Motherwell game encapsulated much of our season


After exploiting the inadequacies of Aberdeen and Newco with 10 men in consecutive league games, it was all a bit ineffective against 10-man Motherwell yesterday.  This game encapsulated so much of the football we watch: how to generate clear scoring chances against defences that stick to task and do not make mistakes.

The one gilt-edged chance we made was a late counterattack, when Motherwell had the audacity to try to win the game.  The script was written for Scott Sinclair, whose first touch was sublime, but his shot fell victim to a lunging defensive block.  The lesson, surely, when facing Celtic, is not to venture too far up the park.

Brendan should reflect on this when next we face tier-one Champions League opponents.  If Motherwell can stop Celtic, Celtic can do likewise to the PSGs of this world.  How to unlock a packed defence is another story.

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  1. TWENTY YEARS ago this summer, the Spice Boy Beckham flicked up a boot and ‘crippled’ an Argie to incur one of the most infamous sending-offs in football history.



    So for TWENTY YEARS it has been widely known that if you flick a boot at an opponent in front of the ref you’re rolling the dice.



    It seems the Scottish hacks have missed the past two decades – probably trying to crawl up Murray’s trouser leg – and we now have the tragic fannies trying to fit up Broony as the evil mastemind behind Kipre’s dismissal; From the same mental template as that naughty boy JFk getting poor Lee Harvey into trouble.



    Andy Walker, at least twice, called the Celtic skipper ‘pathetic’ live on air. I hope Andy’s at a bar near me soon til we see how he reacts to a heel jabbed forcefully into his calf. Remembering his playing days antics, I would expect him on the deck squealing like Shirly Temple having a tantrum.



    Regards Motherwell – defended like demons, made some excellent last-ditch blocks to deny us. Far better organised defensively than many of the SPL top six yet languishing in seventh; inconsistency a big problem since losing Moult but I think they’ve got a very good chance of turning over Hun McInness’s impostors in the semi-final. Would be a feisty rematch should we meet them at Hampden in the final.



    Currently, the Hoops are in ‘difficult second album’ territory – everything the players do this season is held in comparison with last season’s wunderkind rampaging through Scottish football unbeaten. Rose-tinted specs indeed; at least half-a-dozen hiccups and stalled performances last season too. Convenitently swept away by the overall achievements.



    Next season will be different – no onerous comparisons with 16/17, just the average performances of 17/18 to better. Less pressure on the players, less questioning their own levels of performance. A mental reset for their ambitions. And 8 in a row on the horizon; And the historical glory just beyond. Within touching distance of immortality. What better incentive?





    You would,of course,be arrested for doing that to him in a pub. Despite Walker saying it was a nothing on a football pitch. And he’d be the first on the phone to the cops.



    Go figure.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Buroo money disnae extend to Benicassim this year pal. Dalmuir Park will be ma summer holidays ;)

  4. whitedoghunch on



    I thought Walkers comments gleefully repeated were shameful and cowardly


    Good to see players back, let the fine tuning begin.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    Do you remember meeting Andy Walkers bro Kenny in my Auntie Eileen’s garden in Cheltenham? Kenny thinks his bro Andy is a hun apologist fud. Wee Jimmy says the same. He likes you. Said you are a mad Ayrshirr man :)))

  6. Andy Walker understands how to keep his media career in the best wee bigoted country.


    The fact that he is given a platform to spout such drivel says everything.



    Selective memory is a requirement for Scottish media.


    The level of contact with Broonie is irrelevant.


    The ball was long gone and Kipre kicked out at him.


    According to the rules that is an attempt to injure an opponent so is deemed violent conduct and rightfully he was given a red.


    The same outraged media had no problem justifying red for Jozo despite the offense being a lot less clear.They also missed a two footed studs in the air lunge in the same game.


    One might think they have an agenda.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    Didnae know that Scratçh was in Scotland.


    Would have loved to see Jamaicaz finest here.


    What a man.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Levein and now McInnes having a free hit at Scott Brown, because none of their players can hold a candle to them, both should have been hauled up to Hampden.Peter Lawwell, was called out by the SFA for the Rory Bremner jibe, an absolute joke.Someone at CP stand up for us ffs.

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Fan a tic



    I know Andy Walkers family. They have stopped talking to the fud.




    On point as usual, the guy kicked out at Broony after the ball was gone, Red Card end of story, Thommo didn’t even hesitate, the level of contact, violence etc etc is just frilly underwear for huns and their placement to wear as they rip their panties about Celtic’s unrelenting surge towards the title, a treble and beyond to The Ten, it haunts their nights and torments their days as they see their establishment team trashed and consigned to the dustbin of irrelevance..



    HH fae the Unrepentant Green valley!

  12. I see Kevj’s hero Mcghee has left Barnet at the bottom of the EFL. He’snow available to take over at technical director of Celtic (that’s stalybridge )

  13. what if Murderwell’s appeal is successful – big jozo contact with moreorless was minimal etc

  14. Delaneys Dunky on

    Fan a Tic


    Some familys have a black sheep. Andy is black as coal. Hun apologist fud.



