Money v Morals, voice of football fans can decide


Scottish football is posed for the most momentous stand-off in its history.  The battle lines are clear:

Money v Morals, TV money v Season ticket money, Bank of Scotland v Fans

In 12 days the SPL clubs will vote on resolutions which will enable a new club to parachute straight into the SPL following the liquidation of Rangers without having to apply for entry to the Scottish Football league and rise through the pyramid.  Five clubs can block their entry – for a few days anyway.  Six, a majority if one member is liquidated, would be enough to ensure Rangers Newco SPL entry is blocked.

According to the SPL Fan Survey fans would overwhelmingly like to see any Newco football club enter the Scottish Football League, a position supported by a large number of Rangers fans, but the voices of fans are more easily discarded than that of the Bank of Scotland, who a large number of clubs depend upon to keep their own clubs out of administration.

In short, unless clubs can demonstrate to the Bank of Scotland that they will lose more money from disaffected fans by voting for Newco than they will by voting to retain the custom of Rangers fans, with accompanying television and sponsor money, Newco FC will be voted into the SPL.

Celtic will vote against Newco but fans from Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Inverness, St Johnstone, Motherwell and St Mirren have to do more to make their case directly with their clubs.  Irrespective of fan views, I reckon Dunfermline shareholders would rather relegate their own team than Rangers.  Don’t even ask about Kilmarnock.

The Gang of 10 may speak as one.  If they get rid of Rangers they will be able to out-vote Celtic and have a unique opportunity to change voting rights, allowing them to capture long-term money currently going to Celtic.  This, together with overwhelming fan pressure, might be enough to persuade some, but this issue is more complex.

Despite initial opposition to changing the voting rights, Duff and Phelps may vote with the Gang of 10 on voting rights as part of a deal to allow them to sell a place in the SPL.  Yes – trade votes in order to sell a place in the top league.  Sporting integrity dismantled forever.

Since we first raised the alarm on this vote back in October I have been convinced Newco would be ushered into the SPL but the weight of opinion from fans from other clubs is stark.  Over half of respondents to the Survey say they will not attend SPL games if Newco is voted straight into the league.

Even the Bank of Scotland would have to recognise the business sense in siding with the fans if this view is made firmly enough.

Truth is, no one knows which way this one will go, but this is a once in a century opportunity for fans to make a stand.

Bids for the original canvass painting of Neil Lennon by US based artist, Joseph Gormley, has topped £600! Keep an eye on the auction, which ends tomorrow, here.

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  1. I asked Neil to speak for me, but he told me there was no way he was going to talk that amount of sheugh. :-)



    “Lower nurse….lower.ho ho ho ho …mmmmmmmmm….that’s better”



    Hail hail




  2. God, my junk mail’s getting really boring. Used to be courted by American GIs holding Saddam’s millions, Or old infirm women who had picked me, me! I tell you, out of the whole world to share her ‘many million’, or indeed the Asian business men who liked the references they received regarding my import/export abilities…



    Now I’m reduced to my non-existent Western Union account getting accessed from a naughty computer or being asked to test drive a new Dyson vacuum.



    Modern Scam E-Mails is pure rubbish…




  3. Sir Paul



    jist in fae the jiggin’



    As ye know..


    Ah am a Sucker fur..



    Makin’ Predictions..



    Ah’ m Ah any guid at it?



    You tell me..





    Let’s See..



    Predo.. Number44444



    The G.A., Wull Stey in the League.. That is No a Predo, per se..



    THAT.. IS .. A… FACT!



    Predo.. Number5555



    Dr.Ng.. (He is No a Doactur, but, who cares?)


    Dr. Ng, wull walk away. when He finds oot whit.. Whytie wants fur the Club..



    Predo..Number 5566



    Neil, wull spend a Loat of His Time,next season.. watching his


    Bhoys, from the stand.




    Predo .. Number 5588



    Naebuddy, wull be able tae Prize the Ibrox Flailin’ and Failin’,


    Ibrox Enterprise ….fae the cold Grim Hauns o’ Whytie..



