Motherwell game encapsulated much of our season


After exploiting the inadequacies of Aberdeen and Newco with 10 men in consecutive league games, it was all a bit ineffective against 10-man Motherwell yesterday.  This game encapsulated so much of the football we watch: how to generate clear scoring chances against defences that stick to task and do not make mistakes.

The one gilt-edged chance we made was a late counterattack, when Motherwell had the audacity to try to win the game.  The script was written for Scott Sinclair, whose first touch was sublime, but his shot fell victim to a lunging defensive block.  The lesson, surely, when facing Celtic, is not to venture too far up the park.

Brendan should reflect on this when next we face tier-one Champions League opponents.  If Motherwell can stop Celtic, Celtic can do likewise to the PSGs of this world.  How to unlock a packed defence is another story.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky, I don’t know you but you are much loved on here. In real life and on line. Take care.

  2. Mahe the Madman on

    Delaney’s ,


    Like others I’m delighted you failed in that attempt but your quality shines through your words and you’re clearly a gentleman.


    Everyone of us is here for you should you ever need it.


    Stay strong partner.


    Hail Hail

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    DD- onwards and upwards, you sound very positive mate, if anyone can help out with getting you a job, would be a great boost for you, head up HH

  4. DD



    Every time I meet you I leave with a smile.


    What greater success is there in life than to make others feel better for meeting you?



    SO If you ever try that again I’ll fekin kill you!







  5. Reading back to earlier, and specifically the John James revelation. Is King inviting trouble deliberately? I was curious as to his behaviour surrounding the takeover panel hearings.


    His failure to comply with the initial share offering, and to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t complied with the final ultimatum to make the share offer.


    Is he acting in this manner knowing full well that the inevitable result will be the “ cold shoulder” treatment?



    If and when that happens, will the gullibilly’s be fed the line that’s he’s effectively been financially hamstrung and has no option but to walk away?


    The nasty financial institutions have effectively done the same thing as those Nasty anti Rangers football clubs who voted them into the lowest league?


    No one likes us…..



    If the bills are not getting paid now, you’ve got to assume he hasn’t the finances to meet his “ kids’ inheritance ‘ promises and will need to find an excuse to walk away?



    I think we are approaching the end game for King.

  6. Wits@5.45


    Heartbreaking times. As I said Kevin Brady was a very good friend of mine. He came from an Irish speaking family and we used to spend summers up at his grannies in Meenaleck near the Crolly doll factory.


    As you will see tonight the two Corporals were killed at his funeral. They were from an intelligence unit but I genuinely feel that it was just curiosity that brought them there. Those at Kevin’s funeral though, after what happened at Milltown Cemetery, felt that it was another loyalist attack. One of the enduring and most poignant images of the troubles is that of Alex Reid praying over their dead bodies. Some Mothers sons.


    The aftermath was horrendous. Three people were charged with their murder and the law of common purpose was used for the first time. The argument used was that anybody who was near the Corporals knew what was going to happen to them and as such were complicit in their murder. A friend who represented one of those charged said it was also the first time that heli-tele was used to secure a conviction. Again the argument was that anyone who set foot across the Casement park gates was complicit in the murders. A whole community was demonised. Fine margins.


    A terrible, terrible time. Be interesting to see how it is covered. Wasn’t covered too sympathetically at the time. Michael Stones attack in the Graveyard virtually became an irrelevance even though without it things would not have panned out the way that they did.


    Think it’s 11.15 BBC 2 Scotland.


    Delaney’s you keep the faith G. Think of all of those who would miss you. Life sentence for them as well.



  7. OLDBHOY on 19TH MARCH 2018 2:51 PM


    Fit the Celtic Board,to get McDonald’s, Kentucky, Subway,to take over the Catering all around the Stadium, instead of W I F I ,were I sit in the front of the main stand,I would at times like to go the food kiosks ,but they are too small,I’ve seen bigger post Boxes,and they are always big Ques,so Lawell get the finger and do something about it.




    Bang on D the food is pathetic and the service not much better.


    Maybe if the kids got paid decent wages they would put more effort in.


    Hope your keeping well and I’ll catch up soon.HH

  8. Delaney’s, Met you a couple of times in the BV. Thought you were a smashing guy, good company and very knowledgeable on the fiitbaw.


    As Wits said your children are testament to the fact your life is not a failure.


    I think you said you are being treated as Bi-Polar. That is not your fault, nobody would criticize a person for having cancer or a Heart condition neither would or should they criticize a person for being Bi-Polar.


    It is a medical condition plain & simple & with Meds can be controlled and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t live a full & happy life.


    I’m glad I met you and look forward to meeting you again, stay strong you are amongst friends here who genuinely care for you.wY

  9. weet weet weet on




    A couple of months ago l was in the same place as you, albeit different reason



    And then I thought, I couldn’t put my children and grandchildren through what i was going through,



    I’m still not there yet, but I love them to much to have them suffer



    Praying for you mate







    Never met you but know a wee bit of your story as a CQNer.



    Always remember you in my prayers and I hope they are working.



    Take care.

