Motherwell game encapsulated much of our season


After exploiting the inadequacies of Aberdeen and Newco with 10 men in consecutive league games, it was all a bit ineffective against 10-man Motherwell yesterday.  This game encapsulated so much of the football we watch: how to generate clear scoring chances against defences that stick to task and do not make mistakes.

The one gilt-edged chance we made was a late counterattack, when Motherwell had the audacity to try to win the game.  The script was written for Scott Sinclair, whose first touch was sublime, but his shot fell victim to a lunging defensive block.  The lesson, surely, when facing Celtic, is not to venture too far up the park.

Brendan should reflect on this when next we face tier-one Champions League opponents.  If Motherwell can stop Celtic, Celtic can do likewise to the PSGs of this world.  How to unlock a packed defence is another story.

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  1. Programme @9pm on BBC2 about the funerals of the Gibraltar 3 and the aftermath. Don’t know what the take on it might be. A friend of mine Kevin Brady was murdered by Michael Stone at the funerals. We had went to the funeral together and then seperated.


    It was at Caoimhins funeral that the two Corporals were killed. Just flagging it up.



  2. FAN-A-TIC on 19TH MARCH 2018 4:51 PM






    I have never heard him say anything positive about Celtic but always waxing lyrical about Man U.



    *I’ve heard him biggin us up when commentating on European games with Derek Rae. Also heard him bad mouth the FGB after he got sent aff against Ajax, called him a thug. BTW it’s Smyth, not Smith lol.

  3. Walker’s justification of diving as in “if you are touched go down and give the ref a decision to make” highlights the hypocrisy of the man if he is actually saying Brown gave the ref a decision to make. The very thing Walker says he did as a player.



    Bad vibes from him.

  4. DELANEYS DUNKY, pity you live so far away, id have you painting in our shop cause i feckin hate it hh.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Marspapa- I never thought of that angle, but we have been playing the silent ,waiting game for years now,let’s hope it’s worth it mate.Sick of these clowns saying whatever they want, and nothing happens to them.HH

  6. What is the Stars on



    I interesting 2 page spread in todays IRISH TIMES about the events.


    Those were dark days.

  7. CONNAIRE12 on 19TH MARCH 2018 2:03 PM



    Delaney’s Dunky. Your pain is very palpable and very understandable. You will perhaps understand why i am reluctant to try to express my feelings about the situation on here.



    *I’m a practicing Catholic, not a devout one. In fact last week I said to our wee PP that I’ll not get to Heaven right away and the best I can hope for is purgatory and when the day of judgment comes hopefully I’ll be the last one up the stairs putting the lights out before I leave.



    Anyway, a good few years ago I watched a programme on CBC, the Canadian equivalent of the BBC, it was about abuse by the clergy, tempted not to watch it as at first I thought it would be the typical Catholic bashing, so glad I did in the event.



    It was about an area in southwestern Ontario where it was quite prolific and had been for decades, this involved girls, as many as about 50 and the cover up went as high as the Bishop’s level.



    I’m not going into detail about it but the conclusion was that these creatures were not all priests who had become child abuser, but in some cases child abusers who became priests so they could get access to children, no different to some scout leaders, hockey, baseball and soccer coaches.



    Incidentally, Canada has a great track record on hunting these imbeciles down, I coach soccer and must have police clearance every 3 years, paid for BTW the minor soccer association, it’s the same in any organisation where children and adults are in contact.

  8. Tontine Tim



    I think your post makes a hugely important point. Namely that the strength of any person-centred organisation is also it’s greatest vulnerability.



    People…..the greatest and worst of all creations.



    HH jamesgang

  9. In other news STV says “huge dumps of plastic are polluting Scotland’s coastline!”



    No shit Sherlock!

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Big Packy



    Next time I go to visit my family in Cheltenham I will pop into see you and Frankie and Benny.


    H H




    If i had more work i would’nt hesitate pal .


    Mind you , Mr and Mrs Jobo Balde are high up on my list as apprentices , damn fine painters



    Ps…. Does anyone have GUTENBERGS mobi , heard he was looking for me .

  12. DD forgot to welcome you back, you made 3 very brave decisions, 1 you admitted you had a problem, 2 you went and done something about it and 3 you then admitted this to your peers.