    That’s Aboot awe .. that Ah kin Come up wi’…fur Noo.



    Stay tuned..






    Laughin, and Laughin.. alang wi’.. Li’L Audrey.

  4. Joe, Harper & Paul ‏ @HomeBhoys


    We WILL be live tonight, we WON’T be tuned into Barça (well mibbe on mute…) HomeBhoys with @Harper1888 @paullarkin74 & @AupaCeltic #Celtic



    Joe, Harper & Paul ‏ @HomeBhoys


    So add HomeBhoys on Skype to call in, I can guarantee its going to be lively…TURN OFF CLYDE SUPPORT YOUR SIDE #Celtic

  5. In a dark future when the Newco rises phoenix-like from the ashes of a bonfire of it’s own making then the words of that old football chant will prove to be prophetic. They really will be Rangers in disguise (albeit, not a very clever one)




  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on



    Published on Wednesday 18 April 2012 12:12



    HIBS and Hearts say they could sell enough tickets to triple their allocation for the first all-Edinburgh Cup final in 116 years.



    Club bosses said unprecedented demand for the May showdown meant they would attract enough supporters to sell out Hampden, Celtic Park and Ibrox combined.



    The historic clash has also seen a surge in demand for travel with several bus firms confirming they are already fully booked for the final – with many revealing they had been swamped with calls moments after opening this week.



    To cope with the huge exodus, inter-city bus companies are expected to lay on extra vehicles but have warned fans to book early to avoid disappointment.



    Fans travelling to the game by rail have been warned they can expect to face a blanket ban on alcohol.



    British Transport Police and ScotRail are set to ban drinking on three different routes which will carry Hearts and Hibs fans to Queen Street and Central stations in Glasgow, it has been reported.



    A summit between police forces in Lothian and Borders and Strathclyde, as well as British Transport Police and Edinburgh City Council, is to be held in the coming days to discuss the travel arrangements for the cup final weekend.



    Meanwhile chip shop owners in Glasgow are stocking up on brown sauce to meet the demand by Edinburgh fans for what has been dubbed “the salt and sauce final”.



    Club bosses today said phonelines at Easter Road and Tynecastle had been red hot since 8am on Monday.




    Tickets for last year’s Europa League qualifier between Hearts and Tottenham are understood to have gone in under four hours, but club bosses believe cup final briefs will go even faster.



    A spokesman for Hearts said: “The phones have been ringing off the hook. We are anticipating an incredible demand. We could sell double or triple our allocation.”



    In an online statement, the club said: “We will provide ticket details later this week, so please don’t call the ticket office just yet.”



    Across the city, Hibernian managing director Fife Hyland said there had been no respite in calls and e-mails.



    “We have had a deluge of e-mails and phone calls to the ticket office,” he said. “It’s going to be the most popular game in recent history and getting tickets is paramount for Hibernian supporters.



    “Similar to Hearts we have been putting out messages on Facebook and Twitter advising fans that we will know allocations later in the week – season ticket holders, though, are a priority.



    “We could sell out our allocation two or three times – I’m certain of that.”



    On the debate over which stadium should host the final – Hampden or Murrayfield – both Hearts and Hibs said they favoured the national stadium.



    Mr Hyland said: “We want it to be played at Hampden. When I was growing up I didn’t dream of lifting the cup at Murrayfield, I dreamt of lifting it at Hampden. It’s the home of Scottish football and this is a showpiece for Scottish football. It has to be at Hampden.”



    A Hearts spokesman said the cup final was the “jewel in the Scottish football crown” and Hampden Park was the “spiritual home of the game in this country”.



    “As such, Heart of Midlothian will not be considering any other venue for the game on May 19 for what will be a memorable occasion,” he said.



    n A staineD glass window believed to depict Hearts legend Bobby Walker is the subject of a police investigation after being removed from sale at auction over claims it belonged in the Station Tavern pub, it was reported today.

  7. Breeny


    “extreme controversial management style”



    There you go again with your “extreme” comments.



    Who else do you think in Football Management has an “extreme management style”



    I’ll pick 2, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho.


