Money, Poker, Las Vegas: How Ex-Celtic Star Thomas Gravesen Lives


NOT everyone gets to experience life like Thomas Gravesen who seems to have a penchant for high-intensity activities. He has gone from the football pitch to battling opponents and casinos in Vegas.

His fearlessness and sharp instinct have been very important in his lifestyle especially when dealing in the cutthroat world of professional gambling.

Now armed with a fat bank account, Thomas Gravesen is living the life we all crave. His career choice has been instrumental in all this and has earned him a dogged reputation. In this article, we will be looking at the life of this former football star who has taken Vegas by storm. We would take a peek into his world and understand what it means to have a high-octane lifestyle.

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Football and a Nickname

Only a few get the chance to play football professionally, and only a small percentage of football players get to make it to the top teams. For Thomas Gravesen, this was something he couldn’t help himself with, as he had built a reputation that made him sought out by top clubs. During his footballing career, he got to play for teams like Everton, Celtic, and the Galacticos of Real Madrid.

With a knack for toughness and tenacity, he soon found himself christened with the nickname “Mad Dog”. This name matched his on-field personality, and the opposition team knew not to go toe to toe with him. He was a tireless player and no wonder he earned such a nickname. His  former Everton team mate, Kevin Campbell had this to say about him “Mad Dog was crazy, a crazy Dane.

After years of playing professionally, he was able to accrue about 400 games and 41 goals/assists. A feat that isn’t easily achieved.

However, there was a hefty price tag to his success on the pitch with his transfer to Real Madrid costing about €3.4 million.

It was even said that he earned about €85,000 weekly while at Los Blancos. Sadly, his time was cut short at the Bernabeu, due to an issue with the coach, Fabio Capello. A couple of days after falling out with the Italian manager, he left for Celtic, where he played for a season before moving on loan to Everton.

Here Comes The Money!!!

Retirement can be a strenuous time for most footballers, as they lose their source of income and have to rely on what they have saved up.

As Sol Campbell said, “Bad investments, theft and divorce are three common ways in which a [retired]player’s finances can go off rails.”

However, for Thomas Gravesen, he had other plans and he was ready to execute them perfectly. This Danishman got into poker full-time and soon found a penchant for where to pour his savings. As we all know, it can be a risky game, and lots of people have gone to zero just trying to make a fortune from it. Luckily for Gravesen, he got to make money, and his competitive drive finally paid off.

With an estimated retirement fund that sits at £10 million, he took to poker and entered local tournaments in Denmark. During this time he made a name for himself and decided to take it up a notch. Now, here’s where it got interesting. He decided to go into high-stakes, high-reward games and was alleged to have lost $54 million at a “heads up” game. But it was also said that he won back the money.

Since then he has acquired lots of wins at poker and raised his net worth to the region of $100 million. Now that’s one way to make a statement. It is said that this was made possible through taking high gambling risk, and investments. During that time he dated Kira Eggers, a pornstar, but they later broke up.

Welcome to Vegas

The Vegas Strip is like the proverbial apple in the garden of Eden, and once you take a bite, there’s almost no going back. This is what happened with the Mad Dog, and it has changed his life for the better. Over time he easily acclimated to that scene, and soon became a notorious figure.

Around the time he got to Vegas, rumors abound that Thomas Gravesen’s wife was a porn star, and this only made him more popular. However, that wasn’t true, Thomas Gravesen’s wife’s name is actually Kamilla Persse, a retired model. He never married Kira Eggers.

Together, Thomas Gravesen and his stunning Polish model wife, got a beautiful piece of real estate at Canyon Fairways, in Summerlin. This gated community is home to the elite, and it gives him some measure of privacy when he isn’t at the casinos or at the numerous parties he is invited to.

Thomas and Fast Cars

It is known that most celebrities have an affinity for fast cars, and the 48-year-old is no different. He has always had a thing for machines that move very quickly, and they span his garage. At one point, he was said to have driven a Nissan Micra. Isn’t that a weird choice of car for a football star? Anyway, he now drives a Mercedes SLR McLaren which cost a whopping $400,000.

Here is a list of the cars he has been known to use:

  • Mercedes SLR McLaren
  • Nissan Micra
  • A Porsche
  • BMW X5
  • Ford 150 Truck


Thomas Gravesen’s life shows that hard work and dedication pay off. From his successful footballing career to sitting at poker tables, he has been able to make a fortune for himself by putting in the work.


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