Motherwell inflame and fail to learn lessons


Two games into a three game run against Motherwell I would expect to have a bit of claret and amber fatigue. But frankly, I can’t wait to get stuck into them tomorrow. I know we took the cup on Sunday, and rescued our Invincibility-ness on Wednesday, but their manager’s inappropriate reaction after the final, then the club’s statement, where they assert referee decisions affected both games, whereas “should any evidence exist” that missiles were thrown at Celtic players, they will act.

So evidence might not exist? Maybe Leigh Griffiths brought that bottle onto the field himself and the coins dropped from Mikael Lustig’s waste-band.

Very clever, Motherwell. What actually happened was your manager inflamed your fans ahead of Wednesday, then your stewards failed to even look at the crowd while missiles were raining on Celtic players. Then your subsequent statement assured everyone that you had no evidence of wrongdoing.

You condoned the actions of your players, who learned nothing after Sunday and repeated the same mistakes on Wednesday. You fail to condemn your fans after Wednesday, who will learn only that there are no consequences for their actions.

Can we talk about Celtic for a moment?

If Celtic is your thing, and you will be at tomorrow’s game, you can contribute to the Foundation Bucket Collection. The Foundation feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless and comforts those in deprivation, all in your name.

It is a magnificent gift to us as Celtic supporters. Nowhere else in the football world does an organisation of such scope and action exist.

Bring some cash and join the Movement.




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  1. Good evening, friends.


    Just waiting on the 1 pick for Week 10 of Last Man Standing 9 but promised that I wouldn’t issue any reminders.


    In other news, has Lennybhoy flounced? ;-)

  2. mike in toronto on

    Jobo …. is it LiT? If so, he should be immediately disqualified!



    (no sibling rivalry here! )






    although, he is cooking dinner tonight, so I will withdraw my comment, until after dinner.

  3. Oh God.



    We are now shit!



    Spew Heevins Radio Snyde. KevJ’s Hun pal.



    And Big Fat F Dewick Hunson still on the not a penalty mantra.




  4. Snecker,



    “ One man’s food is another man’s poison “.



    There is an abundance of eateries in Glasgow to suit every palate and every pocket. No need to travel too far to find somewhere that will tick all your boxes.



    Good luck and Bon appetit.



    Hail, hail.

  5. tosb/ gftb. not a quiz question. trying to remember the name of the cinema on bank st coatbridge .remember seeing my favourite actor at the time burt lancaster in i think it was called trapeze.

  6. See that we are debating where to eat?


    Glasgow has a great selection and do not waste the train fair to Edinburgh if you are looking for value for money.


    I agree that Cafe Andaluz is overpriced chain food. In my experience La Boca, Hope St and Malaga , near Scotland St offer genuine Spanish food.


    La Lanterna is very good Italian fayre and has surpassed Il Pavone as my first option for Italian in town.


    Only my opinion, so be wary. Tonight I cooked our own tea.


    Decent sea bass fillets poached on a stew of potatoes, peppers, lardons, garlic and tomatoes. A nice loaf of sourdough bread and a decent bottle of Verdejo.


    I could not have bought better anywhere in town. However I may be biased. HH

  7. Big Packy



    The cinema near the Gountain was called The Regal and the one next to Coatbridge Baths was The Odeon. There was one round Whifflet also called The Garden which became Lees Macaroon Bars factory.

  8. Dessybhoy



    I’ve asked an informed Hearts supporter who keeps an eye on Tynecastle business and whilst the donor is not known his motivation is believed to be philanthropic and I think that is the paramount point.

  9. My only contribution to the Friday Choons Fest.



    Ravi Shankar’s daughter, Norah Jones, singing ‘Black Hole Sun”



    Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell wrote the song about his battle with depression.



    Sadly, he died in May this year.



    Norah & her piano –






  10. Auldheid


    Thanks for the reply, can a mystery donation and the identity of the donor be kept off a balance sheet ?

  11. Is there an iconic image (like “This is Anfield” at Liverpool) when you walk out the tunnel at Celtic Park? Hoping to create a replica as a Christmas present….

