More worrying than the result


I know we had nothing up front, but Odsonne Edouard has looked more of a passenger in some games this season than Patryk Klimala and Moi Elyounoussi this afternoon.  The game was lost elsewhere.

Newco’s shape allowed them to dominate space whenever we had possession.  They were able to swiftly double up on Jeremie Frimpong and Diego Laxalt when the ball went wide, while they were compact enough in the middle of the field to keep Celtic from penetrating their final third.

Games are won and lost on mistakes and yet again we are talking about the defensive line at set pieces.  Connor Goldson’s ploy of standing offsite in the hope that a defender would break the line and play him on, was not subtle, but it was effective.  It was an excellent cross from the free kick (which wasn’t a free kick, but no excuses), Duffy was an enabler and Valarie Barkas could have done better.  Questions remain for both.

Culpability was less clear at the second goal, which was well worked.  With so many Celtic players in the box, you would expect one to get in the way of the drilled cross, but it fell to Goldson; teams who create chances get these breaks.  It was a deserved goal (again, no excuses, but the handball!).

The last time we dominated Newco was two years ago in a 1-0 win at Celtic Park when Olivier Ntcham controlled the game and scored the winner.  Stephen Gerrard learned from that day as Olivier has not had a sniff against them since.

Being ineffective up front and shaky at the back are worries enough, but the biggest concern is that we were unable to do anything to change the flow of the game.  An inability to control the any part of the game is more worrying than poor defending or not attacking.  It is more worrying than the result.

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  1. What has Gavin Strachan done in the game to merit his position at Celtic, seriously does anyone know.

  2. Ticketbus. He makes John Kennedy look


    Vastly experienced



    Seriously tho , this was a Peter L appointment

  3. SYDNEYTIM on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 11:08 PM




    Disparaging John Kennedy’s tactical awareness? I hope you live long enough to eat your ignorant words.

  4. Henryjoy ??? John Kennedy has zero experience



    He was the Person who put the cones out for BR coaching team

  5. I know John Kennedy’s career as a football player was cut short , and I respect Celtic for giving him a opportunity to stay in the game ,but if he wants to expand his knowledge then shourly he would want to test himself in an other environment

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Between now and end-Nov the huns have 5 very winnable league games against the cannon fodder. We have 4 league games, 2 v Aberdeen, Motherwell & Hibs away. Plus a further cup tie with Aberdeen and various euro ties.



    I reckon the huns will take 15 points and we’ll take 6 from our 4 games, giving current form and punishing fixture list. If I’m right they would be 13 points clear going into December.



    Lenny would be a dead man walking, but Lawwell won’t sack him. We’re stuck with him now and he won’t succeed. He’s all out of aces. His managerial performance this season has been abject. Utterly dire. He’s not a high level manager.



    As for Gavin Strachan… you can’t blame an asst coach, but why was he brought in? Does he add anything or is it just one of Lawwell’s favours to an old pal?

  7. SYDNEYTIM on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 11:24 PM





    Jesus wept. To think they allow the likes of you breathing air whilst Naura and Manus Island inhabitants suffocate.

  8. Mr. Belly,


    I don’t normally remember posts or who posted them but I will remember this one and will respond after our next 4 games.

  9. Gavin Strachan 13/14 clubs played for ,how many did his father manage .? Or his fathers pals ? A few under 21 caps


    Damien Duff full Irish international played at the highest level


    Who decides on these appointments,are we down sizing or picking mates choices


    Lose the 10 and these people will be hounded out

  10. ST are you posting as another fan with an opinion or do you have credible coaching qualifications?? H H Hebcelt

  11. Henry Joy,



    Sorry if I missed it but how did John Kennedy distance himself from the team selection and formation?




    No Bobby Does it Petta,



    To me it looked like Ajeti was haranguing his team mates as he ran on the park. I liked it.

  12. Hebcelt. I am of course posting as a fan who knows John Kennedy has very little experience playing big games at home and abroad , which does help



    He of course has his coaching badges , , but does east fife manger



    Think it was Antony stokes who said that if you want Peter lawell to find something out , just talk to John Kennedy

  13. Something is rotten in the State of Celtic



    So much wrong but this performance boils down to PL and a very poor coaching setup.



