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  1. Rolling_Stone on

    2 CL qualifications in the last 8 years. Yes, we have been truly living the glory days…

  2. LYNOTT67 on 28TH JULY 2021 9:15 PM



    No, we’ve got Jablonec next. Maybe we’re a Europa Conference side…

  3. TheLurkinTim on

    FT…we’re out of CL…that’s dissapointing, but av sed it before…the Europa is our level. These ties were too early for Ange to make any real difference

  4. “ Even with our fragilities, Celtic are a better side than Midtjylland. I doubt they have a single player who interested Ange Postecoglou as a signing target.”






    We are progressing season by season.


    Progressing downwards.



    HH jg

  5. Fecking sick and gutted.



    We cannot dress this up and there is no positives This is another feeble, weak and insipid CL exit at the first hurdle.



    An own goal we could all see coming. ( apart from the board )



    I do not attach any blame to our new manager.



    HH to all.

  6. CMcG — Squad for the team I want.


    He is a left sided AM — one good goal every four games.


    Hide and seek champion for the rest of the time.

  7. Disgraceful from Celtic utterly disgraceful, some showed spirit others gutless , the manager will need to be ruthless with this squad they are picking up wages for SFA, we are not good enough to beat a very poor team from Denmark and continue with letting folk dive cheat time waste and stand back and do nothing, the board have caused this and have wasted multi multi million and Lennoxtown has produced the back up you all saw tonight, shut it down and have a core of hard competitive players, we lack that in abundance.

  8. fairhill bhoy on

    JHB @ 9-13pm



    That you’re a tosser🤷🏽‍♂️


    How’s that for starters hun 😉

  9. So……………..we need a goalkeeper, right and left back, 2 centre backs, and our midfield is powder puff, plus a couple of strikers.



    We’re fucked for years to come.



    Oh and we brought it on ourselves.



    Absolutely no doubt!




  10. The situation was already critical bordering on terminal, so to help Ange out, Bitton gets himself sent off in the first tie and Forrest can’t hit the target from 8 yards tonight. Thanks guys you are a huge help.

  11. I hope AP doesn’t have an early get out clause- he must be wondering what he joined.

  12. trying to offer some perspective – we were the better team for 70mins – despite Eduard offering absolutely nothing. Normally, you look to the manger to change it BUT he has absolutely nothing on the bench.



    THAT is the responsibility of the board – for months we have been crying out for quality – FOR MONTHS we have been negotiating like we had nothin in the bank.



    This is Desmonds FK YOU to the green brigade!!



    DESMOND! the green brigade make up 1% of the celtic support – fk you from the 99%

  13. FT…we’re out of CL…that’s dissapointing, but av sed it before…the Europa is our level. These ties were too early for Ange to make any real difference






    The Europa conference looks to be our level.

  14. Burnley 78


    Celtic are terrible, however no matter how bad it gets, the club will always survive.


    Whereas you watched your club die and everyone on here will never forget it.


    Did you cry like a baby when the CVA was rejected?

  15. Not really surprised at the performance & result.



    Ange needs time, resources & support.



    Some resources are on the way.



    Let’s judge Ange at the end of the season.



    Tough game on Saturday.

  16. timmy7_noted on

    TLT don’t continue to talk rubbish, if you are unable to read and discuss logically probably best just to leave it.

  17. Rolling_Stone on

    I feel sorry for Ange. We started well and were comfortable. The game turned when they made 4 changes to our 1. We have so little on the bench.



    Eddy will surely leave now and Griff should be punted asap; two seasons in a row the cheeky chappy has missed pre season. Im sure he will be raring and fit to go come March.



    The task is so large that it is difficult to see us getting out of this hole.

  18. TLT @ 9.16



    The EL is our level — aye the CL is not for the likes of us.


    We have lost the game to the Danish version of ICT.


    A bunch of Brentford rejects who eventually outfought us.



    Shameful that we have fallen so low.


    PL and NL — I hope you are enjoying your pay-offs.

  19. Only ralston is exonerated – I have been critical of him in the past , but he ran his heart out for celtic tonight!



    Seriously , If I was Ange I’d quit if the board don’t sign 4 top targets in the next 2 weeks!

  20. The worst part is how we just collapsed after conceding. The optimists will argue “had Forrest scored” but whether we went 2-0 up or not, it doesn’t excuse that powder-puff response.



    But for a couple of late saves from Bain (probably why he edges Barkas for me) and a good block from Ralston, that could’ve been ugly….

  21. I know this will go down like a lead balloon, but:



    Ralston = brilliant


    Murray = brilliant


    Calmac = brilliant


    Christie = Brilliant


    Soro = brilliant (almost)


    Welsh = brilliant (almost)


    Wee Greg = VG



    But we lost.



    French Eddie = must be long term Covid



    Oh well – get new men in and go again. BTW well done Big Ange.




  22. From the treble treble winning side to this



    The support told them to not fall asleep at the wheel.



    We crashed spectacularly and are now driving a sinclair c5.



    I am releived despite feeling angry that we didn’t get through.



    I’ll take the humiliation now than the bigger humiliation in 2 week time.



    Ange job has just got 10x harder trying to attract players to this …



    Brighton now know we are desperate.. low ball offer for edouard .. he’s not worth £5m on this form.



    Horror show me.



    How the huns are laughing at thier chairman’s prediction of the house of cards coming down.



    Over to you dermott thus is YOUR mess

  23. Additionally, going out the CL at the first hurdle makes it far more difficult to sign quality players.

  24. What more is there to say?



    Despite the poor end we should have been 2 up and cruising just before they equalised. Our fitness levels were badly exposed in ET.



    We know what caused this result – neglect.



    We know what it will take to change it.



    The biggest worry tonight before the game was the inexperienced defence – they proved more resilient than their experienced team mates.



    Ralston was fantastic. Welsh and Murray – hats off to them.



    If Odsonne had given half the effort Anthony Ralston did we would have won, but Odsonne has no heart. Hate to say that about any Celtic player and I don’t think I’ve ever said it before but I have never witnessed a display like his over the last few weeks. Goodbye Eddie. Thanks for the memories but if you’ve no heart you shouldn’t get that green and white Jersey.

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    Looking forward to the positive spin and links to pictures of bygone days…….that’s all we have at present.

  26. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    There’s yer dinner.



    You reap what you sow.



    Dessmond had appointed another patsy as CEO.



    This can’t continue.



    I don’t know how or what it will take but ownership and the way Celtic is managed HAS TO CHANGE.

  27. I thought Ralston and Murray were our best players tonight…..and that speaks volumes

  28. As with most CL qualifiers this one was lost in January… Only this time its January 2 seasons ago.



    Gross negligence of a publicity traded football team.

  29. Ange needs to put a marker down to the board now. He needs to tell them he needs 5, 6, 7 players or whatever amount and that he needs them pronto, and if it doesn’t happen he will resign.


    Whether he will do that or not is debateable, but if he doesn’t stand up for himself they will walk all over him and discard him when necessary.

  30. TheLurkinTim on

    Lambert14…you’re like the GOP (US Republicans)…every accusation is a confession lol

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