Motherwell game encapsulated much of our season


After exploiting the inadequacies of Aberdeen and Newco with 10 men in consecutive league games, it was all a bit ineffective against 10-man Motherwell yesterday.  This game encapsulated so much of the football we watch: how to generate clear scoring chances against defences that stick to task and do not make mistakes.

The one gilt-edged chance we made was a late counterattack, when Motherwell had the audacity to try to win the game.  The script was written for Scott Sinclair, whose first touch was sublime, but his shot fell victim to a lunging defensive block.  The lesson, surely, when facing Celtic, is not to venture too far up the park.

Brendan should reflect on this when next we face tier-one Champions League opponents.  If Motherwell can stop Celtic, Celtic can do likewise to the PSGs of this world.  How to unlock a packed defence is another story.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    We re awe aff wur nuts, fates conspire to get us at weak moments, one piece of advice I gave to a friend a long time ago that made his mind up to stay with us – if it’s an acceptable exit for you it becomes and acceptable exit for your kids, boom signing on, mad birds and broken hearts were soon put in perspective.

  2. Canamalar


    “ brushing your tooth”:-))



    I’ve spent a lot of time in Missouri. Locals are nice folks but I’m led to believe that the toothbrush was invented there, and it’s for that reason it’s called the tooth brush and not the teeth brush .

  3. ‘Unfortunately for me Mrs. Corkcelt is a bit of a foodie and is not prone to having sausages on our diet.’



    Shoooorly your case is undermined by the contradiction that is this paragraph?



    How can a foodie not adore sausages???


    Mhate you could likely get an annulment on that basis!




  4. South Of Tunis on




    You’ll have time on your hands .



    When I lived in Glasgow an annual springtime treat was going to the Whangie (sp ? ) side of the Kilpatricks to see buck hares chasing each other / ” boxing ” each other as they competed for mating rights with the ladies . A great sight !. Should be starting soon . Just like this –







    Last October when I was in Belfast,I hit Harlem for The Irish Breakfast. Their sausages-and everything else!-were bloody marvellous.



    £7,giving it away.





    There’s a lot of truth in what you say. Thinking too much about a situation you find yourself in can often magnify the problem.

  7. Jamesgang,


    When we got married 47 years ago, we didn’t have a bob & sausages were our staple diet.


    Maybe those years we ate enough of them to do her for a lifetime.


    This is not a joke post, it is absolutely true.

  8. John Beattie went along to Ibrox a few years back and came away shocked by the bile and bigotry he had witnessed.


    Seems like a “good guy” but you have to wonder what bubble he was living in to have not known what they wee like.

  9. Bobby




    As is bottling it up. It festers. Eats away at ya.


    Best to talk. Get it out there and get help.


    The old problem shared is a problem halved has an element of truth in it…

  10. Corkcelt



    I know mhate.


    My uncle was a joiner in the highlands. He and my auntie could only afford to eat salt herring as he built their house in the mid 60s. For months.



    He subsequently ate as many steaks as he could afford!



    HH jamesgang

  11. Goooooooood Morning CQN:-)


    Tell you a good Cowieghirl, Bella, ( has the wee shop in the Raploch) makes a damn fine steak pie – ask the Bhoys who came through to my Auld Da’s funeral last year.





    Only 12 jockey sponsors need, with 3 days to go


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    8 fabulous race winners gifts donated by the Walk with Shay team through CQN.


    several CQN’rs attending the race night on Friday in support :-))



    I had my daughter here tonight absolutely buzzing, about the continued support CQN brings to her Charitable work – I mean absolutely buzzing.



    My daughter Laura and St Mary’s Bannockburn hold the Charity Fundraising Race night in aid of Let Us Shine, our local schools sponsored girls school in Ghana


    So for £5, if anyone would like to join in :-))


    The prizes


    This will be a high quality A3 print and the winner can choose from:


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    Hail Hail

  12. Norris


    I’ll take 10 jockeys from ya but I’m not on Facebook. Just let me know what to do, where to send the dough, whatever. That leaves you 2 to sell.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    I never thought I would try to OD.


    Have been aff my nut since I was born in Partick 52 years ago. Glad the Dolphin is doing business again. Hope to share a pint wi you soon pal.





    I’ll take the other two please. I’ll text you,Norrie,re payment.

  15. TNT


    Can you contact Laura, directly on the email I posted


    I don’t do Facebook or twitter either


    The email is l


    Laura’s personal email address



    Thank you very very much



    Hail Hail

  16. MORNING PEEPS and Jamesgang ;))



    Couple of items on newsnow about the Refs and a boost to the squad . Craig Gordon only 2 maybe 3 eeeks away from a start and who knows Scott Bain could have played his way to being first pick .



    Anyhoo its a lovely morning here Sowff Lanarkshire.