  11. Delaneys Dunky


    It takes enormous courage to fight back against depression. One day at a time my friend.


    Stay in control. If you ever feel you’re slipping backwards, shout for help. Scream if need be.


    You’ll not feel like it but there are some wonderful times ahead for you DD. One day in the future you’ll be standing thinking how pleased you are that you didn’t miss out on such great times.


    Give a big hug to those close to you.


    You’re in the thoughts of an awful lot of folks on here.


    Quite annoying actually the number of fans you’ve got :-))




    You’ve got me crying and laughing!



    Looking forward to meeting up again!

  13. Weet weet weet


    I wasn’t aware you had some difficult times too bud.


    So glad you also fought back. Your children and grandchildren will be so grateful to have you around.


    Keep battling away amigo….

  14. mike in toronto on

    Jamesgang @ 7:17 … that better be his head you’re talking about!, or you could be on a yellow card for that one




  15. Neustadt-Braw on

    a rolling ruck is I beleive the techical jargon …..or a dunblane dunk perhaps…



    smiley makey up themed thing….



    :wits that Delanys doing Tom ? what is he doing?



    Bankies rule ok…your a braw lad …ktf and YNWA pal…




  16. Is t it fascinating that the herald has continued with the Russel Martin sectarianism story whilst the Scott Sinclair story is ignored. Don’t g t me wrong morons shouting at people in supermarkets are morons. But yet again Scotland wants to equalise and indeed go further.



    This is the Scotland today. Hopelessly riddled with racism. Unable to see straight.

  17. Hail Hail brother



    There’s so much love for you here. Always know that.



    ‘I and I will see you through….’




  18. Delaney’s Dunky,



    Just a quick post to let you know that you are in my prayers. I was in the same place in 2015 and ended up in a place called Cuan Mhuire (Harbour of Mary) in late 2015.



    To cut a long story short, that was the turning point in my life. Prior to that I simply existed in state of fear and had no real joy. I’d been a ‘prisoner’ all my life and it took something painful to start the process of wakening me up.



    You are a great guy and you will find that a completely new life is about to unfold. That takes a bit of patience and work as your new life begins to take root.



    I met your Bhoy in Dublin 2016. My lad is studying in Glasgow now. I am so happy that I began to listen and slowly began the process of getting to know and like myself.



    You’ve plenty of laughs and wonderful surprises ahead…



    Take Care and HH…if you need anything P67 has my e mail.



    Till Later.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    DD or Garry (Have I got the feckin spelling right for a change?)



    I have read back over your posts and saw your post about your intended course of action which failed.



    You will see from the number of positive posts on here that you are a much valued member of our community and someone who I believe has real friends here, people who will rally round you if you are feeling low or are in need of a hand, or an ear to bend.



    I enjoyed your company in Lisbon and before that I don’t think we had had any great personal interaction at all and you were someone whom I didn’t know.



    For what it is worth, I came away from the Lisbon trip thinking there is a good bloke, a knowledgeable man, someone who doesn’t have a bad bone on his body, someone who is funny and whose company i enjoy.



    Different people have different values I suppose and some measure success in terms of money, their profession or job, the kind of house they live on or the car they drive, or where they go their holidays.



    I would like to think that my preferred measure is whether or not I like and enjoy the company of any individual rather than anything else, and by that standard I have to tell you that you are among the richest and most successful of men and I say that without wishing to sound patronising or full of bullshit.



    You have a family who love, respect, cherish and yes NEED you. Never forget that — you are NEEDED, You are necessary, you are relied upon by others emotionally and spiritually. Maybe not every day or even every week but there are people whose every day existence would be completely different if you are not around for them and for you.



    Before finishing I have one other thing to say: You don’t know who you will meet in future. There will be people you are yet to encounter who will come to cherish your very existence and your very being. That might be in a work sense, as a neighbour, a friend, romantically, or in any other capacity.



    Sorry if this sounds sanctimonious or preacher like (I don’t mean it to be) but the next time you catch yourself in the mirror just remember the posts you will see on here this evening and the words and love that come from your family and friends.



    Whatever troubles you may have encountered they will pass and you will prevail and go on to further success.



    Paraphrasing someone much wiser and more succinct than I, can I say on behalf of many you have met ” We are, and always will be, your friend.”




  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    One thing that DD’s admissions on the blog tells us, is that when we engage with each other on here, we don’t know how that person is feeling or what they may be going through.



    The written word can be so easily misinterpreted, without the nuances of voice or facial expression and can be hurtful.



    Often, people hide their feelings in humour and banter, as a kind of shield.



    I hope we can all think about that whenever we feel like having a go at someone who annoys us.



    We never know where another person’s shoes are hurting.



    Take care of each other.

  21. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    One more thing — stay of the Skunk it does yer head in!!!!

  22. What is the Stars on



    I was just about to post the exact same


    Except I don’t have your talent with words


    Well said.

  23. Delaneys Dunky on



    Great to meet you in Dublin. I love your posts


    You have a critical astute mind

  24. DD,



    the port loves you. for real.



    hands across the bridge.



    keep it lit.



    your doing great.