    Has either of them be subjected to sectarian or racial abuse, been attacked or sent bombs through the post.



    What is it you don’t get or unwilling to take on board, this is NOT about a style of management…por cierto

  8. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on

    rebuswad on 18 April, 2012 at 13:09 said:



    Very well put and, furthermore, it’s not us but Neil who continues to put his safety and reputation at risk!



    awe naw



    Clever, funny but financially inaccurate. There’s no way Ian Durrant is worth that much. You valued him at an obscenely high £5!




  9. Duff&Duffer, they are playing a blinder for Craigy bhoy…




    A spokesman for Collyer Bristow said: “On 23 March Rangers administrators’ made a request to vacate the previously agreed court date in order that they could consider bringing ‘wider claims’ against Collyer Bristow in relation to the takeover of Rangers Football Club and its subsequent administration. At this time the court set a deadline of 16 April for parties involved in the transaction to submit their claims.



    “As expected, late yesterday evening (16 April) Collyer Bristow received detailed particulars of the claim on behalf of the administrators’ Duff & Phelps. A significant proportion of the damages claimed by the administrators (in excess of £25m) relate to claims for ‘consequential loss’, which we believe to be highly speculative.



    “As we have previously stated, it is our intention to contest all claims brought by the administrators in the strongest possible terms and this remains our position.”

  10. .



    Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 18 April, 2012 at 13:20 said:


    ulysses mcghee on 18 April, 2012 at 13:09 said:



    Have you tried Halland and Wolfe someone mentioned last week that they are quite good at building sinky stuff in Belfast!!






    Ha Ha




  11. Awe_Naw, Do you happen to be Egyptian?



    An Egyptian man who watched a porn film for the first time got the shock of his life when he found the star was his own wife.



    Ramadan, from Dakhalia, reportedly collapsed in disbelief on the floor at an internet shop, reports Emirates 247.



    When he recovered his composure, he rushed home to face his wife who initially denied his accusations.



    But when he confronted her with the evidence she confessed to having betrayed him with her pre-marriage boy friend.



    She admitted that she had never loved him – even thought they had been married for 16 years and had four children.



    “I found 11 films showing my wife in indecent scenes with her lover… It was the first time I watched a porno film and I did this just out of curiosity,” Ramadan told Egyptian newspapers.



    “She first denied it and accused me of being insane before I faced her with the films…



    “She then confessed to be still in love with her boyfriend, saying he is as young as her and that I am an old man.”

  12. BABASONICOS71 on

    I would never call another Celtic supporter a hun but those who have criticised Neil lately are doing ‘hun’ work.



    Count me in,Neil speaks for me too.

  13. martin O’Neill accuses Lennon detractors of double-standards


    NEIL LENNON should today be basking in the limelight after leading Celtic to their first SPL title in four seasons.




    Custom byline text:


    Instead, he is once again in the spotlight after another stormy confrontation with a referee following his side’s defeat in Sunday’s Scottish Cup semi-final.



    The Parkhead manager is already preparing to defend himself against two charges arising from the League Cup Final on March 18 and the Old Firm game the following weekend, the judicial hearings for which will take place tomorrow.




    With SFA compliance officer Vincent Lunny studying referee Euan Norris’s report on events at the conclusion of Sunday’s controversial defeat to Hearts, and Lennon’s subsequent comments on Twitter, there could be more trouble coming his way.



    All of which combines to provide an unwanted backdrop to what should be a happy picture, focused on Lennon lifting the SPL championship for the first time as a manager.



    But his former boss at Parkhead and Leicester, Martin O’Neill, refuses to add his voice to the chorus calling for Lennon to change.



    O’Neill has dismissed suggestions that his fellow Northern Irishman needs to temper his behaviour to stay out of hot water.



    The former Celtic manager believes he wears his heart on his sleeve – and wouldn’t counsel him to change his style.



    “He has always been a passionate individual,” said O’Neill. “I suppose it all comes down to a matter of personal preference and whether or not you warm to that or not.



