Money v Morals, voice of football fans can decide


Scottish football is posed for the most momentous stand-off in its history.  The battle lines are clear:

Money v Morals, TV money v Season ticket money, Bank of Scotland v Fans

In 12 days the SPL clubs will vote on resolutions which will enable a new club to parachute straight into the SPL following the liquidation of Rangers without having to apply for entry to the Scottish Football league and rise through the pyramid.  Five clubs can block their entry – for a few days anyway.  Six, a majority if one member is liquidated, would be enough to ensure Rangers Newco SPL entry is blocked.

According to the SPL Fan Survey fans would overwhelmingly like to see any Newco football club enter the Scottish Football League, a position supported by a large number of Rangers fans, but the voices of fans are more easily discarded than that of the Bank of Scotland, who a large number of clubs depend upon to keep their own clubs out of administration.

In short, unless clubs can demonstrate to the Bank of Scotland that they will lose more money from disaffected fans by voting for Newco than they will by voting to retain the custom of Rangers fans, with accompanying television and sponsor money, Newco FC will be voted into the SPL.

Celtic will vote against Newco but fans from Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Inverness, St Johnstone, Motherwell and St Mirren have to do more to make their case directly with their clubs.  Irrespective of fan views, I reckon Dunfermline shareholders would rather relegate their own team than Rangers.  Don’t even ask about Kilmarnock.

The Gang of 10 may speak as one.  If they get rid of Rangers they will be able to out-vote Celtic and have a unique opportunity to change voting rights, allowing them to capture long-term money currently going to Celtic.  This, together with overwhelming fan pressure, might be enough to persuade some, but this issue is more complex.

Despite initial opposition to changing the voting rights, Duff and Phelps may vote with the Gang of 10 on voting rights as part of a deal to allow them to sell a place in the SPL.  Yes – trade votes in order to sell a place in the top league.  Sporting integrity dismantled forever.

Since we first raised the alarm on this vote back in October I have been convinced Newco would be ushered into the SPL but the weight of opinion from fans from other clubs is stark.  Over half of respondents to the Survey say they will not attend SPL games if Newco is voted straight into the league.

Even the Bank of Scotland would have to recognise the business sense in siding with the fans if this view is made firmly enough.

Truth is, no one knows which way this one will go, but this is a once in a century opportunity for fans to make a stand.

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  1. Stephenpollock, Dunfermline are 84% owned by the man who was behind Bank of Scotland’s lending to MIH and the rest of the SPL. They are horrendously insolvent and only likely to go one way no matter what they do.



    ASonOfDan, perhaps.



    Sheik Yerbouti, ah, rules! If only they were regarded as unbreakable.

  2. I dont think we will be going back for Mphela this summer…



    He missed a chance that Fernando Torres might have taken, then he limped off with a hamstring injury. He is his country’s No1 striker, but he has scored just once in 2012.



    Mamelodi Sundowns might be making steady progress towards a league and cup double, but is Katlego Mphela’s career in danger of hitting the skids?



    It was a pertinent question on Saturday afternoon in Atteridgeville, as Mphela hobbled from the field, in the second half of Sundowns’ 2-0 Nedbank Cup quarter-final win over Maritzburg United.



    On came the Zimbabwean Nyasha Mushekwi, and as if to emphasise Mphela’s problems, it was Mushekwi who buried Sundowns’ second goal, for his ninth strike in this season’s Nedbank Cup. Mphela? He has yet to score in the competition.



    Sundowns coach Johan Neeskens has, for the most part, decided that Mushekwi and Mphela do not go together in a Sundowns side, and the season has provided a fascinating contest within a contest at Choorklop.



    Mphela got off to a decent enough opening to the campaign, starting his side’s first eight league games, and netting five goals, as well as another in the first leg of the MTN8 semi-final against Orlando Pirates.



    Slowly, however, Mushekwi pushed himself to the front of the queue, Mphela making just one league start for the rest of the first half of the season. Still, it wasn’t such a bad time for ‘Killer’, as a couple of stellar substitute appearances, against Black Leopards and Santos, saw him add four more goals to his league tally.



    In 2012, however, the outlook is starting to seem decidedly bleak. A brilliantly taken effort against Ajax Cape Town aside, the Bafana striker is drawing blanks.



    It is not as if ‘Killer’ has not had a fighting chance, starting six of Sundowns’ 12 league and cup games since January.



    But it is Mushekwi who has grabbed the headlines, even ignoring the double hat-trick he scored against the powerless Powerlines. It was Mushekwi who got both goals in the Nedbank Cup last 16 clash with Bidvest Wits, Mushekwi who netted a crucial winner against Black Leopards last week, and Mushekwi who finished off Maritzburg on Saturday.



