Moment of clarity from Newco assistant


A moment of clarity from Newco assistant manager, Davie Weir on how far behind Celtic they are, “unless you’re spending £100 million or whatever the figure may be and even that doesn’t guarantee [success].”

This season Celtic will earn circa £50m more than Newco, £100m would address two years of deficit. Whereas Celtic are motoring with a worldwide recruitment strategy that’s delivering players ready for the challenge of Champions League football, Newco don’t have the experience or infrastructure to achieve value from a windfall (not that there’s one coming).

All of this talk of cash, on the back of some recently nuanced reporting, suggests Dave King’s election promises to spend whatever it takes are now seen for what they were.

A PR campaign convinced them to take their club from the hands of one of Europe’s richest men and give it to the directors of took so much care of Oldco.

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  1. A PR campaign convinced them to take their club from the hands of one of Europe’s richest men and give it to the directors of took so much care of Oldco.?

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    2nd last day to buy tickets for the Nir Bitton signed & matchworn champions league shirt with the Celtic Foundation Crest on the front.



    Each ticket £19:67 only 99 tickets available – 20 sold so far.



    All proceeds being split between Mary’s Meals (feeding 265 kids at the VOA1 academy in Liberia for a year) and The Celtic Charity Foundation.



    This is a real collectors item and can be framed.



    Details here:




  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Site seems very slow today again


    Took me 19 minutes to get into this article

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    After tomorrow raffle tickets go on sale through other sites and twitter.

  5. A wee sly dig at Level 5 there. Don’t forget the roles of the likes of Chris Graham, Craig Houston and Sandy Chugg in mobilising supporter Groups. Their boys are taking one hell of a beating.

  6. ‘A PR campaign convinced them to take their club from the hands of one of Europe’s richest men and give it to the directors WHO took so much care of Oldco.’






    MEANING – the same directors who wrestled the club from Ashley to have current control – King & Co – are the same guys who presided over the Oldco Huns death.



    Now copy it into yer textbooks.







  7. I read it as Paul67 referring to the highly “successful” campaign to oust Mike Ashley’s people from the board and install the Lying King and his cronies. He having been a director of Rangers(il).

  8. Hot Smoked,



    Id suggest that a simple swap of “who” for “of” would make it work?



    “….to the directors of took so much….”


    “….to the directors who took so much….”



    Thats how i read it anyway.






  9. PAUL67



    Eh Ibrox noise begs to differ.


    On Old Weirys comments.



    “The SPL is so weak that £30M is enough to guarantee the title. 10 £3M players? Any Rangers manager who cannot win the title with that budget is in the wrong job. As is his assistant for justifying it.”



    I Presume they pay these ten players MOONBEAMS

  10. Sandman and TTT


    Far too easy for me to notice ! i was looking for something much more obscure 0:-)



  11. I’d be honest and say that Paul67 wrote crap.



    he could put that right, no bother, and he could also RED CARD THAT RACIST CELTIC CHAMPIONS ELECT, but he’d rather not ban a sycophant, somebody who kissed his every subjective opinion as opposed bad a free thinker like AW_NAW. (I just screwed with that sentence because… well just because)



    You live and die and rot by your life inspired decisions.



    Me personally, I don’t need corporate sandwiches to determine and define and dictate me…



    I can live on bread and water, bought and paid for bread and water. I’ll die tomorrow and apologise to nobody but damn so many charlatans.



    Honey… honey would always be for my kids, but I’d never lie about the honey coming.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Kinloch’s case seems to be based on the Big Lie, i.e., Sevco were relegated.



    They must have been because it was in all the papers and on television.



    If Corals’s QC can’t win this case then he should hand in his wig and gown.




    Just saw your post re EDB.



    Many thanks!



    Sounds positive.



    Thoughts and prayers as ever EDB…………..oh and my misses was asking for you too!



    Take dare.