    “I always thought he was driven and determined and he had to put up with a lot when he was a player at the club.



    “People’s behaviour on the touchline, or wherever, is not always going to necessarily be accepted by everyone. That is life.



    “Neil might find as he grows into the job and goes along that he learns one or two things, but these are decisions that only he could make.



    “All you can be is yourself.



    “It is an emotive job and there is always pressure.”



    Pressure which should be eased to a certain degree by the fact Lennon has now achieved his main target.



    Clinching the SPL title with five games to spare should have afforded the passionate man from Lurgan a comfort and a sense of relaxation on the park that is not often a ready bedfellow of any Old Firm manager.



    While those who have managed Celtic and Rangers and coped with the unique demands of each club will talk readily of the pressure, Lennon’s situation is quite unparalleled.



    And O’Neill believes that the controversy which stalks him has made his title success all the more laudable.



    The 40-year-old celebrated his first championship as Celtic manager at the end of a week in which two men were told to await sentence for a botched plan to mail him nail bombs to Celtic’s Lennoxtown training ground facility.



    It was the latest in a catalogue of incidents in which Lennon has been targeted.



    Back in September 2003, two students were fined after an attack on the then Celtic player in Glasgow’s West End. Lennon had been driving, close to his home, when the men chased him in his car before he was attacked.



    In September 2008, while a Celtic coach, he was assaulted and left unconscious in Ashton Lane by two Rangers fans who were subsequently jailed for two years.



    Last season, Lennon, as Celtic manager, was attacked as he stood on the touchline at Tynecastle.



    During that same campaign, in which the league was lost to Rangers by a point, Lennon received death threats and had to be accompanied at all times with bodyguards – one of whom continues to shadow him on matchdays.



    Yet, the accusation that Lennon invites controversy lingers.



    Last season after a goalless draw at Ibrox, the Parkhead boss drew all manner of criticism for cupping his hands around his ears after enduring a barrage of abuse from the Rangers support.



    In certain quarters the criticism that he is central to the trouble that surrounds him because of his manner continues to prevail. It is a theory that his former manager has dismissed.



    “I always felt that there was a real ‘glass houses’ aspect to things when it came to Neil,” said O’Neill.



    “There seemed to be many times when it was okay to give plenty out to him, but, at the slightest hint of anything from him, people would be up in arms.



    “I would be inclined to think of the kind of issues that Neil himself had when he was playing in the SPL.



    “He had a lot to contend with when he was playing with Celtic.



    “It all seemed to kick off when he was barely in the door. He has had to put up with so much, too, as manager.



    “It is a difficult enough job in any case without that additional pressure and I think he has not had too much credit for being able to get on with it while that has been going on in the background.”



    As a manager, Lennon is no shrinking violet. His touchline antics have landed him in hot water on a number of occasions, and continue to do so.



    Lennon had an angry exchange with Calum Murray during Celtic’s 3-2 defeat to Ibrox in the last Old Firm game, while he was also in bother for branding Willie Collum’s decision not to give Celtic a penalty in the League Cup Final against Kilmarnock as “criminal” .



    In a SportTimes interview he also commented prior to a league game against St Johnstone that he was looking for a “decent” referring performance, a statement that was investigated by Lunny to consider if it breached Clause 69, which dictates no comment can be made about match officials ahead of a game.



    No punishment is anticipated on that final charge, and a strong defence, involving a QC, will be presented against the other two counts which will be dealt with at tomorrow’s hearing.



    Then it will over to Lunny once again to decide if Lennon’s appearances at Hampden are finally over for the season.





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  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 18 April, 2012 at 13:36 said:




    Published on Wednesday 18 April 2012 12:12



    HIBS and Hearts say they could sell enough tickets to triple their allocation for the first all-Edinburgh Cup final in 116 years.



    Club bosses said unprecedented demand for the May showdown meant they would attract enough supporters to sell out Hampden, Celtic Park and Ibrox combined.



    BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! What a pile of pish, they honestly think there are 160,000 Hearts and Hibs supporters that even exist!!??