  17. Thanks M


    As above, can you drop Laura a message, mind she is teaching at the minute :-)))



    My goodness her kids will know all about CQN :-))))

  18. VFR



    Did you see my post on Friday lunchtime? You were paid homage in it.





    i was sorry to read of the extent of your problems but so glad that you have been able to turn to a better direction. No doubt, the road forward will not always be smooth but you have your close family and another family on here who care about you.



    When i was at school, a lovely teacher who had actually never taught me directly, gave me a scroll of Desiderata which I have cherished for > 40 years



    This poem reaffirms everybody’s right to be here and contains so much good advice about keeping life in perspective. It has been a solid foundation for me in dealing with all of the uncertainties and conflicts which arise in life.



    It ends with the words:


    “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”




  19. NORRIEM on 20TH MARCH 2018 9:30 AM





    Norrie you must be very proud of what Laura has organised here. I bought a few jockeys yesterday and got a lovely reply from her, she is a credit to your family. I hope the race night is a runaway success and everybody has a great night.









    How very dare you mention the sacred word on here……..”CLONAKILTY


    I am sitting here at the table with a boiled egg but wishing it was a Superquinn sausages(before he sold out) on a slice of McCambridge’s brown bread with a slice of clonakilty white pudding………..Ah jaysus.



    Never tried the clonakilty sausages but I suspect they had to be smuggled out of the rebel county..????

  20. Delaneys Dunky on



    My mammy and my son Ryan booted my arse. When 2 of the most people in your life react like they did, you take notice. God bless that pair for saving my life.

  21. DD


    A steel toecap and a bit of philosophy go very well together. Both have their places.

  22. South Of Tunis on

    MAHE THE MADMAN ( last night )



    Lee ‘Scratch ‘ Perry ?



    He’ll be in his early 80s now. . 15 years ago he’d have been close to 70.. IMO — highly likely he was performing with backing tapes.. Much more of a genius producer than a live act . . . His best work was done in the studio .



    The Grateful Dead — the opposite of Lee Perry . Not so good on vinyl but absolutely wonderful live (IMO ) . Saw them (loved them ) at the Winterland , the Bickershaw Festival ( a muddy field on the outskirts of Wigan) and at the Alexandra Palace . Dark Star live was wowee fly ..



    Off oot to collect some choons from a depot in Caltanissetta — lazy b courier has decided he couldnt be assed finding my house . It’s a hard life !!!

  23. Delaneys Dunky on




    I think Scott Bain is the best goalie on our books. Hope he stays here.

  24. Nas na Rí,


    Was going to mention the Clonakilty Black Pudding but they have a Stornaway Black Pudding which they rave about. I haven’t tasted it yet so I’m hedging my bets on that one.


    The great HebCelt offered me fine roll of Stornaway in the BV before a European game but as I was heading out to Celtic Park on Shank’s Mare I had no way of carrying the pudding, short of stuffing it down the front of my pants so I had to respectfully decline Hebcelt’s kind offer.


    I still have regrets on missing out on that Black Pudding.





    It would have made you very popular with the girls,ya oul’ charmer!!!





    As I’ve met all three of you,it’s fair to say being a good judge runs in the family!

  27. The Green Jedi on

    Cork Celt,



    When it comes to the Irish sausage, I’m more of an Arthur Mallons man myself….the best on the market!!

  28. Corkcelt



    The stormaway is good but you can’t get a decent white pudding over here…..Christ it’s hard enough to get decent brown bread. I have to rugby tackle David O’s mother in the local Asda just to get my hands on a Paul rankin sliced brown loaf……..



    My daughter is over for Easter and will bring a case full of clonakilty white & black pudding some Superquinn sausages and bags of rancheros for the two brothers?. The wife loves the bars of caramello and tiffin and mint crisp and is convinced that “Irish” Cadbury’s chocolate ? is better than English………



    We have an excellent butcher here in muirhead called Stuart collins who makes a decent sausage, I gave him a few sticks of white pudding to try and he loved it.

  29. South Of Tunis on

    in the process of offing oot –



    Catch a wee radio item re – yesterday’s Brexit “agreement ” –



    ” David Davis abandoned 7 Brexit referendum promises with all the delight of man who’d just discovered that his breakfast four pack lacked the necessary ringpulls . Reality seems to be dawning . Maybe in 9mths time he’ll finally admit it’s 2019 and not 1815 “

  30. This mornings Blog is a hard read for me!



    I’m guessing none of you are in the FATBHOYSLIM Challenge!



    Every second post is about the type of (unhealthy) food I love!



    Noo staop it!

  31. DELANEYS DUNKY on 20TH MARCH 2018 9:57 AM









    I think Scott Bain is the best goalie on our books. Hope he stays here.



    DD hard to disagree there , looks assured so far albeit i was screaming “whit !! only two in the wall”….He’ll grow into the position and could well save us in the transfer market . .


    Although rumour has it we’re aftet the M City keeper on loan (Angus Gunn ).

  32. Delaneys Dunky on




    You will know that my mammy, me and Ryan have similar brains. It runs in the family.