Money v Morals, voice of football fans can decide


Scottish football is posed for the most momentous stand-off in its history.  The battle lines are clear:

Money v Morals, TV money v Season ticket money, Bank of Scotland v Fans

In 12 days the SPL clubs will vote on resolutions which will enable a new club to parachute straight into the SPL following the liquidation of Rangers without having to apply for entry to the Scottish Football league and rise through the pyramid.  Five clubs can block their entry – for a few days anyway.  Six, a majority if one member is liquidated, would be enough to ensure Rangers Newco SPL entry is blocked.

According to the SPL Fan Survey fans would overwhelmingly like to see any Newco football club enter the Scottish Football League, a position supported by a large number of Rangers fans, but the voices of fans are more easily discarded than that of the Bank of Scotland, who a large number of clubs depend upon to keep their own clubs out of administration.

In short, unless clubs can demonstrate to the Bank of Scotland that they will lose more money from disaffected fans by voting for Newco than they will by voting to retain the custom of Rangers fans, with accompanying television and sponsor money, Newco FC will be voted into the SPL.

Celtic will vote against Newco but fans from Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Inverness, St Johnstone, Motherwell and St Mirren have to do more to make their case directly with their clubs.  Irrespective of fan views, I reckon Dunfermline shareholders would rather relegate their own team than Rangers.  Don’t even ask about Kilmarnock.

The Gang of 10 may speak as one.  If they get rid of Rangers they will be able to out-vote Celtic and have a unique opportunity to change voting rights, allowing them to capture long-term money currently going to Celtic.  This, together with overwhelming fan pressure, might be enough to persuade some, but this issue is more complex.

Despite initial opposition to changing the voting rights, Duff and Phelps may vote with the Gang of 10 on voting rights as part of a deal to allow them to sell a place in the SPL.  Yes – trade votes in order to sell a place in the top league.  Sporting integrity dismantled forever.

Since we first raised the alarm on this vote back in October I have been convinced Newco would be ushered into the SPL but the weight of opinion from fans from other clubs is stark.  Over half of respondents to the Survey say they will not attend SPL games if Newco is voted straight into the league.

Even the Bank of Scotland would have to recognise the business sense in siding with the fans if this view is made firmly enough.

Truth is, no one knows which way this one will go, but this is a once in a century opportunity for fans to make a stand.

Bids for the original canvass painting of Neil Lennon by US based artist, Joseph Gormley, has topped £600! Keep an eye on the auction, which ends tomorrow, here.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Agent Craig, Headtheball, ASonOfDan – Thanks



    Rebuswad – Thanks to you also. With respect, it is not that Neil’s actions are no worse than those of others. Others are actually much worse and are not brought to account.



    If I may analogise – When the friends of murderers brazenly accuse you of shoplifting you know something is far wrong.



    Hail Hail

  2. Medtim a 15:40



    Well said, totally agree with your words



    The Celtic family have been drawn together immensely over the past few seasons following the unrivalled abuse levelled at one of our own, Neil Lennon.



    We need to stay strong and let Neil Lennon and the rest of planet football know, that we still support our own and stand right beside him

  3. Jamsie @ 16:20



    I preferred the Stein approach of confronting it head on ie put the ball in the back of the net more often than them


    Unfortunately our present manager would rather tweet and snarl than admit that he got it wrong

  4. BlantyreKev says Good luck, farewell, goodbye on

    Two and a half grand on the auction!




  5. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    The gang of ten commandments


    1) Thou shall not punish thy big brother, lest we be in the same boat without oars (hearts)


    2) Thou shall not stay in the SPL at RFCs expense (Dunfermline)


    3) Thou shall not punish those who try to buy our club and shut them down (St Mirren)


    4) Thou shall not require payment for RFC fans tickets, in case they don’t come back (Dundee Utd)


    5) Thou shall not relegate our so called biggest rivals, (Aberdeen)


    6) Thou shall not try to win anything ever(Hibs)


    7) Thou shall obtain yonder Sky Deal at any cost (Killie)


    8) Thou shall accommodate 5 stars on our rival jerseys, and be at one (ICT)


    9) Thou shall not be influenced by Gingers (St J)


    10) Thou shall pay not pay the bus fare but still be huns (Motherwell)



    But im very sure there is better

  6. Philmac done a great article today comparing Neil to Bampot Ferguson and his antics over the years.



    One is an Irish Catholic manager of Celtic right enough…

  7. i watched celtic being cheated week in week out when Tony Mowbray was our Manager – I was furious that he didnt stand up and show some passion – worse – he took it on the fn chin!



