Money, sustainability and high stakes


Sustainable football success, as we often discuss, is all about the money.  In that respect, Newco’s Europa League run will be a significant benefit to them.  Winning the tournament, which surely is a greater prospect than them reaching the final was as recently as a month ago, would bring multi-year sustainability to a club which has been a financial basket case for its entire existence.

Even if they fall at the final hurdle, they are likely to have earned £10m more from Europe than last season, there will be associated commercial benefits and crucially, the perceived value of a raft of players out of contract next summer is likely to have doubled.  They will sell at a significant premium.

This season will see Newco break even for the first time.  The sale of Patterson to Everton earned £9m, with compensation from Aston Villa for their management team bringing in a further £4.5m.  Turnover, which excludes money from Everton and Villa, is likely to reach £75m, a lot of money for a young club.  Any prospect of Financial Fair Play consequences has disappeared.

To give you an insight into how far ahead Celtic are commercially, that £75m may not be enough to make Newco the highest earning club in Glasgow (transfer fees Celtic received for Edouard, Ajer, etc. are also excluded from this calculation).  Next season, Celtic will turnover in excess of £100m, Newco still have work to do to come within £30m of that total.

With the consistent rise in Scotland’s Uefa coefficient, we are likely to see several years where our champions gain automatic entry to the Champions League group stage, whereas the runners up endure two rounds of the treacherous non-champions qualification route.  Only two group stage slots are available this way.  The stakes could scarcely be higher.

But first, winning the league, qualification for the Champions League with all its benefits lies ahead for Celtic.  We battered Hearts in the League and League Cup at Celtic Park this season but won by the slenderest margin on both occasions.  Hearts will not make it easy tomorrow.  They started the campaign by beating Celtic and feel aggrieved from the subsequent encounters.

Beat Hearts, win the league at Tannadice, celebrate with the trophy and 60,000 friends against Motherwell and remind the world: Glasgow’s green and white!  You and I will make sure it remains this way.

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  1. Enjoy our hard won success, and then beat them in the league again next season.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    The winner of the Europa League get €8.6M, plus entry to the group stages of the UCL and a share of the proceeds from the Super Cup match.



    It’s fair to say that there’s about €40 Million riding on the outcome of the final for our dear friends on the other side of town.



    I can only imagine how sweaty their palms are at the thought.

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  4. Eintracht have had a terrific run in this cup to slaughter Barca in the Nou Camp is no mean feat.Over 100 million of talent they will put out.A one of game.Don’t let the SMSM hype take over.The Germans are delighted its not Leipzig.They are very confident on German Sky Sports this morning,saying the cup has been their target.

  5. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH MAY 2022 12:03 PM


    CELTIC40ME on 6TH MAY 2022 11:54 AM



    Their spending is no greater than Celtic’s.



    The fact that is beyond their means is irrelevant in relation to how much needs to be spent to achieve success.





    So the problem is how we spend the money and how the team are managed?



    I thought it was about the ambitions of the board and their financial mismanagement?

  6. All that time that Brendan Rodgers had the resources to get to the final of the Europa League….

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Four years ago Team A beats Team B 9-0 over two games.


    Team A have just played a second successive Champions League group stage campaign and won their first knockout game in 14 years. And they have one of the best managers in Britain.


    Team B’s European campaign ended in the first qualifying round in Luxembourg.


    Four years on one team has reached a European final while the other has been bombed out by teams earning one group stage point from a possible 72.


    Oh, and one is a “well run club”. Apparently….

  8. Afternoon all.



    From previous thread.



    AN TEARMANN on 6TH MAY 2022 11:41 AM


    B2b The modrin game








    AN TEARMANN, thanks for that, I’m sure I read / saw something similar to what is being discussed in the clip.



    Klopp’s prior work in Germany where he was assisted by a medical person, where it was alleged that some suspicious activities had taken place.



    Klopp moves to Anfield, Slippy is on the coaching staff, possibly aware of how Klopp ‘prepares’ his team, Slippy moves to ‘thems’ and uses his match preparation in ways that he is familiar with.



    I am most probably a mile off the mark, however, mmmmm



    Mod, if this post not suitable for the blog I apologise.




  9. Its intresting we still see Celtic very much as a work in process, the beginning of the journey, room for improvement almost all over the pitch..and yet..Sevco haven’t better us in 4 occasions this year over 90 mins, losing two. one a battering. The other two we were ahead and should have killed the game with better finishing.



    Without doubt Sevco are on the crest of a wave, but next season they will have to find a goalkeeper, a CH, a CF. The traditional “spine” of the team.



    If this is their high watermark, its an intresting benchmark for Ange’s Celtic

  10. Funny game football



    Brendan Rodgers, who earlier in the season claimed to know nothing about the Conference League and claimed to have no interest in it was shown on the screen in the stadio olímpico last night to a rapturous reception from the Leicester fans.



