Money v Morals, voice of football fans can decide


Scottish football is posed for the most momentous stand-off in its history.  The battle lines are clear:

Money v Morals, TV money v Season ticket money, Bank of Scotland v Fans

In 12 days the SPL clubs will vote on resolutions which will enable a new club to parachute straight into the SPL following the liquidation of Rangers without having to apply for entry to the Scottish Football league and rise through the pyramid.  Five clubs can block their entry – for a few days anyway.  Six, a majority if one member is liquidated, would be enough to ensure Rangers Newco SPL entry is blocked.

According to the SPL Fan Survey fans would overwhelmingly like to see any Newco football club enter the Scottish Football League, a position supported by a large number of Rangers fans, but the voices of fans are more easily discarded than that of the Bank of Scotland, who a large number of clubs depend upon to keep their own clubs out of administration.

In short, unless clubs can demonstrate to the Bank of Scotland that they will lose more money from disaffected fans by voting for Newco than they will by voting to retain the custom of Rangers fans, with accompanying television and sponsor money, Newco FC will be voted into the SPL.

Celtic will vote against Newco but fans from Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Inverness, St Johnstone, Motherwell and St Mirren have to do more to make their case directly with their clubs.  Irrespective of fan views, I reckon Dunfermline shareholders would rather relegate their own team than Rangers.  Don’t even ask about Kilmarnock.

The Gang of 10 may speak as one.  If they get rid of Rangers they will be able to out-vote Celtic and have a unique opportunity to change voting rights, allowing them to capture long-term money currently going to Celtic.  This, together with overwhelming fan pressure, might be enough to persuade some, but this issue is more complex.

Despite initial opposition to changing the voting rights, Duff and Phelps may vote with the Gang of 10 on voting rights as part of a deal to allow them to sell a place in the SPL.  Yes – trade votes in order to sell a place in the top league.  Sporting integrity dismantled forever.

Since we first raised the alarm on this vote back in October I have been convinced Newco would be ushered into the SPL but the weight of opinion from fans from other clubs is stark.  Over half of respondents to the Survey say they will not attend SPL games if Newco is voted straight into the league.

Even the Bank of Scotland would have to recognise the business sense in siding with the fans if this view is made firmly enough.

Truth is, no one knows which way this one will go, but this is a once in a century opportunity for fans to make a stand.

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  1. How to stop the traffic ….Coatbridge Style.



    Coatbridge stands alone as a beacon of insanity to the waiting world. I am privileged to have been infected with the virus at birth. The after effects still linger!



    The Magic Roundabout



    Hsail hail




  2. Paul67,



    Will the fans make that stand……or indeed will their respective Board’s listen to their fan’s thoughts for that matter?

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I was anxious how I was goin’ to fill the 100 days until the ole olympics start but now I’ll turn here every day to catch up with ole Dick Byrne v BMCUWP, like Godzilla V King Kong, or Mr Ng v the Blue Knights

  4. archdeaconsbench on

    tamstered on 18 April, 2012 at 12:23 said:


    Both struglging. However Lex Baillie started light training on Monday and his hoping to at least make the bence.



    Steve McCahill is 68.


    Reposting this from previous,only because it is a reply to another post.


    ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 18 April, 2012 at 12:32 said:


    KEV JUNGLE 1228



    I see your point! I’m not entirely sure of the strategy. Have the board said that as long as Neil is justified in his anger,they will back him?



    Has he told them to mind their own business?



    Is he running interference while the ammunition is being gathered?



    Has he actually done anything wrong?

  6. Top Ten!!


    Ok, but hunman will be back in the SP hell. “They” will not allow any other outcome, mark my words.



    Hail Hail




  7. This is going to be my last post on the so called Celtic fans attacking Neil Lennon and how he should behave.



    Super Sally has won hee haw and has not received half the abuse from rangers fans or Celtic fans.


    The level of criticism from some in the Celtic support is an out an out disgrace.


    They can dress it up in any way they like but IMHO opinion they are nowt but feckin huns.


    If you can not accept Neil then walk away and keep walking.


    Even on this blog for the last 4 days the idiots with keyboards have forgotten were we where under Mowbray .


    Off to work now as the stink on here gets more like follow follow by the day.

















  8. Raffle for Celtic Vs Rangers ticket in aid of the Kano Foundation


    One of the TnT bhoys unfortunately has to miss us welcome Rangers FC* to the home of the champions on 29th April. He has kindly offered to put his ticket (North Stand, block 103) up for grabs in a charity raffle in aid of The Kano Foundation.