  14. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Indeed Paul has not and why would he listen to you c just because your bum chum got barred and you don’t like



    Stop crowing like a big Jessie and grow up

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If Coral have provided written documentation that refers to sevco having the same history and old firm then Coral have made their own bed and deserve to loose but a simple reference to the chuck green show in Edinburgh should finish the case.




    The guy is an ex bookie. He comes across as being so sharp he might cut himself.

  17. Ive not read back and dont want to cause further furore, but reading between the lines, im guessing that Awe_Naw has been banned?










    The problem for him might be that so many versions of events-and downright lies!-have been made about the sequence of those events,that any judgement is possible.



    Many of these statements have been from the regulatory bodies,and senior office-bearers within.



    Then there is the fact that broadcasters and bookies still refer to OF as though it was all a continuation of before.






    Wisdom of Solomon here,I reckon. Me,I stuck a tenner on Hoops to be top scorer at 8-1 when Jelavic was evens to win it. That’ll do for me. I reckon I’ll have got £80 more profit from my bet than Mr Kinloch will.



    Though I hope he wins,I love to see the bookies take a caning-plus costs!

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You need yer bed pal, best medicine for a warrior is sleep.


    Yer only making yourself angrier and that is just stress you don’t need.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Some really stupid comments appearing on the blog today ,and in recent days.


    If Awe Naw was banned for the post I’m thinking about, then the matter is beyond debate.

  21. Try to post again, relegation means one division down, this was not relegation but administration ,then liquidation followed when HMRC rejected the pennies in the pound deal, the CVA, how hard is that to understand for anyone.

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I know your ok buddy :)


    Just think your working yourself into a bad mood. The Plc couldn’t give a funkeys, half the fans couldn’t give a funkeys so what’s the good in making yourself a target for the sycophants, ubertims, glory hunters and huns?


    Get a kip and be thankful you have an ethical and moral compass that recognises corruption is more than a game.


    DESSYBHOY on 17TH JANUARY 2017 2:09 PM



    guy on JOHNJAMES site summed it up as



    A. coral meant as you have stated.



    B.guy thought they are going down



    both looking at it from different angles.have you looked up RELEGATED in dictionary.??????

  24. Well Paul, after a day of thinking about A thinking Celtic SUPPORTER such as AW-NAW how much now does CQN charge Celtic PLC to print its propaganda on a daily basis.



    Just asking like. You know me, friend of the blog and the no bullshit shit etc.



    Is CQN funded by Celtic PLC??????????????????????????????????





    Most of us come on here for some info,a laugh,whatever. Sometimes it will draw us into an argument,occasionally a heated one,but there’s a difference between an argument and confrontation.



    I’ve made many a comment on here that embarrasses me when I read back,erm,in the morning,but I’m pretty sure I would also have said similar face to face.



    I doubt I would have called CCE a c-his terminology-like he just did to a few of us. Not the way he meant it. He can come along to the next hoot and try it there,if he likes.

  26. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Brogan, further to your post on the last blog about the Rangers fan and business man who sussed Murray.



    I knew someone who worked at the Scottish + Newcastle head office.



    This was at the time Scottish + Newcastle were Rangers ‘ main sponsor, McEwan’s Lager was on their tops plus they leased office space in The Broomloan Stand.



    Various contracts for hospitality, catering and others were up for tender.



    Management at Scottish + Newcastle were confident of winning some of the contracts.



    Unsurprisingly, all contracts up for tender were won by companies Murray had an interest in.



    From what I was told, Scottish + Newcastle senior management were a bit miffed and when the sponsorship deal was up, the usual business soundbites were issued for not renewing the sponsorship.



    There were also stories circulating at Scottish + Newcastle head office alleging that Joe Lewis /ENIC’s guy on the board would ask the ignoble knight of the realm some uncomfortable questions at board meetings to which no answers would be given and Murray would end the meeting.





    Lewis/ENIC was a strange investor in Rangers.



    Riches like that don’t often go to mugs. And Lewis must have been a mug for employing one to do the due diligence.



    One look at the proceeds and whereabouts of their NTL deal would have done,for example.

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