    Add in league goals against Wits and Moroka Swallows in 2012 and it is clearly the Zimbabwean who is Sundowns’ form striker at the moment.



    Where this will leave Pitso Mosimane, with World Cup qualifiers coming up in June, only time will tell. But for now Mphela, whose hamstring injury may leave him on the sidelines anyway, cuts a forlorn figure, in desperate need of a scoring streak.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Uwe Ochsenknecht as Bootsmann (“Boatswain”, a Chief Petty Officer rank) Lamprecht: The severe chief who shows Werner around the U-96, and supervises the firing and reloading of the torpedo tubes. He gets upset after hearing on the radio that the football team most of the crew supports (FC Schalke 04) are losing a match, and they will “never make the final now”. He speaks Hessian. The film started Ochsenknecht’s successful German film career.’





    I thought you recommended ICE STATION ZEBRA only the other day.



    Fickle or what?



    Advert breaks on FILM4 sponsored by McCains Oven Chips.

  5. Paul67 @1239hrs



    I agree with you on that.


    My concern would be rather, how many of them have the desire/will to prove that point to those in “authority”………..we know the Celtic support can mobilise en masse and quickly if required, but how many other clubs support have the spirit to do so too?



    I wont be holding my breath.






  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on 18 April, 2012 at 12:50 said:


    Das Boot? Best ever submarine film by a mile, or several fathoms.






    Excuse me, but the TV version of Das Boot is far superior to the the film. And the best Submarine film is Down Periscope, so there!!!!

  7. NFL:



    Seems to me a group of fans have gone way, way OTT in their crtiticism of NFL. For goodness sake open your eyes and see what is happening to man & club.


    Question: Is no expression of anger & bewilderment allowed?



    Also seems to me a group of fans have gone way, way OTT in their unquestioning support of NFL. For goodness sake open your eyes and see the damage being done to man & club.


    Question: Is no questioning of NFL’s style & demeanour allowed at all?

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Greenjedi -is the film not the TV series rolled into one big episode [the direcor’s cut?]



    I’m loathe to re-kindle the ole CQN U-96 debate.

  9. It now seems only some of us are Neil Lennon! Get a grip! I dont post anymore! But saddens me to see this!

  10. Neil is standing up to corrupt refs and lying journos.


    He is railing against the cheats and the hypocrites.


    He knows what we know, that we as a club and support get cheated and treated like second class citizens in this wee country.


    He will not accept this.


    You people who are slagging Neil should get a feckin grip and stop reading the dr and sun.


    Think for yourselves and see that Neil is fighting our fight.


    God bless Neil Lennon.

  11. Paul 67


    I feel that, after we play the huns at CP in a couple of weeks, its at that point that, SKY will have had their 4 glasgow derbie’s and then, the plug will be pulled on the huns.


    What happens after that….


    Also, i have the bad dreams again.


    You know the one’s I had before…featuring the, haunting Darth Vader voice that says, “Scotland IS the huns, the huns ARE Scotland!”


    Hail Hail


    Off oot


    May God Bless Paul 67 and ‘Every’ CQNer.



  12. Neil Lennon speaks for me. Infact i wish he would speak more often because he tells it how it is. Cheating scum

  13. Could this signal the glimmer of hope that I mentioned last week Paul67?



    I made the point that I thought somewhere, somebody would see sense and a glimmer of integrity and dare I say fairness, might just break through and stop newco hun fc parachuting straight back into spl as if nothing ever happened!!!



    I had menetioned UEFA being the vehicle to bring this glimmer of hope into being!! maybe enough of the other football supporters in scotland will make thier voices heard and ensure a newco start at the bottom just like ANY other newco would have to do

  14. I vote for the huns to go to the gibbet.



    If Duff and Duffer can’t afford that a bottle of High Commissioner and a revolver will suffice.



    Dunfermline, feel free to join them.

  15. Token Tim, Y, that is the concern.



    KevJungle, we’ll see.



    navanbhoy, there is certainly a glimmer.



    TopCorner, cheers.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    under these circumstances NO its abhorrent and inappropriate



    HAil HAil

  17. Sad post again –



    Anyone in Belfast help me out with an IKEA issue.



