Money, sustainability and high stakes


Sustainable football success, as we often discuss, is all about the money.  In that respect, Newco’s Europa League run will be a significant benefit to them.  Winning the tournament, which surely is a greater prospect than them reaching the final was as recently as a month ago, would bring multi-year sustainability to a club which has been a financial basket case for its entire existence.

Even if they fall at the final hurdle, they are likely to have earned £10m more from Europe than last season, there will be associated commercial benefits and crucially, the perceived value of a raft of players out of contract next summer is likely to have doubled.  They will sell at a significant premium.

This season will see Newco break even for the first time.  The sale of Patterson to Everton earned £9m, with compensation from Aston Villa for their management team bringing in a further £4.5m.  Turnover, which excludes money from Everton and Villa, is likely to reach £75m, a lot of money for a young club.  Any prospect of Financial Fair Play consequences has disappeared.

To give you an insight into how far ahead Celtic are commercially, that £75m may not be enough to make Newco the highest earning club in Glasgow (transfer fees Celtic received for Edouard, Ajer, etc. are also excluded from this calculation).  Next season, Celtic will turnover in excess of £100m, Newco still have work to do to come within £30m of that total.

With the consistent rise in Scotland’s Uefa coefficient, we are likely to see several years where our champions gain automatic entry to the Champions League group stage, whereas the runners up endure two rounds of the treacherous non-champions qualification route.  Only two group stage slots are available this way.  The stakes could scarcely be higher.

But first, winning the league, qualification for the Champions League with all its benefits lies ahead for Celtic.  We battered Hearts in the League and League Cup at Celtic Park this season but won by the slenderest margin on both occasions.  Hearts will not make it easy tomorrow.  They started the campaign by beating Celtic and feel aggrieved from the subsequent encounters.

Beat Hearts, win the league at Tannadice, celebrate with the trophy and 60,000 friends against Motherwell and remind the world: Glasgow’s green and white!  You and I will make sure it remains this way.

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    JHB on 6TH MAY 2022 7:30 PM



    Any idea who we play tomorrow?




    I think it may be Hearts. I will be there as usual with my brother, brother in law and my very good friend from schooldays as we join our Celtic Park friends on match day….and I will not be driving tomorrow, or, at the Motherwell match…yipee!



    I carry many thoughts in my head, my family, friends & Celtic are three very important ones. None suffer if,and, when, another topic crops-up……I promise!

  2. ernie lynch on 6th May 2022 7:28 pm



    AN DÚN on 6TH MAY 2022 7:04 PM





    An historic day in the north of Ireland.


    Sinn Fein have out polled the DUP by a staggering 66,000 first preference votes and will finish as the largest party for the first time in Stormont elections.


    We have entered end game in Ulster.


    A word of caution.





    Do you live here?

  3. Imagine having a sober driver means you can hold the Union Jack out the window of the car.



    Calvin Klein CSC (PS I don’t get the joke?)

  4. An Tearmann on



    AT, Gimme Shelter, my favourite Stones track amongst many. Thanks for posting D. 👍



    Cheers brrb,always was annoyed I missed the surprise apollo gig in early 80s,my elder brother was a 2/3 albums out of listen,23rd precinct in town early 70s,so had a good grounding 😊 this was one 👇👇



    Free Wishing Well.








    Aff oot

  5. Greenpinata on

    My friends in Celtic,



    I hope tomorrow is a celebratory day with sun, colour and joy. Let’s make it a real family spectacular occasion and riar the bhoys to victory. I’m sure Ange will do his part for this morale boosting occasion.



    I’m perplexed @ James Forrest 16.50 hrs. :-



    ” Getting to the Europa final on the back of seven wins is more about luck than it is about good form, and that includes the luck of the draw.”




    I doubt that. The probability of luck seven times in a row is 1 in 128.


    I doubt anyone @ Grayskull is the seventh son of the seventh son.



    It maybe gut wrenching to admit that the huns are a well equipped team for European competition.



    Imo we have slept at the wheel in European football. This even extends to our fan base.



    The league, although the pinnacle of our domestic season and our bread and butter is not enough. We need equal if not more emphasis on European football.



    I have never understood devaluation of European competition and never will. Its where we should aspire and indeed need to be.



    Collectively we should embrace that.



    HH to all, our journey has only begun and we will never stop. In Ange we trust.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    AT, seen the Stones at Green’s Playhouse, March 1971, Sticky Fingers tour. Fecking fabulous 👌.