    Good luck and well done and if you slip, and many do. its just like falling of a horse, you just get back up again and ride on.

  13. mike in toronto on

    Big Packy



    I changed the internet password, so that may be why Seamus Larsson is not posting while I am at work! We’ll see which one of us is smarter!

  14. Delaneys Dunky on




    I know you were not brought up in the Catholic Faith. I know no person who has been abused. The priests in my parish were great men. I went to Fife as an adult and met Keith O’Brien. A great guy face to face but ……Rastafarian me now Irie

  15. DELANEYS DUNKY, i hope so, you are one of the good ghuys on here, just so sorry i upset you last night, you will be welcome in my home anytime and i mean that pal.hh.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    I tried suicide at Christmas. Thankfully I failed. I am going to Perth on Saturday to see my nephew Chris McLaughlin win a cup for the Sons of the Rock. Irn bru is my drink ;)

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH MARCH 2018 5:38 PM



    I just hope we do’nt regret it further down the line when times are’nt so rosy .



    I’m sure the Board /PL know what they’re doing …..but , when the bells toll i hope they hang the cretins by their balls …..

  18. Delaneys Dunky



    I think I know your brothers from St Stephens back in the day , twins?

  19. Marspapa –



    Thanks for the wee name check earlier; I’ll let the Boss know ;-)

  20. What is the Stars on



    Sorry to hear your problems were that severe that you went that far.


    You are very brave to face your problems and admit them publicly on here



    Stay safe brother




    Delighted you failed! And I know everyone close to you and this Blog is too!



    We have more in common than I thought.



    If I can help, please get in touch!



    BMCUWP knows how to contact everybody.



    Take care and keep posting!

  22. DD -my mistake, just reading about you being in Dalmuir and the nephew at Dumbarton. ..2+2 does not make 4 .

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Yet again no criticism of McCulloch on shortbread. Absolutely hammered into Ronny and Cathro.




    Your family will dispute that!



    One day at a time and keep in touch with those you love!



    It might not sound like much but you were hugely missed on here!



    Keep it lit!



    God bless.

  25. Mahe the Madman on

    Evening all,


    Some really good posts today from many posters. Great stuff.



    Fan-a-tic, if you don’t mind me butting in.


    In the past I have emailed ESPN re Tommy Smyth and left them in no doubt how I felt about his comentary style.


    It was cringeworthy imo, very old school out of touch , and he seemed to think I’ll be a controversial character and it will be a laugh.


    I think the public want professional analysis these days,,and increasingly it’s an ex pro footballer being teamed with a professional presenter rather than two ex footballers.


    This is a step in the right direction. And also an acknowledgement that most ex pros are below average intelligence due to their focus on the game from a young age primarily.


    In saying all that Ray Harford (spelling?) of BEIN is also cringeworthy in his own way but has made me laugh soo many times in the past I found myself unable to mute him.


    The wife especially likes his ,,his,,zest? Zeal?


    I remember once after a particularly accurate threaded through ball he announced it was ” soft as a mother’s chest” and thought he’s gonna lose his job one of these weeks though I believe he’s still in employment.


    Hope you are well.


    Hail Hail

  26. DD


    That’s a hard thing to read. Can only imagine how low you must get to contemplate such a final act.


    It seems you’ve turned the corner bud, I’m sure everyone certainly hopes that’s the case.


    Hope you feel you’re over the worst. I’m sure if you ever need support there will be a queue of people waiting to help.


    Keep fighting the good fight bud.

  27. What is the Stars on



    Your life is not a failure..far from it.


    Ryan is testimony to that.


    Along with your daughter and grandkids


    That doesn’t sound like failure to me

  28. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Motherwell’s red card appeal will be interesting.



    If successful, he plays against Sevco.


    Difficult decision for the Appeals Panel, eh?

  29. mike in toronto on




    I think the best measure of a man’s success is how much he is cared about by others …. if so, Philbhoy is right …. the comments on CQN while you were away, show you are the farthest thing away from a failure!



    And I only met your son the one time… but he struck me as a really good kid ….and no one who raises a nice kid like that is any kind of failure.