Ref is doing his job, they are street wise we, as usual, are saft as shite wee boys.



    Best thing about this so far is our energy when we lose the ball, will not work against good teams.



    How about Jamesy on for Eddie? Try the false 9, I don’t think their ch’s would like someone running at them.

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