    Here in the USA we have an ESPN soccer analyst called Tommy Smith.


    He is an Irish Man utd fan and constantly tries to tell the audience what he wants them to see not the reality of what actually happened.


    Remember he went nuts at a ref who gave a yellow to Scholes for a bad tackle in a champions league game.He ranted about it being a dive, never a foul and accused the ref of being hopeless.The subsequent replays from many angles showed the ref got it wrong but only in not sending off Scholes for a horrendous studs up leg breaker.He quickly moved on to other subjects.


    He was consistent in calling it wrong most of the time and i’m still baffled as to how he ever got the job?


    In Scotland i have no problem understanding that a willingness to lie to besmirch Celtic and furnish the hun agenda is all that’s needed.

  16. I thought that the red card was for the Hearts player stamping on Broony.


    Saw Ref Watch on Sky today and he said the same thing.


    I’m sure I heard on one programme that it was a stamp but never heard or read that again until today.

  17. Celtic problem is not the much maligned back four, its the fact we cant score goals.



    With all the riches at our disposal, our goal scoring record this season is poor. Injuries have played a part, but we need to find the answer pretty damm soon .80% possession side to side is absolutely no use.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 19TH MARCH 2018 4:17 PM


    Walker said ‘ it was not violent…’



    As several posters have pointed out, that is totally irrelevant.


    If it’s violent you want, how about Kipre’s attempted leg breaker on Moussa in the cup?


    Don’t waste your time scouring the archives to find fud Walker’s condemnation of that.

  19. NOTTHEBUS on 19TH MARCH 2018 4:18 PM


    Celtic problem is not the much maligned back four, its the fact we cant score goals.



    my sentiments exactly ,commented on the same earlier , our goalscoring exploits this season have been very poor putting far to much pressure on our defensive players, if we don’t score goals then hence our too many drawn games this season.




    Unfortunately my taste in music stops me buying you a ticket for you to accompany me ?



    Just saw Paloma Faith in Glasgow .


    Going to see Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars soon .



    Always wanted to go and see Tiesto at Ibiza Rocks …..one day .

  21. NOTTHEBUS@4-18


    I posted about our lack of goalscoring earlier.


    The huns have scored more league goals than us


    .Considering the quality we have in the striking department then that stat is damning.


    I often hear about packed defenses but when our system facilitates this we only have ourselves to blame.


    We are so conditioned to take the high percentage pass we no longer make effective ones.

  22. What is the Stars on



    Paloma Faith ?


    Dua Lipa ?


    Bruno Mars ?



    Act yer age mon .


    I can get you Daniel O Donnell tickets. Be more suitable for a man of your vintage



    I have never heard him say anything positive about Celtic but always waxing lyrical about Man U.

  24. Maybe we don’t score as many goals as last year as most of last season’s goal scorers have been missing through injury this season?


    Tom is back and scoring.


    Moussa is back and scoring.


    Paddy and Stuart are back and will start scoring.


    And then there is The Griff.







  25. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH MARCH 2018 3:44 PM


    Levein and now McInnes having a free hit at Scott Brown, because none of their players can hold a candle to them, both should have been hauled up to Hampden.Peter Lawwell, was called out by the SFA for the Rory Bremner jibe, an absolute joke.Someone at CP stand up for us ffs.



    Bada Bing fair play to you , you have been advocating for a while now that our club make some sort of noise / stance in regards to how our club is portrayed and how our players are treated on and off the park .



    Does the fact there might be a clear out of the old gaurd (SFA/SPFL ) that our custodians want to get through this period with as little turbulance as poss .

  26. Delaneys Dunky on



    I dinnae like your taste in music. Love you as a human being though. Wish you stayed in Dalmuir. You would see me every day.


    I love you and Kelly so much. XX

  27. WHAT IS THE STARS on 19TH MARCH 2018 4:47 PM







    Paloma Faith ?





    Dua Lipa ?





    Bruno Mars ?







    Act yer age mon .





    I can get you Daniel O Donnell tickets. Be more suitable for a man of your vintage





    My music taste is wide and varied….


    But Daniel O’fkn Donnell…….


    Still love this wee tune …Petec might have danced to this


    TALIZMAN …..Only you






    Anytime pal , if i thought you coukd cope with my company , i would visit .


    Indeed i could come and see you tomorrow during the day …….i kmow that might be a step to far ……in fact i could pick you up and take you to visit Oldtim , then i coukd piss off2 CQNR’s in the one visit .???

  29. Delaneys Dunky on




    You stick to being s drug enforcement occifer in Dublin. Us Glasgow bhoys love to dance. ;)(

  30. frankie and bennny,would like to say hi to seamus larsson ,as you havent been on for a few days ,hope mike is giving you some nice treats but not too many.