    Funny how they all come crawling out the woodwork once there’s a final to be won; they have a nerve calling anyone “glory hunters”

  15. Summa


    Are 1 off the fine painters i was speaking to at childcare?


    Are you Melbourne based?

  16. Kojo


    might have asked ye before, captain, but


    who are these fellas you keep sayin goodnight to ?


    goodnight to this one, that one, the next one





    you may soon be needing to refer


    the others as “G.A. 2012”

  17. Cheech and Chong cfc on 18 April, 2012 at 13:38 said:


    Can someone paste the text from the ET article? Cheers




    Hope that was alright a bit untidy meant to sort lt but pressed the post comment button to soon

  18. themightyquinn on 18 April, 2012 at 13:47 said:


    Can someone please post the MON interview from the Evening Slimes?




    Posted at 13.34

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on





    you forgot God




    Yes I am .



    Hail Hail

  20. knoxy2000



    The two nearest would be the Cock Tavern on Phoenix Road, Euston, home of the London No.1 CSC, and the Sheephaven Tavern, at the back of Mornington Crescent, Camden Town.

  21. Navanbhoy, indeed.



    falkirkbhoy, last game of the season is too late. 12 days to go.



    Cardiffbhoy, Dunfermlien owe their shareholder, it’s Kilmarnock HBOS need to keep an eye on. They can go into administration without going into liquidation.



    BromleyBhoy, there is a deal to be made there.



    Kojo, I reckon several of your predictions will come true.

  22. Henry McLeish recommendation no271…



    re “pundits” and so on



    can we have please have a pecking order whereby those not so fantastic are at the bottom and hence unable to grace our game/airwaves/print-and-TV media etc ?



    as per the football referees



    if yer the finest, yer at the top o the list and


    if yer mince, yer demoted for a while



    examples of such persons too many to mention

  23. My dear,dear,dear,friend… Top Guy..



    Hiya, pally..



    Tae ithers ye may be..”Top Corner”, but tae me..


    Ye wull ayewiz be..” Top Guy”



    Tae answer yer question…



    The Names, are Names of Friends o’ Mine,oaf whom Ah hiv Lost contact.



    So far. Ah hiv bin. successful in re-establishing Contact wi. FOUR.. of Ma Loast Contactees… thanks tae Ma adveritsing efforts oan Here..



    Meanwhile, in anither Part of the Woods…



    Howdya like .. This Team Selection, fur oor Next Game.???



    Cool Haun Luke



    Fisher Chalmers



    Jones Fraser



    Herron, McGeough, Jackson, Twardzik,



    Watt Gormley.



    Gie the Kids a Shot..



    Gie the Kids a Shot.



    Gie the Kids a Shot..





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater

  24. My one criticism of Neil Lennon on Sunday is that surely in managing to get so close to Euan Norris he should have stuck the head on him?

  25. Media Pro Sports have already made contact with the majority shareholder of their new target, which Herald Sport understands to be St Mirren.



    The Paisley club have been for sale for some time. Stewart Gilmour holds the majority shareholding, but all four directors want to sell their stakes together. When David Rae, the Queen of the South majority shareholder, decided to pass his shares on to his family rather than sell them, the Preston-based sports management company decided to switch to another Scottish club, although their spokesman, Jonathan Hope, declined to comment on their identity.



    The mysterious company has only been on the go since October and when they filed their accounts they had Capital of £100.00.



    Sounds like a potential rangers bidder if you ask me…

  26. knoxy



    my partner has done some work with the unit where oscar is to be treated, a great place and fantastic people by all accounts, nowhere better in the country.

  27. MON’s words beats every “mortified Sunday Post readers” outraged nonsense thats been posted on here since the weekend –



    “People’s behaviour on the touchline, or wherever, is not always going to necessarily be accepted by everyone. That is life.



    “Neil might find as he grows into the job and goes along that he learns one or two things, but these are decisions that only he could make.



    “All you can be is yourself.



    “It is an emotive job and there is always pressure.”





    NFL is human.


    NFL is our leader.



    All he can be, is be himself,



    I love that comment.

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