    Mourinho cried after the game saying this was Romas champions league final, and it showed how Roma were the club for Roman people, which is an bigger statement than were it to be said in Glasgow about either team.

  11. Well done to Rangers for making it to the EL Cup final. My take from it is if they can do it with the squad they have it gives us hope for our own chances. I’m not going to be churlish and say they were lucky, but sometimes things go your way and you ride the wave. That’s what’s happened here and there’s a whole bunch of top clubs who played in this tournament who will be wishing it was them.



    Maybe we can stop this nonsense talk about Celtic being ill-prepared for Europe. We are a better run club than them by a mile, but poor coaching and performances have led to all too many defeats in all EU competitions. I know we have the better players. We now need to learn from what Rangers have done and do them same ourselves.

  12. Sevco’s run the final has completely dwarfed anything we have achieved in the last decade.



    Told by our board that European success ‘so hard’ in current financial climate. A loser mentality – we have chronically underachieved in Europe over the past decade. Not wanting to open old wounds but CL qualification could not have been easier.



    If we had a team good enough for CL groups every year, 10IAR would have been achieved easily – the boards short sightedness and yearning for the ‘Old Firm’ has led to Sevco achieving this, in my opinion.



    Can only hope that Ange is backed and can return Celtic Park to a fortress again, where quite frankly a EL triumph would be the pinnacle of Scottish club achievement in Europe in the modern era, bar a run in the CL past last 16, which looks improbable at best.




    Team A’s manager has an absolutely honking record in Europe with every team he’s managed



    With Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester he hasn’t made it beyond the last 32 of the EuropaLeague



    We wouldn’t be doing any better than that if he was still here

  14. CELTIC40ME on 6TH MAY 2022 12:20 PM




    The problem is that the Board have no vision for the club.

  15. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH MAY 2022 12:36 PM



    “The problem is that the Board have no vision for the club.”



    Meaningless, empty words.



    Break the habit of a lifetime and answer a straight question with a straight answer- If we spend similar amounts of money but have different levels of success, where is the difference made?

  16. Sláinte Ange on

    Shameless Re-post from previous thread:



    It’s great to be able to debate our prospects in the CL next season.



    Howevvva, whether we like it or not, the direct entry to the group stages is partly due to the results of oldfirm fc.



    I said PARTLY!!!




    Eintracht will win in Seville & Hertz will win the Scottish cup 3 days later.



    Karma csc

  17. ‘Meaningless, empty words.’






    The fact you can’t understand a concept does not mean it is meaningless or empty.

  18. Grand Day To Be A Tim…






    Excellently put…



    May I add



    Team As Turnover was three times Team B



    Team A had 40,000,000.00 pounds in the bank, Team B were in perilous debt.



    SPIDEY101 @ 9:43 AM,



    I hope Them getting to the final puts our usual “we can’t compete in Europe” cries to bed. While they’ve had a huge amount of luck, they’re in a final having despatched the reigning champions of Armenia, Denmark and Serbia, a Czech team who cuffed us 4-1 home and away last year, the 4th best Portuguese team and the second and fifth best teams in the German top flight.



    We, by contrast, haven’t won a post group knock-out tie since Barcelona in 2004 – some 18 years ago!! In the intervening time, we’ve failed to qualify for any European group stage twice – Artmedia in 2005 and both Braga (CL) and Utrecht (EL) in 2010. We’ve also had the delights of technical reprieves against Sion and Legia Warsaw – soon followed by us wishing we hadn’t bothered as we got a solitary win against Rennes in the group stage first time, and fell to Maribor second time round.



    Having qualified for a group stage on 14 occasions since 2004, we’ve got to a post-group knock-out phase on 8 occasions. We have won 1 of those games (Zenit at home), drawn 3 (Milan, Inter, and Copenhagen) and lost 12 (Milan, Barcelona x 2, Juventus x 2, Inter, Zenit, Valencia x 2, Copenhagen, and Bodo x 2). As mentioned, we haven’t won any of the ties on aggregate. No disgrace not beating Barcelona or the big three Italian teams. Not even winning a game against Copenhagen and Bodo was poor. Not least as Bodo disproved our previous excuses for poor qualifying performances – rebuilding the team, we’re in pre-season against teams mid-season, etc.



    Prior to 2004, we hadn’t been in European football after Christmas for 23 years – while the football calendar means we’re unlikely to have such a barren run again anytime soon, we’re not far off it being 23 years since we won a post-group knock-out tie, and if it weren’t for Musonda’s wonder goal against Zenit, we’d be saying that about winning a post-group knock out game!