    Some Players clearly not at it all season and disunity and lack of fight all too evident.



    No game plan to start with so how can we expect a Plan B?



    Very troubling times indeed 😟

  14. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 11:50 PM





    I could be wrong, often am. John Kennedy was nowhere to be seen in front of a cameras earshot today.

  15. SYDNEYTIM on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 11:52 PM





    Quoting Vodka Stokes as a line of defence. Are you any relation to Donald Findlay?

  16. Celtic plc accounts due out in next few weeks



    Let’s see if the 11.5m we spent really was penny pinching

  17. ST spent some time looking on Google for what you THINK Stokes was supposed to have said Re John Kennedy, unable to find iy, could you post a link please. Don’t know why you chose Darren Young the East Fife manger to disparage I’m sure his coaching ability and cedentials are far superior to yours and mine

  18. MADMITCH on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 9:15 PM


    D17 @ 9.03



    So who is to blame for today’s shambles? PL gave the job to NL — if NL is not up to it then PL has to go as well.



    *did you say that after the mogga shambles.

  19. JOBO BALDIE on 18TH OCTOBER 2020 12:06 AM




    Just so you know. Those were the last recorded words Lord Mountbatten uttered before embarking.


    Ave Ave

  20. HEBCELT on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 11:46 PM



    ST are you posting as another fan with an opinion or do you have credible coaching qualifications?? H H Hebcelt



    *didnae take him long tae get round tae his hatred of PL. The huns only sing when they’re winning he only appears when we lose.

  21. So here are 12 hours after the days ko, just in fae another walk with the dug, nice and quiet out there which gave me time tae reflect not just on today but our season so far. As Big Jimmy said “there’s something wrong rotten in the state of dennistoun”.



    We all know that Neil Francis Lennon, tae give him his full name, suffers fae depression which actually proved advantageous when our wee talisman striker became a victim of it.



    Now I have an acquaintance who also suffers fae it and its tae use only one word it’s a bastard. The biggest problem they have is denial; “naw I’m all right” is a common mantra, alcohol which is itself a depressant isnae the answer.



    So in saying that has Neil Lennon lost the dressing room. It widnae be the first time in recent years this has occurred at Parkheid.



    Take John Barnes for example, up tae the end of the millennium we had scored 55 domestic goals, including 18 against the sheep.



    In the first derby game, a couple of weeks after we lost Henke for the season, in another honest mistakes game in which herr albertz mugged Paul Lambert tae gain a penalty as we were heading intae the dressing room leading 2-1. Similar tae the day there was zero fight in the second half.



    Although we dropped another 3 points at Fir Park with Stevie Woods in goal for the home side, the same day that deidco lost at home tae Dundee, it was obvious that Barnsie had not only lost the dressing room but also some of the support, well on the Big Lhist he had.



    In saying that we went intae the final game of the millennium knowing a win would put us only 1 point behind the leaders. However, our request tae have the mitb replaced, nae guessing who that was, was turned down, again with his cynical decisions coupled with big Mark Viduka, apart fae opening the scoring, along with Lubo hit the woodwork 3 times we were by far the top team that afternoon.



    So off we went tae the Algarve with John Barnes being named motm and the smsm saying the shutdown came to soon for us.



    Whatever happened in Portugal we’ll never know, but it was no secret that big Mark was working his ticket.



    As it was not only did Barnes and his backroom staff Eric Black and Terry McDermott get the sugar lump but Kenny, Alan McDonald and Frank O’Callaghan would also be tin tacked later on. Although tae give the King his due he won us an LC, Lubo’s first ever winners medal.



    As for Tony Mowbary did he lose the dressing room, naw he was just Abraham Lincoln with his “take it on the chin” mantra.



    So in saying all that I’m no advocating getting rid of our manager, but it looks like he needs help.

  22. TT afraid ST very often puts forward his opinion – which he is perfectly entitled to – as fact. Sad thing is the quality of posters and posting has diminished greatly. Used to like Auldheid and BRTH but they too have disappeared along with many others.think I’ll be joining them soon – though I’ll be no great loss= another one bites the dust H H Hebcelt

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