    In Neil Lennon we have a manager – no – we have a leader who will not take it on the chin – the treatment of this young celtic team by a corrupt machine is utterly astounding – the momentum to out this cheating is with us – more corruption wil be exposed.



    Hugh Dallas = disgrace of a man, disgrace of a profession

  8. mickbhoy1888



    You seem to have taken a wrong turn. Go to google and type in ‘Follow Follow’. Hope that helps. :)

  9. mickbhoy1888



    That’s your view, I don’t agree with it, but when you said “Were some of you not able to do that (speak) for yourself before Mr Lennon became your spokesman”



    What would you have those of us do who agree with Neil’s stance do, phone Radio Clyde, Real Radio, the Record maybe? Stand at the end of our street shouting the referee’s a cheat?



    Neil Lennon is the manager of Celtic and on the issue of cheating match officials he has my total support.

  10. fergus slayed the blues on

    There are a lot of peepil that the thought of Lenny winning the SPL trophy is really too much to stomach .(the treble ,Samaritan meltdown )


    The fact that he may just stick around to do it a few more times maybe just too much to BEAR .


    He will be handed a record punishment this week in an attept to ease the pain because they could not stop Lenny fulfiling his dream .


    TM never uttered a word about honest mistakes and they reached record levels .




    This song has to be played after we lift the trophy ,let them know ,no more sitting at the back of the bus .



  11. 1











    Che on 18 April, 2012 at 15:29 said:






    neil Lennons “actions” over this season and past have irked some, Neil Lennons words appear to have irked even more,


    Its a pity that the actions and words aimed directly at Neil lennon (and indirectly his family) to the extent that his very existence was threatened over the same period never resulted in the same mock outrage.


    Shaming the Club as some would have us believe?


    Its the Country he lives and works in that should be ashamed for what this man and his family have gone through, its the inaction of those who govern the country who should be ashamed, its those in the media and other outlets who have exacerbated the situation with their continual demonising of the man who should be ashamed,


    Neil Lennon has never shamed me nor brought embarrassment upon me, either as an individual or as a Celtic Supporter,


    Neil Lennon has been and continues to be far more restrained under the circumstances than the rest of us could ever hope to be, the problem is the majority of this Country cant understand that and never will, they dont see Neil Lennon as a person, as an individual,


    they see Neil Lennon as a symbol of things that they are bred to hate.


    Lets be clear,


    In Neil Lennon, they see us.


    Shoulder to Shoulder with Lenny



    One of the best posts I have ever read on CQN, up the Celts

  12. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    i thought it was big build up tae the message





    ah stand with you brother!

  13. We won 9 leagues in a row , why by having a good manger in place ,Jock Stein and a bunch of good football players ,and the 1st british team to win the European Cup.To-days players and management ,well they are a different story.If we were cheated on sunday fine ,theres not much more we can do about it .its history now ,

  14. To whom it may concern.



    Why do you respond to a poster whom we all know to be a troll?



    Ignore him and he will go away.

  15. Without attempting to blacken the names of some of our previous managers, Jock Stein, Billy McNeill, Davie Hay, Martin O’Neill etc… maybe, just maybe, if each of them had taken it upon themselves to do just a little bit more with regards the bigotry, hatred, sectarianism, cheating, SFA, referees etc… Neil Lennon might not have had to experience the outside pressures he has had to cope with this last couple of years. ( Celtic fans can all breath now, Celtic shams keep holding your breath and read another 100 times)




  16. The thing about Big Jock confronting the cheat Davidson on the centre spot at Celtic Park was that the Board backed him 100% and Tom White wrote to the SFA demanding that Davidson never again referee a Celtic match. The SFA refused to do this but it is indicative of how strongly Celtic felt.



    Look at the photo and the jut of Jock’s jaw says how he felt.