    As if all that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve also had the delights of having made our Champions League group stage debut in 2001 and it taking us 11 years and 5 appearances in the CL group stages to get an away win – Operation CLAW and all that. And we had the no wins in the group stage of the Europa League in Ronnie’s second year.



    In short, for a club that boast a proud record in Europe with a big cup to show for it, we’ve actually been pretty awful overall. We’ve basically had 4 spells of relative success:



    1. 10 years between 1965 and 1975 (the Stein era),



    2. 1979-80 season when McNeil took us to the European Cup quarter finals,



    3. 2001-04 under Martin O’Neil and



    4. 2006-08 with two CL last -16 qualifications under Strachan.



    We’ve fallen into the lament that the game has changed, money means we can’t compete, the big guns are just too good. Over the past five years, we’ve won four (of 20) games against a team ranked higher than us in the coefficient- Lazio twice, RB Leipzig, and that Zenit game. We’ve lost 15 of those games. They have half that number this season alone (Dortmund and Leipzig).



    However you cut it, we’ve underperformed and this needs to be a wake-up call for us. Paul67 recently suggested that our fundamentals were good but we’ve now lost the 10 in a row campaign and been eclipsed in Europe by a team that weren’t even in the Scottish top flight 7 years ago!



    Excellent post, spot on and backed by solid, relevant facts.



    The idea that there were no posters on here suggesting Europe was a step to far is abject nonsense.



    No decent players will come to play in Scotland, No decent manager will come to Scotland, Scottish teams can’t compete in Europe.



    Not only was it said – it was a mantra…



    Proved wrong by The Rangers of all peeple.



    Tom McLaughlin :-



    You were asking for an Awe Naw Post, there’s one this morning on SC…






    Celtic 3-1 Hearts



    Hail Hail

  19. EL @ 12.36



    The board do have a vision for the club — cash cow with a chance of an EPL bonus.



    Tactically — PL loves TFOD2.1 because it makes his job easy.


    Strategically — DD loves TFOPD2.1 because he needs them for the big EPL switcheroo.



    As long as we are one step ahead of our friends in Govan — too many will think that is enough / OK and continue spending.



    Easy life — not good.

  20. Sevco will do well financially from the Europa League whether they win it or not .The big boost would be winning it and access to Champions League Pot A. Not only financially but in terms of morale . They will be exuding confidence.



    A worrying factor for next season



    The poor people of Sevilla

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH MAY 2022 12:46 PM



    “The fact you can’t understand a concept does not mean it is meaningless or empty.”



    Care to answer the question instead of arguing over semantics?

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    There is only ever (a hint of) ambition when we lose a league or get dumped out of the cup by a lower league team. There is never the will to strengthen from a position of strength.

  23. Celtic40me



    They’re spending beyond their means is basically us spending within ours so I don’t think finances is the issue.



    Things we could learn from them, Bodo, etc:



    Fitness and injuries – they’ve looked fitter than us recently and get lucky with injuries. What are they doing that we aren’t? Them having a full time doctor on the books probably helps with that.



    Style – they know how they want to play and everything works around that. They replace Gerrard with GVB who is largely cut from the same cloth. They recruit for their system. We, by contrast, seem to flip flop in our approach – Rodgers and Ange have similar styles but we had Lennon in between who didn’t.



    Recruitment – they have, for their purposes, largely recruited well – they basically have two players for each position with no noticeable drop off in quality. We on the other hand have a very good first 11 and an average back-up option: JJ and Ralston; CCV/Starfelt to Welsh; Hart to Bain; Jota to Mickey J. It means when we have injuries the drop-off is significant. They also recruit to the model, whereas we have random signings – McCarthy was never going to be an Ange player – or look to potential sell-on (Soro, etc) rather than whether they will fit the system.



    Resilience and belief – like it or not, they have a resilience and belief about them that we don’t. If things don’t go our way, we struggle. How many times, especially in Europe, do we lose/score a goal then ship another goal or two soon after? We don’t seem to have the resilience or smarts to just dig in for ten minutes to regroup.



    There’s signs of improvement under Ange – our recruitment has improved from the summer scramble and we showed some ability to dig in at Snake Mountain in the second half against them – so I’m hopeful we’ll improve going forward.

  24. Post 2016 we have had the following:



    2 years of a BR inspired bounce.


    7 months of a DD inspired civil war — players lost / BR leaves.


    2 years plus of the empty shell version of NL in charge and we run ourselves into the knackers yard.



    Position of strength lost — squad gutted for profit.


    Three years of PL friendly singings with too many being favours to pet agents.



    AP has had less than a year to get things back on track.


    But we have managed to get ourselves into a great position regarding the league.


    The squad has gaps but has been improved.



    However the the academy is a shambles.


    Youths are under coached and rudderless..


    Poor infrastructure including squad support.


    Lack of coaching depth — still no throw in drills.