  12. *** LAST MAN STANDING 9 (aka ‘will it ever end!’) ***


    Delighted to say that all 12 of the picks are now in (thanks, Lennybhoy ;-) ). Fair to say that this has been a tough week!


    I’ve shown the numbers taking each team – the 12 picks cover 8 different teams! And I’ve also then listed Bet365’s odds on those teams winning tomorrow!


    Good luck to all.



    Saturday December 2nd


    Chelsea [3] v Newcastle (12.30pm)


    Celtic [1] v Motherwell


    Hearts [2] v Hamilton


    Partick v Hibs [1]


    Ross County [1] v Dundee13


    St Johnstone [2] v Kilmarnock


    Sunday December 3rd


    Aberdeen [1] v Rangers* [no, not one…] (12.30pm)


    Manchester City [1] v West Ham (4.00pm)





    Chelsea 1/4


    Celtic 1/7


    Hearts 13/20


    Hibs 4/6


    Ross County 13/10


    St Johnstone 6/5


    Aberdeen 7/4


    Manchester City 1/12

  13. JOHN51. moved down to liverpool 1972. saw the ol;d cavern. then in my job as a taxi driver used to take people to penny lane strawberry fields and johns old home in menlove avenue happy days.

  14. I see Sevco (6/4) are favourites to beat Aberdeen(7/4) tomorrow at Pittodrie.



    Those odds do not reflect the respective form of both teams.



    Aberdeen have lost only twice at home this season – to Celtic and Well- when both were in good form.



    Rangers have won one and lost two of their last 3 fixtures.



    The only way they get rated as favourites for Sunday is because McInnes has dropped heavy hints he is about to switch horses and the ref’s on a promise at the ludge


    I suppose when you boil it down their collective campaign of whining, greeting and wailing is just another tactic to beat the Celtic.



    It’s great watching, reading and listening to them.


    Things you don’t hear anymore………..



    Paul Le Guen.



    Manchester 2008






    Mr Custard

  17. SFTB –



    With respect, as you are certainly more edumacated than wot I am, but bookies odds fluctuate and are based on them balancing the books just a teensie wee bit in their favour. Whether we like it or not there are more Rangers* fans than Aberdeen fans. So potentially more money will be bet on an away win than a home success. Odds between bog-standard middle of the table teams usually reflect their respective form. But in Scotland, just because of the respective fan bases, the odds in games involving Celtic and Rangers* are always a but skewed.


    Having aid all that, I’m attracted by Aberdeen (the 2nd best team in Scotland) at odds of 7/4. Where’s that pension pot…….

  18. SFTB,



    Bookies odds are usually aligned to public opinion. Nothing new in that.




  19. Jobo and Greenpinata



    I understand that you have to make your odds defensive in order to prevent the larger demographic lumpimg on and getting a fluky result.



    However, we were 28 to 1 in Paris and we are a large demographic. West Ham are 30 to 1 when they play Man City on Sunday and there are many West Ham fans.



    I still find the odds and the odds for the midweek Rangers:Dons fixture puzzling in the way they underestimate Aberdeen.



    And I stand by my view that McInnes is about to jump ship despite his seeming decision last week.

  20. SFTB.


    It appears a done deal for McInnes to go to Sevco next week.


    Harry Brady tweeted 17 mins,ago that tonight Dons people admitting they expect him to go next week.


    Bookies may be factoring that in to odds on Sunday.


    Hail Hail

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Fraser Wishart certainly and most welcomly , commented on the issue of objects being thrown onto the pitch on Wednesday and at other games.



    I wonder who got him to stick his head above the parapet , doing his job for once with regard to the safety and well being of his members.



    It will be pleasing if we get as close to a sell out as possible tomorrow with it being our first home game since 28/10/17 , the draw against Killie.



    Someone posted earlier about Calumn playing in a deeper role. i agree , playing the number ten role does not seem to suit him. In my mind, he is better playing facing the opposition goal plus he can see how play is developing along with seeing gaps in defence he can get into.



    Scottish football gets some grief from the English media for empty stands but I noticed in the last two rounds of fixtures in the super duper nothing else is as good English Premier League, there are more and more empty seats appearing at grounds. Could the customers down the road be scunnered with what’s on display or are the fans being put off by high prices for watching some of the rubbsh down there