More worrying than the result


I know we had nothing up front, but Odsonne Edouard has looked more of a passenger in some games this season than Patryk Klimala and Moi Elyounoussi this afternoon.  The game was lost elsewhere.

Newco’s shape allowed them to dominate space whenever we had possession.  They were able to swiftly double up on Jeremie Frimpong and Diego Laxalt when the ball went wide, while they were compact enough in the middle of the field to keep Celtic from penetrating their final third.

Games are won and lost on mistakes and yet again we are talking about the defensive line at set pieces.  Connor Goldson’s ploy of standing offsite in the hope that a defender would break the line and play him on, was not subtle, but it was effective.  It was an excellent cross from the free kick (which wasn’t a free kick, but no excuses), Duffy was an enabler and Valarie Barkas could have done better.  Questions remain for both.

Culpability was less clear at the second goal, which was well worked.  With so many Celtic players in the box, you would expect one to get in the way of the drilled cross, but it fell to Goldson; teams who create chances get these breaks.  It was a deserved goal (again, no excuses, but the handball!).

The last time we dominated Newco was two years ago in a 1-0 win at Celtic Park when Olivier Ntcham controlled the game and scored the winner.  Stephen Gerrard learned from that day as Olivier has not had a sniff against them since.

Being ineffective up front and shaky at the back are worries enough, but the biggest concern is that we were unable to do anything to change the flow of the game.  An inability to control the any part of the game is more worrying than poor defending or not attacking.  It is more worrying than the result.

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  1. GFTB on with his drivel


    Time to head back to the pool



    We were rank rotten yesterday, not 1 save did the opposition keeper have to make in 94 minutes


    Some might feel it’s a blip


    Not what I have been witnessing and watching this past 12 months, yip goes back that long



    Hail Hail fellow Celts, or those that want the best for our club


    Others with heads stuck in the sand, wake up and smell the coffee,


    I want the 10

  2. Gene/Andrea. I hinted at the same yesterday as I have an acquaintance that suffers fae depression. It’s no funny. I didnae advocate for his termination but like we did with wee Leigh a bit of TLC is required and possibly some assistance fae the likes of WGS or his mentor MON.

  3. Getting bossed in our last three games against them and only our goalie in the LCF stopped it being three defeats in a row.But the stats say only 4wins for them in the last 21games🤷‍♀️


    Stats eh😉

  4. Corkie


    What’s the feeling of the Bhoys and Dena on the WhatsApp group ?


    Will catch the response later


    Off for some ☀️ and 🏊🏻

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    Glad to see that the emails have steadily been flowing in. Always good to get it off your chest! 3 platers names before 10pm please to me at CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . Even when we perform poorly SOMEONE has to be voted our best player! ;-)





    3 platers names?






    Herb Reed


    Alex Hodge


    Gaynel Hodge



    do i win?

  6. Ivan Toney has scored five goals in his past three games for Brentford , think we missed out in not buying him considering we could have quadrupled our money in 2/3 years time.

  7. corkcelt on 18th October 2020 7:42 pm



    Would a new Manager improve our chance of winning 10 in a row ? I don’t know. Sometimes it works sometimes it can be a disaster. I’d see it as a gamble.





    I think it’s less of a gamble if you’re confident that you have good players.



    Crap players, then changing manager is a risk.



    If Lenny is the issue (with the players) then him simply leaving will improve the mindset/performances of the players, and that’s before you bring in someone else.

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    3 platers names?






    Herb Reed


    Alex Hodge


    Gaynel Hodge



    do i win?








    i thought it said 3 platters names :-)

  9. Norrie, Not being smart but what’s said on the WhatsApp Group, stays on the WhatsApp Group as far as I’m concerned,


    Quite obviously there is not a Celtic Supporter anywhere who is not deeply disappointed at both the defeat and the manner of the defeat,

  10. Golf today was meant to be a getaway from the malaise that was yesterday…as it happened Ryan Kent and Brendan Barker were playing behind us. No escape.

  11. Those that are calling for Lennon to go, who realistically do we get at this stage – who is affordable and available?



    And most managers need a pre-season. This “New guy” would be coming in, implementing his own ideas on a squad of players that aren’t his and would have to hit the ground running – we can’t afford a “bedding in period”.



    Stick or twist? Either way, we might be about to confirm what Walter Smith found out in his first stint – 10IAR may just be a step too far.

  12. SAINT STIVS on 18TH OCTOBER 2020 7:55 PM


    I Pai Ted the kitchen ceiling today. A full shift. Just finished. Very therapeutic.



    Sounds like some Thai cookery gone wrong 😜

  13. TT


    The truth is if he is suffering he needs a complete break from the source. I suffered for nearly a year before realising I had to take time off from work. I took 6 weeks when I really needed 6 months.

  14. Sportscene pundit Michael Stewart has given a scathing analysis of Lenny’s team yesterday and I agree with him.

  15. RC



    Ivan Toney would probably be on our bench while we shoe-horn midfielders into his position.



    Sorry, bit unnecessary but I’m in one of those moods and will be until Aberdeen unless we can beat Milan in the meantime.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    Those that are calling for Lennon to go, who realistically do we get at this stage – who is affordable and available?





    Davie Moyes




  17. I have calmed won somewhat and while still very critical of our management team, I can’t help but feel now is a very bad time to change it.



    If we change manager then we change the coaching staff too, otherwise its a waste of time. We’re on a run now of difficult away games in the league with Europe and the SC on the horizon. I want the quad treble, it is a piece of history that I’ll never see again.



    It’s not a good time to have a clear out. The time to act was after the CL exit when we had a run of easier fixtures and time to bed new management in. That time has past.



    Lennon is here to the end. Good luck, Neil.

  18. Might be a bit early with this (and I’m assuming the only extra player that’s available in addition to yesterday’s is Christie) but here’s my own preferences for AC Milan


    If 3-5-2




    Welsh, Duffy. Ajer


    Frimpong, Turnbull, McGregor, Christie, Laxalt







    If 4-4-2




    Ajer, Welsh, Duffy, Laxalt


    Christie, McGregor, Turnbull, Elyounoussi


    Griffiths, Ajeti



    If 4-5-1




    Ajer, Welsh, Duffy, Laxalt


    Frimpong, Soro, McGregor, Christie, Elyounoussi



  19. messed that up – final 4-5-1 should be…




    Ajer, Welsh, Duffy, Laxalt


    Frimpong, Turnbull, McGregor, Christie, Elyounoussi



  20. AN DUN



    Disagree completely!



    We cannot handle Rangers! Not with this manager.



    He is quoted recently as saying he is not big on tactics.






    Lennon makes Gerrard look like Alex Ferguson!



    We need to do something quickly.



    A new manager would be well bedded in before we play the huns again,



    The results against them will, imo, decide the league.



    We can’t play as poorly under a new manager as we are playing just now, which is good enough to do well against SPL fodder.



    Action needed now or we and Lennon fail.

  21. Lots of talking about our coaching staff – how much influence did Damien Duff have and has he been adequately replaced?




    Then who? As I’ve asked before, who is available and affordable and most importantly able to take a squad of players that aren’t his and instantly win at Aberdeen before going on a long winning streak?

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    So just how long do we keep NFL If



    a) it’s a gamble


    b) there’s nobody we can attract, afford blah de blah



    As someone more eloquent said if you continue to keep your head in the sand all everyone sees is an arsehole



    He knows he needs to sort it, for me that starts with a win at the Hill of Dung on Sunday



    Thursday will be what it’ll be