Money on the table will decide European football future


I see the Sun have a steer today that Celtic “will join forces” with clubs from Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium to oppose the suggestion from Barcelona and Bayern Munich that the likes of Manchester United should get automatic access to the Champions League, whether they qualify or not.

The consensus spreads beyond the countries mentioned above, Greece and Turkey also have large teams, unable to take advantage of lucrative domestic TV contracts.

As Barcelona’s Josep Bartomeu told the BBC, the FA Premier League presents a real threat to all clubs outside it. The suggestion is that TV and commercial values of the Champions League should be bolstered (which it would by having Manchester United next season instead of Galatasaray) to raise the income dividend for all participants.

This proposal would put more income onto Barcelona and Bayern’s top lines but it would not change the fundamental issue that the English and Welsh league generates vastly more income than any other domestic league. Raising income generated from Champions League football would not reduce the disparity in income from domestic football between England and Wales, and the rest.

What’s needed is a league to replace the existing domestic leagues, filled with big teams with large stadiums packed with supporters each week. There are enough big European clubs outside of England capable of fitting this criteria to fill two 20 team leagues.

Two divisions of 20, broadcast live across the world on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, each game played by huge clubs in front of >50,000 seater stadiums would dwarf the England and Wales league.

The earning potential is there to make it happen. What’s needed is someone to put money on the table.

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  1. BAWSMAN on 24TH FEBRUARY 2016 12:47 PM


    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 24TH FEBRUARY 2016 12:25 PM




















    The absurdity of the situation is defined by the fact that were my US residing daughters to return to the UK and work for the NHS , their combined salaries would be less than the salary of my London residing lawyer son .Their working week would be significantly longer than his .







    Who does society need more ? a lawyer or a Doctor ?












    Every respect to your family’s achievements mate but the brightest brains should be lured into engineering.







    Engineers design, build, make, innovate and create the wealth and jobs which pay the wages of lawyers and doctors………..yet engineers are the lowest paid of the professionals due to the age old ‘jobs for the boys’ school tie network.







    My daughter is an Avionics Engineer yet gets paid a fraction of a doctor or lawyer……….that’s no right.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/barca-calling-out-uefa-sympathy-for-forrest/comment-page-15/#comment-2782951

  2. Paul67



    Do you mind?



    We, err, they were debating the doctors strike in err, Engerland.



    Are you trying to change the subject?

  3. Is there an ongoing market for watching the same top teams play each other all the time?



    I class myself as football daft but I wouldn’y fight for the remote to watch the CL these days as a neutral.

  4. BAWSMAN .



    I think my daughters would have been capable of being engineers . My klutz son would struggle to change a fuse .



    You are right , society requires engineers .They should be rewarded appropriately.

  5. Por cierto,



    He’s skint after boozing in embra yesterday. :)







    Vfunny :))





  6. Apologies Paul, I wrote a reply on the last page and just as I was about to post it you put a new page up. I always read what you blog first then reply, you well know I think podiums is for plums and wastrels.

  7. South Of Tunis on 24th February 2016 12:53 pm



    Brilliant mathematical minds are lured to the’city’ purely for the financial rewards………….what a waste to humanity.

  8. traditionalist88 on




    Everyone else joining forces would be spectacular but are they prepared to leave England (and Wales!) out on their own,in the biggest change to European football as we have known it for 60/70 years??



    A couple of years ago the talk was of confederating with the FA in England – I fear the new proposal is even more far fetched.



    I’d be all for any change to allow Celtic to grow and compete with the best but getting this off the ground…don’t see it.




  9. Ironic isn’t it? We are busy discussing the merits/demerits of junior doctors and their pay and conditions but are quite happy to shell out hundreds/thousands of pounds a year on footballers who quite frankly are overpaid Prima Donnas who generally don’t give a shit about us.


    Only on CQN



    The junior doctors need a Bosman!

  10. Afternoon Timland from a spring like hun free mountain valley.




    You really don’t have a clue about what you think you know about re the NHS.


    You are brainwashed by the tory lies.


    Bottom lie is….Patients will NOT suffer because of any strike.



  11. Bawsman,



    Our house has neither BTVision or Sky (and In the latter case, never will).


    I don’t miss Champions League football as I feel it has been the same matches repeatedly, for years and is as exciting as watching a repeat of one Columbo. Of course, it’s different when Celtic are playing.



    I watch the final with friends as it’s much a social occasion as anything.


    Does anyone know if terrestrial tv will be showing the CL Final?

  12. Sandman



    I must confess, that in my younger days, I sang the song about Mr Guff.



    Hope your wee girl is all good!

  13. BAWSMAN @ 12 43 .



    Last word – gotta go and double dig manure ..



    I did that . I did Mathematical Physics .I did hard sums for people who couldn’t do hard sums.-Governments, politicians , economists , financial institutions etc.. Did it for 24 years and retired.

  14. SoT



    I’m looking for a Maths tutor for my daughter who is doing her Nat 5’s.



    We could come to your house.




  15. Pog


    Junior doctors on a bosman


    Pay could be boosted by watching the top Docs perform operations…..



  16. oopla !



    12.58 not 12 43 .



    So much for me being good with numbers .



    Befuddled old git CSC -way down south.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Or are you suggesting that the threat of it could lead to some changes which ultimately would involve English teams?

  18. We should impose our will on the EPL!



    Offer them less money, err, or else.



    That’ll sort them.

  19. I used to be an avid viewer of the CL and all things football in Europe. I have only ever been interested in one team – no prizes for guessing. I thought I was looking forward to Arsenal v Barca but it turned out that I was more interested in doing other things whilst having short periods of watching the game. In contrast I would probably risk micturating myself than miss any part of a Celtc game.



    So if we are going to have a European super league then the Bhoys have to be in it.

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I really don’t know where to start with your reply….so I won’t.



    I’m disappointed that you resorted to rhetoric, a tool used on here by the hard of thinking.



    I also don’t wish to appear to be part of “clique” uniting against your opinion, so I’ll stop at this.




    Bring on the Best of the Rest League.

  21. gearoid1998 on 24th February 2016 1:10 pm Pog




    Junior doctors on a bosman



    Pay could be boosted by watching the top Docs perform operations…..








    As long as feckin Sky don’t get involved ;-)





    PHILBHOY has a lovely family,they would be a delight to host.



    Tel him he has to guard the home,but the ladies are welcome.



    Bliddy chancer,so he is.




    When the mankies are back in the top league next season surgeons in Scoddland will be getting loads of overtime.

  24. BMCUWP



    They would go as well so they wid!



    Seriously though, we are organising a tutor for the wee yins maths.



    Why does it look so different from the O Level maths I failed in 1965?

  25. I’ll make a start Paul:-












    S Lisbon








    C Brugge








    AEK Athens












    G/Hoppers Zurich



    Anybody else?

  26. DownForSam on 24th February 2016 1:30 pm



    Teams from the Scandanavian countries all ranked above the Scottish league



    Sweden – Malmo, AIK, Gothenburg


    Norway – Rosenburg, Molde, Stromgodset


    Denmark – FC Copenhagen, Brondby, Midtjylland





    Quite sure there will be a decent tutor from your area on here,or at least known to one.



    Borrowstonefurness for anyone who’s interested. Bo’ness for short.



    Of course,that info might be wrong but PHILBHOY will set me right. I get confused past Stirling.






    Any decent maths chaps or chapesses wins few hours and a very good cause?


    wins-with a



    This iPhone is the worst investment I’ve ever made outside of a bookies…

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