Mooy the breakout star


We were all disappointed Cameron Carter-Vickers missed out on the USA’s opening World Cup game last night.  In all the games we have seen him play, he has never conceded a penalty like the defender who took his place did.  Still, managers are reluctant to chop and change central defensive partnerships, so Cameron may not see much action.

Given how crucial he is to Celtic, we should perhaps not be too disappointed his profile will be subdued at the tournament.

Aaron Mooy featured in 11 of Australia’s World Cup qualification games and will hope to start tonight in what will be a challenge against holders France.

Recent World Cups have seen the clearest manifestation of the Winner’s Curse.  Whereas losers have an obligation to break and fix their structure, winners are incentivised to keep things as they were.  We have seen this cost Celtic in recent years.  At World Cup level, this has perhaps contributed to four of the last five winners failing to make it out of the group stage.  Brazil, winners 20 years ago, being the exception.

France were far from convincing at the Euros.  After a 1-0 win over Germany, they drew with Hungary and Portugal before being sent home by Switzerland on penalties in the first knockout round.  No obligation to go through World Cup qualification will not have helped their preparations either.

So maybe Aaron Mooy, 32, will be the breakout star of this World Cup!  Tune in, 7pm tonight, to find out.

Well done to the Saudi players.  It is in no way patronising to suggest the thrill most players have at being able to compete against Lionel Messi.  To do so and win the game on the biggest stage you will ever play is the gift of football.  A result of the ages, up there with Algeria beating West Germany in 1982.  I thought they were brilliant.

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    The legendary Broonie with a rather grumpy looking BRRB.











    looks like one of those geneology programmes where a famous guy finds out he is related to a member of the general public

  2. Never saw first three games but pleasantly surprised by both refs today and their acceptance that this is still a contact sport. Not sure if it is their own interpretation or a FIFA ref instruction to tolerate a bit of bite and aggression in 50/50 challenges, both today’s games seem to tolerate a load more jostling and combative challenges than we are used to. A lot of bewildered prima donna players collapsing to the ground and left arms outstreched, wide-eyed and bewildered when told to just get up and get on with it.


    Long may it continue….



    SFA will delay any similar interpretation of the rules, citing teething problems as their excuse.

  3. Coneybhoy.



    Nile Bar,nice bar back in day.managers name was Peterkin iirc,think it was going from bout 85/6ish.


    Trendy shop,I moved to London,heard it became a pre vickys pub.



    Allys aunt lived down the road or Alistair as she called him,Blue door on her house,Ally visited regularly was attentive.Alas her health deteriorated and she moved to a home


    its weird all the diff strands of people knowing him.she was a lady.He popped into the local luj on Fridays,it was Friday everyday in 2012🤣 at times,


    In all the shenanigans he didn’t walk away..




    In comparison to googley cleansed and eternally disgraced Sir Ubend of Identity – dave Murray.


    Millionaire shite bag


    Ally talked some amount of guff


    Murray still comfortably,well when your family own most of planning permission along m8,he’ll not be down the foodbank soon,


    Murray friend of the ever-growing staunch sourness.



    Anyways excuse haver,hope your good




  4. I thought the Mexican ref in the Denmark Tunisia game was excellent. Wasn’t conned by players playing for fouls, and held his ground when prompted to look at VAR, going with his own on field decisions on both occasions. I know it’s not consistent but it’ll take refs like this to set the course for the others and to get rid of the ridiculous VAR decisions we are seeing every week.

  5. AT



    I’m good, thanks for asking.



    Yeah, the Nile was posh ; we used to drop in to see my mate, look at the unattainable girls and then go back up Strathclyde Uni 😎




    Agreed. I have watched the games to date and have been wondering if FIFA’s guidelines to referee’s differ from UEFA’s




  7. mncelt- a frustration is referees stopping games,whenever a player goes down and it’snot a head injury( which is the new cheat in town),the Saudi player went down, clearly time wasting ,up a minute later bombing down the touchline, should have been booked.

  8. Var is a complete joke. In Scotland it now leaves Celtic open to cheating by two sets of officials and one set make the decisions in secrecy behind closed doors. Why it can’t be like both Rugby codes where the conversation between the onfield ref and the VAR ref is relayed over the stadium sound system I don’t know?


    Has anyone noticed the results in QPR’s last 5 league games? 4 defeats and a draw. If Sevco wait a few weeks they might not have to pay any compensation for Beale, that is if they still want him.

  9. What is the Starz on

    Haven’t read back so don’t know if already discussed but as a matter of interest is anyone here “boycotting ” this world cup.As in not watching any games and trying to avoid as much as possible any media reports etc.


    I haven’t watched any and don’t intend to. Some reports are hard to avoid as they pop up on all social media outlets.


    Anyhow…no football for me until its over.

  10. Seems Neuer wearing a 1 Love armband tomorrow, taken off most sites for a card,10/3 still on Bet 365



    A lot of bewildered prima donna players collapsing to the ground and left arms outstreched, wide-eyed and bewildered when told to just get up and get on with it.



    A perfect description of one Giorgos Giakoumakis.

  12. Evening all.



    Who is that in the photo with BRRB ? :)



    Re Beale



    Scottish Media refer to him as Michael Beale.



    South of the boarder he is referred to as Mick Beale



    I realise it’s petty. However mmmmmmmmmhhhh

  13. What is the Starz on

    Gordon Banks once played a league game in Ireland for St Patrick’s Athletic against Shamrock Rovers. He made a magnificent save from an Eamon Dunphy free kick.I was behind the goal on the “terraces” (grassy Bank type of thing).


    It was around 77/78 and it was a better save than the 1970 one.


    Not a lottta people know that

  14. Banks’ save from Pele in 1970 wasn’t as good as John Fallon’s save against Valencia at Celtic Park in 1962.

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