    Decorating bathroom – bought all the stuff 3 weeks ago – planned 2 weeks off work to do the work – 2.5 weeks ago IKEA tell me the sink I want will be in stock on Friday – Friday comes and goes and then every other day after. They’ve now got to a point where they can tell me they foresee delivery problems up until the end of May!!! Unhappy wife – the bathroom is stripped, de-tiled etc…



    But other stores have the sink in stock and over the past week or so I’ve watched stock dwindle – with no assistance from IKEA. Manchester were going to post it but they sold the last one because they left it on sale after my enquiry…



    I was unaware that IKEA stores are actually franchises and offer no assistance or help between stores or customers. Won’t even let me pay for postage as as sink is a H&S risk…



    So one last hurrah.



    There’s 2 sinks in Belfast




    Anyone in Belfast help me out? See if we can arrange something?



    Let me know.




  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BMCUWP – allow me to ‘overstep the mark’ here and point out I did not recommend ‘Ice Station Zebra’



    A Rock Hudson action movie?

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Forget morals its all about the money



    Dumb scum huns pay back the 130m.



    If you can´t do that at least die with a modicum of dignity



    Instead of the deranged whimpering that we are seeing far too much of



    Hail Hail

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Uly -2 sinks in Belfast?



    Well make sure you get the Nationalist version ;/)





    IIRC,the film was released in the early 80s then shown as a miniseries in the mid-80s.



    I think the director’s cut came out around 1990.



    They definitely tried to get their moneysworth!

  22. I want Neil Lennon to be our manager for many years but the way he is going he will either be forced out of the job because of his extreme controversial management style or his desire to see his old age. All those who are pushing him to (beyond) the limit to suit your cause I pray nothing happens to him. It is time for someone else to fight the fight that undoubtedly has to be fought but NL has done more than his share and he must now manage in a more controlled fashion and P.L. or someone must now take over for the safety of our manager (a very brave man).

  23. A view on Sunday.



    Cup semi-final, notoriously tight matches anywhere in the world. Celtic dominated the game, had more possession and created more chances. Hearts scored a decent goal following some sloppy play and Celtic fought back to 1-1, looking good to win it in extra time.



    The referee then gave an incorrect penalty decision in the last minute that allowed Hearts to unfairly win the game.



    All this talk of Celtic playing poorly, players not being up to it and the wrong team selection is nonsense in my opinion. If the referee doesn’t make his mistake, a resilient Celtic come back from a goal down to win a tricky semi-final after extra time. That should have been the story.

  24. Paul 67



    A glimmer is a good start, as long as we build on it!!!!



    Keep the faith

  25. Fans making a stand, can’t see it.


    People dont care anymore!



    How many come on here and moan about the Media, (SSB, BBC,SKy,ESPN) they still buy the papers, they still listen to the radio show, the still give £50+ a month to Sky.



    Majority of people are happy to fill in a wee form or send £5 or £10 into a charity pot, lets them feel good, like they are doing something, but to take real action, to go out their way for a cause, to put their head in the firing line, boycott away games, stop buying papers, listening to phone ins, cancel your direct debit payment of £50 per month to the players of Wolves, Wigan, West Brom, Blackburn….. It won’t happen.



    Fuel protests when the price of a litre of petrol went over £1.00. Its now £1.50 a litre – whats happening – nothing.



    The poll tax demo’s, celts for change, celtic fans paying their money for a game of football to then walk out! Would this happen now? I dont think so.



    Paul, your rallying call a few months back was spot on, but if that was to be used as marker, the comments didnt show the support required.



    Maybe I’m wrong, but from my experience of strike days in my office, marching round copenhagen and glasgow for climate justice I dont hold out much hope.



    It’s really simple, last away game of the season – no one enters the ground. We go, we stand outside, (if we are allowed by the police), if we can’t we go watch the youth teams.

  26. Forget about whether you think we are cheated or not.


    Forget about what opinions are put forward on our manager.



    Look at how his managerial peers act. He is no angrier and indeed I think a lot calmer than many.



    Neil has a right to act similar to others performing his job without condemnation or retribution.



    That it damages Celtic in the short term is no fault of his, and should not be used against him.



    Why should he have to play by different rules ? Yet be told its the same rules.



    Bullies must be stood up to. It’s the only way.

  27. Paul67 – I think Bank of Scotland have to tread very carefully here. They cannot be seen to be acting as shadow directors of the companies who they are providing funding to, and making decisions which may benefit the bank in the short term but ultimately be bad for the business.



    Conversely the pushing of a newco, with the ability to walk away from debt, into the SPL, could be detrimental to the bank, as what would stop clubs like Dunfermline or Kilmarnock doing the same thing to avoid paying their unserviceable debts . We could get to the stage when no club in Scotland can get banking facilities such is the negativity around the sector.

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