    Huge season ahead — if we work with one focus we have a chance.


    Our board have had it too easy — no drive or focus.


    TFOD2.1 are skint and if they don’t win cup games they don’t eat.



    They are desperate — we have a board that is fat and happy.



  25. TURKEYBHOY on 6TH MAY 2022 12:20 PM


    Eintracht have had a terrific run in this cup to slaughter Barca in the Nou Camp is no mean feat.Over 100 million of talent they will put out.A one of game.Don’t let the SMSM hype take over.The Germans are delighted its not Leipzig.They are very confident on German Sky Sports this morning,saying the cup has been their target.




    We’ve been predicting that the huns were going to get gubbed at various stages. Hopefully, now that we’re making them favourites, Eintracht will finally do it. They’ll have a huge support there also (had 30,000 in Barcelona). I think they have an ultra groups also, so it could be a recipe for disaster (for Seville). They’ll probably be kept as far away from the centre, as possible (if possible). Imagine you were going on holiday there in a couple of weeks 😕

  26. BB @ 12.24



    Interesting stuff — wasn’t aware that football is / had gone down the TUE route.



    One issue that needs to be introduced into the mix is exercise induced asthma.


    That is one of the reasons that increase the asthma rate in people doing sports.


    Plus a lot of the general public do not realise that they have asthma.



    The tin foil hat brigade said that there was a L/pool clique in the EPL — teams that seemed to have connections to L/pool off the park or who worked in the same way.



    Three or four clubs were mentioned and they all seemed to play a part in TFOD2.1 recruitment plans.



    I wonder if TFOD2.1 would ever answer the asthma question if it was put to them?



    RM would be another team worth a watching.

  27. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I don’t entirely get why Sevco’s march to the Europa final is being used as a stick to bash our board.



    Sevco are a workmanlike side, assembled on Bosman’s with only Kent being a significant inbound transfer. By almost any measure, we have assembled the better squad consistently – ironically, only failing in the pursuit of the 10 when we retained (expensive) players who wanted to leave.



    If there is any fault, I would think that it is in team coaching where you could argue that we have played too openly at times. So was Brendan Rodgers a bad appointment? Is Ange a bad appointment? You could argue that NFL was a bad appointment – and yet he had one of the more successful European campaigns in the last 10 years.



    Sevco are well organized and seem to be playing for the jersey – more in the mould of a Gordon Strachan side than Rodgers/Lennon/Ange. If anything is missing at the moment from Celtic in Europe, it is perhaps tactical nous, internal belief – and a chunk of luck.



    On the plus side, Sevco’s progress to a significant European final highlights what is possible. Maybe our players and coaching staff will reflect on that – but I suspect that Ange is not one for compromising his football style to suit the occasion, even in Europe.

  28. C40 @ ten to the dozen



    So what exactly are you saying?


    We waste money / we don’t try hard enough / we are too straight or honest?



    What is it you are trying to say?



    We need GVB for our next manager?

  29. did someone not say a while back forget 10 and just put a number to how many in a row league titles will be won if we had the ambition and drive from the top to achieve ,now all that seems to concern most is how much money thems have compared to us.

  30. A confirmation by Paul that whatever we think about the behaviour of those who run(have run) and frequent Ibrox, whether we say Rangers died, whether we call them “The Rangers”, Sevco, or(absurdly) “The Old Firm”, they are here, almost on a level-footing, and the challenge is growing back to pre-2012 levels.



    There will be no relatively easy, or consecutive, trebles from now on, just as there were none pre-2012.



    We could, with both the Glasgow clubs contributing readily to coefficient values, be in for a period of CL opportunity without multiple rounds of qualifying from early July.



    Let’s keep things relevant, uncluttered and focused on football – the past is the past! We have to use the lesson of Bodo, also others before them, and the Ibrox EL success, as a springboard to rebuild our own European standing.



    The media, investors, sponsors and the football world will confirm that Ibrox is ‘back in the big time’. This should be our incentive to be all we can be. Our domestic success is in the record books for all to see, we must now turn to Europe, our support will demand it – the club must provide the pathway back to European respectability.



    Perhaps this is the ‘wake-up call’ we needed. There is no doubt a new approach is required and we can start that new process, not from the depths, but as champions with a CL group place sealed – the ‘ball is at our feet’!



    Ibrox has won nothing yet, but its intent, motivation and direction of travel cannot be underestimated.

  31. P67 — you are taking notes from PL again.


    Sorry utter nonsense.



    Interesting to see how the T/O numbers stack up this season — us vs them?



    If they are ahead then the board have really let us down.

  32. C40 @ 11.15



    You just can’t admit your wrong.


    The CL is where we need to be — aiming for second best always ends in failure.



    RBL were a CL team this season — we should be able to win in that company.

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