Mooy the breakout star


We were all disappointed Cameron Carter-Vickers missed out on the USA’s opening World Cup game last night.  In all the games we have seen him play, he has never conceded a penalty like the defender who took his place did.  Still, managers are reluctant to chop and change central defensive partnerships, so Cameron may not see much action.

Given how crucial he is to Celtic, we should perhaps not be too disappointed his profile will be subdued at the tournament.

Aaron Mooy featured in 11 of Australia’s World Cup qualification games and will hope to start tonight in what will be a challenge against holders France.

Recent World Cups have seen the clearest manifestation of the Winner’s Curse.  Whereas losers have an obligation to break and fix their structure, winners are incentivised to keep things as they were.  We have seen this cost Celtic in recent years.  At World Cup level, this has perhaps contributed to four of the last five winners failing to make it out of the group stage.  Brazil, winners 20 years ago, being the exception.

France were far from convincing at the Euros.  After a 1-0 win over Germany, they drew with Hungary and Portugal before being sent home by Switzerland on penalties in the first knockout round.  No obligation to go through World Cup qualification will not have helped their preparations either.

So maybe Aaron Mooy, 32, will be the breakout star of this World Cup!  Tune in, 7pm tonight, to find out.

Well done to the Saudi players.  It is in no way patronising to suggest the thrill most players have at being able to compete against Lionel Messi.  To do so and win the game on the biggest stage you will ever play is the gift of football.  A result of the ages, up there with Algeria beating West Germany in 1982.  I thought they were brilliant.

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  1. more robust tackling and more 50/50s, while primdonnas roll about ………..



    you would think people would have had enough of scottish football



    cmon, the scoteroos

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Ramsden Arms, Talbot Road, Blackpool. £3.20 for Stella, big screen for the fitba and the manager is barking mad. It’s a hard life. 🍺😁

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Aussies giving France too much respect IMO.



    They are quite passive out of possession and the Aussies have more time to -pay than they think.



    They need a bit more composure

  4. from the bbc –



    Quiz: Order these Rangers managers from longest to shortest time served ?



    Is this a trick question ?


    Surely if Martindale comes he is managers who actually served the longest time –

  5. Martindale was on clyde as I was coming home.



    Asked right out what he though of michael beale in front running for the job,



    he said



    Mick might actually be in there with a good shout, and i talked to him at the weekend. but i can tell you its no gonna be me.



    deduction from clyde – maybe martindale talked to him to be his number 2, cos he did call him “mick”

  6. 50s for Australia to win.



    Oh why not.



    Australia are more of a team than France.



    It’s an interest in the game.

  7. See tonight the Glazers are putting Man Utd up for either a partial or full sale. They want to now look at new investment opportunities.



    So that will be Ronaldo and the Glazers for Ibrox then. You heard it here first 😂

  8. Apparently something in the region of 9 billion dollars will get you ownership of Man Utd.


    Anyone got some loose change?

  9. DeniaBhoy on 22nd November 2022 8:31 pm



    Apparently something in the region of 9 billion dollars will get you ownership of Man Utd.



    Anyone got some loose change?








    I Just want to see Celtic playing fitba the way it should be played.







  10. DeniaBhoy,



    Oui, I do that now and Crossmaglen.



    I cannae wait for Pittodrie!!!



    Defo the best day out when I went to the away games.

  11. ●Should be easy●


    Born in Scotland,played for Rep. Of Ireland and was the first Irish player to score in the English Premier league.

  12. The Saudi squad value today. €25.2 m


    The Argentina squad value today €645 2m.



    Saudi Arabia 3 shots, 2 on target.


    Argentina 15 shots, 6 on target.



    I’ll leave that out there.




  13. Deniabhoy



    I think it was £6m Martin Edwards was going to take from Michael Knighton back in 1987.



    Ok it’s 35 years ago but that kind of multiple is insane.

  14. QPR under Michael Beale has taken 1 point from their past 5 league games. Most of these were vs lower level teams in their division.

  15. Sore one for the Socceroos.


    What did they expect with a paper-thin, Dundee Utd and Hearts-infused/confused defence?


    On the pine, Degenek and Deng might offer a bit more physicality, but the backline still looks very flimsy.


    They will do better in next games, inshallah.



    A read back doesn’t exactly bolster claims we’re not half of anything.



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