    Lawwell should and probably will back Lennon up in similar style.

  17. I hope the players, once they have recieved their medals, leave it for Neil and him alone to collect the league trophy. Don’t give the sponsors their photoshoots etc, walk round the Park with Neil on their shoulders and let all of scotland know we are behind him 100%. No more press conf’s, to hell with the hun media, Celtic Veiw and Channel67 only. ps why are craig burleys mob espn at the top of these pages?

  18. It must be time for the Celtic board to enter the fray and I’d suggest a complaint to UEFA about Dallas’s comments on Neil Lennon would be an easy target and a quick win.

  19. iki



    Sadly I cant contribute much to the blog however calling out Huns is a task very much suited to my abilities.

  20. seventyxseven 'gelee et glace' on




    I used to have a mate with whom I attended matches. He was a royal pain in the erchie in the car going and coming back. If there was no negative to moan about, he found one. I eventually could take it no more when he opined that Paul McStay was “crap” and “not Celtic class.” I got the bus.



    I then had to change pubs on Saturday evenings because he wouldn’t shut up there either.



    There have been many downers over the years, but much to celebrate too about Celtic, on and off the park. Balance is the key.



    Just because you have a thought doesnt mean you need to share it with everyone every time you have one. Give it a rest or be a bit more constructive. You are beginning to sound like:




  21. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    mickbhoy1888 on 18 April, 2012 at 16:33 said:



    It feels like you were hoping he would get it wrong just to justify you being able to come on and voice your dislike of him.



    Do you expect him to win every game? Sounds like it, in fact it sounds like any Celtic manager who fails to win every game and keep you in a state of happiness at best and silence at worst is going to be the basis of your unrealstic expectations.



    How dare Neil Lennon fail to keep you happy. Why not take the responsibility off him and put it on yourself or is your life all somebody elses fault?

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Can anybody recommend Jack Reacher Novels ?



    might save me a journey



    Hail Hail

  23. Just a few days ago – hours really in the scheme of things – Neil Lennon mentioned the support was a family.



    Even if I got to the point where a family member disappointed me, I wouldn’t rush onto Radio Clyde to make my feelings clear.



    That’s the shameful thing…



    Have the guts to take it up at source. He’s the most approachable player/manager for Celtic I’ve ever met. I’m sure he’d have an answer for your worries too.



    Unlike Darryl and Hugh getting the opportunity to turn it into a four ring circus and questioning his overall ability.



    That’s the shameful thing…



    See when Traynor had the audacity to say ‘You and your kind/type’?



    He meant us. He meant you.



    Yet there’s Celtic fans cannot wait to rush onto a station and berate a manager who’s returned the league trophy in some style after almost a season of chin-taking and a previous season of poor turgid MOTD football.




  24. Been offline for a few hours, apologies if I’ve missed a question.



    Just popped in to say I’m STUNNED at what has happened on the eBay auction for the Neil Lennon painting today.



    Sincere thanks to those who have participated.

  25. Awe Naw No Annoni Oan Anaw Noo.


    Jack Reacher novels,nice easy read,a bit far fetched,but I’ve read a lot worse.Slan.

  26. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    this happened before and it was hun scum



    Lets hope it is not happening again !!!



    HAil Hail

  27. can someone please explain..



    a couple of days ago it emerged that the huns couldn’t tranfer their membership to a zombie club , if they liquidate , they go to the bottom of SFL



    if that’s the case , why are we still discussing this vote? surely it’s irrelevant for the SPL to vote in new criteria if it is not acceptable to UEFA?SFA




  28. murdochbhoy on 18 April, 2012 at 16:54 said:



    I read about this last week with a mixture of great sadness and confusion.



    I find it difficult to deal with the claim that the ‘leadership within the prison agreed the deal with the British authorities’ when Bik McFarlane who was OC of the IRA prisoners has always refuted this and has played no part in any IRSP investigation.

  29. Hi,



    It appears that those slating Neil and trying to use Jock Stein and Martin O’Neill as some form of benchmark simply don’t know their history.



    Martin O’Neill in support of Neil in the Evening Times: “People’s behaviour on the touchline, or wherever, is not always going to necessarily be accepted by everyone. That is life!”