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  1. all the dithering in the transfer market – all the negotiating , how’s that working out now? who will sign for celtic in this state of European minnows

  2. We look to be heading once again to a cl exit at the hands of a poor football team.



    Tam on for Soro. Gloves off.

  3. With Europa being far from guaranteed, I can only see a loss tonight delaying any incomings until the board our guaranteed euro income.

  4. fk the board!! this is an absolute embarrassment – i’f walk if I was Ange – why ruin his reputation as the expense of this board. SERIOUSLY! If I wanted the team to fail – this is exactly what I’d do if I was a board member! they are doing a world class job of ruining the worldwide reputation of celtic .




  5. leading both legs and now going out , total neglect and we dont do the basics well at all to win games

  6. To allow the team to fall to this level is just criminal yet most of them still have their jobs. Not acceptable.

  7. Ajeti must be really untrustworthy if he cannot get on here.


    To state the obvious, we need a goal.

  8. timmy7_noted on

    They’ll be getting the post match food and drinks ready, the board will be first in the queue.

  9. I don’t see any improvement in this team from last season.


    In fact we look worse.

  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Can’t even fill our bench tonight, even with the young boys. Got 2 keepers on there, including our 4th choice.



    Club deliberately run into the ground by our absentee landlord and his factotum CEO.

  11. Rolling_Stone on

    Really glad we brought in those two young boys from sheffield as Ange’s first signings.


    DANSO_1888 on 28TH JULY 2021 8:55 PM


    do ya think eddie howe new?



    No, but I think Eddiie Howe old

  13. Paul 67 doesn’t think any of their players would get in our team.


    I would take 3 of them at least.

  14. TheLurkinTim on

    Crikey…Imagine all the negatrons start posting wen the tie aint over…like I sed…am sick of yer shit

  15. So all the players we’ve signed who are eligible tonight apart from Abada are not good enough.



    The shambles continues.

  16. Not looking for scapegoat, I have to say though that Forrest’s miss to make in 0-2 was criminal. Can not miss those at this level.