  7. Old firm fc as far as I’m concerned have the metal to do well in Europe as the have done . No they don’t have a player with the skill of rogic . Or McGregor , we also have kyogo jota Abada . No mistake all loaded with football ability . But what we don’t have is big aggressive players prepaired to get stuck in and win at all costs . The cup semi final showed up where we are lacking for european football . Old firm fc have done exceptionally well to get to the final without the tanner baw players , but they did do it with 100% commitment . We played for years with one of the best in the business , his exit from our club has seen the rise of the kid on hardmen jack , lundstrum , aribo . Bassy. Sure guys who can leave the boot in especially when the mib turns a blind eye ,but especially when they knew they are not going to receive retribution . Yes we need classy players with the skill of those celts mention , but a couple of big midfielders as near our ex enforcer as possible are very much needed . HH

  8. Tom McLaughlin on

    Paddy Roberts running the Wednesday defence ragged at the Stadium of Light.



    1-0 Sunderland 30 mins to play.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    I too was at the Stones concert at the Greens Playhouse in March 1971. Marvellous music and showmanship.

  10. Paddy Roberts playing well for Sunderland.



    Alex Neal in charge of the ‘Black Cats’. His mum used to be the head teacher of St Monica’s Primary school in Coatbridge.



    ‘ha’way the lads’




  11. Why do I get the impression that for many on here their best hope now is that there is a major riot in Seville in and around May 18?




  12. bigrailroadblues on

    BelmontBrian, hello mate. Going to see When Rivers Meet at Oran Mor tomorrow. Really looking forward to it, fabulous band. 👌

  13. BB 9.17pm



    Alex Neil former St Ambrose pupil … the old Ambese not that new fashioned one that flattened our espiside “fitba parks” :-)

  14. CELTIC MAC on 6TH MAY 2022 9:21 PM


    Why do I get the impression that for many on here their best hope now is that there is a major riot in Seville in and around May 18?




    Let’s hope that for the sake of our friends there it is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. I hope that all is sweetness & light…..and that Eintracht win the cup.

  15. BRRB



    Ah know, sorry. I’ll check out When Rivers Meet later.



    Not required to help the young ‘in tomorrow, might stay up a wee bit later, however to quote from a few days ago ‘the wife says my drinking is getting worse, I disagree. I think it’s getting better’ belter :)



    How’s Leggy, still on the Queen St bench ???




  16. bigrailroadblues on

    I Shall be in the Victoria Bar from 11.30 tomorrow to watch the mighty Glasgow Celtic. Any like minded lunatics feel free to join me and roar on the bhoys. All welcome, no exceptions.

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    BelmontBrian, last sighted in EK village by the constabulary who took him home. The man is a menace to polite society.

  18. GFTB on 6TH MAY 2022 9:24 PM



    You are correct mate.



    The others that I can recall, Malky McKay. Tom Boyd, and one for the older than me, John Cushley PE teacher.



    I’m sure there will be others.



    Hope you are well my friend




  19. McPhail Bhoy on

    AN DÚN on 6TH MAY 2022 7:04 PM


    An historic day in the north of Ireland.


    Sinn Fein have out polled the DUP by a staggering 66,000 first preference votes and will finish as the largest party for the first time in Stormont elections.


    We have entered end game in Ulster





    I live in Ulster there was no election here. 6 counties of the 9 in Ulster had an election. Sorry to be pedantic An Dún but it does matter

  20. Very poor fare up in Inverness tonight – can’t see either ICT, or Arbroath, causing any sleepness nights round Perth way. I hope St J stay in the top division.

  21. BB 9.43pm



    Mr Cushley was an English teacher … he must have been good to get me my higher :-)



    My mum was a cleaner in the school and Mr Cushley, Dempsey (history) Lennon (woodwork) & O’Neill (history) … also posted on here back in the day as Big Shuggy am sure he won’t mind me posting this .. but Brian true story around 82/83 when the belt was banned my mum told them all to feel free to give me the belt if I was a bit lippy …. I thought Mr Cushley was a terrific teacher and never once mentioned football, when my dad said to me one day “do you realise your English teacher could have been on the park in Lisbon” I honestly thought he was winding me up … I never saw him play and have heard he was hard as nails … he was just as hard in the classroom .. even the dafties were a bit apprehensive of Mr Cushley :-)

  22. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Can I be greedy and have a Eintracht Frankfurt win,a full scale riot,EUFA banning the Old Firm for 3 years and two planes full of huns cra. . . . . . . . ,getting stuck on the runway for 24hours with no working toilets !

  23. Tomorrows game … just hope big Craig Gordon doesn’t come up for a corner late on …



    I love the big man as a Celtic great, who we definitely fcuked uo over big Fraser … but a terrific Celtic player



    I do think Joe Hart is a step up from both Craig & Fraser and have said that as soon as Joe signed



    Joe’s appreciation of playing for us is pretty amazing, probably a very well off person financially … but really enjoying his football these days



    Looking forward to Ange’s team selection tomorrow … league not won yet but it’s getting close ….

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    BelmontBrian I’ll look out for him. He’s hard to miss. Lead him astray? Aye right. Glad Mrs BRRB is with me to keep me in line. 😂

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