Mooy the breakout star


We were all disappointed Cameron Carter-Vickers missed out on the USA’s opening World Cup game last night.  In all the games we have seen him play, he has never conceded a penalty like the defender who took his place did.  Still, managers are reluctant to chop and change central defensive partnerships, so Cameron may not see much action.

Given how crucial he is to Celtic, we should perhaps not be too disappointed his profile will be subdued at the tournament.

Aaron Mooy featured in 11 of Australia’s World Cup qualification games and will hope to start tonight in what will be a challenge against holders France.

Recent World Cups have seen the clearest manifestation of the Winner’s Curse.  Whereas losers have an obligation to break and fix their structure, winners are incentivised to keep things as they were.  We have seen this cost Celtic in recent years.  At World Cup level, this has perhaps contributed to four of the last five winners failing to make it out of the group stage.  Brazil, winners 20 years ago, being the exception.

France were far from convincing at the Euros.  After a 1-0 win over Germany, they drew with Hungary and Portugal before being sent home by Switzerland on penalties in the first knockout round.  No obligation to go through World Cup qualification will not have helped their preparations either.

So maybe Aaron Mooy, 32, will be the breakout star of this World Cup!  Tune in, 7pm tonight, to find out.

Well done to the Saudi players.  It is in no way patronising to suggest the thrill most players have at being able to compete against Lionel Messi.  To do so and win the game on the biggest stage you will ever play is the gift of football.  A result of the ages, up there with Algeria beating West Germany in 1982.  I thought they were brilliant.

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  1. ‘the international law right to self-determination only generates, at best, a right to external self-determination in situations of former colonies; where a people is oppressed, as for example under foreign military occupation; or where a definable group is denied meaningful access to government to pursue their political, economic, social and cultural development. In all three situations, the people in question are entitled to a right to external self-determination because they have been denied the ability to exert internally their right to self-determination. Such exceptional circumstances are manifestly inapplicable’




    Refers to Quebec case but held to be applicable to Scotland.



    So, not a former colony, and not an oppressed people.

  2. Guys,



    The Supreme Court’s decision was so predictable, and Nicola Sturgeon et al knew that.


    Her script was written long ago.:-


    Big bad Westminster ignoring the democratic right of the Scottish people , while silently breathing a sigh of premeditated relief as she no longer risks losing another referendum.



    This absolutely predictable answer from the top legal minds was a very costly game that was played



    The Scottish people have been played and they must ask if the time, effort and monies could have been utilised better to aid the very people she claims to champion.

  3. “AN DÚN on 23RD NOVEMBER 2022 10:16 AM


    England will decide when or if Scotland is allowed to consult its people.”



    Doesn`t bother me in the slightest (as the distribution of wealth would remain the same) but would that not be the same if a part of Scotland, say The Shetlands, decided they wanted to become independent? ie Scotland would decide etc.


    Cheerio for now.

  4. HOT SMOKED on 23RD NOVEMBER 2022 10:21 AM



    If the shetlands had a history of its own nationhood then you would have a legitimate point.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Perhaps Shetlanders may ask to be repatriated with Norway, the vikings parked the bus there for about 400 years or perhaps parked the long ship😱😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Everton shrug off their jetlag and find their scoring boots to lift Sydney Cup: 5-1 versus Western Sydney Wanderers. Hat-trick for Anthony Gordon. The lad Patterson is a decent young footballer.



    We should consider WSW’s Calem Nieuwenhof – such a composed and combative defensive midfielder.

  7. GREENPINATA on 23RD NOVEMBER 2022 10:19 AM



    The UK Supreme Court did say that clarification on the subject was in the public interest. So the case was necessary.

  8. prestonpansbhoys



    Not as much of a Viking presence on the Shetlands these days, though it is still there to a fair degree.


    As it remains throughout many parts of Scotland.


    Apart fae Largs that is!



    Up Helly Aa CSC

  9. AN DÚN on 23RD NOVEMBER 2022 10:41 AM


    GREENPINATA on 23RD NOVEMBER 2022 10:19 AM







    The UK Supreme Court did say that clarification on the subject was in the public interest. So the case was necessary.






    Not quite.



    What they said was




    ‘it is understandable that the Lord Advocate should have decided that it should be referred to this court in the public interest.’

  10. Yes Ernie, it was understandable to take the case to the Supreme Court in the public interest.



    So not a waste of public funds but an understandable course of action.

  11. AN DÚN on 23RD NOVEMBER 2022 10:51 AM



    It is understandable that Bain took the view she did (Bain wouldn’t sign off the Bill as competent).



    Not the same thing as you are claiming.



    A waste of public funds to benefit the SNP leadership (who have absolutely no intention of holding a referendum any time soon).



    I’d be interested to know how much the SNP’s legal bill will be compared to the cost to the public purse.

  12. Would have been better off wi Scott Bain doon there……


    Least he wouldn’t have left the Supreme Court wi an open goal

  13. It’s exactly what I’m claiming, Ernie.



    The UKG asked the Supreme Court not to rule on this matter.



    The Supreme Court dismissed this request and agreed with Bain that it was in the public interest to deliver a clear judgement on the merits of the case.

  14. Interestingly, the USA sealed up the secession issue after the Civil War. Trying to leave the Union is illegal constitutionally and every state has to plead to defend the Union.



    But, I think it is still legal to secede if you have a revolution (must be justified in international law i think; a bit like the Canadian thing)



    So, all states and the Gov have to agree to let you have a referendum and leave



    Texas had a clause inserted when they belatedly joined such that they can leave.



    In a UK context, we seem to have the same concept of a perpetual Union unless Parliament and UK Gov agree to referendum. Very similar to the US



    I personally think that their should be UK legislation such that Scotland can hold a referendum based on a time limit, e.g, every 25 years. That puts the argument to bed but is less disruptive and expensive than asking for one every day. Scot Gov could get on with running the country instead of using the Gov resources as a political fund



    The revolution idea is interesting though😎

  15. Big Jimmy:


    Celtic v Ayr united game(s) were played in !969,which stirred the memory bank.1966 was the year of the Aberfan disaster and we were making the trip on either the Royal Scotsman or Royal Ulsterman,en route for the League cup final.There was a collection taken up by both Celtic and Rangers supporters representatives (Belfast)for those affected by that awful tragedy.

  16. Ernie Lynch wrote



    Meanwhile everything the SNP have control of gets worse by the day.



    Yep,everything run by the Unionist parties is a veritable Shangri-la.No NHS waiting lists.Plenty Doctors,Nurses,Care workers.No critical housing shortages.No Tories wrecking the economy in two weeks.No Teachers,Rail workers,NHS staff going on strike.A wonderful immigration policy.A disastrous Brexit .I could go on,but you know that.


    For someone who tries so hard to come across as intelligent,you really act thick as shit when your Unionist personna takes over.




    You parachute in here causing all your nonsense…



    I have lived most of my life in Engalnd I have ten children/Grandchildren who are English



    I have no dog in this fight but Scotland needs to be independent of England, it’s only going one way and Scotland are definitely not going to do better attached to England.



    England looks after their own, and many would say good play for that, it is getting more and more right wing and that is the English right in Democratic terms.



    England when they had the resources never prioritised Scotland, Brexit has ensured their resources will just diminished – I’m going to stick with England for Family reasons but Scotland has to be independent it’s only going to get worse.



    Your Dogma and your labour party failwd Scotland






    Hail Hail



    Hail Hail

  18. Paul67,



    Guess you’ve never heard of Romaji!?



    Maybe educate yourself before educating us.



    Hail Hail

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