    Entry into the raffle costs three of your English pounds, i.e.£3.00 and you can enter as many times as you like.



    The payment plan: text KANO11 £3 TO 70070 or visit http://www.thekanofoundation.com and click on donate button to pay by paypal.



    Simply keep a note of the transaction number and email me at sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com to be added into the draw.



    Closing date will be Thursday 26th April.



    Hail Hail

  9. Paul67



    If the gang of 10 vote against the newco huns being admitted to the SPL they then become the gang of 11 and can do whatever they want.



    How do the Celtic Board feel about that?

  10. tomthelennytim on

    Knoxy2000 – don’t think it’s been confirmed.


    Hope the young fella is ok mate.

  11. Token Tim, voices need to be heard. Fans are ultimately in control (which is not a licence for ‘spend more money on football players’ advocates to invade the car park).

  12. stephenpollock on

    Why would Dunfermilne vote themselves out the league? I cant correlate that to point on banks and money?



    Have I missed something

  13. Paul67



    The more I have read in recent days it is obvious UEFA are guiding the decision making process now and rangers will be dead.



    From the SFA to MSM people like Traynor a newco rangers starting out again in the lower reaches is now their best case scenario for the bares.



    The family has been asked to gather at the bedside. Now it is only a case of the estate being carved up amongst them…

  14. Kano Foundation End of Season Bash



    Guys , I’m afraid it’s that time again – chasing cash time . We are due to pay Celtic next week for this event on 28th April.



    Below is a list of those who indicated their desire to attend.If you haven’t paid for your tickets , could you please do so asap. If you have , cheers.



    Payment details :



    S/C 30-13-01 Acc 00989961 , Acc Name The Kano Foundation or by cheque to PO Box 2656 , Glasgow , G69 1BB or by paypal (from our website – although this is the least preferred option due to fees). If you pay by bank transfer , please put your name/blogname and EOS on the transaction so we know you’ve paid.



    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.










    Stephen Black










    Greenlion2 – Paid


    MWD – Paid










    Bjmac – Paid




    Jobo Baldie – Paid







    share on F’book or Twitter

  15. From previous article



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 18 April, 2012 at 12:32 said:




    If the hierarchy are behind Neil then, tomorrow will be worth looking out for.


    After the attempted stitch-up of Neil by the MIB’s at ibrokes, maybe the new tactic is to have a, face-off with the MIB in full glare of the camera’s. No hiding place for the peepils agents!


    Hail Hail


    “Still trying to catch-up with the traffic” CSC





    Too late,me old chum.



    No sooner had I owned up to recently posting some pash than the esteemed Mr Byrne was agreeing with a previous post of mine,followed by my tendering of apologies for previous misdemeanours.



    However,SOUTH OF TUNIS has recommended some outstanding music. And DAS BOOT is on FILM4 on Saturday.



    I don’t think it lasts 100 days,but it sure feels like it!

  17. To everyone saying Neil needs to calm down in the face of blatant cheating.






    Cheats need to be confronted.



    Neil Lennon speaks for me.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    tell me where this would be if the manager had not made his very public statement ?


    Had the club done it as you suggest, would MSM have publicised it, while their are trying to bury the whole cheating episode ?


    This would not even be a topic for discussion today if it wasnt for our manager, it would be a lost cause.


    The MSM are very very good at moving along the agenda, as you know.


    Our manager has decided enough is enough, regardless of the state of corrupt fc, and if he needs to spotlight it by action then that is the way to go.


    My initial reaction remains the same, good on you Neil its time to step up to the next level.

  19. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on

    jamsie on 18 April, 2012 at 12:42 said:



    To everyone saying Neil needs to calm down in the face of blatant cheating.






    Cheats need to be confronted.



    Neil Lennon speaks for me.






    And me!




  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Das Boot? Best ever submarine film by a mile, or several fathoms.



    If it’s on Film4 does that mean no advert breaks?

  21. You have to stand up to Cheats, Bullies, Bigots and Morons!!!






    Celtic should inform the SPL that if they decide that the TV money is to be shared equally that we have no problem with that, on the proviso that all teams play in the same amount of Live games. Anything else and they will go to court to challenge any such deal/agreement!

  22. Just when we’ve got rid of the glass jaw there’s a growing appeal on here for us to take it on the chin again…. FFS


    And another thing guys, get yourselves a nice suit now…..got to look Celtic class when we go to the games……….in the name of the wee man!

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