Most Dysfunctional Club title


Former Hibernian captain, David Gray, stepped-in as interim manager each of the last four years, before finally being appointed to the position ‘permanently’ yesterday.  Following Celtic’s success by recruiting Australian Ange Postecoglou, a year ago Hibs appointed Nick Montgomery, who had just won the A-League as manager of Central Coast Mariners.

Montgomery was a successful manager in a different, but no less competitive, environment.  He should have been successful at Hibs and if given time, may have been.

Before that, Hibs appointed Lee Johnson, who had a short and unsuccessful spell at Sunderland.  At the time, most of us noted that being unsuccessful at Sunderland is not than remarkable, as it is a famously dysfunctional club – a graveyard for reputations, so that appointment was notionally acceptable.

Before Johnson, Hibs tempted Shaun Maloney away from the Belgium assistant manager’s role.  Shaun is uniquely experienced and could have turned Hibs into a modern, European, outfit.  Instead, he was sacked after four months.

In total, Hibs have had six permanent managers in six years.  Neil Lennon’s three year term was the last time anyone got a go at the job.  This is a deeply dysfunctional club with problems far beyond the scope of the manager.

Edinburgh is one of the most prosperous cities in the UK.  It is a city built for a commercial hospitality provider.  Both Edinburgh clubs should be operating well beyond their (still substantial) circa 15,000 average crowd reach.  Instead, they are being schooled by fading industrial towns in the west.

You and I have a fond memory of David Gray.  He might be a terrible manager, but Hibs need to give him three years to find out, or they will truly own the UK’s Most Dysfunctional Club title.  Success is not always instant; even for greats like Postecoglou.

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  1. greengray1967 on

    David Gray



    A great memory of some last min goal a few years back!!



    But his music is boring

  2. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 7TH JUNE 2024 9:46 AM





    Got 2 spare tickets for Taylor Swift at Murrayfield tonight.






























    They’re yours if you fancy it. No charge. Meet me in the Grosvenor at the west end for cocktails and pink gin.












    Thank you for your kind offer. however I must decline.





    Ive never been a TEENYBOPPER, and I wouldnt be seen dead Drinking a Pink Gin. Ive also always thought that a ” Cock Tail” was a Dirty Joke ?





    Apart from that, I have no idea who Taylor Swift is….is she a Burd that married Jonathon Swift ?












    HH Mate.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    This is from a hun site, it expresses what they think of their fan base, can’t disagree 🙃



    “But it’s not being helped by the fans being as horrible as they are being right now.



    We make no bones about it – the fanbase is vile at present, and is anything but a Rangers Family as things stand.



    We are abusing each other, the players, the manager, and while you’ll get some fans dismissing criticism with ‘support the team ffs’ they too will then hurl abuse at a player when he does something wrong as well.”

  4. CELTIC MAC on 7TH JUNE 2024 1:28 PM


    Nothing wrong with being dysfunctional…



    CELTIC MAC, you’re not making any snide references to a particular club are you?



    Long may it continue.😊



    Ave Ave

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all the Victoria Bar. Meeting my cousin and his wife tonight. They are Canadians who enjoy a wee drinkie and know about Glasgow Celtic. They’ll do! 🤣

  6. David Gray once did the half-time raffle draw at Celtic Park


    Not a lotta people know that

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Looks like Giakoumakis is on the move again.



    I’d genuinely be interested in what makes him tick.



    Really liked him in a Celtic shirt.



    But 10 clubs in 13 years, 4 in the last 4 alone, and he’s never played 60 games for any club?



    Makes one think.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    I wonder if he was “forced out the door” at all ten clubs or was that just from Celtic Park.

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Silvas parting shot to the hun was hilarious. A no mark diving, cheating shite having a dig at a no mark, cheating, racist pile of shite “football team “. Hun tnuc.

  10. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Has this ever happened before or has the league set a president to keep the huns happy?



    “Dundee will have to cover Rangers’ travel costs after an SPFL hearing ruled in favour of the Ibrox side over compensation.”

  11. So basically according to the msm, we’re losing our best player, anyone we want has great competition from financially stronger teams meanwhile the Huns are practically turning prot-madder huns from thur front door………….







  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PB – could be bluster from the Laptop Loyal… the time of this, they were putting out some real nonsense about Dundee, and they never replied to any of it,could be same again here,if not shows how desperate they are for cash,and a dangerous precedent set….

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on



    I got the opposite email asking me to join the scheme even though I left it two weeks ago 🙃 I made the following observations which they didn’t bother to reply:



    ” the current system not fit for purpose; no loyalty to long term members; no enhanced status to members attending earlier cup games;disproportionate amount of hospitality tickets; successful ballot holders should be exempt from the next game”



    Noticed good old auto spell changes precedent to president on my phone 🙄

  14. BSR



    First time I saw “Jinky” he was playing in one of those Celtic V Celtic reserves games at the beginning of the season. His “Bing Crosby” strip was 5 sizes too big for him!, por cierto.

  15. Sunak is a snake.I knew all about this before.Truss,who beat him,just a figurehead for a shady group intent on taking over the UK.Very secretive,but not enough.They picked the wrong halfwit to spearhead it.


    The ” Grinning Jackanapes”Starmer,no better.British public being forced to choose,between the Devil and,well,another Devil.Democracy is dead.Has been for a while.Proof?.I give you Trump and Boris.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    Email from Celtic today gives information about coming out of HTCS




    the CL games are going to be a sring this year. 4 homes games means about 200 quid.



    wish they would do the hcts without those

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from Tennents Bar. Awaiting the arrival of my cousin Pat McGuire and his wife Faye. Where’s she Faye?🤣